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Articles on Small & Household Size Wind Turbines

Small wind turbines encompass a broad range of wind turbines from micro turbines, to mini turbines, to household-size turbines. Wind turbines in these size classes may have power ratings from a few watts to dozens of kW. Internationally, this category includes wind turbines up to 15 meters (49 feet) in diameter. Wind turbines of this size may have power ratings from 50 to 100 kW.

While ducted or shrouded wind turbines and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines can be of any size, they are listed here because they are outside the mainstream of the commercial wind industry.

Wulf Test Field Site Description

January 1, 1997,   by Paul Gipe

Since 1997 Paul Gipe and Nancy Nies have used the site to gain experience installing and operating small wind turbines, to measure small turbine performance and noise emissions, and to experiment...[more]

Category: Wulf Small Wind Turbine Test Field Results

Sandia: Final Project Report: Highenergy Rotor Development, Test and Evaluation

September 1, 1996,  

Conclusion of Sandia's design development contract for FloWind's EHD Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. . .

Category: Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, FloWind

Inventus 5 kW Power Curve

January 1, 1991,  

The Inventus 5 kW power curve was measured by Windtest Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog in Germany using 10-minute averages. Though the turbine is rated at 5 kW it produces 4.5 kW at 12 m/s using the 10-minute...[more]

Category: Small Turbine Testing

Wind Chargers: Building Tools from the Nation's Past by Paul Gipe and Carl Judy, 1983

February 1, 1983,   by Paul Gipe

Yes, it's a very old article that just resurfaced at Mother Earth News.

Category: News on Small Wind

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