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EC endorses prolongation of Poland's renewables support scheme

December 1, 2021,  

The support plan is available to small-scale renewable energy facilities of up to 500 kW, which are incentivised through a feed-in tariff (FiT) mechanism, while installations larger than 500 kW will...

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EU regulators okay $11.2 billion Polish renewable energy scheme

December 13, 2017,  

Under the scheme, small energy installations with a capacity up to 500 kW (kilowatts) will benefit from a feed-in tariff while those with capacity above that will receive a premium on top of the...

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New law to promote renewable energy in Poland

June 29, 2015,   by Dan McCue

Poland is introducing feed-in tariffs to support its renewable energy sector. In the future operators of wind,-photovoltaic or hydro plants with an installed capacity up to 3 kW will receive a...

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Finally: feed-in tariffs for Poland!

May 4, 2015,   by Piotr Mrowiec

While the EU countries are witnessing a retreat from feed-in tariffs, Poland is for the first time in history introducing feed-in tariffs to support its renewable energy sector.

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Poland okays FiT scheme for PV arrays up to 10 kW

April 7, 2015,  

The new scheme calls for owners of PV installations up to 3 kW to receive a FiT of PLN 0.75 (USD 0.201/EUR 0.184) per kWh. At the same time, owners of PV systems above 3 kW but below 10 kW will get...

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PV Tech: Poland FiT makes it though parliament but Senate rejection awaits

January 20, 2015,   by John Parnell

“It is important at least that the idea of a feed-in tariff has been passed and we can use that as we continue fighting for a FiT.

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Renewables International: Review of Polish feed-in tariff bill

January 29, 2013,   by Toby Couture

Poland is a major consumer of coal, and its politicians have been staunch opponents of feed-in tariffs, which have become the standard policy to promote renewables in the EU. Now, the Poles have come...

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Poland--European Bastion of Neoliberalsim--Moving to Feed-in Tariffs

August 7, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Poland, a country that produces 90% of its electricity with coal and once a seemingly impregnable bastion of neoliberalism in the heart of Europe, has announced that it will introduce a new law on...[more]

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