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Can Doug Ford keep his promise to axe green energy projects? Many rural voters hope so

June 16, 2018,   by Philip Lee-Shanok

Green Energy Act allowed province to ignore local concerns, but election gives opponents new optimism.

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Berlin cuts onshore tariff 2.4%

June 1, 2018,  

Germany will cut the feed-in tariff (FiT) for eligible onshore wind projects by 2.4% from October 2018, according to grid regulator BNetzA.

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Ontario biogas projects earn FIT contracts

September 25, 2017,   by Erin Voegele

The selected projects include seven on-farm biogas projects, one municipal landfill gas project and 382 solar photovoltaic projects.

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IESO Releases Final Round of Contract Offers under Ontario's Feed-in Tariff Program

September 20, 2017,  

Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) announced today that it will offer 390 contracts representing about 150 megawatts (MW) of small-scale renewable generation.

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How the sun can heat up your bank account

October 20, 2016,  

Installing solar panels has been paying off for these Ontario homeowners.

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Solar energy at Hamilton Ontario landfill

October 17, 2016,   by Elizabeth Hall

Hamilton is moving forward with a solar energy plan. The city wants to use the undesirable land on the Glanbrook landfill site to to produce green energy.

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The real cost of renewable energy in Ontario

October 13, 2016,   by Don Pettit

Feed in tariffs guarantee a high price for renewable energy to encourage homeowners, businesses and developers to invest in renewable infrastructure. Over time, as the various industries become...

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Mesa loses NAFTA ruling

April 6, 2016,   by Diane Bailey

CANADA: A company owned by Texas tycoon T. Boone Pickens said it was evaluating its options after losing its claim it had been unfairly treated under Ontario's wind procurement process.

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Being clean and green comes with a cost

December 14, 2015,   by Dalton McGuinty

A big reason Canada has residual credibility in the climate change talks is because shutting down Ontario coal plants was the biggest single CO2 reduction in all of North America.

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Tilting at Windmills: Canada’s most ambitious green energy plan failed—but not for the reason everybody thinks

November 15, 2015,   by Chris Turner

Ontario’s landmark Green Energy and Green Economy Act's enactment in 2009 by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government represented one of the most significant energy policy overhauls in Canadian history.

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Ontario: A Lesson In Solar From A Northern Neighbor

October 21, 2015,   by John Farrell

Based on population, Ontario would be the 5th largest state if it were part of the U.S., but its installed solar capacity, 1,500 MW would rank it 3rd.

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North America’s largest environmental organization honours Ontario's former Premier Dalton McGuinty

September 28, 2015,   by Sierra Club du Canada

Former Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, received the Sierra Club Distinguished Service Award at a ceremony in San Francisco. . . Mr. McGuinty is responsible for closing Ontario’s coal-fired power...

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Ontario 2016 FIT Price Review

September 27, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator has proposed new tariffs for its microFIT program in 2016. The regulator makes a case that although Ontario's costs are higher than other...[more]

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The adoption of advanced feed-in tariffs in Ontario: A case of institutional layering

January 3, 2015,   by Jacques Fontaine

In his masters thesis for the Université de Montréal, Jacques Fontaine tackles how the province of Ontario leapt to the forefront of renewable energy development in North America. Within a few short...[more]

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PV Tech: Solar steals the show in 100MW Ontario FiT extension

December 22, 2014,   by Lucy Woods

A total of 330 feed-in tariff contracts totalling 99MW will be offered to solar power systems in the province next year, with another 1MW offered to two bio energy contracts also, to take the...

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Stinging Critique of OPA's MicroFIT Price Review 2014

August 31, 2014,   by Glen Estill

The MicroFIT prices today are inadequate to overcome the added cost and restrictions imposed by program rules. But rather than increase the price to encourage deployment, it is the rules, and costs...

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Ontario Power Authority to offer 500 FIT 3 and 63 Unconstructed Rooftop Solar Pilot renewable energy contracts

July 30, 2014,  

Most of these contract offers are for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, similar to what we have seen in previous application periods. The total list includes 490 solar PV projects, eight bio-energy...

