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November 22, 2010
Paul Gipe

Feed-in Tariffs for Renewable Heat, Solar Thermal, Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW), Efficiency, and Biomass

Below are some sources on feed-in tariffs for renewable heat and solar DHW.

The Next Wave: Feed-in Tariffs for Green or Renewable Heat--The focus of renewable industry analysts is typically on wind and solar electricity generation with occasional consideration of biogas and biomass generation. Few have considered the significant potential of renewable heat and how the principle behind feed-in tariffs can be applied to renewable or "green" heat. . .

Britain Proposes Feed-in Tariffs for Renewable Heat--Solar Domestic Hot Water and Pipeline Injection of Biogas Included . . .

Britain Launches Comprehensive System of Feed-in Rates--In a truly groundbreaking move for the English-speaking world, Britain's Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has released a full suite of renewable energy tariffs that go into effect in April. . . Britain will become the first country in the world to offer a comprehensive system of tariffs for renewable heat, including tariffs for solar domestic hot water and ground-source heat pumps among others. . .

Feed-in Tariffs for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (Energy Saving)--While feed-in tariffs are most often associated with the generation and sale of electricity produced by generators using renewable sources of energy, they can also be used to pay for renewable heat and for energy efficiency and conservation. . .

See page 43 of Renewables without Limits: Moving Toward Advanced Renewable Tariffs by Updating Ontario's Groundbreaking Standard Offer Program (OSEA's 2007 Report)

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