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Small Wind Turbine Testing

Testing of small wind turbines to international standards is one of the principal ways we can insure that small wind turbines can do what their promoters claim. For decades manufactures of small wind turbines could say whatever they wanted about their wind turbines and there was no way to hold them accountable. Today--after nearly three decades of effort--there are standardized tests for measuring the performance of small wind turbines and standardized ways of reporting this performance. No one should ever buy a small wind turbine that has not been tested to international standards and the results of those tests published for the world to see.

Wulf Small Wind Turbine Test Field Closed

July 9, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

In another sign of the times, I've closed Wulf Field and sold the property to the neighboring wind farm managed by Windstream Properties.[more]

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Professional-Grade Sound Level Meter for Sale

June 12, 2017,  

I have a Casella CEL-464 professional-grade sound level meter for sale. I used the unit during the early 2000s to measure the noise emissions from small wind turbines.[more]

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Test Summary Report on Solid Wind 25 kW Turbine

June 5, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Sven Ruin brought to my attention the test summary report on Solid Wind's 14-meter diameter, 25 kW wind turbine. The report was issued in mid-2015.[more]

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Technical Assessment of Small Wind Turbine Power Generation

September 9, 2015,  

This study assesses the feasibility and performance of micro-wind turbines installed at different hub heights at the Toronto and Region Conservation’s Living City Campus wind field test in Vaughan,...

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Power Performance Test Report for the Windspire by Windward Engineering

February 28, 2013,  

The Windspire is a vertical‐axis gyromill. The H‐rotor is 1.22 m (4 ft) in diameter by 6.1 m (20 ft) tall, capturing a swept area of 7.43 m2 (80 ft2). The data presented in this report was collected...

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Boston Museum of Science Wind Turbine Lab: Two-Year Report on Rooftop Wind Turbines

February 29, 2012,   by Marian Tomusiak

The most sophisticated and comprehensive study of small rooftop wind turbines in the Americas concludes rooftop wind turbines are "Not cost-effective at this site". . .

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Wind Turbine Generator System Acoustic Noise Test Report for the ARE 442 Wind Turbine

November 1, 2010,   by A. Huskey and J. van Dam

The acoustic noise test was conducted to the IEC 61400-11 Edition 2.1.

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Mariah: Another Performance Report on Windspire VAWT

March 30, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

The French test site, SEPEN (Site Expérimental pour le Petit Eolien de Narbonne), published a performance report 28 September 2009 on Mariah's 1.2 kW Windspire. The test site is in a windy region in...[more]

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Finally--AWEA Establishes Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard

January 31, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Finally, after decades of effort, the American Wind Energy Association has established performance and safety standards for small wind turbines.[more]

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Why I Have Chosen Not to Be on the Small Wind Certification Council

November 23, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

I appreciate the vote of confidence in the Small Wind Certification Council's board of directors in appointing me to the Council. It is an honor to be nominated to be part of the commercialization of...[more]

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Warwick [Small] Wind Trials

July 17, 2009,  

Performance monitoring of rooftop wind turbines in Great Britain

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Calculated Yield of Small Wind Turbines at Zeeland Test Site

May 26, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Data on actual measured performance of small wind turbines at the Test Field for Small Wind Turbines in Zeeland, the Netherlands. The site has a very low average wind speed of only 3.8 m/s during the...[more]

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Small Wind Turbine Testing Results from the National Renewable Energy Lab

April 9, 2009,   by NREL

Gaia-Wind II kW--Power curve and annual energy output

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Massachusetts Small Wind Report

July 1, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Consultants to the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative have issued a damning report on the performance of small wind turbines installed under the MTC's subsidy program.[more]

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Tests on Small Wind Turbines at Applachian State University

January 17, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Applachian State University has tested a number of wind turbines at its Beech Mountain Small Wind Research and Demonstration Facility. ASU has published reports on both performance and noise. It is...[more]

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Whisper H40 ASU Power Curve

January 1, 2008,  

Tests on the Whisper H40 at Applachian State University's Beech Mountain Small Wind Research and Demonstration Facility by Brent Summerville confirm earlier power curve tests on the H40 at the Wulf...[more]

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Air X ASU Power Curve

January 1, 2008,  

Tests on the Air X at Applachian State University's Beech Mountain Small Wind Research and Demonstration Facility by Brent Summerville differ inexplicably with power curve tests on the Air X at the...[more]

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USDA Noise and Power Curve Tests of Small and Household-Size Wind Turbines

June 14, 2006,   by Paul Gipe

he U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service has a long history of testing wind turbines at its research station near Bushland, Texas. They do good work. They're fair and...[more]

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Brazilian Tests Confirm Air 403 Underperforms Power Curve

May 23, 2003,   by Paul Gipe

Gustavo de Marsillac Peña presented the findings from a series of laboratory tests on an Air 403 at the American Wind Energy Association's annual conference this week in Austin, Texas.[more]

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Noise from Small Wind Turbines: An Unaddressed Issue

June 6, 2001,   by Paul Gipe

While it's difficult and time consuming, author Paul Gipe finds that measuring small wind turbine noise is within the reach of amateurs and asks why manufacturers and national laboratories are not...[more]

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Testing the Power Curves of Small Wind Turbines

June 6, 2000,   by Paul Gipe

The following article grew out of research for an extensive revision of my book Wind Power for Home & Business published by Chelsea Green. The article is essentially a report on how to test small...[more]

Category: Small Turbine Testing

Comments on a Proposed Performance Standard for Small Wind Turbines

May 25, 2000,   by Paul Gipe

A Memorandum to Colleagues in the U.S. Small Turbine Industry on the Draft Performance Standard AWEA 1.2.2000[more]

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The Need for an International Small Wind Turbine Test Center

September 24, 1997,   by Paul Gipe

There is a pressing need for an international center to test and demonstrate small wind turbines. In contrast to the medium-sized wind turbine industry, which is nearing technical maturity, small...[more]

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Inventus 5 kW Power Curve

January 1, 1991,  

The Inventus 5 kW power curve was measured by Windtest Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog in Germany using 10-minute averages. Though the turbine is rated at 5 kW it produces 4.5 kW at 12 m/s using the 10-minute...[more]

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