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Praise for Paul Gipe’s Latest Book

“The ultimate account of how we can take the breeze that washes daily across our planet and use it to power our lives. There's something quietly thrilling about this book!”

—Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future

“A massive expansion of wind power is necessary for the transition to 100% renewable energy if we want to mitigate climate change and avoid conflicts over resources. Paul Gipe’s book shows the path forward. It is a masterwork.”

Hans-Josef Fell; former German MP, co-author of Germany’s Renewable Energy Resources Act, and President of the Energy Watch Group

"No one knows more about the promise and pitfalls of wind power than Paul Gipe. With stunning photographs, accessible writing, and an eye for fakery and hypocrisy, he has produced one of the finest books on wind power available. Truly a masterwork. We owe him a great debt as we take the first steps toward a more sustainable energy future."

—Martin J. Pasqualetti, Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University and author of The Renewable Energy Landscape

“This is the most comprehensive and best-informed book on wind power I know of, and its focus on developing wind energy outside the purview of the big utility companies is unique and subversive. Paul Gipe has done us all a great service.”

—Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute and author of Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for 100% Clean Energy

“Germany’s Energiewende--its energy revolution—is due to thousands of citizens working together in a grassroots movement. Paul Gipe shows how the energy and enthusiasm of the people created a technology that grew from the bottom-up--not the top down. An important book and an essential message.”

—Hermann Albers, President, German Wind Turbine Owners Association (BWE)

"Paul Gipe brings over three decades of wind energy experience to bear in this masterful one-stop compendium containing everything we want to know about wind energy."

—Mark Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

“Over the last 40 years, I’ve learned more about wind power from Paul Gipe than from any other source. Now he has put it all into one splendid new book. Wind Energy for the Rest of Us expertly addresses every question about technology, policy, and economics that is worth answering.”

—Denis Hayes, Chair of Earth Day 2020 and former director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“Gipe’s call for an ethical energy policy in Wind Energy for the Rest of Us is a message that North American politicians should heed. The people deserve nothing less.”

Glen Estill, Past President of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, and successful wind entrepreneur

“Gipe has been one of the leading voices for wind energy in North America . . . effectively straddling the line from technical to political while communicating wind’s promise to the general public.”

—Tim Weis, former Policy Director, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)

“Paul Gipe has been involved with wind energy since its revival in the late 1970s. His extensive experience makes him uniquely qualified to be the author of this fascinating and informative book.”

—Tom Gray, former Executive Director, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

Wind Energy for the Rest of Us is the most definitive account of wind energy you are likely to find. Pure and simple. It doesn’t matter whether you are an engineer, lobbyist, manager, academic, wind developer, or just somebody who wants to know about wind power, this book is the best source for helping you understand the technology, how it developed, where it’s going, and how it fits in with the world. Paul Gipe is the master of wind energy, and this book is his masterpiece.”

David Toke, Reader in Energy Politics, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

“The wind is like the sun, a gift from the heavens. In all languages the wind is identified with the spirit--and it blows for everyone. This impressive work by Paul Gipe shows that the winds of change are unstoppable and that they are there for all of us. If we want a world free from conflict, we must build as many wind turbines as fast as possible--each turbine a sign of peace.”

Franz Alt, journalist, theologian, and author of Der ökologische Jesus and Krieg um Öl oder Frieden durch die Sonne

“Few are more qualified to write a book titled Wind Energy for the Rest of Us than Paul Gipe. He proves again that he is one of the world’s most knowledgeable authorities on wind energy. More importantly, he understands the politics behind energy policy. Following his recommendations would not only create a better environment, but also lead to a fairer and more just world.”

—Stefan Gsanger, Executive Director, World Wind Energy Association

"I have only skimmed the surface, but I can already understand what a masterpiece this is on so many counts.

It is an essential testimony to the sheer determination of a silent army of practical dreamers, to all those who mobilized and shared their ways and talents to make wind technology the spearhead of a renewable energy world and took it on an absolutely exemplary course.  

What a phenomenal historical account of all international efforts leading to a world class industry committed to building energy sustainability.

It is a fantastic tribute to the electricity rebels that succeeded in making this formidable endeavor possible over…what … say 50 years. 

What the world class wind industry as we know it today means for the world economy is that it can get out of its fossil fuel dependence in, certainly less than…, 50 years.

This book clearly demonstrates why those who think they can derail the Paris treaty are irresponsible fools. Now is the time for all citizens to raise the issue of sustainable energy in every town hall across North America.  

This is truly a colossal work."

