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New solar feed-in tariffs in Luxembourg

August 3, 2015,  

The new solar compensation scheme, announced on Monday by the Economy Ministry, will offer feed-in tariffs to photo voltaic plants producing electrical power of between 30 and 200 kilowatts from...

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Doerte Fouquet: Table of European Feed-in Tariffs

July 4, 2012,  

This is the sixth EREF report on Renewable Electricity Prices in the European Union. . .

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International (European) Feed-in (Tariff) Cooperation

February 22, 2012,  

The International Feed-In Cooperation (IFIC) is a joint project between - until now - Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Greece. These four countries are convinced that feed-in tariffs are most suitable to...

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Mario Ragwitz: Shaping an effective and efficient European renewable energy market

February 1, 2012,  

Report on European renewable energy development, policies, and feed-in tariffs by country. . .

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Status of Feed-in Tariffs in Europe 2010

February 11, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

FITs Predominate in EU Renewable Energy Policy Most Wind & Biogas Developed with FITs All Solar Developed with FITs FITs Least Cost Wind Policy[more]

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European Union Policy on Support Schemes for Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

October 18, 2005,   by Volkmar Lauber

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