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2021: Major Changes to the Japanese Biomass Market

February 3, 2021,   by Rachel Levinson

While Japanese biomass demand continued strong growth in 2020, upcoming policy changes will impact trade flows, supply and demand. Hawkins Wright estimates Japanese wood pellet demand was 1.8 million...

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Japan plans 45GW offshore wind power by 2040

December 23, 2020,   by I-Ching Tseng

Japan plans to install 30-45 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind power by 2040 as part of plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Japan’s FiP renewables system likely to exclude biomass

June 9, 2020,  

Japan has decided to introduce a feed-in-premium (FiP) scheme for renewable power sources from April 2022. But the market-based programme will probably exclude biomass, as well as geothermal and...

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Japan’s energy policy nine years after Fukushima

March 11, 2020,   by Masahiro Sugiyama

On 11 March 2020, Japan marks the ninth anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which caused a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The meltdown of the plant owned...

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Japan sets feed-in tariffs for the 2020 Japanese Financial Year

February 6, 2020,   by Andy Colthorpe

It has long been planned that this next financial year will be the last in which FiTs are offered, meaning that Japan is seeking new ways to support the deployment of solar PV, with the government...

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Japan awards just 39.8MW in fifth solar auction

January 28, 2020,   by Tom Kenning

Japan has awarded just 39.8MW of PV capacity in its fifth solar auction, despite there being more than 416MW initially on offer.

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Geothermal to keep FIT in Japan, while auction system is introduced for solar and wind

August 9, 2019,   by Alexander Richter

The Japanese government has adapted the feed-in-tariff (FIT) system for renewable energy technologies, introducing a wholesale/ tender system for solar and wind, while geothermal, biomass and...

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Ministry eyes subsidy plan for nuclear energy generation

March 23, 2019,   by TSUNEO SASAI

The ministry plans to establish the subsidy system by the end of fiscal 2020 in line with the scheduled review of the "feed-in tariff" system that set prices for purchasing electricity generated by...

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Japan Sets FIT Tariff for Less-than-500kW Solar Plants for FY 2019

January 10, 2019,   by Kenji Kaneko

According to the plan, the FIT tariff for 10kW-500kW commercial solar power plants will be ¥14/kWh, which has been finalized in effect.

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Procurement Prices for Solar Electricity to Be Lowered Again in Japan

November 12, 2018,   by Kenji Kaneko

A meeting of the Calculation Committee for Procurement Price, Etc was organized Nov 8, 2018, for discussing the FIT-based purchasing prices for fiscal 2019. As for solar power generation, the...

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Japan and Germany Failed Transition to Auction Models

October 23, 2018,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

If you want conclusive proof that a shift to auction models will delay and brake renewable energy development, one could not ask for much more. Meanwhile, China invested $126.6 billion with most of...

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Japan To Add 17 Gigawatts Of New Solar By End Of 2020

October 12, 2018,   by Joshua S Hill

Another catalyst for this slowdown is the September announcement from the Japanese Government which sees the country’s feed-in tariffs (FiT) for solar installations reduced at the household- and...

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Auctions Became “World Standard” While You Were Not Looking

March 29, 2018,   by Auctions Became “World Standard” While You Were Not Looking

I am not sure if this will help reduce costs. But judging from the German experience, it will be a great way to slow down the speed of increasing the renewable percentage. That’s because any auction...

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Japan to install up to 7 GW of solar in 2018 despite cancellation of 14.6 GW of approved capacity

February 15, 2018,   by Brian Publicover

Japan will likely install 6 GW to 7.5 GW (DC) of solar in 2018, from about 7 GW in 2017, despite government efforts to cancel approvals for projects that were registered under the country’s old...

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Japanese FIT Tariff for Non-residential Solar Plants to Be Lowered in FY 2018

February 8, 2018,   by Kenji Kaneko

According to the proposals, the FIT tariff for non-residential (10kW and higher-output) solar power plants is ¥18/kWh (excluding tax), which is ¥3 lower than in fiscal 2017 (¥21/kWh). Solar power...

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3 Reasons Behind Unsuccessful 1st Solar Project Bidding

December 16, 2017,   by Kenji Kaneko

While the total capacity to be bid was 500MW, less than 30% of the total capacity (141.366MW) was successfully bid, meaning that it was unsuccessful.

