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Topics in Wind Energy Comes of Age

Provides reference material for wind energy's proponents

Provides a guide to

  • aesthetically pleasing wind turbine and wind power plant design
  • minimizing soil disturbance and erosion from wind plants
  • minimizing noise impacts
  • designing "as if people matter"
  • estimating typical wind turbine performance

Calls attention to European success in

  • designing aesthetically pleasing wind turbines
  • building model wind power plants
  • building reliable, quiet, and productive machines
  • creating market incentives geared to energy production
  • establishing national goals for wind energy

Calls attention to the

  • failure of "top-down" or centrally-directed R&D
  • failure of attempts to build giant wind turbines
  • success of the "Davids from Denmark"

Alerts environmentalists to

  • the value of wind energy
  • the moral quandary all development produces
  • he need for action in support of wind energy
  • the realization that wind energy is a business

Alerts wind energy's proponents to

  • the origins of the environmental movement
  • the philosophies that drive environmentalism


  • the myth that wind energy is land-intensive
  • the myth that wind turbines are inherently ugly
  • the myth that wind energy won't make a difference
  • the myth that wind energy is unreliable

Documents wind energy's

  • reduction of air pollution
  • energy balance
  • contribution to residential energy needs
  • reduction of water consumption
  • effect on employment and tourism
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