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Italy’s solar profit clawback ‘affecting 13GW of projects’

February 4, 2022,   by Jules Scully

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Broken promises: Legal recourse for retroactive FIT cuts

January 23, 2020,   by Daniel R. Meagher

Many countries around the world have implemented feed-in tariff (FIT) incentive regimes to foster the development of PV, and in some cases they have gone on to scale back those regimes, inflicting...

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EU approves Italy’s auction scheme for renewables

June 14, 2019,   by Emiliano Bellini

The €5.4 billion program is expected to spur new growth in large scale PV while also providing incentives for rooftop systems. Originally scheduled for January, the country’s first technology neutral...

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Analysis of economic impacts of the feed-in tariff scheme for photovoltaic technology in Italy

December 1, 2018,   by Kurdgelashvili, Lado

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Italian Highest Administrative Court Suspends GSE Requests for Feed-In Tariff Reimbursement

January 29, 2018,   by Dr. Carsten Steinhauer and Riccardo Narducci

By means of orders no. 216, 217, 218 and 220/2018, published on 19 January 2018, the Italian Highest Administrative Court (Consiglio di Stato) granted injunctive relief to the owners of four...

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Italian Constitutional Court declares the question of constitutional legitimacy on the “Spalma-Incentivi” Decree ‘groundless’

December 22, 2016,  

By way of background, the Decree required solar plant operators to choose, by 30 November 2014, between new options to be implemented in relation to FIT allowances. However, all these options were...

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Key Developments in The Photovoltaic Sector in Italy

May 10, 2016,   by Riccardo Narducci, Carsten Steinhauer

In 2015, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Italy generated 24,676 GWh of electricity, representing 9.1 per cent of Italy’s domestic electricity production and 7.8 per cent of the country’s overall...

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Italy: GSE issues a press release on the suspension of feed-in-tariff disbursement

October 21, 2015,  

GSE has also underlined that suspension will not cause any reduction of the incentives which the owners of the incentivized plants are entitled to receive.

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Italy: GSE Claims Reimbursement of FiT Payments from Conto Energia I Plant Owners

April 3, 2015,   by Carsten Steinhauer

The Ministerial Decree of 28 July 2005 (the original version of the Conto Energia I) provided for an annual adjustment of the FiT to account for inflation. The Ministerial Decree of 6 February 2006...

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PV Tech: Tax cut for Italian energy firms ‘offsets’ shrunken FiT

February 17, 2015,   by John Parnell

The repeal of a so-called Robin Hood tax on Italian energy firms could offset recent reductions in the feed-in tariff, according to independent power producer Etrion.

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PV Tech: FiT and net-metering charges confirmed for Italian PV installs

January 9, 2015,   by Ben Willis

The fees, published in Italy’s official journal, Gazzetta Ufficiale, are to cover costs incurred by energy agency, GSE, for the running of Italy’s Conto Energia feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme and...

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GSE: Italy to Maintain FIT for Small Wind Turbines

June 18, 2014,  

The tariff for small wind between 20 and 200kW for all the connected turbines in 2014 and 2015 will remain 0.268 €/kWh

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Terna: Early Data on Italian Electricity Demand

January 9, 2014,  

According to the initial estimates, in 2013 electricity demand was met 86.7% by national production (of which 56.8% thermoelectric, 16.5% hydroelectric, 1.7% geothermal, 4.7% wind power and 7.0%...

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WPM: Italy assigns feed in tariff to 400MW

August 2, 2013,   by Heather O’Brian

For wind projects coming online in 2014, the base auction price stands at EUR124.46/MWh, meaning that Fit awardees able to complete projects next year will receive a tariff between EUR100.19/MWh and...