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Japan's biomass power capacity seen growing 50% by early 2020s

September 7, 2017,  

The price of solar power has continued to fall under the government's feed-in tariff program, which requires utilities to purchase power generated from renewable energy sources at fixed rates,...

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60GW of Solar Projects Might Shift to New Certification System in Japan

April 26, 2017,   by Kenji Kaneko

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced the estimated number and capacity of renewable energy-based power generation projects that can shift to the new certification system...

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Japan may cancel 27.7 GW of approved PV capacity

April 26, 2017,   by Brian Publicover

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has said that it may cancel feed-in tariff (FIT) approvals for 456,000 projects, or roughly 27.6 GW of capacity, as the prospective developers of...

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Japan Decides on FIT Tariffs, Levy for FY 2017

March 22, 2017,   by Kenji Kaneko

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) decided on and announced the FIT (feed-in tariff)-based purchasing prices for renewable energy and the charge to be imposed on electricity bill...

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The Revised Feed-In Tariff: A New Chapter for Solar in Japan

March 13, 2017,  

Stricter requirements and fixed deadlines will likely reduce Japan’s 50 GW pipeline of approved PV projects.

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Japan Sets FIT Tariffs for 2017

December 15, 2016,   by Kenji Kaneko

According to the suggestion, the purchasing price for less-than-10kW residential solar power generation systems will be ¥28/kWh (without the obligation to install equipment for output control) or...

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Japan Discusses Target Costs for Green Power Generation

October 10, 2016,   by Kenji Kanek

The committee meeting was held on the premise of the revision of the FIT (feed-in tariff) policy, which will become effective in April 2017.

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METI Issues Revised Ordinance for Review of FIT Policy

August 12, 2016,   by Kenji Kanek

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) issued a revised ministerial ordinance (new rule) accompanied by the revised Act on Special Measures for Renewable Energies, which is for...

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Japan’s Program to Boost Clean Energy Starts to Show Progress

May 25, 2016,   by Stephen Stapczynski

Japan’s program to encourage more clean sources of energy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 is seeing signs of progress, with the latest government data showing that the nation...

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Sumitomo to build 59.9-MW solar park in Fukushima

May 23, 2016,   by Veselina Petrova

Japan’s Sumitomo Corp (TYO:8053) intends to build a 59.9-MW solar park in Minamisoma, Fukushima prefecture, investing JPY 22 billion (USD 201m/EUR 179m) in the project.

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Japan's solar power feed-in tariff to fall 20% or more in 3 years

April 2, 2016,  

The Japanese government has decided to lower feed-in tariff rates for solar power, as more than enough solar power capacity to meet its energy target is now expected to come online.

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Japan Clean-Energy Panel Proposes 11% Solar Tariff Cut in 2016

February 22, 2016,   by Chisaki Watanabe

Solar tariffs for approved applications could be cut to 24 yen (21 cents) per kilowatt hour from the current rate of 27 yen for the fiscal year beginning April 1, according to a proposal presented on...

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Japan Solar Installations to Peak This Year at 14.3GW, BNEF Says

February 18, 2016,   by Chisaki Watanabe

The country’s solar market has been growing steadily thanks to the country’s incentive program for clean energy introduced in July 2012. Japan installed 7.1 gigawatts and 10.3 gigawatts in 2013 and...

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Japan edges closer to solar auction introduction

December 16, 2015,  

Committee of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) concludes meeting discussing the introduction of an auction process for large-scale solar projects. System likely to begin in FY...

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Japan: Review of feed-in tariff system

October 31, 2015,  

To help build a popular consensus on the issue, discussions of the feed-in tariff system and other measures to promote introduction of renewable energy should be made transparent, rather than being...

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Solar Auctions in Japan--a Bad Idea?

October 23, 2015,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Auctions will increase costs, not reduce them.

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Japan: METI panel to pressure power producers stalking feed-in tariff program

September 28, 2015,  

The program, aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy in Japan, requires major utilities to buy electricity generated from solar, wind and other clean energy sources at fixed prices.

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Flaw In Japanese Feed-in Tariff

June 9, 2015,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

The way to fix this is simple. Just pay the feed-in tariff depending on the time of start of generation.

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Japan News: Fix feed-in tariff system flaws that are pushing up cost of renewable energy

March 26, 2015,   by Yomiuri Shimbun

At present, the purchase price for electricity generated through solar power is more than twice the rate set for similar feed-in tariffs in Germany and other nations. The government should swiftly...

