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Turkey Seeking Renewables Industry With Make-It-Here Rules

November 21, 2016,   by Anna Hirtenstein and Onur Ant

Turkey is seeking to become a manufacturing hub for the renewable-energy industry by implementing the world’s strictest rules on local content.

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Turkey: Revolutionary changes in the Renewable Support Mechanism

June 15, 2016,   by Şahin Ardiyok and Tolga Turan

The legislation includes a differentiated feed-in tariff scheme for different types that eventually provide the investors with predictable returns on their investment. The guaranteed prices are...

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Turkey drives renewable energy growth in MENAT

November 12, 2015,  

These installations have been bolstered by the feed-in tariff introduced by the Turkish government in 2010, offering all power plants built between 2005 and 2015 a fixed energy sale price for 10...

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Sun-soaked Turkey to promote renewable energy

November 4, 2015,   by Lavanya Singhal

The delegation further delved into the benefits of locally producing PV modules and the financing of PV projects in light of the Turkish economic minister gearing to award feed-in tariff (FiT)...

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Turkish regulator mulls revision of renewable tariff mechanism

May 12, 2015,  

Under the current setup, companies with end consumers make a monthly contribution towards the feed-in tariff which is set in US dollars and paid in Turkish lira at the exchange rate on the day of...

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WPM: Turkey outlines ambitious wind target

February 23, 2015,   by Heather O’Brian

The plan admits, raising the possibility adjust the FIT depending on the level of penetration of a renewable energy technology.

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Tariff And The Non-Tariff Based Renewable Energy Incentives In Turkey

August 26, 2014,   by Ceki Bilmen

The new tariffs include the following rates of feed in tariffs for the renewable energy resources; USD$ 7.3 cent for the hydroelectricity, USD$ 7.3 cent for the wind, USD$ 10.5 cent for the...

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SolarQuarter: Turkey's EPDK receive 500 applications in 5 days for Feed-in-Tariff

June 21, 2013,  

Turkey recently invited expressions of interest to participate in a Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) clean energy pricing scheme for solar energy generation projects larger than 1 MW. Within a mere five days,...

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Turkey Adopts Limited Feed Law

January 17, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

  Turkey's parliament has revised its limited feed law with adoption of a similarly limited policy. Turkey has had a limited feed-in tariff policy since 2005. The previous policy paid the...[more]

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Turkish Feed-in Law English Language Text

January 17, 2011,  

Law No. 6094 . .

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Turkey Adopts Electricity Feed Law

May 13, 2005,  

Joins the Growing Ranks of Countries, States, & Provinces Moving Toward Renewable Tariffs[more]

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Draft Tukish Renewable Energy Law

August 9, 2004,  

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