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Fossil Fuels ares not renewable, obviously. They are listed here for organizational reasons. I don't write about fossil fuels--as a rule. However, fossil fuels and those who promote them are not going away quietly. Thus, I felt it necessary to include the topic to distinguish articles that are not about nuclear power or renewable energy.

Into the Mire: A Closer Look at Fossil Fuel Subsidies

March 14, 2017,   by Radoslaw (Radek) Stefanski

The overwhelming majority of the world’s fossil fuel subsidies stem from China, the U.S. and the ex-USSR; as of 2010, this figure was $712 billion or nearly 80 per cent of the total world value of...

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German renewables sector calls for carbon tax

February 24, 2017,   by Craig Morris

German renewables association BEE has therefore proposed a carbon tax, but critics of the plan say it would only weaken the ETS further.

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The Dutch step away from their gas

February 20, 2017,   by Craig Morris

The Economist coined the term Dutch disease for the perceived inability of the Netherlands to innovate itself out of economic downturns (not to be confused with the recent Dutch Coal Mistake:...

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 Progressives Need to Get Over Themselves and Support This GOP-Backed Carbon-Tax Plan

February 14, 2017,   by  Charles Komanoff

Purist objections scuttled Washington State’s market-friendly carbon tax plan in November. Let’s not let that happen at the national level.

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The year coal collapsed: 2016 was a turning point for Britain’s electricity

January 6, 2017,   by Grant Wilson, Iain Staffell

Britain’s electricity was the cleanest it had been in 60 years, as coal collapsed and renewables rose to record levels.

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Why Trump might not make much of a difference to action on climate change

November 14, 2016,   by Dave Toke

For a start the Paris Agreement already has enough national states as signatures representing a high enough proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions to remain valid with a US withdrawal. The...

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Trump Contribution to Global Warming Policy

November 12, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Trump has been elected president. Most people expect this to be bad news for climate policy. But Trump has already contributed strongly to the effort.

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Fighting in the Trenches Doesn’t Excuse Ignorance on Carbon Taxes

October 28, 2016,   by Charles Komanoff

A charitable way to view Food and Water Watch’s intemperate and misguided attacks this week on carbon taxing is that these energetic activists are so consumed with fighting fracking, pipelines and...

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Washington State’s I-732: A Climate Measure for the Society We Have

October 18, 2016,   by Charles Komanoff

If climate change is a war, the millennials are fighting while the establishment is hiding. Calling out the old guard’s “deafening silence” (or worse) on the Washington state carbon tax.

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Indiana’s Gas Boom & Subsequent Bust Comes Full Circle

August 26, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

An item in the Indianapolis Star prodded me to pull out an article I started work on two years ago. It’s been in my inbox all that time. I’ve been busy with my day job and writing about the tragedy...[more]

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The Danger of “Clean Energy”

August 5, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

When clean energy doesn’t mean what you think it does.[more]

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Renewable Energy, Climate Change and the Democratic Party Platform 2016

August 2, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

The Democratic Party Platform calls for a global summit to solve the climate crisis within the first 100 days of the new administration and a WWII-level mobilization to combat climate change. If...[more]

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Carbon pricing: The Alberta Climate FAQ series | No. 3

July 21, 2016,   by Sara Hastings-Simon

In this FAQ we examine the commonly asked questions about Alberta’s carbon levy, which is seen by experts as the most effective, efficient and fair way to reduce emissions in the province, and the...

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The impact of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan on electricity costs

July 8, 2016,  

This is the first in a series of six publications aimed at answering frequently asked questions that have emerged from the spread of misinformation following the implementation of Alberta's Climate...

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Nuclear and coal power when renewables are curtailed

June 12, 2016,   by Craig Morris

Have I mentioned before that Germany does not have too much renewable power, it has too much baseload? The state of Schleswig-Holstein, which had just over 100% renewable power net last year, is a...

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Alberta continues to lead the way on climate

May 29, 2016,   by Rick Smith

Alberta’s ambitious plan has a variety of elements, including phasing out dirty coal-fired power plants, creating a provincial electricity efficiency strategy, and capping emissions from the...

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Worst Possible Phaseout Strategy

May 27, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

I still think that global warming is easily solved once the fossil fuel owners understand how to profit from the phaseout.

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Backtracking on Clean Energy, Clinton Turns Chameleon on Coal

May 3, 2016,   by Lauren McCauley

Campaigning in Appalachia on Monday, Hillary Clinton claimed she "misspoke" when previously declaring her opposition to coal, telling voters that as president she would work to ensure that the...

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California has too much coal and nuclear

April 18, 2016,   by Craig Morris

A political arrangement is being passed off as a technical issue. Stop protecting nuclear and coal; get rid of baseload.

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Leading global coal miner Peabody files for bankruptcy

April 13, 2016,   by Tracy Rucinski and Tom Hals

Leading global coal producer Peabody Energy Corp BTU.N filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Wednesday after a sharp drop in coal prices left it unable to service debt of $10.1 billion, much of it...

