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I provide lectures and workshops on the subject of wind energy to a wide variety of audiences, from homeowners to engineers and architects. My specialities include a broad overview of wind energy development worldwide, the technology employed in both large and small wind turbines, the environmental costs and benefits of wind energy, the aesthetic design of wind turbines and wind power plants, and community wind development

Full-Day Workshop Description

Overview of Worldwide Wind Energy Development

by Paul Gipe

Full-Day Workshop (9-4.30)

The workshop is led by Paul Gipe, author of Wind Power for Home & Business, Wind Energy Comes of Age, Wind Energy Basics, and other books on how best to responsibly use wind energy.

The workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of wind energy, including an overview of wind energy development worldwide especially in North America and Northern Europe, the essentials needed for wind development, applications for wind energy from "off-the-grid" homesteads to utility-scale wind power plants, wind technology today, resource assessment, and wind energy's environmental impacts.

Power in the Wind

Participants learn how to calculate the power in the wind and estimate how much energy wind turbines will typically produce. Participants also learn why rotor diameter is such a critical factor in determining the size of a wind turbine, and why tall towers are so important for gaining the most from a wind energy investment.


The workshop discusses the advantages of various wind turbine configurations, why there is so much interest in variable speed machines, the difference between fixed-pitch and variable-pitch turbines, and why wind turbines in 2003 are more than 15 times the size of those installed in the early 1980s.


Attendees learn about setbacks, land requirements, royalty payments, compatible and incompatible land uses, visual impact and aesthetic design, public and occupational safety, impact on wildlife, and mitigation measures.

Who Should Attend

Anyone considering the use of wind energy, whether a farmer or utility executive, who has little prior experience with the technology.


Full Day Workshop Agenda

Overview of Worldwide Wind Energy Development



Disclosure & Disclaimer

Wind 101-1 Overview (49)
Wind Plants, Growth, Market, Penetration, Revenues, People, North American Market, Why Wind, Why Now, Benefits, Impacts, Public Safety, Deaths, Electricity Feed Laws.

Wind 101-2 Applications (50)
Interconnected Operation, Battery Charging, EV Charging, Offshore, Rectilinear Arrays, Array Spacing, Lessons Learned

Wind 101-3 Small Wind (40)
Small Turbine Applications, Problems with Small Wind, Rooftop Mounting, Test Fields, Wulf Field Tests, Small Turbine Noise, Safety, What Small Wind Needs to Make it's Mark

Wind 101-4 Community & Urban Wind (28)
Why European Success, Community Power, Distributed Generation, Royalties & Land Leases, Real Urban Wind

Wind 101-5 Fundamentals (57)
Power in the Wind, Air Density, Wind Speed, Speed Distribution, Speed with Height, Wind Resources, Estimating AEO/AEP, Efficiency, Data Sources

Wind 101-6 Technology 01 (98)
Historical, Drive Trains, Conversion Devices, Direct Drive, Configurations (HAWT, VAWT), Rotor Design, Blade Number, Blade Shape, Overspeed Controls, Airfoils

Wind 101-7 Technology 02 (68)
Hubs, New Drive Trains, Generators, Towers, Foundations, Lightning Protection, Tower Access, Service, Obstruction Marking

Wind 101-8 Environment (64)
Beauty, Opinion Surveys, Acceptance, Design, Uniformity, Clutter, Open spacing, Power Lines, Ancillary Structures, Spinning, Headless Horsemen, Dressing, Cleaning, Marking, Tidiness, Bone Yards, Harmonization, Roads, Steep Slopes, Erosion, Hardening, Billboards, Logos, Cell Phones, Proportions, Color, Obstruction Marking, Detail, Information, Access, Good Neighbors.

Wind 101-9 Compatible (28)
Wind is Compatible with Most Existing Land Uses

Wind 101-x Installation (45) Optional
Installation of Micro Wind Turbines using a Grip Hoist and of Household-Size Wind Turbine with Crane, Installation of a Large Wind Turbine

Questions and Answers

Note: Case Studies or other sections can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience. A section showing an installation sequence for a micro-, household-size, and large wind turbine can also be added.



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