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This section archives articles on topics that don't quite fit into the other categories. They include articles on high-mileage vehicles, chain-reaction accidents, our neighbors, Tule fog, and . . . well . . . other subjects.

Paul Gipe

Bloomberg: Japan to Scrap Three Aging Reactors on Safety Upgrade Costs

March 16, 2015,   by Masumi Suga

Three of Japan’s oldest nuclear reactors will be decommissioned, the start of what is expected to be a series of shutdowns because of costs to meet tougher safety standards introduced after the...

Category: Nuclear Power

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Grover Beach and SLO--550 Miles in a Nissan Leaf

March 16, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

On 5 March Nancy and I undertook our first true road trip in our 2015 Nissan Leaf. Our destination was Grover Beach and ultimately San Luis Obispo.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Auto Association's Comments on DC Fast Charger Installations for West Coast Electric Highway

March 16, 2015,  

The Electric Auto Association (EAA) submitted comments 16 March 2015 to the California Energy Commission on DC Fast Charger installations for the build out of the West Coast Electric Highway. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Two DC Fast Chargers Coming This Summer to I-5 Grapevine Corridor

March 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

EV owners who’ve tackled the Grapevine on I-5 with today’s consumer-oriented EVs know how difficult the route is, necessitating long layovers in Lebec and again in Valencia. That is about to change. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

500 Miles in an EV—Some Observations

March 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We recently completed a 550-mile trip to Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo from Bakersfield in our Nissan Leaf, an electric vehicle (EV). It’s not as far as many have driven, but it’s far more than...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Renewables International: The race between wind and nuclear

March 12, 2015,   by Bernard Chabot

Normally, Chabot's presentations are quite long and exhaustive. Today, this one is short and sweet – four charts, one for each country, and a single comparison of kilowatt-hours of electricity from...

Category: Nuclear Power, News on Wind Energy

CEC DCFC Corridor Gaps Southern San Joaquin & Mojave Desert; Grapevine, Valencia, Tehachapi

March 11, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

There’s an urgent need by owners of consumer-oriented EVs for a DCFC station either at the base of the Grapevine or at Lebec. Similarly, there’s an urgent need for a companion station in Valencia. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Tom P. Green's Comments to the CEC on DC Fast Chargers for EVs

March 3, 2015,   by Tom P. Greene

The following are Tom P. Green’s comments to the California Energy Commission Advisory Committee 12 February 2015 on the need for the rapid deployment of DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in California.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

French nuclear power history – the unknown story

March 3, 2015,   by Craig Morris

French Environmental Minister Ségolène Royal . . . defended (article in French) the policy of “getting out of all-nuclear” (sortir du tout nucléaire). Here, something easily gets lost in translation:...

Category: Nuclear Power

Our Nissan Leaf's Electricity Consumption Early 2015

March 2, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

When we got our recent bill from Pacific Gas & Electric Co., I thought I’d take a look at hour our Electric Vehicle (EV) was affecting our consumption.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Lebec and the Grapevine

March 2, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

For those of us who live in the San Joaquin Valley, getting to and from Los Angeles in an Electric Vehicle (EV) is a challenge. Southbound, the last charging stations are in Bakersfield. Then it’s a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

DC Fast Charging for EVs along California Transportation Corridors

March 1, 2015,   by T.P. Greene

The CEC document CEC-600-2014-002 reveals some locations of the planned DCFCs along I-5 and Highway 99. The US Green Vehicle Council and Cleantech Institute have proposed the build-out of a complete...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Petition the California Energy Commission to install a network of DC fast chargers to enable long-distance EV travel in California this year

February 26, 2015,   by T.P. Greene

Deploying a network of DC fast charging (DCFC) stations along long-distance transportation corridors will enable long-distance EV travel in California. . . This network is also needed to make EVs...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Level 2 Charge Station Coming to Tehachapi this Summer

February 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

The City of Tehachapi plans to install a Level 2 commercial charge station near City Hall sometime this summer, says Chris Kirk, assistant city manager. When installed, the station will double the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Glenville

February 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

It was a beautiful day and there was a report of abundant wildflowers on the road to Woody. Glenville is beyond Woody and we thought we’d test our Leaf’s range once again in the foothills east of...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Tehachapi

February 18, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

On Sunday Nancy & I drove our car to Tehachapi from Bakersfield, California. That in itself isn’t significant. Thousands of cars and trucks climb the 4,000 feet from the San Joaquin Valley to the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

British minister claims there is 'no delay' in Hinkley C construction

February 17, 2015,   by Dave Toke

This view once again highlights the gap between government policy and reality. EDF are certainly not going to go ahead without at least a guarantee of compensation from the UK Government in the event...

Category: Nuclear Power

Charging an EV at Tehachapi’s Mountain Valley RV Park

February 17, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks with NEMA 14-50 receptacles are popular with drivers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) where no EV-specific chargers exist—as is the case between Bakersfield and Mojave,...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Chronicle: PG&E e-mails may prove pivotal in probe of regulator

February 16, 2015,   by Jaxon Van Derbeken

In their search warrant affidavit, state investigators said that among the items they were looking for was evidence related to the Kern County alternative energy plant known as Hydrogen Energy...

Category: Nuclear Power

UT San Diego: Flawed San Onofre nuclear project steamed on

February 14, 2015,   by Jeff McDonald

Peevey’s 2005 decision to let Edison upgrade San Onofre absent a cost-justification may be more questionable in light of the release of emails he traded with utility officials.

Category: Nuclear Power

Last ditch bullying by Coalition Government to keep Hinkley on track

February 13, 2015,   by Catherine Mitchell

The UK is now ‘issuing threats’ to Austria that a series of retaliatory measures will be undertaken if Austria goes ahead with its legal challenge to the EU State Aid decision approving GB Government...

Category: Nuclear Power

First Quick Charge--Wow That Was Fast

February 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’d have to agree with JP White in Nashville after his first quick charge: Awesome.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags

February 12, 2015,   by Ollie Danner

The first ever Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags. Great for busy charging locations. Reusable. Clear coating allows for multiple uses with dry erase marker.

Category: Electric Vehicles

REnewEconomy: Why nuclear industry needs to be paid $500/MWh

February 9, 2015,   by Giles Parkinson

Weatherill is right about one thing: Nuclear energy, he says, is “not something that would be economically viable in South Australia, or indeed the nation.”

Category: Nuclear Power

Buying an Electric Vehicle Mail Order: Or Why we bought our Leaf from Petaluma and Not Bakersfield

January 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Ok, it wasn’t quite mail order. Most of the transaction was done over the phone and via email, but we bought a car, an Electric Vehicle (EV), in a very untraditional manner.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Trip to Bird Springs Road in a Nissan Leaf

January 6, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’ve been driving our 2015 Nissan Leaf for two months now and it was time to take it on a road trip—a short one, mind you, but one long enough to test our range anxiety. We set out Monday morning to...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Exelon needs to nearly double power prices to keep Ginna nuclear plant open

January 6, 2015,   by Herman K. Trabish

The utility says 2016 forecasts show it will require $71 per MWh to earn an 11% return from the 581 MW plant in upstate New York, and $56 to $64 per MWh to break even.

Category: Nuclear Power

Mainichi: Japan eyes returning to nuclear power, enthusiasm about renewable energy stymied

January 5, 2015,  

While the government says it will approve restarting idled nuclear reactors after the NRA's clearance, NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka says he is not saying it is safe and would not commit to endorsing...

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear motive suspected in feed-in tariff reforms

January 2, 2015,   by Eric Johnston

But critics say the move by an agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry does little to solve the basic electricity transmission issues, and hint that the real purpose of the changes...

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations or EVSEs

December 30, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are different from the cars we’re accustomed to. They use electricity stored in the traction batteries to power the vehicle. They don’t use gasoline or diesel fuel. As a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

The BMW i3 (a personal impression)

December 30, 2014,   by Bob Jans

Bob’s a techy and a serious car guy. He knows cars and likes to drive them fast--very fast.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Guardian: Vermont shuts down nuclear power plant to make way for renewable energy

December 29, 2014,  

“Today, thanks to investments in renewable energy such as solar, Vermont’s energy future is on a different, more sustainable path that is creating jobs, reducing energy costs for Vermonters and...

Category: Nuclear Power

Plug Share

December 20, 2014,   by John Loveless

The members of the PlugShare community are an amazing group of people. Since the future charging infrastructure is not coming soon enough, (especially in oil-junkie, fossil-fuel hooked Utah),...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Ecologist: All over the world, renewables are beating nuclear

December 18, 2014,   by David Elliott

What next? The financial woes of French developers Areva and EDF may mean that their £24 billion 3.4 GW Hinkley nuclear project, despite being heavily subsidised by British taxpayers and consumers,...