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Ontario Voters Support Renewable Energy

June 13, 2014,   by Glen Estill

The voters in Ontario have spoken. They elected a Liberal majority government. The Liberals have been responsible for starting Ontario on a sustainable energy path, adding solar, wind, biogas and new...

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Ontario solar FiT safe as voters reject Conservatives

June 13, 2014,   by John Parnell

Ontario has elected Liberal candidate Kathleen Wynne as its new premier, rejecting the Conservative’s Tim Hudak, who had pledged to scrap the province’s feed-in tariff (FiT).

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Ontario Once a Leader Lost Its Way--But the Results are Here to Stay

May 9, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

What we also learned was that the “cold white North” had created the most progressive renewable energy policy in North American in three decades. First, it was a policy open to all, not just to the...[more]

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ReNews: First Nation in tie-up talks

April 10, 2014,  

The developers of several Ontario projects with feed-in tariff contracts are working on partnership deals with a First Nation. . . The Six Nations of Grand River is in negotiation with Longyuan...

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OPA: Strong Demand Continues for Feed-In Tariff Program

January 24, 2014,  

More than four years after the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) launched North America’s first comprehensive Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program, Ontario’s renewable energy industry, municipalities, Aboriginal...

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No More Coal Being Burned in Ontario: Happy New Year

January 1, 2014,   by Glen Estill

Between 1 and 2 PM, December 31 2013, the last coal fired generating station in Ontario stopped producing power. No more coal will be burned in Ontario to produce power. The coal shutdown is the...

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REW: Ontario Kills Coal, But Local Renewables Program Falters

October 15, 2013,   by John Farrell

It was one of the most ambitious renewable energy programs in the world when it launched in 2009, committing the Canadian province to buy power from thousands of new renewable energy systems. It was...

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Report Questions Both Ontario’s Nuclear--and Solar Prices

September 10, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

In a report released today, the Pembina Institute and Greenpeace Canada questions Ontario’s commitment to new and refurbished nuclear plants. The groups say that a mix of conservation and renewables...[more]

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Ontario FIT Price Comparison Table

August 16, 2013,  

The FIT program is available to Small FIT projects; that is, projects generally ≤ 500 kW.

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Changes to Ontario Domestic Content and New FIT/microFIT Price Schedule

August 16, 2013,  

The OPA has also reviewed and updated the FIT and microFIT price schedule. The OPA is required to review the prices offered to generators under the FIT and microFIT programs on a regular basis to...

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Toronto Star: Solar much more than panels slapped on a rooftop

August 7, 2013,   by Tyler Hamilton

Energy Minister Chris Bentley, in a letter last month directing the power authority to restart the feed-in-tariff program, also asked the agency to design a sub-category within the program that is...

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Toronto Star: Ontario's backward step on renewable energy

July 22, 2013,   by Leah Stokes

The feed-in tariff was working, renewable energy projects were being built, jobs were being created and climate change was being addressed.

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Two Steps Forward, One Back: Ontario Cancels Feed-in Tariffs for Large Projects

June 7, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

There’s no sugar-coating what happened last week. Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, used the occasion of the annual conference of the Canadian Solar Energy Industry Association (CanSIA) to...[more]

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FIT tragedy reaches suspenseful end of act two

June 6, 2013,   by Christine König

Last week the Ontario Minister of Energy and other officials made their announcements regarding the future of the FIT program and progress in the present small FIT round 2.1 procurement process,...

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Globe & Mail: Wynne Liberals to give locals more say in major wind, solar power project approvals (in Ontario)

May 30, 2013,   by Keith Leslie

Chiarelli says the province is looking for another 900 megawatts from micro and smaller green energy projects over the next four years, and hopes to get participation from municipalities,...

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OSEA's update on the announcement from the Ontario Ministry of Energy on the FIT

May 30, 2013,   by Kristopher Stevens

We also need address the proposal to move away from the FIT to a competitive bidding process for large projects recognizing the significant harm this would likely have on the manufacturers and...

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Ontario Revises FIT Program: Province Increasing Local Control in Renewable Energy Development

May 30, 2013,   by Ontario Ministry of Energy

Ontario is also renewing its commitment to small renewable energy projects by making 900 megawatts (MW) of new capacity available, between now and 2018, for the Small FIT and microFIT programs. This...

