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Photos of Northern Power Wind Turbines by Paul Gipe

Northern Power Systems is one of the pioneering wind companies in the USA. They were remanufacturing used Jacobs generators from the 1930s when I joined the industry in the mid 1970s.

Named for their Vermont location, one of the most northern states in the US, the company has gone through several iterations. Today the name harkens back to its beginnings in the 1970s.

Initially the company rebuilt used turbines and then gradually moved into building special-purpose wind turbines, mostly for the remote market—their niche.

For many years Northern Power’s chief designer was Clint (Jito) Coleman. His designs were always noteworthy, if not always successful.

One of Northern Power’s most long-lived products—and its most reliable—was the HR3. The HR in its designation was for High Reliability and it lived up to its billing.

Less successful was the firm’s experimentation with aileron controls—flaps—to limit power and protect the turbine from overspeed.

For the past decade, Northern Power has developed the NPS 100, a 21-meter, direct-drive wind turbine.

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