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Tehachapi Wind Murals & Signs

Wind development began in Tehachapi, California with the Great Wind Rush of the early 1980s. The first flimsy turbines were installed in 1981. Since those early pioneering days, the Tehachapi Pass has become home to one of world's great concentrations of wind turbines.

It was only a matter of time before iconic images of the area's wind turbines began appearing on murals, sign boards, and more.

This mural was found on the wall of a Tehachapi steak house in February 2016.

Signboard welcoming shoppers to the boardwalk of a German bakery in downtown Tehachpai in the summer of 2014.

Step into the McDonald's in Tehachapi and you're reminded of the importance of the wind industry on the hills outside of town. Unfortunately, the designers of this McDonald's made a mistake. The wind turbines pictured, Kenetech's KVS 33, are found in the Altamont Pass not in the Tehachapi Pass. This error probably grates on the employees of the local wind farms who eat there, it certainly raised my ire when I saw it in the summer of 2012.

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