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Sri Lanka Introduces Feed-in Tariffs

October 8, 2012,  

PUCSL announces the rates for electricity purchased by the Transmission Licensee; Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) from Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) sources for SPPAs signed on or after 1st...

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Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Feed In Tariffs 2012-2013

January 1, 2012,  

These tariffs will apply to new SPPAs signed between 1st January 2012 and 31st December 2013. . . The tariffs will be cost-based and technology-specific, and the developers have the option of...

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Summary of Sophisticated Sri Lankan Tariffs

October 7, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

  In 2010, Sri Lanka launched a sophisticated program of feed-in tariffs. Sri Lanka now has some of the highest feed-in tariffs for wind, hydro, and biomass in the developing world. The Sri Lankan...[more]

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