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Small Turbine Product Reviews

This category lists a number of reports on small wind turbines that were tested to international standards. There are also a number of critiques as well as commentaries on small wind turbine products included here as well. It is a continual source of amazement that people will spend tens of thousands of dollars buying a wind turbine before searching to see if there are any reports on whether the turbine works at all and, if it does, how well it works.

DyoCore and Why the Rating of Small Turbines Remains a Black Art

September 23, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

Despite my best efforts, I've been dragged into the DyoCore flap here in California. I successfully ignored Mick Sagrillo's plea to write something. I successfully ignored DyoCore's request to get...[more]

Category: Rooftop & Urban Wind, Small Turbine Product Reviews

Skystream Delivers Less Than Advertised at French Test Site

August 3, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

But Energy Estimates Not Off by Much[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews

Earthtronic's Honeywell Windtronics WT 6500--A Review

October 16, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

I've reviewed the series of preproduction wind turbine designs from Earthtronics twice before. See below.[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews, Windtronics

Review of Earth4Energy

July 7, 2009,   by Dan Fink

To avoid a deal "that's too good to be true".

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews

Energy Ball--A Review

May 23, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

I've been putting off writing anything about the "Energy Ball" simply because there are too many of these "inventions" for one person to track, analyze, and report on. Like many of these...[more]

Category: Inventions & Questionable Wind Turbines, Small Turbine Product Reviews

Commentary on the Skystream 3.7

May 9, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

The Skystream uses a 3.72-meter diameter, three-blade, downwind rotor. Southwest Windpower claims that this rotor will deliver 1.8 kW at its rated speed of 9 m/s and generate 4,800 kWh per year at an...[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews

Skystream Field Observations

May 7, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

Twice now on our way to Pearson International Airport in Toronto we've passed two Skystreams in operation at a shopping center. They've both been operating both times. That's plus, we need a lot more...[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews

Renewable Devices Swift Mk II AEO

December 30, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Britain's Renewable Devices introduced its "Swift" micro turbine several years ago to criticism that its estimates of annual production were inflated. See Roof Top Over the Top in Britain. Since then...[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews, News on Small Wind, Windtronics, Renewable Devices Swift

New Federal Subsidies Distort the US Small Wind Market

November 14, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Or How to Increase the Power of the Skystream 3.7 with the Stroke of a Pen[more]

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews, Feed-in Tariffs for Small Wind

Aerovironment's AVX 1000 Rooftop Turbines at Logan Airport

September 26, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

AeroVironment has installed 20 units of its AVX 1000 rooftop turbines on a building at Boston's Logan International Airport. The 20 kW installation, part of what AeroViron[ment calls its...[more]

Category: Rooftop & Urban Wind, Small Turbine Product Reviews, LEED LEED

Swift Turbine Specs Look Dubious by Stewart Russell

May 9, 2005,   by Stewart Russell

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews, Rooftop & Urban Wind

Stewart Russell's commentary on Windsave

May 9, 2004,   by Stewart Russell

Stewart knows what he's talking about. He's a pro.

Category: Small Turbine Product Reviews, Rooftop & Urban Wind

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