—Bernard Saulnier, ingénieur, l'Institut de recherche d'Hydro Quebec (retired)

“Wind Energy for the Rest of Us is more about sociology than technology; an environmentalist’s 'sat nav' for living more lightly on a confused planet. Gipe uses wind as a metaphor for society's efforts to harness the unlimited renewable resources that surround us. Huge technology leaps, cutting the cost of wind power, become portals through which whole energy systems are set to become more accountable, democratic, and sustainable. Gipe's is a book for those who grasp that it's never too late to be all the things we ever wanted to be. Read it. Ride its currents. Then use it to change everything. This is our moment.”

Alan Simpson, former British MP, climate campaigner and energy policy advisor

Gipe is "One of the doyens of the wind engineering profession. He's in a class by himself!"

—K R Rao, author of Energy and Power Generation Handbook: Established and Emerging Technologies and the forthcoming Wind Energy for Power Generation: Meeting the Challenge of Practical Implementation.

"The Gold Standard for wind power. . . The pix are fabulous. . . An absolute tour de force!"

—Ron DiPippo, emeritus professor of mechanical engineering, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and author of Geothermal Power Plants, 4th Edition, 2016

"They say that a good book should always tell a story. And this is true for this book by Paul Gipe. . . And it is a book of excellent graphic and textual quality. Something that's becoming rare in a time when publishers provide less and less editorial services. . . This is one of the best books on renewable energy that I happened to read in recent times."

Ugo Bardi, professor of physical chemistry at the University of Florence and author of Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet and Cassandra's Legacy

"I am very impressed with your book. I started reading the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke-Koog chapter and I must tell you that you captured our spirit perfectly--it was fun reading it. I am in awe of your ability to gather all these facts and get them right!"

 —Hans-Detlef Fedderson, director, ee-nord and founding member of Bürger Windpark Lübke-Koog

"This is a brilliant book on wind energy, by far the best I have ever seen. It's considerable depth and breadth ranges across the broad spectrum of wind energy. The writer's comments and insights on siting concerns will provide those who may resist the development of wind energy with realistic perspectives on any issues that may be of concern, such as shadow flicker or noise.

The design of the book makes it a delight to browse through, the balance of pictures, drawings, charts, and writing is both easy on the eye and delightful. Don't be put off by the 500+ pages, this book is a pleasure to read in its various sections - each standing on its own yet part of a whole. For example, the fine chapter on community wind. The author brings a lifetime of experience in energy and wind energy in particular to his book. It is a book that he can be justifiably proud of."

—Dermot McGuigan, author of Harnessing the Wind for Home Energy (1978) and a longtime renewable energy advocate

Buy the Book

"During our recent board meeting at the Danish Wind-Historical Museum, our chairman, Birger Madsen, said that he had just received a copy of your latest book, and was very impressed. I immediately ordered a copy, which arrived yesterday. I have copies of your previous book - however this latest is indeed a masterpiece-handbook. Many thanks.

—John Furze, active in Danish wind energy since 1965

"Paul Gipe's new book is quite remarkable. At first glance, it looks as if it's a huge technical manual that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about wind power, but when you dig in you find that it's certainly that - but it's also far more, and as well, it's written in a very easy, conversational style.

So if you are entertaining any ideas about investing in, building, or promoting wind energy, Paul Gipe's book is an absolute must. Got questions about the best blades? Best towers? Price? Vertical axis? Rooftop turbines? Community ownership? Cooperatives? Setbacks? Micro-turbines? Energy production? Performance? Feed-in tariffs? It's all here - every single thing you might want to know about wind energy, in meticulously researched detail.

Paul is not some journalistic observer of the wind scene - he has lived it, done it, campaigned for it and worked extensively on it for decades, and he really knows his stuff. Highly recommended."

—Guy Dauncey, author of Journey to the Future and many other titles

"I just received your monumental book. It's a sort of Britannica on wind energy!"

—Giuseppe Onufrio, Direttore Esecutivo, Greenpeace Italia

"Thank you, Paul Gipe, for pulling together the many faceted world of wind power. Anyone can read this thoroughly compiled description of how man has for many, many years utilized a resource. The author gets into the details explaining exactly the physics of transforming a stiff breeze into an electric current, the most basic component of our modern life. The comparison of different windmill designs should help interested participants in this alternative power source to choose wisely, avoiding undue monetary loss. Challenges to implementing wind farms such as noise, wildlife impacts and visual aesthetics are discussed, even an unexpected chapter about real hazards one should be aware of when working on a windmill. For the skeptics who have known only a life energized by huge utility companies, the author shows how Danes and Germans are plugging into a more independent power grid system. Furthermore, the potential of how small communities or cooperatives in the United States could possibly profit by utilizing this energy is put forward for those desiring to reduce reliance on large polluting carbon-based power plants. Our modern society, for it to function as it has become accustomed, demands electricity. This book is a wonderful window into how our presumed lifestyles can less harmfully coexist with our environment. "

—John Ewing, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"This is a wonderful book! I am glad--and a bit proud too--that our locally-owned wind company, Windkraft Diemarden, is so well presented. The pictures may convince those who can’t believe, or will not believe, that dismantling (of old wind turbines) is really possible. Thus, your book will clear up some confused minds. For “the rest of us” the book gives valuable information supported by high-quality photographs. And the fine layout invites people to read it. It is the first book about renewable energy I’ve seen with a world view."