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PVTech: Costs keep falling but Japan’s solar industry is rocked by uncertainty

March 20, 2015,   by Andy Colthorpe

The survey’s respondents confirmed that solar power system costs have fallen rapidly with the country’s feed-in tariff (FiT) a major contributing factor, creating a competitive environment where not...

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Japan's METI eyes lowering solar energy buying rate under feed-in tariff system

January 16, 2015,  

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has proposed lowering the buying rate of solar power but maintaining the prices of other renewable energy at current rates under the feed-in tariff...

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Japan Learns Even More From Germany: the Feed-in Tariff, Stadtwerke and Smart Communities

December 2, 2014,   by Andrew DeWit, Rikkyo University

The good news is that, outside of the bubble of national politics, Japan’s smart-energy intellectuals and bureaucrats are already undertaking a radical and massive public-sector-centred structural...

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Update on Japanese FIT Installations: 12,600 MW Now Installed

November 27, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Since Japan implemented its Feed-in Tariff program, the country has installed 12,600 MW of new renewable capacity--more than 90% of that solar PV. Better yet, the Japanese are not just installing...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

METI to overhaul rules on feed-in tariff program

November 3, 2014,  

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry intends to eliminate companies from the feed-in tariff system that have promised to sell electricity but have no plans to generate renewable energy...

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Japan News: Govt plans to promote geothermal power

October 12, 2014,   by Yomiuri Shimbun

The government will revise the current feed-in tariff system, which requires power companies to purchase electricity generated by solar power and other renewable energy sources at fixed prices, to...

Category: Japan FIT, News on Geothermal

Asahi Shimbun: Measures needed to prevent renewable energy boom from going bust

October 4, 2014,   by Editorial

Promoting the use of renewable energy is a global trend. It is important from the viewpoint of developing alternative energy sources that can replace nuclear power and fossil fuels and of tackling...

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JREF: Great Achievements of Feed-in Tariff and Challenges for Japan’s Renewable Energy Policy

September 5, 2014,  

According to the latest available data on the installed capacity by the end of April 2014, approximately 10 GW (precisely 9.77 GW) of renewable energy capacity has been installed and started...

Category: Japan FIT

Power play: the debate over renewable energy in Japan

August 16, 2014,   by Eric Johnston

Two years after a new feed-in tariff system for alternative energy went into effect, we discover that the promised power revolution looks more like an evolution

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Natural Gas Daily: Japan’s solar wave could herald new energy age

July 11, 2014,   by James Byrne

“Japan saw a rush to install capacity in response to its national FIT, adding 6.9 GW in 2013 for a total of 13.6 GW. The majority of Japan’s capacity is in rooftop installations, and homebuilders are...

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Nearly 9,000 MW Installed in Japan from FITs

June 19, 2014,  

JREF reports more than 6,000 MW added in fiscal year 2013 since FITs introduced.

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Japan FIT Installations Roar Into 2014

May 23, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

8,200 MW of feed-in tariff (FIT) contracted projects have been installed in Japan from a total of nearly 600,000 installations since the program when into effect in mid 2012. The Japanese...[more]

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SPP: UK and Japan FIT Markets drive record global PV demand

April 3, 2014,   by John Parnel

End-market demand was said to have been driven by Japan and the UK, which combined accounted for more than one-third of demand globally as well as setting new quarterly records for PV deployed.

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Reuters: Japan lifts offshore wind tariff, cuts solar prices

March 25, 2014,  

Japan will lift the amount utilities must pay for electricity from offshore wind farms while cutting prices for power fed in from solar projects, as the country looks to diversify its use of...

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Solar Server: Japan installed 592 MW of solar PV in November 2013

February 21, 2014,  

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has released new statistics for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations under the nation's feed-in tariff, finding 83 MW of residential PV and 509...

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JREF: Japanese Renewable energy installation under FiT (as of the end of OCT 2013)*1 MW

February 17, 2014,  

5,852 MW installed since Japanese FIT implemented, mostly non-residential solar PV. 26,211 MW of certified facilities are yet to be built, mostly industrial solar PV.

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Japan News: Solar power approvals to be cut

February 14, 2014,  

The economy ministry is likely to withdraw the approvals issued under a feed-in tariff system to about 670 operators that have not proceeded with construction of solar power generation facilities,...

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Mainichi: Japanese Gov't committee set to raise feed-in price for offshore wind power, reduce solar tariff

January 11, 2014,  

A government committee that sets the feed-in prices for renewable energy is taking a hard look at raising the price of off-shore wind power and knocking down the price of solar, government officials...

