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Part I: Introduction

0: A Landscape of Power

by Martin J. Pasqualetti, Paul Gipe, and Robert W. Righter

Part II: Wind Power on the Land

1 Exoskeletal Outer-Space Creations

by Robert W. Righter

The Need for Wind Energy

Opposition to Wind Turbines

Origins of Opposition

Definitions of Landscape

How to Increase Public Acceptance

Views of Turbine Placement and Design

Wind Turbines as Art

Beauty and Architectural Beasts

Keep Them Turning

The Public is Forgiving

The Power of Dedicated Opponents

A Word for the Industry

2 Wind Power and English Landscape Identity

by Laurence Short

The Path to Failure or the Road to Success?

The role of the Artist

The Future Landscape Symposium

The Artist as Facilitator

Landscape and Countryside

Chocolate-Box Images


The Artist's Role in Wind Projects

The Consultative Process

Establishing a Sustainable Aesthetic for Wind Farms

Where Do Our Aesthetic Processes Operate?

The Immovable Arguments of NIMBYism

The wind Industry's Dilemma (and Challenge)

Conclusions for a Future Strategy

3 The Wind in One's Sails: A Philosophy

by Gordon G. Brittan, Jr.

Paradox #1

Paradox #2

Paradox #3

Ways of Resolution

The Notions of Natural Beauty and Scenery

Things and Devices

An Alien Architectural Arrival

An Argument for Local Control

The Importance of Place and History

Two Directions

A Modest Proposal

A Pluralistic Approach Toward Creative Designs

Part III: Wind Power in Northern Europe

4 Wind Landscapes in the German Milieu

by Martin Hoppe-Kilpper and Urta Steinhäuser

The Basic Question

Landscape and Landscape Values

The Position of the BLS

The Examples of Landscapes with Expressways

Improving Public Acceptance of Wind Energy Installations

Citizen Participation

Investment and Financing

Opening with "Bier, Wind, and Würstchen"


5 Society and Wind Power in Sweden

by Karin Hammarlund

Wind Power's Predicament

The Concept of Landscape

Reactions to Wind Power Landscapes

Public Involvement

Timing and Visualizations

Setting Standards

A Model for Agreement

The Simple Truth

6 A Formula for Success in Denmark

by Frode Birk Nielsen

Visual Order

Offshore Wind Farms

Modern Wind Turbine Design

Patterns of Ownership

Acceptance of the Danish Wind Turbine Landscape

7 Landscape and Policy in the North Sea Marshes

by Christoph Schwahn

A Controversial Policy

A False Solution to Environmental Guilt

reasons for Landscape Protection and Planning

Evaluation of Turbine Placement in Northern Germany

Landscape Perceptions

Wind Energy and Visible Policy Choices

Part: IV Working with the Wind

8 Living with Wind Power in a Hostile Landscape

by Martin J. Pasqualetti

A Paradox of Power

A Notch in the Mountains

Landscape Laboratory

A Landscape Changed

The Response

The Evolving Public Perception of Wind Landscapes

The Cultural Landscape of Wind

A Reversible Landscape

The Future of Wind Power

9 Design As If People Matter: Aesthetic Guidelines for a Wind Power Future

by Paul Gipe

Why Design for Aesthetics?

Wind Energy and Acceptance

What We Can Do

To Summarize: Be a Good Neighbor

Part: V Afterword

10 A View from Lake Como

by Gordon G. Brittan, Jr.

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