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July 30, 2010
Paul Gipe

French Form Small Wind Group

French Form Small Wind Group

July 30, 2010

By Paul Gipe

On May 5th, 2010 two-dozen French small wind advocates gathered at the SEPEN test site near Narbonne, France. The meeting was called to discuss the future of small wind in France and whether there should be a specific group organized to represent the interests of small wind in the country.

The meeting was organized by Jay Hudnall, Ti'eole - énergies éoliennes, and Xavier Phan, Coordonnateur Pôle Energies 11 in Carcasonne.

SEPEN (Site Expérimental pour le Petit Eolien de Narbonne) is just outside Narbonne at the Château Mont Plaisir, a part of the large regional park.

Befitting the region's reputation for the Tramontane, the day was cold and very windy.

For details on the meeting and on small wind in France, contact Jay Hudnall, or Xavier Phan.

The new organization that is forming as a result of this meeting is Association des Acteurs du Petit Eolien (AAPE).


Meeting of French small wind proponents at Chateau Mont Plaisir near Narbonne.

The whole crew at the SEPEN test site on a windy ridge near the Chateau Mont Plaisir.

Philippe Brulé and Bertrand Richer at the SEPEN test site.

Philippe Brulé and Bertrand Richer at the SEPEN test site.

Jay Hudnal, Ti'eole - énergies éoliennes.

Franck Turlan, Coordonnateur Pôle Energies 11.

Bertrand Richer, Eole Conseil.

Jean-Marc Noël, one of France's wind power pioneers and founder of Aerowatt.

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