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Photo of Endurance Wind Turbines by Paul Gipe

The Canadian company markets two turbines: E3120, and S343. Most of those shown here are the E3210, a downwind turbine 19.2 meters in diameter and variously rated at 35 or 50 kW depending upon the version.

Technically, the turbine is not a small turbine because it sweeps a full 290 square meters. The small turbine class is limited to turbines with swept area less than 200 square meters.

The turbine was originally developed in Quebec but is now manufactured in British Columbia.

Overspeed protection is by pitch regulation. Note that newer models have eliminated the paddle connection of the blades to the hub and now use a more conventional attachment.

The S343 is a 5 kW upwind turbine with a rotor 6.4 meters in diameter.

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