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Articles on California's Power Crisis

I maintain this topic as a separate section because politicians and policy analysts are prone to forget what happened in California around the turn of the current century. The power crisis then was a man-made catastrophe that is still playing out more than a decade later. For example, NRG, one of the utilities involved in the scandal, is now installing hundreds of electric vehicle charge stations across the sate as part of its long-overdue settlement with California.

Since the long-term targets are in place – the big question remaining to be answered is how to accomplish these goals. Namely, how to manage the transition from a fossilnuclear system to a mainly renewable energy system at the lowest possible cost and with

February 20, 2013,   by Dale Kasler

More than a decade after the last rolling blackout, Californians could get $1.6 billion in electricity refunds because of market manipulation during the first few months of the energy crisis,...

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California's Power Crisis: An Environmentalist's Vision

August 22, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

  The current power crisis offers an unparalleled, if not unfortunate, opportunity to rethink how we produce, consume, and value electricity in the Golden State. Electricity is a means to an end--a...[more]

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California's Power Crisis, A Personal View

March 2, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

2003 Note: This was written at the height of California's Power Crisis. Some who read this piece criticized it for not capturing the "true causes" of the crisis. I feel vindicated by later events,...[more]

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Comments on California's Power Crisis

January 1, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

California's power crisis occurred in 2000 and 2001. By 2002 the threat of rolling blackouts had effectively passed. However, the consequences for state electricity policy were profound. Much has...[more]

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My Take on the Power Crisis or How the Anchovies Were Fed to the Sharks

October 1, 2001,  

  October, 2001 presentation to the League of Women Voters Energy Forum, Bakersfield, California It's quite a privilege to be on the same program as Richard Bilas. Dick is the kind of public...[more]

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California Public Utilities Commission on Power Crisis

February 1, 2001,   by Paul Gipe

"California's Electricity Options and Challenges, Report to Governor Gray Davis," joint report of the Electricity Oversight Board and the Public Utilities Commission, undated. by Michael Kahn, and...[more]

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JBS Comments on California Power Crisis

September 29, 2000,   by Paul Gipe

"Cost Curve Analysis of the California Power Markets," JBS Energy, Sacramento, Calif. William Marcus and Greg Ruszovan, September 29, 2000.   This is a technical report by two economists on...[more]

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