Category: Nuclear Power

Why We Went Electric

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

We’d been planning to buy a plug-in hybrid for some time. Just seemed to make so much sense on so many levels. They emit less air pollutants by being so much more efficient than conventional...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why We Chose a Nissan Leaf for Our EV

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

It was fairly simple really. Tesla was out. Too much money. At more than 100,000 the Tesla is well out of reach for most middle-class families--certainly for us. That narrowed the choices down...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Photos of Our 2015 Nissan Leaf

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Our 2015 Nissan Leaf S (the base model) with the Quick Charge option was delivered to Bakersfield by tractor trailer on October 20, 2014. The Leaf is an all electric, four-door hatchback. It's an...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Photos of Our EVSE (Charge Station)

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

We installed two types of "charge station" or more correctly two types of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) at our home. The first is ClipperCreek's 40-amp EVSE with J1772 EV charge connector...

Category: Electric Vehicles

FOE: Emails suggest NRC and PG&E colluded to downplay Diablo Canyon earthquake danger

December 16, 2014,   by Kate Colwell

Internal emails show that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. may have worked together to counteract widespread news coverage. Numerous outlets reported that the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Without consent, our sustainable energy future looks dark

December 9, 2014,   by Kris Stevens

It was recently revealed that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and Bruce Power have been in secret negotiations since December 2013 regarding a long-term supply contract to finance the re-building...

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan falls to 53rd place in climate change index, Denmark on top

December 9, 2014,  

Denmark's steady fall in emissions and adoption of policies to expand renewable energy gave it a score of 77.76, putting it in the highest spot in fourth place for the third year running, followed by...

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear plant upgrades costing more than twice estimates

December 4, 2014,  

Japan's electric utilities are spending significantly more than what they calculated about two years ago on enhancing the safety of their nuclear power stations under tighter security regulations.

Category: Nuclear Power

Government implies it may not sign Hinkley C deal before General Election

November 28, 2014,   by Dave Toke

The Government has refused to confirm that it it will sign a contract with EDF allowing Hinkley C to be built before April 2015, which is only a few weeks before the General Election.

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Ontario Energy Board won't probe Bruce nuclear overhaul

November 27, 2014,   by John Spears

Category: Nuclear Power

Ollie’s Electric Car Pledge and Our Move to an EV

November 25, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

It worked. Ollie Danner’s Electric Car Pledge and his organizational skills are the reason we’re now driving an EV or Electric Vehicle. It wasn’t a direct route of course. And just signing his...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Renewables International: Energy politics 'after the Milk Round' or Nuclear in Great Britain

November 25, 2014,   by Alan Simpson

With £37bn of financial promises and loan guarantees still pledged to Hinkley Point C, the Coalition is still betting heavily on Milk Rounds. And with unlimited endorsements of 'Fracking' and further...

Category: Nuclear Power

The real secret letter from the Treasury about disastrous Hinkley C is revealed

November 20, 2014,   by Dave Toke

Hot on the heels of news of further escalations of delays (and thus) costs for EPRs being built in Finland and France there is news that the Treasury is conducting a 'secret' review of the EPR...

Category: Nuclear Power

Guardian: Hinkley Point C nuclear plant’s future in doubt as crisis hits shareholder

November 19, 2014,  

The future of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Somerset is under a cloud amid a financial crisis at Areva, a shareholder in the project and the designer of the proposed reactors. Shares in the...

Category: Nuclear Power

US Air Force Unveils World’s Largest Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Fleet

November 14, 2014,   by Elisa Wood

The Los Angeles Air Force Base in California (LAAFB) has acquired 42 plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), the most the military has ever assembled in one place. The cars, trucks, vans and a bus will be...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Asahi Simbun: Survey: Nearly half of local government leaders want a say in restarting nuclear reactors

November 4, 2014,  

Nearly half of all heads of prefectures and municipalities near nuclear power plants say plant operators should be required to obtain their consent before restarting reactors, according to an Asahi...

Category: Nuclear Power

Pro-nuclear analyst calls for Hinkley C to be abandoned

October 31, 2014,   by Dave Toke

Chris Goodall, one of those pro-nuclear greens who saw the radioactive light a few years ago but who didn't notice the sheer uneconomic nature of nuclear power has now realised that the Hinkley C...

Category: Nuclear Power

Hinkley C deal likely to wipe out UK renewables spending

October 13, 2014,   by Dave Toke

A comparison of the payments schedule for Hinkley C and government projections of renewable energy spending plans suggests that from 2023 spending on first Hinkley C, and later other nuclear power...

Category: Nuclear Power

Boell: The price of new nuclear revisited

October 9, 2014,   by Craig Morris

Naturally, the technologies themselves will also have to become cheaper, but all signs indicate that the future looks bright for wind and solar power. The International Renewable Energy Agency...

Category: Nuclear Power

How more nuclear will waste wind power

October 7, 2014,   by Dave Toke

The big waste comes with the nuclear investment. The problem with the ability of the electricity system to absorb more variable wind power supplies lies with the inability, and unwillingness, of...

Category: Nuclear Power, News on Wind Energy

European Commission issues smokescreen 'protection' to hide consumer exposure over Hinkley C

October 4, 2014,   by Dave Toke

Observers might be forgiven for imagining that the 35 year contract for Hinkley C, underpinned by £10 billion of state loan guarantees paying higher premium prices (£92.50) than privately built...

Category: Nuclear Power

The Economic Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption in Ontario

September 23, 2014,   by Brent Kopperson

Not only do Electric Vehicles provide many environmental, health, energy, and cost saving advantages... EVs also have the potential to provide many economic, technological, and labour market gains in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

NYT: Coal Fades, So Electrics Get Cleaner

September 19, 2014,   by PAUL STENQUIST

The group says that the average battery-powered E.V. sold over the past year used 0.33 kilowatt-hours per mile, a 5 percent improvement over the 2011 data that was basis for the original report. Some...

Category: Electric Vehicles

How do EVs Compare with Gas-Powered Vehicles? Better Every Year….

September 16, 2014,   by Don Anair

No matter where you live in the U.S., an EV has lower global warming emissions than the average new compact car, which gets approximately 28 miles per gallon. Emission from EVs are poised for even...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Is there a disinformation campaign to paint nuclear as 'green'?

September 10, 2014,   by Dave Toke

Green groups in the UK are now being subjected to a withering assault on their anti-nuclear position, which is amounting at worst to a campaign of disinformation or at best wishful thinking by the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Canadian Take on Owning a Nissan Leaf

September 2, 2014,   by Steve Lapp

I watched the used car ads for about a year and followed the Canadian Leaf Facebook group and eventually this past spring found a slightly used Leaf for just over $20k. The car was in almost new...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes: Update on Leaf Ownership after a 6-Week Absence

August 28, 2014,   by Ben Zuckerman

My wife and I recently rented a standard (manual) shift car to drive around Ireland for a week. For decades I drove and was a fan of standard shift cars. I was saddened to leave these when nearly 11...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Energy Insight: Electric Car Pledge - Making A Difference

August 28, 2014,   by Ollie Danne

All we can do is work to improve the quality of living for people, not only here but everywhere, and be willing to help future generations. We're not going to change the world, but if everybody just...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Asahi Shimbun: Court orders TEPCO to compensate family of Fukushima woman who committed suicide

August 26, 2014,  

The Fukushima District Court ordered Tokyo Electric Power Co. to pay 49 million yen ($471,600) in compensation to the family of a woman who committed suicide by setting herself ablaze after being...

Category: Nuclear Power

Oasis in a Charging Desert—Independence, California

August 7, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

The Owens Valley is a desert. A beautiful desert at the base of the rugged Sierra Nevada, but a desert nonetheless. There are few towns, few people, and even fewer services. So it was more than a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

AP: Panel wants TEPCO execs charged over Fukushima nuclear crisis

July 31, 2014,   by MARI YAMAGUCHI

A document released by the panel on Thursday showed it voted in favor of indicting Tsunehisa Katsumata, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Co. at the time of the crisis, along with vice presidents...

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear and carbon capture aren’t scalable compared to wind energy

July 26, 2014,   by Mike Barnard

There’s an enduring myth related to wind energy and nuclear energy that needs to be put to bed. That myth is that only nuclear can be scaled to sufficient capacity to reduce the impacts of global...

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear power: will it continue to fail as 'baseload' plant?

July 21, 2014,   by Dave Toke

In Britain nuclear's recent record for availability is not outstanding - 65 per cent according to the Digest of UK Energy Statistics for the year 2008-2012. Remember this is for a technology that is...

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Car Show in Bakersfield CA

July 20, 2014,   by Ollie Danner

The EV Show and Meet-Up was organized so Bakersfield residents were able to see and touch electric cars which are available right now. Electric cars sold per capita in the US are lowest within the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Mainichi: Ex-lawmaker supporting nuclear phaseout wins Shiga gubernatorial race

July 14, 2014,  

Former lawmaker Taizo Mikazuki who supports phasing out nuclear power won a three-way race to succeed Shiga Gov. Yukiko Kada on Sunday, beating a candidate backed by the ruling parties by a narrow...

Category: Nuclear Power

Asahi Simbun: Ruling banning nuclear reactor restarts translated into English, Korean, Chinese

July 13, 2014,   by HIDEKI MUROYA

An anti-nuclear citizens’ network has translated a Japanese court’s ruling blocking the restarts of two reactors into English, Korean and Chinese to spread the “universal values” of the judgment.