—Gottfried Wehr, member, board of directors, Windkraft Diemarden a 365 member community-owned wind farm that generated nearly 22 million kWh in 2016

Wind Power for the Rest of Us” is an outstanding piece of work. There is a great deal of detail in the book I was not even aware of. Wind Power for the Rest of Us is now my go-to resource on wind power.”

—Bill Powers, Powers Engineering and an authority on renewable energy in California

“I can’t thank you enough for writing such an inclusive book. As I approach retirement, I try to “pass-down” some of my lessons learned, but you did the ultimate and put it into a book.

—Neal Emmerton, Regional Operations Manager, Everpower and longtime wind plant operator

"Gipe has succeeded in presenting a complete, one stop resource for anyone interested in learning about wind energy from an objective and comprehensive point of view. His new book is comprehensive, yet the conversational tone allows for easy reading in spite of the detailed formulae and calculations. The use of the spreadsheets contained in the appendices and on the website are very powerful and serve to enhance learning and understanding. This book serves not only as a primer for the layperson, but has the depth to provide most of the answers needed by a professional in the wind industry. He has covered all the bases and then some."

—Cris Folk, Renewable Energy Program Director, Madison College

“Paul Gipe’s monumental new book covers a lot of ground. Big turbines, small turbines, water-pumpers, early developments to the latest advances—whatever your interest—it’s all here in this comprehensive—and carefully researched book.”

—Greg Pahl, author of Power from the People: How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects

“This is the most comprehensive book on wind energy you can find. Period. No one has more experience writing about the subject than Paul Gipe. This book is packed with everything you need to know, whether you are thinking about building your own small turbine or investing in the industry. Wonderful photos, illustrations, and charts help the information come alive, as does Gipe's lively writing and a healthy dose of case studies—from wind energy pioneers to a group of nuns who wanted to generate power more in keeping with the Bible. This book is at once a powerful resource and an engaging read. It will help the reader get a solid foundation in this fast-growing, exciting source of clean energy.”

—Brian Howard Clark, journalist and author of Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

“Paul Gipe has done it again--straight talk on wind electricity from a wind journalist without peer. Gipe covers the important ground with clarity and detail, in a no-nonsense style that clears away the clouds of misinformation and hype too common in the popular and social media. Based on science and experience, grounded in a sensible environmental ethic, his newest book will stand the test of time.”

—Ian Woofenden, Home Power magazine senior editor, and author of Wind Power for Dummies

“Paul Gipe has been involved in the wind industry since the 1970’s, wrenching, writing, observing, critiquing, offering kudos and criticism where warranted. His book represents a lifetime of experience that is unmatched by others simply because few have the breadth of involvement that four decades brings. From small wind to megawatt turbines to the latest “thinking out of the box” breakthrough fantasy technologies, Gipe includes them all. Wind indeed is part of the solution.”

—Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light

“Gipe gives us the thrilling story of the social movement that created wind energy and enabled it to grow so rapidly—the movement that took power from the utilities and put into the hands of citizens and local communities. Read it, and become part of the movement!”

—Tore Wizelius, author of Windpower Ownership in Sweden: Business models and motives

“He must be powered by the wind himself this Paul Gipe. He endlessly shares the stories of those who have made wind energy work. He makes you believe in a sustainable future and feel the wind of change!”

—Søren Hermansen, Danish community power advocate on Samsø—the 100% Renewable Energy Island

"Paul Gipe’s written and spoken words have brought many into the world of wind power, both in North America and abroad. He’s much more than a journalist, he writes from first-hand knowledge of the wind industry where he’s helped define best practices and drive policy initiatives. The North American experience is very different from that of Europe. Paul has seen them both and can share their triumphs as well as their failures."

—Lisa Daniels, Founder & Executive Director, Windustry

“Wind energy has a rich history and a wide array of technology and applications; Gipe covers it all. Anyone interested in wind will have this book on the shelf and refer to it often.”

—Brent Summerville, Technical Director, Small Wind Certification Council

“Wind energy is more important now than ever and Paul Gipe rises to the occasion with yet another comprehensive but highly readable briefing for all of us.”

—Hugh Piggott, Scoraig Wind Electric, Scotland

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