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Wind Energy

January 9, 2017
Paul Gipe

TAM Energy Still Spinning WindTronics Hype--Will This Thing Ever Die?

Honeywell WindTronics may be dead but that doesn’t stop others from spinning the WindTronics hype.

A web site with the name TAM Energy displays photos and illustrations of the Honeywell WindTronics turbine. Many of the illustrations are directly from the defunct WindTronics web site.

Apparently, the idea now is not only to use the bicycle wheel turbine as a wind turbine but also as some kind of exhaust gas reclaimer.

Alas, you can’t make this stuff up. If you don’t know why all this doesn’t make sense, grab a good book on physics—actually any book on physics.

The wind turbine of course is pure bunkum. See any book on wind energy.

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