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Myths about Denmark

As the country with one of the largest concentrations of wind turbines in the world, Denmark is often singled out by those opposed to wind energy as a negative example. This section of my web site began more than a decade ago when a particularly outlandish "report" about Denmark was being circulated. It contained so many false statements, it took an essay to refute. As a consequence, I've continued to collect articles on wind energy in Denmark for future reference.

Danish Renewable Generation Reaches 40% of Supply

January 31, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Danish release statistics on the growth of renewables and the continuing decline in Carbon emissions. . .[more]

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Wind Turbines in Denmark

September 20, 2012,   by Danish Energy Agency

A typically well done official Danish review of how many wind turbines exist in Denmark, how well they work, how they are integrated into the landscape and the grid, and how the community benefits.

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Oil Industry Behind Critical Wind Energy Report

March 19, 2010,   by Copenhagen Post

A controversial report critical of the wind energy industry from conservative think tank CEPOS was commissioned and paid for by an American think tank with close ties to the coal and oil industries,...

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Researchers correct the false allegations on Danish wind energy

February 26, 2010,  

In a normal wind year, Danish wind turbines generate the equivalent of approx. 20 percent of the Danish electricity demand. . .

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Danish Wind Power Export and Cost

February 19, 2010,   by Who's Who of Danish Wind Power

by a Who's Who of Danish Windpower experts--an authoritative rebuttal to the wild claims of CEPOS, a so-called Danish think tank. . .

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Danish Renewable Energy Policy A Review

October 20, 2009,   by Preben Maegaard

Danish Renewable Energy Policy by Preben Maegaard recounts the historic development of Danish policy from the perspective of one its participants. Maegaard, director of the Nordic Folkecenter for...[more]

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The Danish Wind Experience: Truth and Fiction

September 15, 2009,   by Samir Succar

Rebuttal of the Centre for Policy Studies' (CEPOS) so-called report on wind energy in Denmark.

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Good Wind in Denmark: Rebuttal to Wild Claims That Denmark Has Abandoned Wind Energy

April 13, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

The Danes have an expression, as do most European cultures, to wish one good fortune on parting. The expression comes from the days of sail: God Vind or Good Wind! The wind is good in Denmark, and...[more]

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