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Thailand 4.0: Powered by Renewable Energy?

March 27, 2017,  

To support power generation from renewable energy, the Thai government adopted in October 2014 a new feed-in tariff (FiT), or pricing mechanism to pay renewable energy producers for each unit of...

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NEPC panels to probe power plant programme

December 22, 2015,   by ERICH PARPART

The NEPC has also acknowledged in principle the implementation of feed-in tariffs by the Ministry of Energy which would replace the adder programme for very small power producers - those less than 10...

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Thailand's feed-in tariff for residential rooftop solar PV systems: Progress so far

November 18, 2015,   by Sopitsuda Tongsopit

The initial phase of feed-in tariff support for solar power in the form of “Adder” gave rise to the dominance of solar farms, contributing currently to 99% of Thailand's solar power capacity. Since...

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Thailand Solar PV 2015 Update

November 3, 2015,   by Thomas Chrometzka, GIZ

According to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) there were 1,520 MW of free-field installations (solar farms) and approximately 82 MW of solar rooftop installed combining for a total of 1,601.36...

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Thailand: Details on FIT Payments by Technology

November 3, 2015,   by Thomas Chrometzka, GIZ

FIT(F) is a portion of the remuneration that is fixed throughout the whole support period, while FIT(V) is a portion that varies according to the inflation rate. Variable portions are applicabl e...

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Thailand: NEPC to meet on 15 Dec to consider a change to renewable energy payment mechanism

December 5, 2014,  

The National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is scheduled to hold a meeting on 15th December 2014 to discuss a possibility of changing the renewable energy...

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Thai solar PV targets raised: 800 MW of new PPAs to be signed and built before December 2015

November 4, 2014,  

Those boasting successful projects from the first wave of PPAs are set to provide comment on how stakeholders will need to adapt to ensure that the ambitious SCOD of December 2015 is met. Whilst the...

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The Nation: Thailand's NEPC 'nod' for shift to feed-in tariff for VSPPs

October 23, 2014,  

THE NATIONAL Energy Policy Council (NEPC) has acknowledged in principle a change in the tariff allowance for very small power producer (VSPP) projects that use renewable energy - moving from the...

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ClearSky Advisors: Thailand – Emerging Solar PV Opportunities from FIT

September 4, 2013,  

Through its national Alternative Energy Development Plan, Thailand has set one of the more ambitious regional solar PV targets at 3,000MW by 2021. The principal drivers that will allow Thailand to...

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Thailand Adding 1,000 MW of Solar with New Feed-in Tariffs

July 18, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

While municipal utilities in Los Angeles and on New York’s Long Island plod along with timid municipal feed-in tariff programs, Thailand plans to add 1,000 MW of solar photovoltaics (solar PV) by the...[more]

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An assessment of Thailand’s feed-in tariff program

June 17, 2013,   by Sopitsuda Tongsopit, Chris Greacen

Thailand was one of the first Asian countries with a comprehensive feed-in tariff program, with streamlined interconnection regulations adopted by the Thai Cabinet in 2002 and...

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Solar Server: First Solar establishes Thai subsidiary

August 17, 2012,  

The company states that Thailand should remain one of the region's more important solar markets due to its strong economic growth, growing energy demand and impressive solar potential. Additionally,...

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Bangkok Post: Thailand Considering FIT Update

August 15, 2012,  

Mr Phichai said the programme to support biomass, biogas, biofuel and waste remain unclear, and a decision on the new rate of feed-in tariff has yet to be made. . .

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Manilla Bulletin: Thailand enforces more conservative FIT

September 5, 2011,   by MYRNA M. VELASCO

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Clarifying the Thailand solar feedin tariff situation

February 4, 2011,   by Chris Greacen

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Thailand: 4,300 MW of Renewables with Feed-in Tariffs

December 3, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

  Since the introduction of its small power program in 2006, Thailand has signed contracts to develop 4,300 MW of renewable generation. Nearly half of the contracts--1,800 MW--are for solar energy...[more]

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Thailand launches renewable energy feed-in tariff

July 13, 2010,  

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