Category: Nuclear Power

RMI: How Opposite Energy Policies Turned The Fukushima Disaster Into A Loss For Japan And A Win For Germany

July 8, 2014,   by Amory Lovins

Japan is indeed poor in fossil fuels—but among all major industrial countries, it’s the richest in renewable energy like sun, wind, and geothermal. For example, Japan has nine times Germany’s...

Category: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

Former Prime Minister Koizumi: Government's nuclear-energy logic a complete failure

July 8, 2014,   by Asahi Shimbun

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi again blasted the Abe administration’s pro-nuclear energy strategy, saying the plan to restart reactors across the nation is “too optimistic” and goes against...

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Darlington nuclear[refurbishment] costs rise

July 4, 2014,   by John Spears

A heavily edited assessment of the project to overhaul the Darlington nuclear station has identified up to $300 million in cost increases, two years before physical work is scheduled to start.

Category: Nuclear Power

Resource Crisis: Lessons from a failed energy revolution: the real reasons of the nuclear failure

June 30, 2014,   by Hugo Bardi

I argue that nuclear energy ceased to be a viable option in the world's energy mix as the result of the disappearance of the subsidies it received in the form of plutonium purchases by the military....

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Renewables International: 77 percent of Swiss want nuclear phaseout

June 21, 2014,   by Craig Morris

There is broad consensus for the Swiss nuclear phaseout, even across party lines. In the latest representative survey of 1,264 households in Switzerland, a large majority of the Swiss expressed their...

Category: Nuclear Power

Boell: The German Coal Conundrum

June 6, 2014,   by Craig Morris and Arne Jungjohann

An in-depth look reveals that coal is not making a comeback in Germany. The current addition of new coal projects in Germany is a one-off phenomenon. Recent projects started in 2005-2007 as part of...

Category: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

Nuclear Decline and Renewable Growth in Germany

June 2, 2014,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

But first we need to get data for the nuclear decline, so as to find a suitable time frame for measuring the renewable growth.

Category: Nuclear Power

CNBC: Renewables: The end for nuclear power?

May 30, 2014,   by Anmar Frangoul

It took the Fukushima disaster to put the future of nuclear power in doubt – but could renewable energy mean the end for nuclear power?

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan Times: Oi ruling may fuel anti-nuclear push

May 22, 2014,   by Eric Johnston

Wednesday’s court ruling blocking restarts of the No. 3 and 4 reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Oi plant may embolden opponents of nuclear power nationwide.

Category: Nuclear Power

Mainichi: Japan court orders power supplier not to run Oi nuke plant

May 21, 2014,  

he Fukui District Court ruled Wednesday that it will not allow the restart of two reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Oi nuclear plant, now under safety examination by Japan's top nuclear...

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Life and death in Chernobyl’s ghost forest

May 19, 2014,   by Mitch Potter

A Canadian has discovered that radioactive trees aren’t decomposing, suggesting that fallout may be even more dangerous than we realize.

Category: Nuclear Power

Canadian Federal Court nixes approval of new nuclear reactors

May 15, 2014,   by Allie Kosela

Environmentalists are applauding a landmark Federal Court ruling that puts the brakes on building expensive and risky new nuclear reactors in Ontario.

Category: Nuclear Power

Truthout: Could a US-Japan ''Green Alliance'' Transform the Climate-Energy Equation?

May 9, 2014,   by Andrew DeWit

Compared to the IPCC, the US military is both more forthright in its assessments of climate change risk and realistic in its appraisal of the cost-cutting merits of renewable energy and efficiency....

Category: Nuclear Power

Asahi Shimbun: Anti-nuke crusade symbolizes paradigm shift in cooperation

May 9, 2014,  

Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa, co-founder of the Japan Assembly for Nuclear Free Renewable Energy, which was officially inaugurated on May 7, said he fully agrees with Saigo, and stressed...

Category: Nuclear Power

Mainichi: Ex-PMs Koizumi, Hosokawa launch body to seek end of nuclear power

May 8, 2014,  

Former prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa on Wednesday established a new entity to promote renewable energy as part of a joint antinuclear campaign that previously led Hosokawa...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Perspective on Gas & Nuclear Plant Scandal in Ontario

May 1, 2014,   by Glen Estill

And OPG has paid $793 million to prepare to do the Darlington refurbishment, which we haven’t even contracted to do yet. This included the construction of a mock reactor, so workers could practice...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: Worried about carbon emissions? Forget nuclear

April 26, 2014,   by Craig Morris

If nuclear power is to provide a carbon-free future for all of our energy, how many plants would need to be built? One per day for the next 22 years. In reality, the world faces a reduction in...

Category: Nuclear Power

Justice in America: If You're Going to Steal--Steal Big

April 14, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Charles Keating died recently. His death marked a milestone in American political history. His crimes and those of my nephew illustrates one of the truisms in America often attributed to Al Capone....[more]

Category: Other Articles

On the Writing Life

April 9, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

I began writing as a way to explore the world, learn something new, and make a difference. It has been that--and more. I've been more or less freelancing since the mid 1970s when I published an...[more]

Category: Other Articles

Japan’s Energy Policy Impasse

April 7, 2014,   by Andrew Dewitt

Japan’s energy policy regime appears dangerously adrift in the context of accelerating climate change. The core problem is agency. On the one hand, Japanese PM Abe Shinzo and the nuclear village...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: Comparison of nuclear with renewable power worldwide

March 26, 2014,   by Bernard Chabot

But as his Figure 1 and, in particular, Figure 3 show, the boom in nuclear mainly took place in the 1970s. Growth continued in the 80s, but began stagnating at the end of the 90s, and has taken a...

Category: Nuclear Power

Wind Power and Water

March 24, 2014,   by Glen Estill

Areas with periodic droughts, like California, Australia, and even the US and Canadian west (remember the dust bowl) need to preserve their rivers and aquifers, or face severe economic consequences....

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

How Hinkley C deal will cut consumption of solar pv not fossil fuels

March 23, 2014,   by Dave Toke

The Hinkley C nuclear power plant deal that gives the nuclear developers a £92.50 per MWh premium price for 35 years will give nuclear power a clear competitive advantage over solar pv in what will...

Category: Nuclear Power

Asahi Shimbun: 59% oppose restart of nuclear reactors

March 18, 2014,  

A majority of respondents continue to oppose bringing idle nuclear reactors back online, despite moves by the Abe administration to allow restarts as soon as this summer, according to an Asahi...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: Japan should make disaster the mother of invention

March 14, 2014,   by James Gibney

Andrew DeWit of Rikkyo University talked about Koizumi’s vision and laid out how Japan’s energy path could change. Its power market is being deregulated, the number of independent power producers is...

Category: Nuclear Power

UPI: General Electric sued over 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster

March 12, 2014,  

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed in New York City against General Electric Co. over the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, court documents show.

Category: Nuclear Power

GET: German imports of nuclear power – the myth revisited

March 11, 2014,   by Craig Morris

So no, Germany has not imported more nuclear power from abroad during its nuclear phaseout. We do, however, continue to run the risks. From my home in Freiburg, Germany, it is 25 kilometers as the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Car Pledge

March 6, 2014,   by Ollie Danner

Take the Electric Car Pledge with these electric cars being made today. Electric cars include PHEV - Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles and EV - Electric Vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Bakersfield Californian: An electrifying idea: Take the Pledge

March 6, 2014,   by Steve Levin

The Bakersfield founder of wants you to take the pledge if you support electric vehicles, plan to buy one in your lifetime or own one now.

Category: Electric Vehicles

UK taxpayer now even more likely to bail out Hinkley C

March 3, 2014,   by Dave Toke

As construction delays for the French and Finnish EPR nuclear power schemes lengthen, the odds that the British taxpayer will end up bailing out the EPR planned for Hinkley C in Somerset are rising...

Category: Nuclear Power

Reuters: Finnish nuclear plant delayed again as Areva, TVO bicker

February 28, 2014,   by Jussi Rosendahl

Areva also took a new 425 million euro ($587 million) provision on Olkiluoto, taking total provisions on the project to 3.85 billion euros and knocking Areva into a 494 million euro loss for 2013.

Category: Nuclear Power

California Public Utilities Commission demands answers to future costs before funding additional life for Diablo Canyon

February 25, 2014,   by David Weisman

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), perhaps incorporating lessons-learned from the oversight misfortunes of San Bruno and the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant, has called for...

Category: Nuclear Power

Baseload Nuclear Plants?

February 11, 2014,   by Glen Estill

But today, 5 out of 16 of the nuclear plants are off line (source: Sygration ). That is 27% of our nuclear capacity, or 3400 MW. The nuclear units that are off line are 50% more than the total...

Category: Nuclear Power, Grid Integration

Nikkei: Japan to drop troubled fast breeder reactor from energy plan

February 7, 2014,  

Japan will scrap its grand nuclear energy plans centering on the accident-prone Monju fast breeder reactor, a decision that will likely force a reassessment of a fuel cycle program that was supposed...

