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Switzerland Feed Law

Switzerland raises rebates for PV systems up to 30 kW

November 26, 2020,   by Sandra Enkhardt

Projects entitled to receive feed-in tariffs under the country's incentive scheme may also secure rebates but only under certain conditions.

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Switzerland allocates another $513m for solar incentives

November 16, 2020,   by Sandra Enkhardt

The new funds will eliminate the waiting list for old feed-in tariff contracts. Around 22,400 new renewable energy systems have secured public support in Switzerland this year.

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PV Magazine: Swiss PV grows but FIT cuts push market towards self-consumption Read more:

November 24, 2014,   by Ilias Tsagas

The Alpine country's unusual solar PV remuneration system obliges households and other small power producers to trade energy on the market while allowing bigger investors piece of mind through the...

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Renewable Tariffs in Switzerland

July 9, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Swiss Adopt Aggressive Feed Law for Renewable Energy First Nation with Specific Tariff for Small Wind Turbines[more]

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