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History of Wind Power

This page was prompted by a technical question about early electricity-generating wind turbines in the USA. The question followed a similar question about "who was the first" to interconnect a wind turbine with an electricity network. There is a lot of confusion internationally about both subjects.

The history of wind energy is a broad subject and many have written about it. Some histories are thorough academic treatises, others are cursory overviews. There are also a number of museums worlwide that include windmills and even wind turbines in their collections. And there are a number of open-air museums where windmills and wind turbines can be seen in the field.

I've pulled together a list of sources, books, links, and museums that I know about. This list is far from comprehensive. If anyone wants to add to this list or edit this list, please do so.

A number of the entries below are reviews I've written of books that include the subject of history. The original book can usually be reached from the review.

I also have an extensive library of books on wind energy that I've collected over the years. Only a few of the books in my library are included in this list.

The following entries are in no particular order.--Paul Gipe

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