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The true cost of disaster insurance makes nuclear power uncompetitive

February 6, 2014,   by Ingmar Schumacher

These potential costs should nevertheless be minimized, which is done when moral hazard or free-riding is the lowest, which seems to minimally require unlimited liability on the operator side.

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Health Care US Style

January 13, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Note: January 14, 2014; Miracle of Miracles. We’re in. Our payment has cleared. They’ve taken our money. We received our "cards" 20 January and the first invoice. I went on line to pay for the next...[more]

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Asahi Shimbun: 'We've been lied to,' said ex-Prime Minister Koizumi [on nuclear power]

January 12, 2014,   by Maki Okubo

Anyway, here was a man who held Japan's highest political office for five and a half years, lamenting now--and openly admitting--that he'd been lied to [about nuclear power].

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Toronto Star: Nuclear overhaul bills coming due

January 10, 2014,   by John Spears

Ontario’s bill for refurbishing 10 nuclear reactors is coming due, and it’s massive.

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Global Post: Japanese Lawmakers Seek to Phase Out Nuclear

December 29, 2013,  

A group of lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party seeking to phase out nuclear power generation has compiled a proposal that the government drastically revise the nation's basic energy...

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JREF: Recommendation for the “Basic Energy Plan”--Towards New Growth without Nuclear Power

December 25, 2013,  

Japan’s energy policy is at a watershed; the country must now decide which form of energy to adopt as its foundation of the society. Japan Renewable Energy Foundation is urging the government to take...

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Toronto Star: Nuclear role in Ontario power system shrinks

December 3, 2013,   by John Spears

The figures in Ontario’s just-released energy plan show a dramatic drop in the province’s dependence on nuclear power.

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Chinese demand right to build UK power plants as price for Hinkley C

December 2, 2013,   by Dave Toke

So the Government's price for its nuclear programme will be hefty price rises for an increasing size of the UK electricity market being owned by the Chinese Government.

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Solar Costs Known, Nuclear Costs Unknown

November 23, 2013,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

As Komaneff points out in detail, the cost of nuclear projects are hard to understand exactly. That’s because it takes a long time to build a nuclear power plant. Lots of things can and do go wrong...

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Reuters: Sweden rejects British model for new nuclear plant deals

November 21, 2013,   by Michel Rose

Sweden, reviving its nuclear power, will not follow Britain's example of offering state guarantees to fund the construction of new plants, its energy minister said on Wednesday.

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Why “Official” Nuclear Plant Cost Estimates Are Like Campaign Promises

November 21, 2013,   by Charles Komanoff

I dutifully opened up Porter’s column and was quickly appalled. . . The column fails the single most critical precept in nuclear economics: don’t confuse promise with performance. I made this point...

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Asahi Shimbun: Nuclear power plants in disarray: Lack of waste burial site to delay Tokai reactor decommissioning

November 18, 2013,   by Shin Matsuura and Hideki Muroya

Work to decommission the nation's first commercial nuclear reactor cannot start for the simple reason there is still no disposal site for radioactive waste.

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Asahi Shimbun: Koizumi--It's up to Abe to make the move toward a nuclear-free society

November 12, 2013,   by IZUMI SAKURAI

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Nov. 12 used his first public session with reporters since retiring from politics to continue pressing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to abandon nuclear energy.

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NY Times: Removing Fuel Rods Poses New Risks at Crippled Nuclear Plant in Japan

November 10, 2013,   by HIROKO TABUCHI

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Nuclear energy verdict: Costly, slow and very high maintenance

November 4, 2013,   by Giles Parkinson

Since then, we have received an analysis from Deutsche Bank, which makes some other observations about the cost of nuclear, the comparisons with gas, the price of abatement, and the cost of upkeep...

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Wind Power history blows away Ed Davey's excuse for giving short contracts to renewables

October 30, 2013,   by Dave Toke

Ed Davey's excuse for limiting wind power contracts to 15 years whilst Hinkley C gets a whopping 35 year contract is blown away by some elementary history checking. Lots of wind turbines in Altamont...

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Hinkley- deal or no deal?

October 26, 2013,   by Dave Elliott

The UK government’s announcement of a preliminary deal with EDF and its financial partners on the Hinkley Point C European Pressurised-water Reactor (EPR) project, was met with a mixed response. ...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Give community wind power the same EMR terms as Hinkley C!

October 22, 2013,   by Dave Toke

The Government has talked about extending the size of the schemes which qualify under the small feed-in tariff from 5MW to 10 MW. However this makes little difference as the rates payable under the...

Category: Nuclear Power, News on Community Power

Renewables International: Cost of new nuclear and new renewables

October 22, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Judging from the chatter in social media, the German renewables community is quite pleased at the announcement of a new nuclear plant in the UK. The prices are now, finally, so transparent -- and so...

Category: Nuclear Power

Hinkley C: A Secret blank cheque is in the post

October 21, 2013,   by Dave Toke

The Government's hoo-hah over the Hinkley C nuclear deal hides what should be regarded as a decision by the British state - after denying it for years - to give a blank cheque for the power plant. In...

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Guardian: Nuclear power in the UK – a history

October 21, 2013,   by Jessica Aldred, Natalie Starkey

Fire at Windscale (one of the reactors on the Sellafield site, England) ranked 5 out of 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale . . . Harold Macmillan, told the cabinet that he...

Category: Nuclear Power

New Thinking Blog: The Nuclear Announcement – a Pyrrhic victory?

October 21, 2013,   by Catherine Mitchell

There are many interesting points about the much trailed nuclear announcement today but the ones I find particularly interesting is that regarding the 10% return on investment and the various issues...

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Guardian: Nuclear power's broken promises means EDF deal is a delusional dream

October 21, 2013,   by Damian Carrington

The cost of nuclear energy has tripled in just five years, while the cost of renewable energy is falling fast, making the UK government's deal a truly terrible one

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New Thinking Blog: Energy Transitions and Technology Scale

October 14, 2013,   by Richard Hoggett

Costs can’t be ignored, not only is the playing field for the cost of nuclear uneven, in respect to learning rates, despite widespread deployment they are not falling – recent estimates suggest that...

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Ottawa Citizen: Ontario won’t spend billions on two new nuclear plants: Chiarelli

October 10, 2013,   by Matthew Pearson

Ontario’s Liberal government has decided it will not spend billions of dollars to build two new nuclear plants, but will refurbish existing reactors at two nuclear generating stations.

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Globe & Mail: Ontario backs away from plans to buy new nuclear reactors

October 10, 2013,   by ADAM RADWANSKI

Ontario’s government will shelve plans for a major new investment in nuclear power, according to industry and government sources.

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NYT: Fukushima Reactor’s Cooling System Briefly Stalls

October 7, 2013,   by Martin Fackler

The operator of Japan’s wrecked nuclear plant said Monday that a pump used to cool one of the damaged reactors had stopped, possibly because of human error, in the latest mishap at the...

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Fukushima and our inability to gauge risk

October 6, 2013,   by Kurt Cobb

How could the world have misjudged the dangers associated with nuclear power, especially those from the light water reactors that so dominate the nuclear industry today? The simple answer is lack of...

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Telegraph: Nuclear Strike Price in Britain Reached with Cost Overun Sharing

October 5, 2013,   by Emily Gosden

Ministers are considering bearing some of the construction risk for the £14bn project . . . An agreement will see the energy company a guaranteed “strike price”, reported to be between £90 and £93,...

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Pickering nuclear project a $2 billion-dollar question

October 3, 2013,   by John Spears

Squeezing another five years of life out of the Pickering nuclear station could turn into a $1.3 billion benefit -- or a $760 million loss . . .

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NYT: Former Prime Minister Declares Opposition to Nuclear Power in Japan

October 2, 2013,   by MARTIN FACKLER

In a speech to business executives in Nagoya, the former populist maverick surprised many in the solidly pronuclear crowd by proclaiming that Japan should rid itself of atomic plants and switch to...

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Bloomberg: France to Tax EDF Nuclear Output for Energy Shift to Renewables

September 21, 2013,   by Tara Patel

France will introduce a levy on nuclear energy as well as a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels to raise billions needed to boost renewable power and improve energy efficiency.

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BBC: Japan halts last nuclear reactor

September 15, 2013,  

Japan is shutting down its last functioning nuclear reactor, with no timetable for a restart.

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New Stateman: The cost of decommissioning a nuclear power station-- Conveniently ignored.

September 9, 2013,   by Mark Brierley

A government white paper in 2002 estimated the cost of decommissioning Britain’s current fleet of plants would be £43bn, many times greater than EDF’s investment at Hinkley Point. This estimate has...

Category: Nuclear Power

Guardian: Japan earmarks £300m+ for Fukushima cleanup

September 3, 2013,   by Justin McCurry

Japan's government is to spend almost $500m (£320m) in an attempt to contain leaks and decontaminate highly toxic water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

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Burlington Free Press: Reversing course, Entergy to close Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant in 2014


Mohl called the 41-year-old plant no longer financially viable, and said the closure announcement gives employees and customers more certainty. He pledged that the company will ensure the plant will...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: EU considers allowing "state aid" for nuclear

August 26, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Again, we are only dealing with proposals here, but clearly the EU is seriously considering allowing capacity payments for nuclear towards ensuring the reliability of de-carbonized power supply; the...