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New Scientist: Renewable village offers lifeline to Fukushima farmers

January 6, 2014,   by Rob Gilhooly

Central to the project is what the Japanese call "solar sharing" – growing crops beneath raised solar panels. One crop that has already been planted, namely rapeseed, was chosen, say project...

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Renewables International: The full details on Japan's feed-in tariffs

November 19, 2013,   by Bernard Chabot

You may have already heard the news about Japan's first year of feed-in tariffs, but our Bernard Chabot was provided with the raw data in English straight from METI. Here, he shares them with you.

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Japan Installs 3,700 MW of New Renewables within First Year

October 7, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Japan has installed 3,700 MW of new renewables under its aggressive feed-in tariffs during the first year of the program’s operation.[more]

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Asahi Shimbun: Feed-in-tariff system should be used to recharge local communities

September 8, 2013,   by The Asahi Shimbun Editorial

Local communities in this country have traditionally focused on attracting factories and large retail stores or public works spending to rev up their economies. The feed-in-tariff program offers a...

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JREF: Renewable energy installation under FiT (by the end of May 2013)

August 20, 2013,  

3,300 MW of renewable energy has been installed since the FIT program was launched and another 22,000 MW of FIT projects are under contract in the Japanese program.[more]

Category: Japan FIT

UPI: Japan's grids can support solar boom?

August 15, 2013,  

Figures from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry indicate 11,012 megawatts of non-residential photovoltaic projects were approved since the start of the FIT policy and the beginning of...

Category: Japan FIT, News on Solar Energy

Jones Day: Renewable Energy In Japan: One Year After The Implementation Of The Feed-In Tariff Law

August 13, 2013,   by Hirokazu Ina

In the year since the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Energy by Operators of Electric Utilities (the "Act") became effective, Japan's renewable energy market has...

Category: Japan FIT

Juan Cole: Japan’s Feed-in Tariff Kicks off Explosive Renewables Growth

June 18, 2013,  

This video report argues that Japan’s introduction of feed-in tariffs has given a huge boost to its renewable energy market, and that India should follow suit.

Category: Japan FIT

JD Supra: Summary of the Implementing Regulations for Japan’s Feed-In Tariff Law for Renewable Electric Energy

June 7, 2013,   by John Donovan John Donovan, Michael Graffagna Michael Graffagna, Fumihiko Hori Fu

This updates our September 13, 2011 Client Alert entitled “Outline of Japan’s Feed-In Tariff Law for Renewable Electric Energy,” which summarized “The Act on Special Measures Concerning the...

Category: Japan FIT

Lenz Blog: Japan as Number One Solar Market

June 5, 2013,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

One thing we can learn from that is that feed-in tariffs work to get things done. This new development of course happened because Japan finally put a feed-in tariff system into place from last July...

Category: Japan FIT

Eurotechbnology: 94% of renewable energy projects approved under Japan’s feed-in-tariff programs are for solar energy generation

May 31, 2013,   by Eurotechnology Japan

Under the law feed-in-tariffs are periodically reviewed and adjusted. In fact, feed-in-tariffs for solar energy have already been reduced by about 10% this year and are likely to be decreased further...

Category: Japan FIT

Asahi Tribune: Japan's feed-in-tariff system for clean energy mired in regulations

May 22, 2013,   by Yu Kotsubo and Keiji Takeuchi

Electric utilities are obliged to purchase renewable energy generated by developers at fixed rates to power homes and businesses through their networks. This encompasses solar, wind and geothermal...

Category: Japan FIT

Bloomberg: Feed In Tariffs to Vault Japanese Solar Industry

April 10, 2013,   by Chisaki Watanabe

Japan will probably become the largest solar market in the world after China this year, boosted by an incentive program that offers above-market rates for energy from renewable sources.

Category: Japan FIT

Lenz: New Japanese Feed-In Tariff Update

March 30, 2013,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Yesterday, the Japanese Ministry of Economy and Industry decided to follow the recommendations of the expert committee I reported on earlier. It’s now official. Small rooftop solar will get 38 yen...

Category: Japan FIT

Bloomberg: Softbank’s Son Supports Lower Premium Tariffs for Solar Energy

January 31, 2013,   by Chisaki Watanabe & Shunichi Ozasa

Category: Japan FIT

Denki Shimbun: Unexpectedly high growth in renewable energy introduction

September 28, 2012,  

As regards the renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT) system launched in July, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released September 26 the installed capacity that has been...

