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Kazakstan switches to renewable energy

May 26, 2020,  

Salimzhuarova said that the legal framework for green investments has also improved since the government switched in 2017 from feed-in tariffs, payments for the generation of renewable energy to an...

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Kazakhstan Launches Feed-in Tariff Program

June 20, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

The oil and gas rich country announces prices for renewable energy in its new feed-in tariff program.[more]

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Kazakhstan Solar and Wind Power Markets. New feed-in tariffs and very good opportunities for 2014

December 9, 2013,   by Renewable Energy Market Watch

Kazakhstan has also adopted at the end of August 2013 a new feed-in tariff law – “On Supporting the Use of Renewable Energy Sources” – that will provide support to renewable energy producers. The...

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