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Photos of Our EVSE (Charge Station)

We installed two types of "charge station" or more correctly two types of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) at our home. The first is ClipperCreek's 40-amp EVSE with J1772 EV charge connector and 23-feet of charge cable. The second is a NEMA 14-50 receptacle on the same 40-amp circuit. The 40-amp circuit is rated to provide 32-amps continuously (40-amps peak) as when charging an EV. So ClipperCreek's "40-amp EVSE" is limited to 32 amps. (In North America circuits are limited to 80% of their "rated" capacity according to the National Electrical Code. This is to prevent circuits overheating and causing fires.) The Nissan Leaf's on-board charger only draws 27.5 amps.

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