Feed Laws

Illustrations in Wind Power (2004)

Small Wind Turbine nomenclature

Medium-size wind turbine nomenclature

Relative Size

Micro wind turbine.

Mini wind turbine.

Household-size wind turbine.

Medium-size wind turbine.

Large wind turbine

Mick Sagrillo

Hugh Piggott

Nomadic micro turbine.

Remote Telecommunications.

Cathodic protection.

Electric fence charging.

On-board battery charging

Wind power plant.

Dawn of modern windpower.

Models of wind development.

U Mass' Wind Furnace.

Wind pumping

Public spirited.

Playing with wind.

Mountain-valley winds

Variation in wind speed over a ridge

Historical monthly wind speed.

Diurnal Hourly Wind Speed for Wulf Test Field

Relative size of small wind turbines

Rayleigh wind speed distribution.

Increase in wind speed with height

Increase in wind power with height

Biological Indicators

Anemometer, mast, and data logger

logger inset

Anemometer mast

Anemometer mast as micro-turbine tower

Cup anemometer

Data collection.

Change in Air Density with Temperature

Change in Air Density with Altitude

Tera Kora

Tera Kora chart

Micro and mini wind turbines measured efficiency

Annual Energy Output for small wind turbines

Medium size wind turbines measured efficiency

Annual Energy Output for medium size wind turbines

Sample small wind turbine power curve

Power curve method

Sample Curve of Annual Energy Output

Small wind turbine power curve scatter plot

Rotor dimensions

Phil Littler and Schafer Systems V29

Medium size wind turbines

Horizontal- and vertical-axis wind turbines

Darrieus rotor nomenclature

Darrieus configurations

Novel Darrieus

Household size Darrieus

Giromill or cycloturbine a

Giromill or cycloturbine b

Fan tail

Tail vane

Horizontal axis configurations

Downwind rotor


Drag device

Savonius rotor

Modern "S" rotor

Magnus effect


Apparent wind

Twist a

Twist b

Multiblade farm windmill

Blade number

Cloth blades

Aluminum blades

Blade cross section

Carbon fiber blade

Blade attachment

Struts and stays

Rotor hub a

Rotor hub b

Teetering hub

Direct drive micro turbine

Integrated drive train a

Integrated drive train b

Drive train a

Drive train b

Enercon direct drive a

Enercon direct drive b

DC generator

Inside out

Utility compatible wind machiens

Doubly-fed induction generator

Flutter and dynamic braking

Decreasing frontal area

Halladay rosette or umbrella mill

Horizontal furling

Furling hinge a

Furling hinge b

Vertical furling

Variable rotor area

Downwind coning

Variable-geometry H-rotor

Flyball or Watt governor

Blade-actuated governor

Pitch weights

Full-span, variable pitch

Tip brake

Air brake


Pitchable blade tips

Minimalist small turbine

Monopteros 20

Riva Calzoni MP5

Never say die

Novel twin tail

Proven air gap alternator

Micro turbine tower

Tower types

Truss tower

Tubular tower

Pole tower

Hinged, free-standing tubular tower

Guyed lattice towers

Guyed tubular tower

Guyed hinged tower

End of the hunt

Homebuilt, But Well Built

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Rebuilt Wincharger

Rebuilt Parris-Dunn

Modern Jacobs

First-generation Danish wind turbines

U.S. Windpower 56-100

Carter 25 kW

Carter 300

Enertech E44

Storm Master

Windtech (early 1985)

Biting the Dust

Tændpibe Fællesmølle

Brake-drum windmill

Bill Young, one tough hombre

Bill Young's 65 kW Nordtank

Dutch Valley Produce


Sacred Winds


Sydthy Kabellaug

Small wind turbine specific price

Performance testing a

Performance testing b

Small wind turbine specific mass

Art & Maxine Cook's HR3

Interconnection with the grid

Medium-size interconnected turbine

Medium-size utility-compatible wind systems

Schafer systems interconnection

Interconnection with battery back up

True and apparent power

Typical medium-size wind system

Degree of self-use

Dump circuit

Off-the-grid wind systems

Hybrid stand-alone power system

On the road and off the grid

Daily Generation from Air 403

Suggested battery and inverter placement

Utility backup

Telecom hybrid power system

Village power

Island power

Hybrid wind & Solar Generation, Amarillo

Hybrid wind & Solar Generation, Pittsburgh

Nies-Gipe Electricity Consumption

Traditional farm windmill

Pumping head nomenclature

Packing head


Chicago or American farm windmill

Estimated pumping volume

Air-lift wind pumps,a Bowjon

Air-lift wind pumps, b Koender

Wind pumping flow rate comparison

Wind pumping volume comparison

Farm windmill and storage tank

Hybrid wind pumping system

Long-lived Enertech

High-volume wind pumping

Dempster Annu-Oiled

Sidewalk siting

Go fly a kite

Zone of disturbed flow

Clear of obstructions

Obstruction marking

Stroll through the park

A Swiss watch it was not

Watch for ice


Visual uniformity

Headless horsemen

Logo free

Bury power lines

Bury power lines

Dress turbines properly

Control erosion

Architectural transformer treatment

Remove litter and bone yards

Noise measurement of micro turbine

Measured Air 403 plus ambient noise

BWC 850 SPL Summary

Calculated emission source strength

Calculated & measured noise emissions

Interference, no; ugly, yes

Birds and small wind turbines

Guy-cable positioning

Concrete anchor

Concrete pier

Expanding anchor installation

Screw Anchor installation

Rock anchor installation

Preformed cable grip

Never saddle a dead horse

Always use a thimble

Anchor knuckle

Cable thimble

Turnbuckle safety cable

Taking up slack

Substandard turnbuckles

Free-standing tower installaiton

Tower assembly tools

Tapered tubular tower

Raising rotor

Tilt-Up Tower

A-frame gin pole

Mini wind turbine on tilt-up tower


Raising tilt-up tower with electric winch

Raising tilt-up tower with electric winch

Power lost in conductors

Energy lost in conductors

Erecting Guyed Tower with Crane

Crane arrives

Crew attaches nylon sling to tower

Initial lift

Attaching nosecone or spinner

Crane raises turbine and tower

Mast is lowered onto pier

Ground crew attaches guy cables

Windsmith climbs tower

Turbine installed

Erecting Guyed Tilt-Up Tower with a Griphoist

Taking delivery of an Air

Taking inventory

Assembling the mast's base plate

Carefully aligning anchor

Carefully aligning anchor

Screw anchor

Driving the screw anchors by hand

Assembling the NRG mast

Unreeling guy cable

Gin pole and rigging

Raising the tower without the turbine

Making connections

Strain relief

Mounting the wind turbine

Raising the turbine and tower

Raising the turbine and tower

Turbine installed

Up-Tower connectors

Junction box

Foundation for tubular tower

Detail of threaded rebar

Placing the first tower section

Placing the top two tower sections in one lift

Lifting the nacelle on this NEG-Micon turbine

Assembling the rotor

Raising the rotor

Almost there

Ready for operation

Torquing tower bolts


Regular bathing


Kilowatt-hour meter

Proven on Falklands

Working on the tower

Full-body harness


Work platform and lanyard anchorage

Locking snap hooks

Fall-arresting cable and sleeve

Climbing tower with fall-arresting system

Servicing medium-size turbine

Wooden work platform

Boom or aerial lift

Disconnect switch

Insulated tools


Terry Mehrkam

End of the line

Distributed wind


Electric vehicle charging

Tehachapi rides the wind

Energy for Life

Estimating AEO from Mfg Power Curve

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