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Large Wind Turbines

March 25, 2012
Paul Gipe

Denmark 50 Percent Wind by 2020

Denmark to Substantially Expand Wind on Land and at Sea

 March 22, 2012  the Danish parliament passed one of the most ambitious renewable targets in Europe.

With seven of the eight political parties in agreement, the Danish parliament set as a national objective that the country of 5 million will generate 50% of its electricity with wind energy alone by 2020—or effectively doubling the current role of wind energy in the country today.

Moreover, 35% of all energy consumption will be from renewable sources by 2020.

By 2050, the country will produce 100% of the electricity and the energy used in heating and transportation with renewable sources.

The agreement specifically says that offshore wind will expand 1,500 MW and the amount of wind generating capacity on land will increase by even more—1,800 MW.

The Danish announcement should put to bed reoccurring rumors maliciously circulated by the anti-renewables lobby that Denmark is abandoning wind energy.

In addition the country will convert it’s coal-fired power plants to biomass.

Funding for expansion of wind in the electricity sector will be paid for by ratepayers, not taxpayers, as part of Public Service Obligation charge on electricity bills.

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