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December 31, 2018
Paul Gipe

Correction to the Death of Robert Skarski in Wind Power 2004

I've been alerted to an error in the second edition of Wind Power (2004): Renewable Energy for Home Farm and Business.

On page 380, the right-hand column's second paragraph should read. Robert Skarski was killed when a friend of his, driving a tow vehicle, literally pulled the tower over with Robert on it.

Note that Skarski's brother was not driving the tow vehicle.

Wind Power (2004) is out of print; however, used copies are widely available. Anyone with a used copy of Wind Power should consult my pages with corrections to the book. See Corrections & Updates to Wind Power (2004).

See also Vanessa Skarski's Account of Her Father's Death on a Small Wind Turbine.

Skarski's death is correctly reported in A Summary of Fatal Accidents in Wind Energy.

Page 416 of Wind Energy for the Rest of Us (2016) notes simply that Skarski was killed when installing a household-size wind turbine.

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