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High altitude solar plant on “roof of Iran” pays off for cement company with FITs

February 26, 2018,   by Sophie Vorrath

It does this, rather than consuming the solar power directly, because of generous, long-term feed-in tariffs offered by the government. These mean that the €1.2 million system is providing the...

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Iran welcomes Turkey's investors in renewables

August 2, 2016,   by Gulsen Cagatay

Iran recently amended its laws and prolonged the guaranteed term for power purchase agreements from five years to 20 years. Moreover, feed-in tariffs have been increased, e.g. photovoltaic plants...

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Iran to pay 35% premium for solar, wind plants with domestic content

February 5, 2016,   by Christian Roselund

Iran will authorize 1 GW of solar and wind contracts in March and plans to put 5 GW online over the next decade.

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Basic Feed-in Tariff in Iran

July 11, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  The Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) within the Ministry of Energy announced recently that a simple feed-in tariff was launched in late 2008. The program may be the first of its kind...[more]

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