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OME: Reviewing Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan

May 29, 2013,  

“It’s clear that we’ve made real progress. But the energy sector is constantly evolving, especially as energy consumption habits and economic conditions change. So our Long-Term Energy Plan must also...

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Happy birthday to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act

May 28, 2013,   by Gillian McEachern, Environmental Defence and Kris Stevens, OSEA

Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act turns four this month. And there’s a lot to celebrate. . . Just 10 years ago, the province got one-quarter of its electricity from coal, the dirtiest of...

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ILSR: Summary of Expect Delays: Reviewing Ontario’s “Buy Local” Renewable Energy Program

May 28, 2013,   by John Farrell

The bottom line is that the FIT program and its predecessors (despite facing significant threats) have jumpstarted renewable energy development in Ontario: the province would rank #4 and #11 for...

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ILSR: Expect Delays Reviewing Ontario’s “Buy Local” Renewable Energy Program

May 28, 2013,   by John Farrell

A comprehensive report on the status of Ontario's groundbreaking FIT program. . . "A remarkable 1 out of 7 farmers in the province is generating energy via the feed-in tariff microFIT program. . ....

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OSEA Calls for Ontario to Sanction CANDU Nuclear Reactors

May 25, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

In a hard-hitting letter to all members of Ontario's Provincial Parliament, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) has called for legislative sanctions against SNC-Lavalin and their CANDU...[more]

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OPA: Bruce Nucldar Power Contract Amendment April 2013

April 3, 2013,  

The Ontario Power Authority has completed a contract amendment to the Bruce Power Refurbishment Implementation Agreement (BPRIA). The amendment secures a cost-effective source of electricity to the...

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The politicsofrenewableenergypolicies:Thecaseoffeed-intariffs in Ontario,Canada

March 1, 2013,   by Leah C.Stokes

This paper presents a case study of Ontario’s feed-in tariff policies between 1997 and 2012 to analyze how the political process affects renewable energy policy design and implementation.

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Toronto Star: Ontario drags its feet on offshore wind opportunity

February 21, 2013,   by Tyler Hamilton

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Unions push Ottawa to appeal WTO feed-in-tariff ruling

December 10, 2012,  

The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers of Canada (CEP) are asking the government to appeal the WTO’s ruling, which sided with the European Union and Japan’s...

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Update on Small FIT Application window

December 4, 2012,  

The OPA will start accepting applications under the FIT Program from Small FIT proponents on December 14, 2012. To prepare for the launch of the new phase of this program, the FIT Program website...

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Friends of the Earth Canada: Ontario opinion poll shows solid support for green energy, strong opposition to WTO ruling

December 3, 2012,  

new opinion poll commissioned by Friends of the Earth Canada shows overwhelming support for green energy in Ontario, and strong opposition to the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s meddling in buy...

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Toronto Star: Ontario teaches world how not to run a FIT program

October 5, 2012,   by Tyler Hamilton

I was originally going to explore GE’s smart grid ambitions in this column, but something else happened last week that was too frustrating to ignore. The province’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program for...

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Toronto Star: Green Energy Act powers Ontario firm

August 20, 2012,  

Chris Stern, vice president of Pure Energies, says the new venture will expand markets for made-in-Ontario components for solar panels. “The Green Energy Act allowed us to start our business, and...

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CBC: Good year for farmers making solar power

August 13, 2012,  

"When I installed that, it probably never crossed my mind that it was any sort of risk-management tool. But certainly I have commented this summer that if it's not going to rain, at least the sun is...

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Ontario Power Authority: Final documents for Version 2 of the FIT Program are now available

August 10, 2012,  

Version 2.0 of the FIT Program Rules, Contract and other program documents have been posted on the FIT website and are now final and effective. The OPA is not accepting FIT applications at this time...

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OSEA: Top Ten things you should know about Ontario's FIT 2.0 directive

July 15, 2012,  

These are highlights from the directive. OSEA will provide a more detailed overview of the FIT 2.0 when the final rules are released towards the end of July as committed by the Minister. . .

