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Elena Energie

Fortunately, this is a very short entry. This is a firm that was here today and gone tomorrow. It was painful to watch French politicians fall for this little wonder. C'est la vie.

Elena Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT) Update

June 28, 2011,  

Zero, Null, Nada Generation in One Year--After one full year of operation, the Elena DAWT has produced zero net electricity.

Category: Shrouded & Ducted Wind Turbines, Elena Energie

Elena Diffuser-Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT)

May 7, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Have Parisians Drunk the Kool-Aid?[more]

Category: Shrouded & Ducted Wind Turbines, Elena Energie

Fantasy Wind Turbines or If It's Too Good To Be True . . .

July 20, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Scams, Frauds, & Flakes--Tell-Tale Signs[more]

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