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Indonesia New Rules for Clean Energy

December 28, 2019,  

THE government’s steps issuing regulations regarding new and renewable energy (EBT) for electricity power plants need to be carried out with great care. Rules that are user-friendly to investors are...

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New Indonesian feed-in tariffs: Will renewables benefit?

March 7, 2017,   by Michael Horn, Andhari Sidharta

Under Regulation 12, all renewable energy tariffs (except for geothermal and waste projects1and projects where procurement using direct selection method is used2 will be capped at 85% of the local...

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Indonesia in search of affordable feed-in tariffs for green energy

February 18, 2017,  

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has recently issued the latest feed-in tariff (FIT) for renewable energy (RE). As one man’s disaster is another man’s delight, the new FIT makes some people...

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Indonesia solar FiT makes Java-Bali and Sumatra attractive for projects - BNEF

August 17, 2016,   by Tom Kenning

Indonesia’s first ever feed-in tariff (FiT) for solar PV projects should generate attractive project returns in Java-Bali and Sumatra, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) research note.

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Govt prepares feed-in tariff mechanism to boost geothermal

August 11, 2016,   by Ayomi Amindoni

The government is preparing a feed-in tariff mechanism to assist geothermal developers in a bid to boost the development of the geothermal energy sector in the country, a minister has said.

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Indonesian Deputy Finance Minister sees risks in [Geothermal] feed-in-tariffs

April 30, 2014,  

Depending on the location, the tariff ranges from 10 cents to 18.5 cents per kilowatt hour (KwH), with the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry planning to raise it further to 11.5 cents to 29 cents...

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Revision On Geothermal Pricing Soon To Be Signed in Indonesia

April 10, 2013,   by Egenius Soda

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is completing a revision on electricity sales-purchase from geothermal power plant pricing regulation. The ministerial regulation revision will be signed...

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Business Times: Feed-in tariff to promote solar power plants in Indonesia

March 11, 2013,  

In an attempt to attract more private investors in the development of solar energy, the government will set a feed-in tariff for electricity produced by solar power plants. "The tariff will be as...

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Bisnis Indonesia: Feed in Tariff Policy Boosts GEOTHERMAL Industry

August 14, 2012,  

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) claimed the feed in tariff for geothermal is a big leap to develop geothermal industry in Indonesia. The new feed in tariff has stimulate Pertamina Geothermal to...

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Indonesia Launches "Crash" Renewables Program: Boosts Geothermal "FITs"

July 19, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesia substantially raised its geothermal tariffs this week across the archipelago of 240 million people, beginning what the government bills as a "crash" program.[more]

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Jakarta Post: Indonesian Govt to set prices for biomass

July 12, 2012,  

The ministry’s director general of renewable energy and energy conservation, Kardaya Warnika, said the new pricing, which is often called a feed-in tariff, would be applied to waste-fired power...

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Wakabayashi Fund: Indonesia Provides Increased Financial Certainty For Geothermal Investment

June 26, 2012,  

The proposals before the Ministry will increase the tariff either to a flat rate of US$125 per megawatt hour (up from $US97/MWh), or to US$120/MWh for developments close to the national transmission...

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Ministry of Energy: Geothermal Feed-in Tariff will be Signed

June 4, 2012,  

"Hopefully, Feed in Tariff regulation for geothermal will issue next week,” said Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation MEMR, Kardaya Warnika in Jakarta, Wednesday. . .

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Indonesia Finance Today: Renewable Energy Developers Bat for Feed-in Tariff

July 8, 2011,   by NURSEFFI DWI WAHYUNI

Developers of renewable energy want the government to implement and include the feed-in tariff system to be included in the Decree of the Minister of Energy Number 31 Year 2009 regarding Purchases of...

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