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Calls for Dubai to introduce feed-in-tariff to aid rooftop solar

March 28, 2015,   by LeAnne Graves

Green energy companies want Dubai to consider implementing a feed-in tariff (Fit) to accelerate rooftop solar in the emirate.

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Surprise: Dubai Solar Auctions Reach--German FIT Prices!

November 27, 2014,   by Craig Morris

In other words, adjusted for solar conditions, this auction just produced a price almost competitive with German feed-in tariffs. So congratulations, Dubai, that’s not easy to do with auctions! . ....

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Green Prophet: Dubai Readies Law to Let Home Owners Feed Energy to the Grid

May 18, 2013,   by Brandi Brands

With Dubai’s government close to finalizing legislation, property owners in the Emirate may soon have the option to feed solar power into the grid so they can make money from feed-in tariffs. . .

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The National: Pressure on for Feed-in Tariffs in Dubai

August 15, 2011,   by April Yee

The announcement that Dubai will keep prices fixed increases pressure on the Government to introduce a feed-in tariff to help renewable energy compete with conventional power.

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