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2021 - The start of a “game change” in Serbia’s renewable energy sector

January 14, 2021,  

In line with a request from the Energy Community Secretariat, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has decided to start the development of an auction-based incentives model, based on models...

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The biggest wind farm in the Western Balkans opened in Vojvodina

October 14, 2019,   by Snezana Bjelotomic

Čibuk 1 is one of the wind farms which output is financed under the feed-in tariff in Serbia. The power purchase agreement (PPA) for Čibuk 1 was signed in October 2016.

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Serbia to switch from FIT to feed-in premiums and auctions

May 24, 2018,   by Marija Djordjevic

With its feed-in tariff program set to expire at the end of the year, Serbia will be looking to introduce new mechanisms to support renewables in the form of feed-in premiums and auctions. The...

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The Lawyer: Serbia FIT Building Wind

June 13, 2011,   by Joanne Harris

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Serbia Issues Decree on Feed-in Tariffs

December 7, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  According to English-language reports on the web, Serbia's government has issued a decree instituting a system of feed-in tariffs sometime this fall. Due to the language barrier (Serbia uses the...[more]

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