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Ukraine aims to modify green tariff to repay debt

August 27, 2021,   by Dylan Carter

Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy has developed a bill that would change how Ukraine’s green energy tariff works, the ministry’s press service announced on Aug. 27.

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Parliament votes to reduce ‘green’ tariff

July 21, 2020,   by Dylan Carter

The Ukrainian parliament has voted to amend the feed-in tariff on renewable energy production, with 228 deputies voting in favor of the changes on July 21.

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Dark clouds hang over #UkraineRenewableSector

July 17, 2020,  

Ukraine first established a feed-in tariff to support renewables’ development in 2008. Technical restrictions were later introduced which excluded all but a short list of businessmen from entering...

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Ukraine retroactive FIT cuts far from universally accepted

June 23, 2020,   by Marian Willuhn

They are words to chill the soul of solar project owners when uttered in relation to feed-in tariffs: retroactive FIT cuts. A Ukrainian government smarting at the cost of funding an overly successful...

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Ukraine government presents FIT cuts and new auction rules to parliament

June 16, 2020,  

The Ukrainian government’s conference rooms have been stuffier than usual lately, as policymakers and renewable energy industry representatives attempted to thrash out a compromise to reduce the...

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Ukarine Solar Energy Association not in favor of idea to restructure feed-in tariffs for solar power plants

November 20, 2019,  

Restructuring of the feed-in tariff for electricity generated by solar power plants is inappropriate for the sector, Executive Director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine Artem Semenyshyn...

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Improving the standard Power Purchase Agreements to boost financing of renewable energy projects

September 20, 2017,   by Vitaliy Radchenko and Volodymyr Kolvakh

The PPA is a contract entered between a producer of electricity collected from renewable resources and the off-taker - the State Enterprise “Energorynok”, which has a legal obligation to purchase all...

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Number of Ukrainian households with roof solar power plants 18% up in Q1 2017

May 11, 2017,  

The number of households that installed roof solar power plants and selling power at the feed-in tariff grew by 18% in January-March 2017 or by 200 households, to 1,309, according to a posting on the...

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Amendments to the Law on Feed in Tariffs in Ukraine

June 5, 2015,   by Andriy Konechenkov, Ukranian Wind Energy Association

On June 4, 2015, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the Draft Law No. 2010-d (amending scheme of feed-in tariffs in Ukraine) as approved at hearings of the parliamentary committee of Ukraine April 22,...[more]

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Kyiv Post: National Commission for Energy Regulation sets feed-in tariffs for solar power plants for July

July 3, 2014,  

The National Commission for Energy Regulation of Ukraine (NCER) has set feed-in tariffs for solar power plants for July, not taking into account cabinet resolution No. 589-r on the reduction of the...

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PV-Tech: Ukraine Energy agency predicts Crimean solar to continue to receive tariff

March 18, 2014,   by Lucy Woods

All Ukraine’s solar plants will continue to receive the tariff promised by the country's former government, even after Crimea voted to join Russia, lobby group European–Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA)...

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Ukraine Passes Revised Feed-in Tariff Legislation

July 8, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Ukraine has passed revised feed-in tariff legislation, joining the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Slovenia among former East Block countries moving to feed-in tariffs. Like other countries,...[more]

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Ukraine Parliament Passes Alternative Sources of Energy Act

September 30, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

  The Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) reports that on September 25th, 2008, the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) passed the act ”On Alternative Sources of Energy”. The law was approved...[more]

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