Category: Japan FIT

Asahi Shimbun: Japan Feed-in tariff system offers opportunities

July 5, 2012,  

A renewable power generation business can be started with a relatively small amount of capital. This could lead to community-based enterprises in which investors fund wind-power facilities or citizen...

Category: Japan FIT

Asahi Shimbun: Purchase prices key to success of renewable power supply

July 2, 2012,  

An experts' panel under the industry ministry set purchase prices at relatively high levels to support new entrants and promote use of renewable energy. The price levels are generally in line with...

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Feed-in tariff era gets under way

July 2, 2012,  

The government had approved 44 solar or wind power facilities with a combined output of 41,605 kw to join the system as of Thursday, according to an official at the Agency for Natural Resources and...

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Japan Agency for Natural Resources and Energy: Settlement of the Details of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy, Including Purchase Price and Surcharge Rates

July 1, 2012,  

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) settled the details of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy, including purchase price, purchase period, and surcharge rates, and released...

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Karl-Friedrich Lenz's analysis of Japan's Feed-in Tariffs

June 5, 2012,  

The second fundamental flaw is the fact that the proposal doesn’t distinguish between onshore and offshore wind. That difference has a rather large influence on cost. Therefore, German law pays 8.93...

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Leveling the field for renewables

June 5, 2012,  

The government has drawn up a design for Japan's feed-in tariff system to promote the generation of electricity through renewable energy sources. In a nutshell, it has decided the prices at which the...

Category: Japan FIT

Japanese Proposed Tariffs Submitted

May 3, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

World's Highest Feed-in Tariffs Differentiated by Technology But Otherwise Little Further Differentiation Are the Tariffs too High? In what may be the most significant renewable energy policy...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

Japanese Proposed Tariffs Submitted

May 3, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

In what may be the most significant renewable energy policy development worldwide in years, Japanese authorities are circulating proposed feed-in tariffs that-if confirmed by the Minister of Trade...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

Japan’s Nuclear Village Wages War on Renewable Energy and the Feed-in Tariff

December 8, 2011,   by Andrew DeWitt

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Asahi Shimbun: Diet needs to do its job and get down to work

December 6, 2011,  

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Focus: Feed-in Tariffs the Way Forward for Renewable Energy

November 28, 2011,   by Peter Lynch

Category: Japan FIT

GEW: Japan 'plans solar panels for all new buildings'

November 1, 2011,   by Hiroshi Hiyama

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Geothermal trove lies mostly untapped despite energy crisis

September 27, 2011,   by ERIC JOHNSTON

Category: Japan FIT, News on Geothermal

Asia Times: Tsunami clears way for solar-powered Japan By Masayoshi Son

September 23, 2011,   by Masayoshi Son

Category: Japan FIT

Reuters: Japan must revise renewables law to get results -experts

September 14, 2011,   by Shinichi Saoshiro

Category: Japan FIT

Morrison Foerster: Outline of Japan’s Feed-In Tariff Law for Renewable Electric Energy

September 13, 2011,   by Michael C. Graffagna and Yoshinobu Mizutani

Category: Japan FIT

The Australian: Tough test for Japan's renewable energy strategy-

September 2, 2011,   by Rick Wallace

Category: Japan FIT

METI: Summary of Principles of Japan's Proposed Feed-in Tariffs

September 1, 2011,  

Category: Japan FIT

Corrections & Updates to Japan Feed-in Tariff Policy Becomes Law

August 29, 2011,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Feed-in Tariff Policy Becomes Law

August 29, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

World's Third Largest Economy Adopts FITs[more]

Category: Japan FIT

Guy Dauncey: Japan's green path to a safe, natural energy future-

August 23, 2011,   by Guy Dauncey

Category: Japan FIT

Reuters: Japan pins hopes on green power laws

August 22, 2011,   by Risa Maeda

Category: Japan FIT

Bloomberg Business Week: Energy Law To Cut Japan Nuclear Reliance

August 19, 2011,   by Chisaki Watanabe and Sachiko Sakamaki

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Ray of light amid the nuclear gloom

August 17, 2011,  

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Yomiuri Shimbun: FITs Coming to Japan?-