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Stikeman Elliott: Minister of Energy issues directive to Ontario Power to continue FIT Program

July 12, 2012,  

On July 11, 2012, the Minister of Energy issued a directive to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) providing further direction regarding the FIT 2.0 Rules and Contract. Among other items, this...

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Canadian Auto Workers: WTO Called Upon to Dismiss Japan, EU Challenge to Ontario Renewable Energy Policy

June 5, 2012,  

Canadian NGOs and labour unions, including the CAW, have sent an amicus curiae submission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) prior to a May 15 hearing into Japan's and the European Union's joint...

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Ontario FIT Review Released--Bold Program to Continue

March 26, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

In a much anticipated decision, the Ontario government released its changes to the province's groundbreaking Feed-in Tariff Program on March 22, 2012. Most significantly, the government emphasized...[more]

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Unlikely Coalition Joins Forces to Recommend Changes to Ontario's Feed-in Tariff Program

December 22, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Renewable energy advocates and a solar industry trade group filed a joint submission on December 14, 2011 as part of the province of Ontario's scheduled two-year review of its groundbreaking feed-in...[more]

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Ontario Feed-In Tariff: 2011 Review

December 15, 2011,  

In response to the government's two-year feed-in tariff (FIT) review process, the Green Energy Act Alliance and Shine Ontario Association have joined forces to present a clear path for renewable...

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Ontario Ratepayer Impact of Sustainable FIT Program

December 13, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

The Green Energy Act Alliance's (GEAA) proposed long-term renewable energy supply plan adds approximately 15,000 MW of new renewable capacity in steady, sustainable, annual increments for seven...[more]

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Proposed revised solar PV feed-in tariffs for Ontario in 2012

December 9, 2011,  

For 2012 the Green Energy Act Alliance and Shine Ontario recommend a dramatic cut in the solar PV tariffs in response to the falling prices of modules during the past two years. . .[more]

Category: Ontario FIT

Getting it Right – Not Quite – Ontario’s Green Energy Act and its Feed-in Tariff Program

October 25, 2011,   by Marion Fraser

In 2009, Ontario passed its Green Energy and Green Economy Act. By almost any measure of performance--applications, investment, jobs, industrial development--it has been a great success, but so far,...

Category: Ontario FIT

ClearSky Advisors: Did Anti-Renewable Energy Policy Cost Candidate the Ontario Election?

October 12, 2011,  

But what about Progressive Conservative (PC) candidate Hudak: Did he lose this election because of his negative stance towards green energy? . . We can’t know for certain, but two pieces of evidence...

Category: Ontario FIT

Reuters: Green energy sector cheers Ontario election result

October 7, 2011,  

Ontario's renewable energy industry breathed a sigh of relief on Friday and manufacturers looked forward to a surge in demand after voters in the province returned the Liberal Party to power, albeit...

Category: Ontario FIT

Liberals re-elected in Ontario: Green Energy Act and feed-in-tariff program live on

October 7, 2011,   by Tyler Hamilton

Happy to report that the re-election of the Ontario Liberal government last night means the province’s landmark Green Energy Act, which gave birth to the continent’s first comprehensive Euro-style...

Category: Ontario FIT

Ontario’s path to green prosperity by Jürgen Trittin-

October 3, 2011,   by Jürgen Trittin

Just 20 years ago, nearly all of Germany’s electricity was generated by coal, oil and nuclear power. Today, renewables such as wind and solar provide more than 20 per cent of the nation’s power....

Category: Ontario FIT

Toronto Star: Hume: Life in a time of denial

September 29, 2011,   by Christopher Hume

Hayes, president of Seattle’s Bullitt Foundation, believes solar is the way to go. “It’s 80,000 times more efficient than other sources,” he argues. “It is an economic winner.”. . The key, he...

Category: Ontario FIT

German enviro chief’s message to Ontarians: ‘Be patient’ on Green Energy Act-

September 23, 2011,   by Tyler Hamilton

Sharing the experiences of Germany, Lehmann said the kind of green energy program introduced in Ontario needs to operate for a few years before the economic benefits – the true vision of the...

Category: Ontario FIT

Globe & Mail: Solar power among renewable projects languishing from Hydro One delays

August 11, 2011,   by Renata D'Aliesio

Delays in dealing with more than 4,000 green-power proposals such as Ms. Van Geffen's are the focus of a two-day Ontario Energy Board hearing that pits the province's largest utility against the...

