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Investors Still Waging War With Spain Over Retroactive Cuts

December 4, 2019,   by Jason Deign

Spain has offered an olive branch in its long-running legal battle with renewables developers. But the fight isn’t over yet.

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Spanish court feed-in tariff ruling branded ‘superficial and alien to reality’

January 14, 2016,   by Tom Kenning

Spain’s Constitutional Court has published the full details of its judgement rejecting appeals against a decrease in feed-in tariffs for renewable energy sources, but the reasoning has been branded...

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Spain's Constitutional Tribunal gives a bitter Christmas gift to solar producers

December 24, 2015,   by María Rosado

Hours after learning of the Supreme Tribunal's doubts regarding the constitutionality of the removal of the feed-in tariff for PV, Spain's Ministry of Industry reports that the Constitutional...

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Spain’s Feed-In Tariff Cuts Were Based on Incomplete Data, Charge Critics

April 14, 2015,   by Jason Deign

After becoming a world leader in solar, with more than 4.6 gigawatts of solar PV installed by 2013, the new order has decimated cleantech investments in the country. Last year saw just 22 megawatts...

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Sun & Wind Energy: Litigation funder supports action against Spain

February 10, 2015,   by Volker Buddensiek

The subject of the arbitration proceedings, which will be carried out in Stockholm, is the reduction in the feed-in tariff for renewable energy projects that was implemented in Spain last year.

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How Spain boosted CSP and then signed its death warrant

August 19, 2014,   by Jorge Alcauza

The Spanish government eliminated the financial risks, as all of the electricity generated by the plants would be purchased and paid with a Feed-in-Tariff for the next 20 years. Once the first plants...

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CSP World: What has happened in Spain with CSP FiT?

February 18, 2014,   by Jorge Alcauza

The Energy Ministry has recently released a draft proposal for the parameters to estimate the 'reasonable return' or 'profitability' to be applied to all renewable energy generators, eliminating the...

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CSP World: Germany's RWE and Japan's Mitsubishi to sue Spain over CSP Feed-in-Tariff cut

October 28, 2013,  

The utility, which operates Andasol 3, a 50 MW parabolic trough plant in southern Spain, is considering the options to take Spanish government to International Courts of Arbitration.

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Renewables International: Spanish Power Market A Complete Disaster

September 2, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Josep Puig: In the past five or six years, Spanish power firms have built some 26,000 MW of combined-cycle power plants. These firms apparently did not see all of this renewable capacity coming, and...

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REW: The Lesson in Renewable Energy Development from Spain

July 30, 2013,   by Toby Couture

While most commentators have attributed the deficit to the growth of renewable energy, the origins of the tariff deficit pre-date the rise of renewable energy in Spain. In the early 2000s, and again...

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Renewables International: Spanish feed-in tariffs – a wrapup

July 22, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Spain remains in the news with further changes to its feed-in tariffs. We spoke with Berlin-based Canadian analyst Toby Couture to go beyond the headline that "Spain has thrown out feed-in tariffs."

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CSP World: Spain kills Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy

July 13, 2013,   by Jorge Alcauza

Spain's government has announced the end of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system for renewable energy. - See more at:...

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Solar Server: EU Climate Commissioner Hedegaard: No more retroactive cuts to Spanish feed-in tariff

June 7, 2013,  

EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has spoken out against retroactive feed-in tariff cuts on Catalan TV, in advance of the release of a final text of Spanish electricity sector reform.

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REW: Pain in Spain: New Retroactive Changes Hinder Renewable Energy

April 19, 2013,   by Toby D. Couture and Mischa Bechberger

A new round of retroactive changes hobbles Spain's renewable energy sector. The legacy of the electricity system deficit weighs on the future. . .

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Why a Smart FIT is Not Very Smart Policy at All

February 19, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Parsing a Proposed Solution to a Hypothetical Problem with Feed-in Tariffs[more]

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David Jacobs: The Evolution of Feed-in Tariffs in Germany, Spain and France

August 1, 2012,  

The author traces the evolution of feed-in tariffs - the most successful and most widely used support mechanism for renewable electricity - in Germany, Spain and France. He reveals increasing...

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Spanish FIT Update: "Temporary" Halt to New Renewable Energy Projects

March 21, 2012,   by Toby D. Couture, E3 Analytics

Electricity System Deficit is the Root Cause of the Action Debate on New Electricity Plan Underway Wind Pushed Spot Prices Down in Liberalized Market Solar Contracts now Below Retail Electricity...[more]

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Solarserver: Spain's MITyC approves 923 PV plants-

March 31, 2011,  

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Spain Generated 3% of its Electricity from Solar in 2010

January 27, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Despite Fallout--Spanish Solar Systems Delivering Billions of Kilowatt-hours Wind Now Bigger than Hydro or Coal Produces More Wind & Solar than California[more]

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Feed in tariffs, oil prices and nuclear security

January 1, 2011,  

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Spain Renewable Energy and High Penetration

February 19, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

  On November 19 and 20th, 2009 York University sponsored a workshop on Spain's experience with feed-in tariffs and the large-scale integration of renewable energy. Hugo Lucas Porta describes...[more]

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The State of Play of the Spanish PV sector 2009

November 2, 2009,   by Mischa Bechberger, APPA

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The Spanish solar collapse

October 12, 2009,   by Craig Morris

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Snow Job: The nefarious net-effect argument

August 25, 2009,   by Craig Morris

Recent conservative studies on clean energy jobs miss the mark by Craig Morris in Grist. . .

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NREL Response to the Report Study of the Effects on Employment of Public Aid to Renewable Energy Sources from King Juan Carlos University (Spain)

August 1, 2009,   by Eric Lantz and Suzanne Tegen

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Update on Spanish ReFIT Summer 2009

July 7, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Hugo Lucas, IADE, provided two updates on Spanish development of renewable energy using feed-in tariffs at the 7th International Feed-in Cooperation conference. Lucas made two presentations, the...[more]

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Are renewables job killers?

June 1, 2009,   by Craig Morris

A Spanish study found that the money invested in renewables would create more than twice as many jobs elsewhere on the market. Major media in the U.S. and the UK quickly reported the findings. PV...

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Spain Updates Solar PV Tariffs for 2009

September 30, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

  In a major blow to critics who suggested that the Spanish solar PV market would collapse in 2009, the Government of Spain has approved new feed-in tariffs restoring the markets faith in the...[more]

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Spain's New Renewable Energy Rules

May 28, 2007,   by Craig Morris

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New Renewable Energy Decrit 2007 (En Espanol)

May 26, 2007,  

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Full Report of Feed-In Systems in Germany and Spain--A Comparison

January 1, 2005,   by Mario Ragwitz

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React's Case Study on the Spanish Feed Law

May 1, 2004,   by Manuel Bustos, APPA

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Report on the new Spanish RES-E payment mechanism by Manuel Bustos, APPA (pdf)

May 1, 2004,   by Manuel Bustos, APPA

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APPA Table Summarizing Tariffs

December 31, 2002,  

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Spanish Renewable Tariffs en Español

March 31, 2002,  

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