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Italy Abandons RPS - Adopts System of Feed-in Tariffs

December 5, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

This past summer Italy not only adopted new feed-in tariffs for solar, but also radically revised its program for wind and other renewables. The complex new Italian policies go into effect at the...[more]

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TÜV: V Conto Energia: New requirements for receipt of feed-in tariff in Italy

October 10, 2012,  

The Italian authority in overall charge, Gestore Servizi Energetici (GSE), has changed the requirements that operators of photovoltaic plants must fulfill if they wish to receive the government...

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Italian Solar Generation Surpasses Wind for First Time

August 30, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Renewables Now Meet One-Quarter of Italy's Electricity Supply--Solar Produces Nearly Twice Italy's Famed Geothermal Power Plants--Italy's Per Capita Solar Five Times that of California . . .[more]

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Craig Morris: Italy's New FIT rates

July 12, 2012,   by Craig Morris

Italy has announced a new policy for solar. The new budget of 700 million euros prefers roof arrays, with ground-mounted systems only eligible for feed-in tariffs if installed on brownfields. . .

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PV-Magazine: Italy’s ministers sign Conto Energia V (FITs)

July 9, 2012,  

On Friday, July 6, Italy’s ministers signed the new Conto Energia (renewable energy act). It is believed that only an extra €700 million will be made available for photovoltaics. Final security will...

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GSE: Italian Photovoltaic Stats

February 16, 2012,  

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Reuters: Italy solar capacity seen up to 12.5 GW end: 2011

October 20, 2011,   by Svetlana Kovalyova

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CNet: First Solar 'Made in EU' stamp comes with discount

September 1, 2011,   by Candace Lombardi

The credential was granted based on the Conto Energia 4 (CE4) feed-in tariff program established by the Italian government as a means of getting companies to source materials and commit to...

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Italy Passes 7,000 MW of Total Installed Solar PV

July 21, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Leaps Ahead of Both Spain & Japan to Become Second in World in Total Solar Capacity[more]

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New Italian Tariffs Complex and Robust

July 9, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

1,200 MW Cap on 2011 Installations Greater than US Solar PV Installed in 2010--Effectively No Cap on Rooftop Systems 2011 Cap only for 2nd Half--More than 2,000 MW May be Installed in 2011[more]

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Italy's Quarto Conto Energia.xls

July 8, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Tables of Italy's new feed-in tariffs for solar PV

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Italy: Nuclear? Non Grazie!--Again--Berlusconi: Now It's Renewables

June 14, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Conservative Prime Minister Says Italy Must Now Develop Renewable Energy Italy Sets 23,000 MW Solar Target-Tariffs Remain High Relative to Germany Solar to Reach ~10% of Supply by 2017[more]

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Italy Updates Solar PV Feed-in Tariffs

May 9, 2011,   by Craig Morris

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FITs Drive Nearly 2,000 MW of Solar PV Development in Italy

January 25, 2011,  

Surpasses Estimates for 2010 Installs Three Times More than USA[more]

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Italy 2011 Solar PV Tariffs

August 14, 2010,   by Paul Gipe


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Italy Surpasses USA in Solar PV

June 28, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Installing More Every Two Months than California in an Entire Year[more]

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InterPV: The New Italian Feed-in Tariff for the Solar Electricity-

January 1, 2010,   by Gert Gremes

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Italian Groups: 8,000 MW PV in Five Years

December 16, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Three Italian trade associations have called on the government to update its system of solar PV feed-in tariffs to install 8,000 MW of new capacity by 2015. Italy currently has some of the most...[more]

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Italy Likely to Surpass California in Solar PV in 2009

October 8, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Italy is expected to surpass California in total installed solar PV by year end 2009 according to recent statistics. Long the poor man of Europe, Italy's successful feed-in tariff for solar PV...[more]

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Italy Launches New Solar PV Feed--In Tariffs Among the Highest in Europe

June 28, 2007,   by Paul Gipe

  According to a recent article in Sun & Wind Energy (2/2007), Italy has launched new feed-in tariffs for Solar PV. The new tariffs replace a complex and bureaucratic system of net metering and...[more]

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