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Videos of Paul Gipe

There are several videos of presentations by Paul Gipe on the web.

  • 06/23/15

    2015 Windmill-Wildflower Hike

    AWEA has posted a video on covering the 2015 Windmill-Wildflower hike sponsored by the local chapter of the Sierra Club. The 2015 hike celebrated the 30th year that the hike has been held. Paul Gipe appears at 0.14 seconds into the video.

  • Go 100 Percent Renewables

    Paul Gipe video clip for Go 100 Percent Renewables. Link

  • MARs Finance Forum: Perspectives on the Ontario Green Energy Act

    Paul Gipe speaks at the Green Energy Act Finance Forum, held at the MaRS Centre in Toronto, offering his perspective on the Green Energy Act and what it means for Ontario.

  • Art Center of Design

    Video of Paul Gipe Presentation at Art Center of Design, 2009

    This is a presentation for the (Pasadena) Art Center of Design's 2009 Sustainability Summit on Expanding the Vision of Sustainable Mobility. The video of Paul Gipe follows the last 30 seconds of a presentation by Suzanne Hunt. Link

  • Green Riders

    Green Riders' Interview of Paul Gipe in Bakersfield, California, May 4, 2010

    The interview begins at 1.30 minutes. Link

  • SolarAlberta

    Paul Gipe Solar Seminar Oct 22, 2010 Part Six

    Video of presentation for SolarAlberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Link

  • Pembina Institute

    Paul Gipe - How feed-in tariffs fueled the global renewable energy revolution

    Podcast interview of Paul Gipe and Tim Weis of the Pembina Institute. Link

  • Etopia News

    Paul Gipe addresses the World Future Council Feed-in Tariff Workshop, March 2, 2008 in San Diego, California.  (You have to wade through the commercial first.)

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