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Mainichi: Former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi's anti-nuclear case makes sense

August 26, 2013,  

In mid-August, former Liberal Democratic Party leader and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, 71, visited Germany -- which has decided to give up nuclear power -- and Finland -- which continues to...

Category: Nuclear Power

DBL Investors: Ask Saint Onofrio: Finding What Has Been Lost in a Tale of Two Energy Sources (Nuclear & Renewables)

August 26, 2013,   by Nancy E. Pfund & Noah W. Walker

Over its history as a significant California energy source, the nuclear power industry has received four times more subsidies than the California distributed solar industry and has had six times...

Category: Nuclear Power

NYT: The New Nuclear Craze?

August 23, 2013,   by Mark Bittman

Before we all become pro-nuclear greens, however, you’ve got to ask three questions: Is nuclear power safe and clean? Is it economical? And are there better alternatives?

Category: Nuclear Power

NYT: Japan Agency Calls Fukushima Inspectors ‘Careless’

August 23, 2013,   by Mari Saito

The operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant was careless in monitoring tanks storing dangerously radioactive water, the nuclear regulator said on Friday, the latest development in a...

Category: Nuclear Power

NYT: Nuclear Operator Raises Alarm on Crisis

August 23, 2013,   by HIROKO TABUCHI

The operator of Japan’s tsunami-hit nuclear power plant sounded the alarm on the gravity of the deepening crisis of containment at the coastal site on Friday, saying that there are more than 200,000...

Category: Nuclear Power

Mainichi: British nuclear plant needs 90 years for decommissioning after 26 years in operation

August 19, 2013,  

About 800 people are engaged in decommissioning work, outnumbering those who had operated the nuclear power plant. Because the initial phase of the decommissioning operation takes more than 30 years,...

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan Times: Clean up Fukushima or else

August 17, 2013,   by marise shikawa

Two months since The Japan Times’ June 11 editorial “Cease promoting nuclear power,” things seem to have gotten alarmingly worse. The Japanese and the world community should come to terms with the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Telegraph: Amec defends Sellafield nuclear clean-up record as £22bn contract hangs in balance

August 11, 2013,   by Emily Gosden

Amec claims to have delivered “good value” in managing nuclear waste clean-up operations at Sellafield and is “optimistic” of retaining the £22bn contract, despite admitting failings that could see...

Category: Nuclear Power

NYT: Japan Stepping In to Help Clean Up Atomic Plant

August 7, 2013,   by MARTIN FACKLER

As the scope of the latest crisis became clearer on Wednesday, Japan’s popular prime minister, Shinzo Abe, ordered his government to intervene in the cleanup of the plant — taking a more direct role...

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A Year and a Half With a Nissan Leaf (Part 1): The Acquisition

August 6, 2013,   by Sam Koblenski

While researching the new car market, I learned that the Nissan Leaf was the first fully-electric car available that didn't cost a fortune. It was still pretty pricey, but with the government rebate,...

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NYT: Florida Nuclear Project Is Dropped

August 1, 2013,   by Mathew Wald

Duke Energy said Thursday that it had dropped plans for a $24.7 billion nuclear reactor complex in Levy County, Fla., on which the company has already spent $1 billion, most of it collected from...

Category: Nuclear Power

Reuters: EDF exits U.S. nuclear

July 30, 2013,  

French utility EDF, the world's biggest operator of nuclear plants, is pulling out of nuclear energy in the United States, bowing to the realities of a market that has been transformed by cheap shale...

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Excerpts from British Survey of Attitudes Toward Energy Market Reform

July 21, 2013,  

Below are some excerpts from are recent public opinion survey on attitudes toward energy policy. Renewable Energy Among the British public we find a strong preference for a shift to renewable...[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Public prefers reductions in room temperature to nuclear power as an energy solution says key survey

July 20, 2013,   by Dave Toke

A comprehensive survey published by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) of attitudes of the British public has found low support for nuclear power as a solution to the UK's problems compared to...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Graph of the Day: Women prefer solar, old men like nuclear

July 16, 2013,   by Giles Parkinson

Solar and wind are by far the most popular, and wind gained the most support from the previous year, jumping from 59 per cent to 67 per cent. Coal and nuclear were the least popular, with nuclear...

Category: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

CTV: Cost of refurbishing Point Lepreau nuclear plant could be $3.3 billion Read more:

July 11, 2013,   by Kevin Bissett

The cost of refurbishing New Brunswick's Point Lepreau nuclear power plant could be as high as $3.3 billion, nearly $1 billion more than previously estimated, a memo for the Prime Minister's Office...

Category: Nuclear Power

Davey denies offering EDF a nuclear blank cheque

July 7, 2013,   by Dave Toke

You would think that no other country in the world could get by without building more nuclear power stations! Why do some British people think we need them so bad? Maybe it is a feeling for the old...

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear Reactor Down with Leak During Serious California Heat Wave

July 1, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), one of California’s major electric utilities, shut down its 1,122 MW Unit #1 at its Diablo Canyon nuclear plant last week just as the state prepared for a serious heat...[more]

Category: Nuclear Power

Guardian: UK's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected

June 23, 2013,   by Terry Macalister

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority declines to predict final lifetime clean-up cost amid fears total bill could exceed £100bn

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan Times: Anti-Nuclear stance helps Shizuoka Gov. Kawakatsu win second term

June 17, 2013,  

A key issue in the election was the fate of Chubu Electric Power Co.’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant, which was idled after the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Kawakatsu said a referendum should be held on...

Category: Nuclear Power

CBC: NB Power says the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generation Station operated at 43% in May

June 14, 2013,   by Robert Jones

The Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station operated at 43 per cent power in May new figures show, losing millions of dollars for the month and dragging its overall performance numbers to a new low,...

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Repairing Pickering nuclear plant is a waste of money

June 14, 2013,   by Jack Gibbons

The last thing we should do right now is lock into expensive and inflexible nuclear mega projects. Instead, we need to focus on transitioning to a dynamic and responsive electricity system that can...

Category: Nuclear Power

Abenomics Needs a Reboot Rather than Nuclear Restarts [in Japan]

June 10, 2013,   by Andrew DeWitt

In the present article, I suggest that Japan cannot restart its nuclear capacity in the time-frame suggested by Professor Schaede. And drawing on recent research by Japanese and American experts, I...

Category: Nuclear Power

KPCC: SoCal Edison plans to permanently shut down San Onofre nuclear plant

June 5, 2013,   by Ed Joyce

“This is very good news for the people of Southern California,” said Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth. “We have long said that these reactors are too dangerous to operate and now Edison...

Category: Nuclear Power

Sydney Morning Herald: Thousands in Tokyo nuclear power rally

June 2, 2013,   by Agence France Presse

Thousands of anti-nuclear demonstrators have rallied in Tokyo as conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe considers restarting reactors. Read more:...

Category: Nuclear Power

OSEA Calls for Ontario to Sanction CANDU Nuclear Reactors

May 25, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

In a hard-hitting letter to all members of Ontario's Provincial Parliament, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) has called for legislative sanctions against SNC-Lavalin and their CANDU...[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, Ontario FIT

British MPs want to give preference to nuclear over renewables

May 20, 2013,   by Dave Toke

In a report riddled with pro-nuclear fantasy hopes and statements, the Select Committee of MPs which scrutnises the Department of Energy and Climate Change has called upon the Government to give much...

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Ontario considering nuclear slowdown, minister says

May 9, 2013,   by John Spears

The Ontario government is thinking about delaying construction of new nuclear units, says energy minister Bob Chiarelli. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Reuters: Dominion shuts Kewaunee power reactor in Wisconsin

May 7, 2013,   by Scott DiSavino

U.S. power company Dominion Resources Inc shut the 566-megawatt (MW) Kewaunee nuclear power plant in Wisconsin on Tuesday, as planned.

Category: Nuclear Power

JS Online: Kewaunee nuclear power plant shutdown cost is nearly $1 billion

April 20, 2013,   by Thomas Content

When the Kewaunee Power Station stops generating electricity next month, a new chapter in its life will open - one that could last until the 2070s and cost nearly $1 billion. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

OPA: Bruce Nucldar Power Contract Amendment April 2013

April 3, 2013,  

The Ontario Power Authority has completed a contract amendment to the Bruce Power Refurbishment Implementation Agreement (BPRIA). The amendment secures a cost-effective source of electricity to the...

Category: Nuclear Power, Ontario FIT

British Government admits nuclear power is a dead loss

March 26, 2013,   by Dave Toke

'The size of the nuclear programme will depend on the effectiveness of developers initially being able to build to time and budget, and subsequently being able progressively to reduce costs through...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: Nuclear – how big is it?