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Phaseout Profit Theory Is an Exit Strategy

April 12, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

As the share of renewable grows, demand for fossil fuel goes down. All things equal, that would mean lower prices for fossil fuel.

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Longannet switch-off ends coal-fired power production in Scotland

April 9, 2016,  

"While the power station has served the nation for many years, the world is moving forward to cleaner, cheaper forms of renewable energy generation."

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Energy policy and uninformed opinion

March 27, 2016,   by Kurt Cobb

But there is another reason for resistance to careful thinking; it can be difficult and distressing, especially if it leads to conclusions that are uncomfortable or contrary to our current beliefs....

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Coal ash & breaker boys

March 27, 2016,   by Sarah Forth

In Los Angeles, coal supplies 33 to 40 percent of the electricity provided by the L.A. Department of Water and Power, our city-owned public utility.

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Oregon says yes to coal-free electricity

March 20, 2016,   by Kurt Cobb

But negotiations between the two groups resulted in a legislative compromise--dubbed the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan--that will wean the state off coal-fired electricity no later than...

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German coal is worthless

March 17, 2016,   by Craig Morris

Vattenfall has failed to find a buyer for its coal assets in Germany. The focus is now on alternative models, such as a fund to protect workers.

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Peabody shares plunge; coal producer raises bankruptcy risk

March 16, 2016,   by Jessica DiNapoli

Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N), the largest U.S. coal producer, may have to seek bankruptcy protection, the company said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday, citing poor economies in countries that...

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Nova Scotia Power's coal is "drenched in blood"

December 3, 2015,   by Sarah Wilbur

During his recent tour of the Maritimes, Cuellar described how both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have unwittingly become complicit in environmental devastation, forced displacement, disappearances...

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A Call to Paris Climate Negotiators: Tax Carbon

November 29, 2015,   by Charles Komanoff

The Carbon Tax Center released a letter signed by 32 notable individuals calling for a carbon tax--from right to left--from Robert Reich to Jerry Taylor (Cato, ALEC) to George Schultz of the Hoover...

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The UK's energy plan visualized

November 26, 2015,   by Bernard Chabot

Line up energy sources by unpopularity, and you have the British government's priorities listed; in other words, the government is doing exactly what the British public don't want

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Britain: Payments to fossil fuel plant now being counted as 'environmental' by Treasury

November 25, 2015,   by Dave Toke

In a move that will astonish many the Treasury have decided to count payments to existing fossil and nuclear power stations for providing capacity as 'environmental' levies'.

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Austria phases out coal?

November 25, 2015,   by Craig Morris

Essentially, Austria is simply shutting down plants that are not making money. Two out of three of them happen to be coal-fired.

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Road to COP21 and Beyond: The Missing Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol and its Failure

November 24, 2015,   by Michael Hoexter

It’s strange yet on the eve of COP21 in Paris, starting on November 30th, where humanity will try to save itself, that reasoned, careful analysis of previous such attempts have been heedlessly left...

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Alberta just became Canada’s carbon leader. Yes, really.

November 23, 2015,   by The Globe and Mail Editorial

Canada’s leader on climate change is now Alberta. Just like that, the province has gone from pariah to paragon. On Sunday, Premier Rachel Notley’s New Democratic government unveiled a program to...

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Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan

November 22, 2015,  

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan accelerates the transition from coal to renewable electricity sources, puts a price on carbon pollution for everyone, and sets emissions limits for the oil sands.

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UK's Amber Rudd re-set: a do-nothing fantasy policy

November 19, 2015,  

Amber Rudd today compounded the fantasy that surrounds UK energy policy by declaring that the future would depend on new gas fired and nuclear power stations without any realistic policies of...

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Saskatchewan energy to be 50 per cent renewable by 2030

November 19, 2015,   by Emma Graney

By 2030, half of Saskatchewan’s power will come from renewable sources, with wind, solar and geothermal energy all thrown into the mix.

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Syria, climate change and the horror in Paris

November 15, 2015,   by Curt Cobb

A study released earlier this year suggested that the first link in the causal chain that led to the current conflict in Syria was a severe drought lasting from 2006 through 2009, a drought that...

Category: Fossil Fuels

Keystone XL rejection signals change in the pipeline: analysis

November 12, 2015,   by Tyler Hamilton

A shift in cultural attitudes and technology is giving political leaders more license to act on climate.

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The Road To COP21: Where is the “Locus of Control” of Effective Climate Action?

November 10, 2015,   by Michael Hoexter

While we need international institutions like the UN to facilitate a global energy and land-use transition, the UN cannot function, as it has in the past, as a tar-pit or morass to entrap the good...

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels or You have to be Kidding

November 4, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Yep, only in Bakersfield, the oil capitol of California. Sunday morning I went down the drive to pick up the newspaper after gazing up at Venus, Jupiter, and Mars. What do I see? A special tag stuck...[more]

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Yes, ExxonMobil Committed “Unparalleled Evil” Yet that Evil Can Distract From Taking Action

October 28, 2015,   by Michael Hoexter

The causal framework that blames only fossil fuel companies also excuses us consumers who were and are only too happy to continue the fossil-fueled party, especially with no visible impingements on...

