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February 8, 2012
Paul Gipe

I am Sick of Anti-Wind Propaganda

Yes, anti-wind hysteria has made me sick. I got queasy in my stomach when I thought of the 150,000 wind turbines operating worldwide and still no epidemic of death and disease had yet broken out despite the sickening anti-wind hype in the English-speaking world. I worried myself sick that a new black death would strike Germany and Spain who together have one-third of the world's wind turbines. I fretted even more that Europe would collapse in panic and mayhem from its 100,000 wind turbines, many now operating for decades.

Why then are Germans, Danes, and Spaniards not falling by the thousands to dementia and disease? Are they made of sterner stuff? Or is it simply that they don't speak English and can't read all the propaganda fostered by the anti-renewables lobby.

It is the anti-renewables lobby--it's not just anti-wind anymore, they're after solar too--that makes me sick.

It made me sick to learn a few days before the Ontario, Canada election that the Power Workers Union was caught with their metaphorical pants down. It seems that the pro-nuclear, pro-coal lobby group was uncovered funding an anti-wind, and anti-renewables campaign of commentary in newspapers, on the radio, and on the internet.

I felt a lot better after the disclosure forced this unethical campaign to close its doors--at least for now.

I am feeling much better now too, after learning that a disgruntled citizen sued an anti-wind group in Ontario for violating the province's election laws by openly endorsing an anti-wind candidate.

I am nearly cured after learning that a newspaper sued an American anti-wind group for flagrantly violating their copyright, stealing, and then editing the newspaper's articles to suit the group's agenda.

So, the prognosis is good. I am feeling much better that reason will ultimately prevail--even in the English-speaking world.

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