March 26, 2013,   by Craig Morris and Bernard Chabot

Proponents of nuclear often argue that we cannot do without the technology if we are going to lower our carbon emissions from the energy sector. As a new study by French energy expert Bernard Chabot...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: A comparison of FITs for nuclear vs. renewables

March 18, 2013,   by Bernard Chabot

French energy expert Bernard Chabot provides the hard math behind the calculations of feed-in tariffs for nuclear in the UK and compares them to current FITs for wind (offshore and on) and PV under...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: The cost of new nuclear--Feed-in tariffs for nuclear power in the UK?

March 15, 2013,   by Craig Morris

In the next few weeks, the future of nuclear in the UK could be decided. French electricity provider EDF is essentially asking for guaranteed prices – feed-in tariffs – for the electricity generated...

Category: Nuclear Power, Great Britain

Guardian: Nuclear reactor operators must be financially liable for disasters

March 11, 2013,   by Antony Froggatt

Maximum liability is £140m in the UK, but Fukushima clean-up and compensation costs are running to tens of billions – and the state is footing the bill . . .

Category: Nuclear Power

IGov: Four Subjectivities of Nuclear Energy

March 11, 2013,   by Caroline Kuzemko

In 1976 nuclear power, specifically the advanced gas cooled reactors, was labelled by the Central Electricity Generating Board as one of the major blunders of British industrial policy. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

British MP's want to give priority to nuclear power over renewables and energy efficiency

March 4, 2013,   by Dave Toke

In an especially brazen piece of pro-nuclear pleading the DECC Select Committee has effectively said that nuclear power should be given cost priority over all green energy options. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

AJC: Vogtle nuclear project to take longer, cost more

February 28, 2013,  

Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project will take about 19 months longer to complete than originally expected and cost about $740 million more than originally thought, the company said...

Category: Nuclear Power

WNISR: Bulgarian Parliament Votes to Abandon Belene Nuclear Plant

February 27, 2013,  

On 27 February 2013 the Bulgarian Parliament voted by 114 to 40 to permanently abandon the Belene nuclear power plant. The vote was prompted by a referendum on 27 January 2013. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables face delays as nuclear costs are hidden

February 21, 2013,   by Dave Toke

The debacle over funding nuclear power is increasingly likely to delay the renewable energy programme. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Since the long-term targets are in place – the big question remaining to be answered is how to accomplish these goals. Namely, how to manage the transition from a fossilnuclear system to a mainly renewable energy system at the lowest possible cost and with

February 20, 2013,   by Dale Kasler

More than a decade after the last rolling blackout, Californians could get $1.6 billion in electricity refunds because of market manipulation during the first few months of the energy crisis,...

Category: California Power Crisis

Guardian: Nuclear power: ministers offer reactor deal until 2050

February 18, 2013,   by Juliette Jowit, political correspondent

The Guardian has learned that ministers, intent on keeping the guaranteed wholesale cost of each unit of energy below the politically crucial figure of £100 per megawatt hour [$0.158/kWh USD], are...

Category: Nuclear Power

Pressure builds on government to deny EDF demands

February 15, 2013,   by Dave Toke

Category: Nuclear Power

Hinkley C [nuclear plant] could cost consumers £50 billion under proposed deal

February 14, 2013,   by David Toke

This 40 year contract length means that consumers will be paying the premium under the 'contract for differences' (CfD) arrangements for more than twice as long compared to what the Government wants...

Category: Nuclear Power

Reuters: Finland's Olkiluoto 3 reactor seen delayed to 2016

February 11, 2013,  

Commercial production at Finnish nuclear reactor Olkiluoto 3 is likely to be delayed to 2016, utility Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) said, sparking a new round of accusations between TVO and the builder,...

Category: Nuclear Power

The Mind-Boggling Cost of a Theoretical French Nuclear Accident

February 7, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

The report’s concluding remarks should send chills down the spines of politicians, industry, and policymakers on both sides of France’s political divide. Those in positions of authority, say the...[more]

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: EDF demands profit guarantee for new nuclear in UK

February 7, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: Japan Atomic Safety Rules May Keep Reactors Closed for Years

January 31, 2013,   by Tsuyoshi Inajima & Yuji Okada

Category: Nuclear Power

Deborah Petersen: My husband's electric car, week 1

January 21, 2013,   by Deborah Petersen

Want to know where to find charging stations, how to build one at home, where to apply for electric car rebates? I will be blogging about our car adventures at...

Category: Electric Vehicles

BOS: Nuclear power and the French energy transition: It’s the economics, stupid!

January 18, 2013,   by Mycle Schneider

France is at an energy crossroads. To meet future electricity needs, the country could extend the operating lives of nuclear power plants beyond 40 years, accepting the safety challenges and costs of...

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables International: A lot of common ground despite criticism

January 16, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Germany likes to sell itself as a leader in environmental protection, but not everyone is convinced. In particular, the Anglo world remains devoted to nuclear power and criticizes Germany for not...

Category: Nuclear Power, Grid Integration, Renewable Energy

Dawn of a New Day--Grocery Shopping in Oildale

January 16, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

More on the changes brought by the closure of our local grocery story. . .[more]

Category: Other Articles

NBR: Japan's Energy Supply Mix and the Economic Impact

January 7, 2013,  

Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident in March 2011, there has been an active debate on the future of Japan’s nuclear energy program. The feed-in tariff (FIT) law took effect in July 2012. [1]...

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Dave Toke: British increase in coal generation is much bigger than Germany's

January 4, 2013,   by David Toke

The latest energy statistics suggests that Germany is doing much better in restraining coal used to generate electricity compared to the UK. Yet, to read the British press you would automatically...

Category: Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG, Nuclear Power

The Local: Nuclear power will 'never return' to Germany

January 4, 2013,  

German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said on Friday his country would never return to nuclear energy, hitting back at a top EU official who doubted Berlin's commitment to phase out nuclear...

Category: Nuclear Power, Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG

Bloomberg: Toshiba in Talks to Sell Up to 36% Stake in Westinghouse

December 28, 2012,  

Toshiba Corp. (6502), the Japanese builder of nuclear reactors, is in talks to sell as much as 36 percent of its Westinghouse Electric atomic-power unit as industry growth slows after last year’s...

Category: Nuclear Power

Death in the Family--Green Frog is Closing

December 28, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Comments on the closing of our local grocery store. . .[more]

Category: Other Articles

Common Dreams: TEPCO Can't Keep Up with Costs of Its Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima

December 27, 2012,  

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the now infamous Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan admitted Thursday that it does not have enough funds make payments related to the disaster...

Category: Nuclear Power

Lenz Blog: BDEW Estimates on German Electricity Generation in 2012

December 19, 2012,   by K. Lenz

BDEW says that renewable energy has now a share of 23%, which would mean around 136 TWh generated over the year, assuming with BDEW a 594 TWh electricity consumption. Solar is up the most, to 28.5...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

French Reactor Cost Rises Dramatically--Calls into Question the Future of Nuclear

December 4, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Liberation reports that for the second time in a little more than a year the cost of a new reactor under construction at Flamanville, France has risen dramatically. . .[more]

Category: Nuclear Power

Nuclear is Not Cheaper and is Less Reliable

November 15, 2012,  

he Windsor Star reported that all of Canada's nuclear reactors are supplying the grid. I find it interesting that it is considered newsworthy that the reactors are actually operating, reportedly for...

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman: 18 Month Service

November 13, 2012,   by Ben Zuckerman

The LEAF is a car one "fills up" at home rather than at a gas station. A few days ago I took my LEAF (to Miller Nissan in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles) for a standard 1.5 year...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Le Monde: Le coût de l'accident nucléaire de Fukushima pourrait doubler

November 7, 2012,  

The cost of the Fukishima nuclear accident could double. . .

Category: Japan FIT, Nuclear Power

Kyodo: Nuke industry funded Japan's safety experts

November 4, 2012,  

Four of the six members on a government panel drafting new nuclear safety regulations each received between ¥3 million and over ¥27 million in payments, donations and grants from entities in the...

Category: Nuclear Power

EIA: Extended outages at several nuclear plants led to high outage levels in 2012

November 2, 2012,  

Outages at U.S. nuclear power plants so far in 2012 are generally higher than in recent years because of extended forced outages at four nuclear power plants. U.S. nuclear reactor operators typically...

Category: Nuclear Power

Diagnosing Ontario's Christmas Pony Syndrome

November 2, 2012,   by Paul McKay

Prolific Canadian author and award-winning investigative reporter, McKay takes on why Ontario's political class so fervently believes in the fairy tales about nuclear power . . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: The German nuclear exit: Introduction

November 1, 2012,  

The German decision to pursue a nuclear-free future was, however, anything but precipitous or unmindful of climate change. Because of a combination of historical and political factors, Germany has in...

Category: Nuclear Power, Germany FIT

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman: A Nissan LEAF EV After 18 Months

October 29, 2012,   by Ben Zuckerman

  I'm in Hawaii now but two weeks from now I'll be taking the car in for its 1.5 year service check up. The first two check-ups cost me zero $$. I love the feeling of driving knowing that there is...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Common Dreams: Frankenstorms and the Fukushima Factor

October 29, 2012,   by Gar Smith

Nuclear reactors are barely mentioned when disaster preparedness agencies begin issuing storm warnings. This is a mistake. In the past, floods, storms, lightening strikes and earthquakes have...

