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Podcasts with Paul Gipe

  • Plug-In America with Bob Tregilus. Bob Tregilus speaks with renewable energy policy guru, Paul Gipe, about his year adventuring around south central California in his EV. November 30, 2015. 30:51.
  • Harvey Wasserman's California Solartopia - Part 5 with Paul Gipe. In this last show of the special 5 part radio series Harvey discusses amazing advancements in renewable energy with expert Paul Gipe. California Solartopia co-produced by Harvey Wasserman and KPFK Program Director Alan Minsky was heard on Pacifica Radio's Los Angeles fm station KPFK Monday, June 29, 2015 through Friday, July 3, 2015. 59:36.

  • Progressive Radio Network Podcast of Harvey Wasserman's Green Power and Wellness interview with Paul Gipe. Paul Gipe re-joins us to further explain the nuts and bolts of how Solartopian technology is re-shaping our world's energy system.  A true godfather of the renewable energy industry, Paul's iron grip on the nitty-gritties of the green transformation in Germany and elsewhere makes for an irreplaceable primer on how we must power a truly sustainable future. April 22, 2013.

  • Progressive Radio Network Podcast of Harvey Wasserman's Green Power And Wellness interview with Paul Gipe April 8, 2013. Winning a totally green grid is the Solartopian goal of legendary renewables pioneer Paul Gipe at this landmark Green Power & Wellness Show. For decades Paul has pioneered the power of wind, solar and the whole array of renewable energy resources.  One of the planet’s most powerful advocates of the feed-in tariff, Paul speaks with brilliance and clarity of green power industry’s  accelerating capabilities to produce ALL our industrial energy far faster than many believed possible.
  • TWiE 78: Are Hollywood Screenwriters Energy Policy Experts?--TWiE discusses President Obama’s energy secretary nominee, we learn the real definition of the word sequester, public environmental concern is at a 20 year low, a Republican mayor in CA mandates solar on all new rooftops & is Hollywood writing energy policy press releases? With guest Paul Gipe. March 9, 2013. 1:08:47.

  • Progressive Radio Network Podcast with Paul Gipe--SolarTimes editor Sandy LeonVest ( in conversation with renewable energy industry analyst, author and advocate, Paul Gipe. They address the critical need for German-style feed-in tariffs -- what he calls "Advanced Renewable Tariffs" (or ARTS) -- in the US, in order to deploy the massive amounts of renewable energy needed in the US to avoid economic, humanitarian and environmental catastrophe. They also talk about the importance of local ownership of renewable energy, the grassroots movement for "energy democracy" and "defeatism," in the face of corporate misinformation. October 4, 2011.
  • Time for Action on Renewable Energy: Paul Gipe on Feed-in Tariffs--In this podcast Paul Gipe speaks at a gathering of renewable energy entrepreneurs, analysts, policy wonks, and leaders from across the globe. the gathering focused on feed-in tariffs as the best means of rapidly deploying renewable energy. It works in Germany and many other countries – it can work in the U.S. too. Recorded by Thomas Schuenema, July 30, 2010. 30:06.

  • Beyond Zero Emissions Podcast with Paul Gipe--Paul Gipe, author of 'Wind Energy Basics' talks to Scott Bilby about how the Canadian province of Ontario plans to close all its coal power plants by 2014, how people in Vermont wanting to own their own energy sources pushed politicians into instituting feed-in tariffs, and much more. And a warning for Australians: Beware FITINOS - Feed-in Tariffs in Name Only! September 11, 2009. 29:56.

  • the Watt Podcast 54--Paul Gipe is on the show talking about wind power and the roller coaster ride that it has taken since the 70s. Transcript available below. Conversation starts at the 14 min mark. Paul wrote this book, among many others. April 23, 2006.

  • The Oil Drum: Wind Power with Paul Gipe (transcript)--The World Wind Energy Conference is just around the corner and happens to be in my home town. I was flipping through the conference program and noticed a familiar name pop up quite a lot: Paul Gipe. He's written a number of books on wind power and most recently has become involved in feed-in tariffs for wind power in North America. I spoke to him a while ago about how the industry has developed. June 8, 2008.
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