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What Others Have Said About Wind Energy

"A fascinating story, not only of technology but of the heart and soul behind it. A must for anyone that really wants to understand how wind power developed and what it takes to move sustainable technology toward the marketplace." --Carl Weinberg, former manager of R&D at Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

"A remarkable book . . . the most thorough treatment of the wind industry so far. . . For insiders and newcomers as well, the book will be a valuable tool for understanding the development of the wind power industry. . . A decade from now it will be almost impossible to survey the growth of this industry without the platform created by Wind Energy Comes of Age. Every chapter discloses Gipe's in-depth knowledge of this emerging industry. . . His sharp analysis of how competing groups have sought to harness the power in the wind makes exciting reading . . . the comprehensive treatment of wind's environmental and aesthetic impact on the landscape offers a guide to overcoming obstacles to wind energy's widespread acceptance. Gipe's analysis of this sensitive subject will surely blaze a path toward integration of wind energy into electricity supply systems worldwide." --Birger Madsen, Danish wind energy pioneer.

A "lucid and readable treatment" of wind turbine noise . . . an "excellent treatment of where the technology stands today for planners, wind farm operators, manufacturers and homeowners. . ." The explanation of "sound power levels is one of the clearest I have ever read . . . this book will make a major contribution to the "development of wind energy in a responsible manner." --Neil Kelley, authority on wind turbine noise with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Wind Technology Division.

"The wind energy field has waited a long time for a well-written, informative reference book like Paul Gipe's Wind Energy Comes of Age. This book is a must-have for developers in need of technical or economic information, politicians who want to know both sides of the wind energy story, technicians who want a reliable reference and others interested in a well-rounded introduction to wind energy." --Torgny Møller, founder of Windpower Monthly and Naturlig Energi.

"Both a comprehensive and engaging examination . . . this book presents a compelling case that by harnessing the secure and inexhaustible force of wind power, we can begin to move toward a more sustainable future.--Fiona Weightman, Friends of the Earth U.K.

"Although he is an ardent advocate, Gipe has written an account as balanced as it is thorough. He understands the danger in overselling the obvious environmental and social benefits of wind power, and is brutally honest about the industry's continuing struggle to make wind an acceptable energy source to environmentalists and utilities alike. Wind Energy Comes of Age is the most comprehensive and stimulating account I have read of wind power's promise in the diversified, competitive, and environmentally sustainable energy future on which our collective future depends."--William Grant, Izaak Walton League of America.

"A pragmatism born of meticulous research and wide field experience has made Paul Gipe one of wind power's most astute critics and most credible friends. He backs his exuberant chronicle with an insider's knowledge of the difficult "process" by which wind power has finally become practical. An explanation of the basic physics, politics and notorious failures of the business make the story a good lesson in design methods as well. This is one of the best accounts of the rise of a technology I've ever seen."--J. Baldwin, Whole Earth Review.

"Wind Energy Comes of Age is an essential 'soup to nuts' encyclopedia on wind technology. Mr. Gipe's long history with the wind industry in California shows in the breadth of his presentation--he offers both a basic introduction to wind energy, and detailed data on the engineering, economic, and environmental issues associated with wind energy. I have no doubt that wind energy will play an important part in our energy future, and this book will be a key handbook for future planners and developers."--Charles (Chuck) Imbrecht, chairman, California Energy Commission.

"Each new industry needs a bard--to sing its praises, describe its potential, and warn of problems before they become debilitating. In Paul Gipe, the wind industry has found that figure. His two decades working in and with the wind industry have given him a unique perspective, and his frank "tell-it-like-it-is" style, allow Paul to provide the comprehensive and cool-headed assessment that wind power needs as it makes the transition to global prominence. In Wind Energy Comes of Age, Paul Gipe has done this and more . . ." --Chris Flavin, senior researcher at WorldWatch Institute and the author of Power Surge, from the forward to Wind Energy Comes of Age.

"Wind Energy Comes of Age is 536 pages of Paul Gipe at his best." --WindStats Newsletter.

"References to wind turbine theory are kept mercifully short with the largest part of the text given over to investigating the environmental impact of wind power. . . Gipe's brutally frank style may irritate some, but his vitriol is reserved for those who have hindered wind energy's progress, either by expensive and mis-directed R&D or by 'concerned' opposition with a hidden NIMBY agenda. . . Filled with facts, comment, relevancy and occasional humor, the industry need wait no longer for its guide book."--Stewart Russell, writing in WindDirections,the newsletter of the British and European Wind Energy Associations.

"Wind Energy Comes of Age (is) the most wide-ranging book on wind in decades. . . Gipe marshals an astonishing array of evidence that questions the US government's federally-funded research and development. In a controversial chapter that is unprecedented in its depth, he documents what he calls widespread waste. . . On job safety he is (also) hard hitting. . . In clear language he chronicles the growth of the technology from its rebirth during the oil crises in the 1970s to its maturation on the plains of Europe in the 1990s.--Ros Davidson, Windpower Monthly.

"The most complete and readable work (on wind energy) I've seen. . . A compelling vision of where we (the wind industry) came from and where we should be going. . . A fine piece of work.--Kevin Jackson, Dynamic Design, an authority on structural design.

"The definitive word on wind energy. . . Gipe is knowledgeable and writes in a clear, unambiguous style. . . too often these episodes (of failures) are unreproted or glossed over, but Gipe Chronicles them all. . .the book is both broad in scope and rich in detail. . . recommended undergraduate through professional.--J.C. Comer, Northern Illinois University, reviewed in Choice by the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.

Selected by Choice magazine and the American Association of College and Research Libraries for its list of "Outstanding Academic Books for 1995."

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