Category: Nuclear Power

Independent: Tough choices on nuclear power

October 17, 2012,  

Britain's energy policy is in trouble. Plans to have five more nuclear plants running by 2025 look like missing their targets without significant foreign investment, part of which, until recently, it...

Category: Nuclear Power

Reuters: Europe Power-French spot up on record nuclear outages

October 17, 2012,  

French electricity spot prices rose on Wednesday, decoupling from lower German prompt prices, boosted by a sharp decline in French nuclear power capacity caused by a series of unplanned outages,...

Category: Nuclear Power, Grid Integration

Liberation: Fukushima--Tepco admet avoir minimisé le risque de tsunami

October 12, 2012,  

La compagnie d'électricité japonaise Tepco, qui gère la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima, a admis pour la première fois vendredi qu’elle avait minimisé le risque de tsunami de peur d’une fermeture...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: Japan utility agrees nuclear crisis was avoidable

October 12, 2012,  

The utility behind Japan's nuclear disaster acknowledged for the first time Friday that it could have avoided the crisis. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

AP: Activists hide out at Swedish nuclear sites

October 10, 2012,  

She said some activists cycled into the fenced-off outer perimeter of one of the plants, and that recent European Union stress tests on nuclear facilities should have paid more attention to whether...

Category: Nuclear Power

CBC: Quebec nuclear reactor shutdown will cost $1.8 billion

October 3, 2012,  

Quebec's only nuclear power plant will shut down on Dec. 28, Hydro-Québec announced Wednesday, but the process of dismantling it will take 50 years and cost $1.8 billion. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Hydro-Québec confirme la fermeture de la centrale de Gentilly-2 à la fin 2012

October 3, 2012,  

La fermeture de Gentilly-2 coûtera 1,8 milliard de $, étalés sur plus de 50 ans. Hydro-Québec rend public son rapport sur le projet de réfection de Gentilly-2. Au terme d'une analyse détaillée, elle...

Category: Nuclear Power

EAEM: Triple blow hits UK nuclear revival

October 3, 2012,  

The drop-out of bidders for nuclear operator Horizon, opposition from the one British community that might host buried nuclear waste, and a damning European report on existing plant safety, all...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: Areva, Guangdong Nuclear Decide Against U.K. Atomic Bidding

October 3, 2012,  

Areva SA (AREVA) and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co. decided against bidding for the Horizon venture in the U.K. being sold by German utilities EON AG and RWE AG. (RWE) . . .

Category: Nuclear Power

SolarServer: Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approves 1.03 GW of PV applications through FiT in July, August 2012

October 3, 2012,  

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has announced the results of the first two full months of the nation's feed-in tariff program (FiT), reporting that 1.03 GW of applications for...

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Guardian: Japan plans to end reliance on nuclear power within 30 years

September 14, 2012,  

The move to close all 50 of the country's functioning reactors by around 2040 marks a dramatic change of course by a country that had previously championed atomic energy, putting Japan alongside...

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Cleantechnica: Japanese Home Improvement Co. Launches Billion-Dollar Solar Power Plant Program

August 24, 2012,  

Solar and renewable energy market participants and observers have been expecting a boom in investment and demand in Japan in the wake of the Japanese government’s July introduction of a renewable...

Category: Nuclear Power, News on Solar Energy

Bangkok Post: Businesses hail state's energy price policies

August 18, 2012,  

Mr Phichai agreed with the government's plans to secure an adequate electricity supply by developing power plants in neighbouring countries, citing increasingly strong protests by local communities...

Category: Nuclear Power, Thailand FIT

Mainichi: Biomass could turn tables around for renewable energy

August 13, 2012,  

Renewable energy sources are commonly believed to be incapable of offering a stable power supply, but biomass, made from wood and animal-based materials such as livestock waste, is a source that has...

Category: Japan FIT, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Asahi Shimbun: Former Prime Minister Hatoyama joins anti-nuclear demo outside his old office

July 20, 2012,  

In a rare move by a former Japanese prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama joined a boisterous anti-nuclear demonstration outside his old office on July 20, a fresh sign that the ruling party he once led is...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: U.K. Seen Doubling Power Price to Guarantee New Reactor: Energy ($0.15-0.16/kWh)

July 13, 2012,  

EDF and government officials will negotiate the so-called strike price for new nuclear power plants by the end of the year. To ensure the Paris-based utility makes a final decision on a new reactor...

Category: Nuclear Power

George Shultz on energy & electric vehicles: It's personal

July 12, 2012,  

My solar panels have long since paid for themselves by the savings in electricity costs. I have my electric car running on electricity from the sun, which costs me nothing and there is plenty of it...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VoA: Japanese Raising Voices Against Nuclear Reactors' Restart

July 6, 2012,  

For the third consecutive Friday evening, thousands of Japanese took to the streets of their capital to vent frustration with the government's move to restart idled nuclear power plants. Earlier this...

Category: Nuclear Power

Tam Hunt: The Future of Nuclear Power in California

July 5, 2012,  

Perhaps more seriously, the San Onofre nuclear plant (SONGS), owned and operated jointly by Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, has been shut down since January due to unexpected...

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan Times: Oi prompts domestic, U.S. antinuclear rallies

June 24, 2012,  

Tens of thousands of demonstrators held antinuclear energy rallies in Tokyo, Osaka and U.S. cities Friday over the government's decision to restart the first idled reactors since the Fukushima No. 1...

Category: Nuclear Power

PEI: Germany's RWE quits nuclear and puts all fossil fuel plants on hold

June 18, 2012,  

German utility RWE (RWE.XE) has today permanently withdrawn from building nuclear power plants and has also put on hold any plans for new fossil-fuelled projects. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman: A Nissan LEAF EV, one year on

May 31, 2012,   by Ben Zuckerman

Our LEAF EV is now one year old. The standard one-year service visit cost us zero dollars; no oil change, no anything. Nissan suggests changing out a passenger cabin air filter after a year, but...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Guardian: Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter

May 22, 2012,  

Germany's long support for wind and solar energy is delivering zero-cost electricity at times. In contrast, the UK's new energy policy seeks to underwrite the rising cost of nuclear. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Ontario nuclear units among the most expensive, least reliable in the world

May 15, 2012,  

The economic performance of Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering nuclear stations is among the worst in the world, says a report prepared for the Ontario Energy Board. Not only is it the most...

Category: Nuclear Power

Angst or Arithmetic? Why Germans are so Skeptical about Nuclear Energy-

May 11, 2012,   by Paul Hockenos

The fact that Germany, in the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, redoubled its efforts to phase out nuclear energy has nothing to do with hysteria or postwar angst. On the contrary, a majority...

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Reuters: UK nuclear build requires taxpayer rescue -Citi

May 8, 2012,  

A report from the Times newspaper on Monday said French nuclear developer EDF had raised the cost of building a nuclear power plant to 7 billion pounds from 4.5 billion pounds last year. "If the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Jonathan Porritt: The eye-watering expense of nuclear power

May 4, 2012,  

The coalition wants us to depend more and more on nuclear power, but quite simply, it is too expensive to be able to deliver . . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Greenpeace: Nuclear Main Source of Increased Electricity Prices in Ontario

May 1, 2012,  

Nuclear advocates have blamed renewable energy for driving up Ontario's electricity rates. A new report by the Ontario Energy Board tells a different story: Nuclear has been responsible for 45% of...

Category: Nuclear Power

UPI: Future of Japan's nuclear energy uncertain

April 16, 2012,  

None of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors will be in operation as of May 6, as the country's last reactor operating is to go offline for maintenance, Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano said. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

UPI: Future of Japan's nuclear energy uncertain

April 16, 2012,  

None of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors will be in operation as of May 6, as the country's last reactor operating is to go offline for maintenance, Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano said. . .

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

The Mainichi: Industry minister Edano aiming to end dependence on nuclear plants

April 13, 2012,  

"I would like to break away from the reliance on nuclear plants and reduce dependence to zero as promptly as possible," Edano told a House of Representative committee, describing that his remark...

Category: Nuclear Power

Pacific Standard: Will Japan Follow Germany’s Path to Green Energy?

