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The development, promotion, and marketing of the Vortec 7 configuration has all the hallmarks of the hubris characteristic of Diffuser-Augmented Wind Turbine inventions. In short, the hype exceed the turbine's performance and the company's promotion exceeded its ability to deliver. Some of the country's best engineers were swept up in the euphoria produced by one of New Zealand's most charismatic promoters.

Vortec 7 DAWT Summary of Test Results

January 11, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

This summary reflects my view at the time. Key participants were acknowledging the technical failure of Vortec 7, but they couched their failure in arcane technical language at arcane conferences. [more]

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Fantasy Wind Turbines or If It's Too Good To Be True . . .

July 20, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Scams, Frauds, & Flakes--Tell-Tale Signs[more]

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WPM: Vortec Energy collapses -- economics questionable

August 1, 2001,  

Doubts about an unusual approach to turbine design have been proven right with the demise of Vortec Energy, launched in 1994 with strong hopes for its diffuser augmented wind turbine (DAWT) design....

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Turbine company runs out of puff

July 20, 2001,   by MELANIE CARROLL

Wind turbine company Vortec Energy is being wound up because its project is uneconomic, despite having raised $23 million in the past five years. . .[more]

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Vortec closure no surprise

July 19, 2001,   by Geoff Henderson

The announcement this week that Vortec is closing comes as no surprise to Windflow Technology chief executive, Geoff Henderson. Windflow Technology Ltd is raising $3 million to establish local...[more]

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Aerodynamic analysis and monitoring of the Vortec 7 diffuser-augmented wind turbine

January 13, 2000,   by Trevor Nash

Simplified one-dimensional arguments lead to predictions of speed-ups of about 2 and power augmentations of about 4, but such power levels have not been observed to date.

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NZH: Vortec hits second wind with turbine energy technology

December 7, 1999,   by YOKE HAR LEE

Vortec Energy - after spending $5 million on what its chief describes as New Zealand's most expensive "sculpture" - has emerged with new wind-harnessing technology and made its first licensing deal....

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Status of Vortec 7 Project

April 28, 1998,   by Thomas Ackermann

The New Zealand Wind Energy Association newsletter gives some information about the status of the Vortec 7 project, reports Thomas Ackermann. . .[more]

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Comments on the Vortec Diffuser Augmented Turbine

July 7, 1997,   by Paul Gipe

I was critical of the development of this wind turbine for several reasons: excessive hype, questionable sales of stock, and the aggressive style of the company's promoter. [more]

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New Zealand Sunday Star-Times: Storm over Wind Energy (Vortec 7 DAWT)

July 6, 1997,   by Daniel Riordan

AS WIND turbine generator Vortec Energy gets ready for a 10-city roadshow: to promote its $10m public offering an overseas expert has warned small investors to steer clear, saying the company's...[more]

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Vortec home page in June, 1997. Copyright 1997 by Vortec Energy Limited.

June 1, 1997,  

Attempt by Vortec to rebut their critics.[more]

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NZSM: Getting the Wind Up

June 1, 1997,  

Despite the questions and scepticism, hopes for the new machine remain high, with Vortec predicting that the full-scale machines will produce electricity at about 4 cents/kWhr, or about half that of...

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Concentrating Windsystems - Sense or Nonsense?

May 20, 1997,   by Heiner Doerner

Since 1996 we have a "new" old, huge, new-fangled saurian, a device erected in New Zealand. . .

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