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Coal power down, renewables up in Germany

July 2, 2015,   by Craig Morris

Overall, electricity from lignite dropped by 3.6 percent, mainly because so much wind power was produced during the winter that it actually cut into this baseload electricity. In contrast, power from...

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Fossil Fuel Feed-In Tariffs

May 17, 2015,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

It would work exactly like the successful solar tariff, with one small change. There would be a cap on the fossil fuel electricity bought under the system. That cap would be calculated from the...

Category: News on Feed in Tariffs, Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Guardian: Fossil fuel firms accused of renewable lobby takeover to push gas

January 22, 2015,   by Arthur Neslen

Big energy firms such as Total, Iberdrola, E.On and Enel have together adopted a dominant position in trade bodies such as the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and European Photovoltaic...

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Large Wind, Fossil Fuels

Conservative Forces at Work: The Opposition to Wind power in Australia

August 6, 2014,   by Neil Barrett

In the short to medium term the fossil fuel interests and their supporters – both witting and unwitting — are fighting the battle of their corporate lives to preserve the privileged position they’ve...

Category: Wind Noise, Health, & Safety, Renewable Energy, News on Large Wind, Fossil Fuels

Danish Energy Agency: An energy system without fossil fuels is technically possible

May 20, 2014,   by Ture Falbe-Hansen

The Danish Energy Agency has published an energy-scenario report and five sub-analyses on the energy system of the future and the challenges that need managing up to 2050 as fossil fuels are phased...

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

SPP: UK successfully lobbies for fossil fuel protection in state aid guidelines

April 10, 2014,   by John Parnell

The UK has successfully lobbied to have a clause removed from the new EU state aid guidelines that would have hampered support for fossil fuels.

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Wind Blog: Update on Gas in Storage

March 27, 2014,   by Glen Estill

Natural gas in storage in the US continued its decline in the most recent update from the US Energy Information Agency. (Why doesn’t Canada publish this type of data?) The ongoing cold winter reduced...

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Natural Gas Less than Reliable in a Country “Awash” in Gas

February 7, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

California’s over reliance on fossil fuels for generating electricity, notably natural gas, led the state’s electricity system operator to call an emergency on Thursday, 6 February. The move called...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Guardian: Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies'

December 23, 2013,   by Nafeez Ahmed

Richard Miller was particularly critical of the UK government's policies, including abandoning large-scale wind farm projects, the reduction of feed-in tariffs for renewable energy, and support for...

Category: Renewable Energy, Great Britain, Fossil Fuels

Renew Economy: How wind displaced coal in Spain

August 18, 2013,   by Giles Parkinson

Goldman Sachs says Spain is a good example of how increases in renewable energy production has to be offset by a lower average load among fossil fuel plants. “Rising generation from solar plants in...

Category: Renewable Energy, Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Fossil Fuels

The implication for climate change and peak fossil fuel of the continuation of the current trend in wind and solar energy production

May 3, 2013,   by Mark Leggett and David Ball

The study finds that the peak fossil fuel risk will start to be critical by 2020. If however the future growth rate of wind and solar energy production follows that already achieved for the world...

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Sharp decline in 2012 [Danish] CO2 emissions

March 22, 2013,  

Danes are consuming more renewable energy and less fossil fuels and emitting less CO2, 2012 energy statistics show. . .

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Independent: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science

January 24, 2013,  

Audit trail reveals that donors linked to fossil fuel industry are backing global warming sceptics . . .

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Fossil Fuels

Is the Unthinkable Possible: Feed-in Tariffs for Coal and Nuclear?

October 29, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Conservative State of Indiana First Out of the Gate with Coal Gas Tariff--British Nuclear Tariffs Expected Shortly . . .[more]

Category: Great Britain, Indiana FIT, Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels

PEI: Germany's RWE quits nuclear and puts all fossil fuel plants on hold

June 18, 2012,  

German utility RWE (RWE.XE) has today permanently withdrawn from building nuclear power plants and has also put on hold any plans for new fossil-fuelled projects. . .

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Giant Germany Utility Swears Off New Coal

June 15, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

  RWE, one of Germany's biggest utilities, has announced it will not build any more new coal plants. RWE currently gets 2/3 of its generation from coal. RWE by 2025 will get only 1/4 of its...[more]

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Fossil Fuels

Wind Power’s Displacement of Fossil Fuels by Charles Komanoff

April 21, 2009,   by Charles Komanoff

[W]hen wind turbines are operated as parts of an interconnected grid for which the dominant share of energy is provided by generators burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas), wind power...

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Grid Integration, Fossil Fuels

California's Power Crisis, A Personal View

March 2, 2002,   by Paul Gipe

2003 Note: This was written at the height of California's Power Crisis. Some who read this piece criticized it for not capturing the "true causes" of the crisis. I feel vindicated by later events,...[more]

Category: California Power Crisis, Fossil Fuels

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