April 6, 2012,  

As Japan shuts down the last of its nuclear reactors, Germany shows the way to an energy-efficient future with its rapid timetable for conversion to renewables. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Cut nuclear reliance to zero: Japan minister

April 6, 2012,  

Japan should aspire to phase out nuclear power completely, its Energy Minister said on Friday, even as the government struggles to persuade a wary public that it is safe to restart reactors after the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: EDF Says Fires at Penly Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

April 5, 2012,  

Electricite de France SA, the biggest operator of nuclear reactors, said two fires were put out in their early stages at its Penly plant in Normandy. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: EDF Says Fires at Penly Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

April 5, 2012,  

Electricite de France SA, the biggest operator of nuclear reactors, said two fires were put out in their early stages at its Penly plant in Normandy. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

BBC: RWE and E.On halt UK nuclear plans at Wylfa and Oldbury

March 29, 2012,  

Category: Nuclear Power

ACE: A corruption of governance? How Ministers and Parliament were misled [about Nuclear]

February 23, 2012,  

In Chapter 2 we show that, on the basis of the Government’s own evidence, electricity generated by nuclear power is the not the least expensive of all low-carbon technologies. In everyday terms, the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Electric Car Notes 06 by Mike Brigham: Early Volt Feedback

December 10, 2011,   by Mike Brigham

EV range: about 55kms under the present weather conditions and the earliest Canadian users are reporting about an 8-15km drop in EV range due to cooler weather now Fuel consumption on continuous...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes by Paul Gipe 05: Chevy Volt Test Drive

August 10, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Tuesday I drove a Chevy Volt through the wind farms of the Tehachapi Pass. This was part of an interview and photo shoot by Automobile Magazine about the Chevy Volt and the potential role renewable...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman 04: Miles per kWh

July 19, 2011,   by Ben Zuckerman

  In my first EV posting back in May, I guesstimated that when driven carefully a Nissan LEAF should be able to travel about 4 miles per kWh. We have now had our LEAF for a bit over two months and,...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman 03: Spare Tire?

July 1, 2011,   by Ben Zuckerman

  Should your LEAF have a flat tire, then getting somewhere to have the problem fixed may not be as easy as with your previous cars. To save weight and space, some new cars, including the LEAF, no...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman 02

June 13, 2011,   by Ben Zuckerman

We have now had our Nissan LEAF EV for a month and things are going smoothly. Everyone we have taken for a test drive has nice things to say about the car. The LEAF does not have a tailpipe. So, it...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes by Ben Zuckerman 01

May 25, 2011,   by Ben Zuckerman

    Note: This is the first of a series of guest posts on electric vehicles--EVs. I've written about the potential of EVs in my books since 1995. As part of my work with renewable energy I've...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

East Bay Express: California's Nuclear Future Is in Doubt

April 27, 2011,   by Darwin BondGraham

According to Thomas Wellock, historian for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, "PG&E envisioned many multi-plant sites all situated on the California coast about thirty to fifty miles apart....

Category: Nuclear Power

10,000 miles per gallon of gasoline: Shell's Ecomarathon

April 11, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

On Aprill 11 and 12, 2008 teams from highschools, colleges, and universities from across the continent were scrambling in the garages at the Fontana raceway preparing their cars for the Shell's...[more]

Category: Other Articles

Beating Swords into Wind Turbines–or Solar Panels if You Like

December 29, 2007,   by Paul Gipe

  The following op-ed was originally posted on July 4, 2005 and then appeared at Renewable Energy on July 11, 2005. This version has been updated with current figures for the cost of...[more]

Category: Other Articles

Impeach, Convict, Arrest, & Imprison George W. Bush

June 25, 2006,   by Paul Gipe

George W. Bush has violated his oath of office to faithfully enforce the country's laws. He has admitted to illegal domestic spying on Americans, itself a felony. His administration has condoned...[more]

Category: Other Articles

With the Lyonnais: My Big Fancy French Dinner

March 1, 2003,  

  The following is a report to family and friends form a lecture tour to Lyon in southern France. In celebration of surviving another conference venue from hell I treated myself to a fancy...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Lyonnais

February 27, 2003,  

  The following is a report to family and friends form a lecture tour to Lyon in southern France. Ok, I am oriented now. Couldn't get my bearings yesterday, but I've got my see legs back. One...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Irish 01

November 1, 2002,  

  The following is a report to friends from a lecture tour to Ireland, to Carrick-on-Shannon to be specific. To a black crow it's offspring are bright Or so it goes in Irish, a form of...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Irish 02

November 1, 2002,  

  The following is a report to friends from a lecture tour to Ireland, to Carrick-on-Shannon to be specific. Carrick-on-Shannon may be a regional center, but it's still a village. We took...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Irish 03

November 1, 2002,  

Tea Means Dinner & Other Anomalies[more]

Category: Travel

Just War and Iraq

September 6, 2002,  

An unprovoked attack on Iraq would be un-American, and a disgrace to fallen American soldiers who gave their lives fighting the Axis powers after an unprovoked attack December 7th, 1941.[more]

Category: Other Articles

With the Catalans or How to Become a Sardanista

September 1, 2002,  

  Well it was hot during much of the day but it cooled off in late afternoon when I was touring the city on the top deck of a "bus touristic". Nancy would be proud. Though I missed the walking tour...[more]

Category: Travel

California's Power Crisis: An Environmentalist's Vision

August 22, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

  The current power crisis offers an unparalleled, if not unfortunate, opportunity to rethink how we produce, consume, and value electricity in the Golden State. Electricity is a means to an end--a...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

With the Kiwis

June 1, 2002,  

  The following are note to my friends from a lecture tour to Wellington, New Zealand in the summer of 2002. No, no, no, I am not working for the CIA. But if they paid enough it might make...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Kiwis for Dinner

June 1, 2002,  

  The following are note to my friends from a lecture tour to Wellington, New Zealand in the summer of 2002. A few weeks ago Nancy and I dined atop the Reichstag with a grand view of Berlin and...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Aussies

June 1, 2002,  

  The following is a report for friends from a lecture tour to Australia in the summer of 2002. While sitting in the Adelaide airport I thought I'd try keying in some more notes from my visit...[more]

Category: Travel

Strolling Melbourne

June 1, 2002,  

  The following is a report to friends from a lecture tour to Australia and New Zealand in the summer of 2002. Travel broadens the mind, so they say. It can narrow the seat as well. Let's just...[more]

Category: Travel

With the Tassies

June 1, 2002,  

Report from the end of the earth--or just about as close as you really want to go.[more]

Category: Travel

California's Power Crisis, A Personal View

March 2, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

2003 Note: This was written at the height of California's Power Crisis. Some who read this piece criticized it for not capturing the "true causes" of the crisis. I feel vindicated by later events,...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

Get to Know Your Neighbors

January 15, 2002,  

Lupe knocked at the door yesterday. Lupe's our postman. If anyone knows what's going on in our neighborhood, it's Lupe. Lupe was concerned that a reclusive neighbor hadn't picked up her mail, nor...[more]

Category: Other Articles

Tule Fog or Three Strikes and You Could Be Out

January 12, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

You've read about those massive chain-reaction accidents. Miles of mangled vehicles on Germany's autobahn, Italy's autostrada, New Jersey's Turnpike, or California's I-5 in the San Joaquin Valley....[more]

Category: Other Articles

Comments on California's Power Crisis

January 1, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

California's power crisis occurred in 2000 and 2001. By 2002 the threat of rolling blackouts had effectively passed. However, the consequences for state electricity policy were profound. Much has...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

My Take on the Power Crisis or How the Anchovies Were Fed to the Sharks

October 1, 2001,  

  October, 2001 presentation to the League of Women Voters Energy Forum, Bakersfield, California It's quite a privilege to be on the same program as Richard Bilas. Dick is the kind of public...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

Sustainable Future Beckons Renewable Rich New Zealand

May 22, 2001,  

New Zealand could become the world's first nation with a sustainable energy system based on renewable resources.[more]

Category: Other Articles, Renewable Energy

California Public Utilities Commission on Power Crisis

February 1, 2001,   by Paul Gipe

"California's Electricity Options and Challenges, Report to Governor Gray Davis," joint report of the Electricity Oversight Board and the Public Utilities Commission, undated. by Michael Kahn, and...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

JBS Comments on California Power Crisis

September 29, 2000,   by Paul Gipe

"Cost Curve Analysis of the California Power Markets," JBS Energy, Sacramento, Calif. William Marcus and Greg Ruszovan, September 29, 2000.   This is a technical report by two economists on...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis

Believing Cassandra: An Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World

January 1, 1999,   by Paul Gipe

Having been disparaged as a "Cassandra," I was reluctant to read a book on the topic, especially one with a subtile about optimism. "Oh no," I thought, "another enviro bashing book catering to...[more]

Category: Other Articles, Renewable Energy, book Reviews

Wind Energy Advocate Honored at World Conference

October 3, 1998,  

The World Renewable Energy Congress hailed long-time wind energy advocate Paul Gipe as a "pioneer in renewable energy" at its recent international conference in Florence, Italy. The designation, one...[more]

Category: Other Articles, News on Wind Energy

Dancing in Roskilde

November 22, 1997,  

  The following is one of several reports we filed with friends while we lived in northwest Denmark. Roskilde is on the same island as Copenhagen. 97/11/22 Cold, gray, windy. That's the...[more]

Category: Travel

The Land of the Living: The Danish Folk High Schools and Denmark's Non-Violent Path to Modernization

January 1, 1997,  

A Review of Land of the Living by Paul Gipe A Dutch colleague, Rinie van Est, referred me to a fascinating book by American anthropologist Steven Borish. The book, Land of the Living, is based on...[more]

Category: Other Articles, Wind in Denmark

Jules Verne Looks at Wind

January 1, 1995,   by Paul Gipe

Jules Verne's long lost novel "Paris in the 20th Century" contains an interesting passage on windmills by the father of science fiction. Set in the 1960s, a mere 100 years into the future when Verne...[more]

Category: Other Articles, News on Wind Energy

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