Category: Ontario FIT

Pembina: Behind the switch--pricing Ontario electricity options

July 6, 2011,   by Tim Weis

The study indicates that investing in renewable energy today is likely to save Ontario ratepayers money within the next 15 years, as natural gas becomes more expensive and as the cost of renewable...

Category: Ontario FIT

Ontario’s Feed-in Tariffs: Setting the Standard in North America

June 4, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Presentation by Paul Gipe for VerdeXchange, June 6, 2011, Toronto Ontario, including a proposal for revisions to Ontario's groundbreaking feed-in tariffs . . .

Category: Ontario FIT, Presentations by Paul Gipe

Solar Server: IBEW condemns Ontario Conservatives for threatening feed-in tariff

May 18, 2011,  

the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW-CCO) denounced Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak's statement that he would dismantle the Canadian...

Category: Ontario FIT

Toronto Star: Is Ontario ready for a nuclear disaster?

March 18, 2011,   by Tyler Hamilton

As Ontario debates the future of renewable energy, questions are raised about the province's reliance on nuclear power. . .

Category: Ontario FIT, Nuclear Power

Globe & Mail: Energy in FITs and starts

February 23, 2011,   by David Oxtoby

Ontario’s feed-in tariff program elegantly kills two birds with one stone. First, it empowers the private sector to develop the clean power projects Ontario needs to meet its promise to close its...

Category: Ontario FIT

Clean Break: A solar PV jobs fair in Guelph, Ontario… times have changed!

February 10, 2011,   by Tyler Hamilton

Five years ago the thought of any company holding a solar PV jobs fair, let alone in a community such as Guelph, Ontario, would have been absurd. But since the introduction of the province’s...

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Ontario FIT Price Determination Summary--How Did They Do It

February 4, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Several people have asked how the province of Ontario, Canada determined the price of each individual tariff in its Feed-in Tariff program and how were stakeholders involved. While I was not privy...[more]

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How Ontario’s Program of Feed-in Tariffs Compares to Programs Elsewhere in the World and in North America

November 1, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

How then does Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff program stand up to best practices worldwide? How well does it compare to, say, programs in Germany or France? Is Ontario’s program world-class? How does...

Category: Ontario FIT

Germany Adds Nearly 1% of Electricity Supply with Solar in Eight Months

October 4, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

World's Largest Solar Plant Completed in Ontario[more]

Category: Germany FIT, Ontario FIT

It's Official: Ontario Third in North American 2009 Solar PV Capacity

August 23, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Now in a Race for Second with New Jersey[more]

Category: USA FIT, Ontario FIT, New Jersey

WFC Grades North American Feed-in Tariff Programs

May 26, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Ontario and Vermont Pass--California & Oregon Fail[more]

Category: USA FIT, Renewable Tariff Design & Model Policies, North America FIT, Ontario FIT

World Future Council: Grading North American Feed-in Tariffs

May 1, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

How do existing North American feed-in tariff programs stand up to best practices worldwide? How well do they compare to, say, programs in Germany or France? What programs are world-class? What...

Category: USA FIT, Renewable Tariff Design & Model Policies, North America FIT, Ontario FIT

Renewables without Limits: Moving Toward Advanced Renewable Tariffs by Updating Ontario's Groundbreaking Standard Offer Program (OSEA's 2007 report)

September 1, 2007,   by Paul Gipe

Category: Renewable Tariff Design & Model Policies, Ontario FIT

Presentation on Feed-in Tariffs and Ontario's SOC Program

July 15, 2007,   by Paul Gipe

Category: USA FIT, Ontario FIT

The Power of Language: ARTs are not SOCs

March 1, 2006,   by Paul Gipe

In retrospect, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association erred in adopting the language of its client, the Ministry of Energy, in writing its report Powering Ontario Communities. Language has power...[more]

Category: Ontario FIT

Powering Ontario Communities

May 1, 2005,   by Paul Gipe

OSEA's May 2005 Report to the Ministry of Energy on Standard Offer Contracts . . .

Category: Ontario FIT

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