August 13, 2011,  

Category: Japan FIT

WSJ: Tokyo Seeks Big Growth in Solar, Wind Power

August 13, 2011,   by MITSURU OBE

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Son's quest for sun, wind has nuclear interests wary

August 12, 2011,   by ERIC JOHNSTON

Category: Japan FIT

Yomiuri Shimbun: TEPCO teetering on financial edge

August 11, 2011,   by Chiaki Toyoda and Tadaaki Inoue

Category: Japan FIT, Nuclear Power

Japan Goes Solar: A $286 Billion Play on Japan's Nuclear Fallout

July 26, 2011,   by Jeff Siegel

Category: Japan FIT

Germany: A cleantech case study for a post-Fukushima world

July 5, 2011,   by Chris Turner

Category: Japan FIT, Germany FIT

Renewable Energy Grabs Limelight in Japan

June 30, 2011,   by Suvendrini Kakuchi

Category: Japan FIT

Reuters: Japan solar power dream alluring for investors

June 23, 2011,   by Risa Maeda and Leonora Walet

Category: Japan FIT

Japan Times: Diet session extension left to the last minute-

June 22, 2011,   by MASAMI ITO and NATSUKO FUKUE

Category: Japan FIT

Japan's Prime Minister Calls for Reform of Power Industry

June 13, 2011,  

Category: Japan FIT

Japan to pursue a new energy policy

June 11, 2011,  

Category: Japan FIT

Bloomberg: Japan May Tap Geothermal Power to Offset Atomic Loss

June 5, 2011,   by Stuart Biggs

Category: Japan FIT, News on Geothermal

New Scientist: Wind is Japan's strongest alternative to nuclear

May 18, 2011,   by Andy Coghlan

Category: Japan FIT

Time: Why Japan's Shift Away from Nuclear Is Good for Business

May 18, 2011,   by Lucy Birmingham

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Japan's Geothermal Resources Get a Closer Look

May 11, 2011,   by Robert Crowe

Category: Japan FIT, News on Geothermal

What Feed-in Tariffs Could Do for Japan's Electricity Shortage

April 14, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

What Japan Could Do if It Followed Germany's Lead on Renewable Energy Within one Decade Japan Could Halve its Dependence on Nuclear Power[more]

Category: Japan FIT

A consideration on Feed-in Tariffs for Japan's Electricity Shortage

April 14, 2011,  

Japanese translation by Masai Muto of What Feed-in Tariffs Could Do for Japan's Electricity Shortage

Category: Japan FIT

Fukushima Nuclear Year-to-Year Reliability and German Wind

April 14, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

German Wind more Stable Year-to-Year than Fukushima Reactors[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT, Germany FIT

The Earthquake in Japanese Energy Policy

March 28, 2011,   by Andrew DeWitt

Category: Japan FIT

WWEA: Wind Power secures Electricity Generation in Japan after earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident

March 25, 2011,   by Chuichi Arakawa

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

The “Power Elite” and Environmental-Energy Policy in Japan

January 24, 2011,   by Andrew DeWitt

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Japan's METI Proposes Feed-in Tariffs

August 18, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

  Recently, the International Renewable Energy Agency's Mika Ohbayashi summarized Japan's proposal for a system of feed-in tariffs. The proposal by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

Get FIT: Public Policy, the Smart State and the Energy-Environmental Revolution

February 8, 2010,   by Andrew DeWit

Category: Japan FIT

More on Japan and the Political Context for FITs

December 7, 2009,   by Andrew DeWit

  Andrew DeWit, a professor at Rikkyo University in the Political Economy of Public Finance, has recently published two thorough articles on the political context in Japan. The articles examine the...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

More on Japan's New Ruling Party (DPJ) and Feed-in Tariffs

September 2, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Bloomberg is reporting that Japan's new ruling party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), is expected to propose a comprehensive feed-in tariff policy as part of its legislative agenda. Though...[more]

Category: Japan FIT

Reuters: Japan Proposes Net Feed-in Tariff

February 24, 2009,  

Category: Japan FIT

DPJ's 2009 Campaign Manifesto

January 1, 2009,  

The DJP's environmental commitments are found on pages 23-26.

Category: Japan FIT

Feed-in Tariff Creating Renewable Energy Investment Boom In Japan

January 5, 1970,  

Projects which will add 1,150 MW of capacity are expected to be completed this year, compared to none last year. Clear evidence surely that feed-in tariffs do what they say they do. . .

Category: Japan FIT

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