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The promotion of the Windtamer ducted turbine and the support lent by the academic community is a particularly egregious example of an ill-informed promoter preying on goodwill and naiveté.

Clarkson Attempts Ducted Turbines—Again

January 20, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Despite its previous association with a questionable wind turbine and its promoter, Clarkson University announced that the school in upstate New York has transferred ducted wind turbine technology...[more]

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Windtamer Ducted Wind Turbine Finally and Officially Kaput

June 24, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

It went by various incarnations, but it was founded as Windtamer by one Gerald Brock and it finally and officially is gone.[more]

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SkyWolf Wind Turbines

June 28, 2013,  

Gerald Brock, the "inventor" of Windtamer is back at it with a new company using the same Windtamer design.

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Arista Power: WindTamer 4.5 GT

June 28, 2013,  

The Windtamer turbine was still being promoted on Arista Power's web site.

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Green Investing: This is Why You Avoid Story Stocks

May 24, 2010,   by John Rubino

In retrospect, a little more skepticism would have been in order, because this is exactly the kind of thing you see constantly in hot markets. Revolutionary technology, lots of interest that will...

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Adeeb Saba assumes responsibility for product development at WindTamer Corporation

May 19, 2010,  

William A. Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer of WindTamer Corporation, said that, “The decision of the Board of Directors and me to no longer have Mr. Brock head the research and development of the...

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Windtamer Hype Needs Trimmed: Betz Beaten Yet Again Raises Questions

December 6, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Poor Albert Betz, the German physicist must be turning over in his grave. He's been beaten yet again.[more]

Category: Shrouded & Ducted Wind Turbines, Windtamer

Fantasy Wind Turbines or If It's Too Good To Be True . . .

July 20, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Scams, Frauds, & Flakes--Tell-Tale Signs[more]

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