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We've made great strides in moving the electricity sector toward renewable energy. However, transportation remains a major source of air pollution and global warming gases. If we are to make a transition to renewable energy, we will need to electrify as much of the economy as we can, including transportation. Electrified rail is one means, electric vehicles (EVs) are another. Toward that end I've created this category under renewable energy. The focus is mostly on our experience driving EVs.

Our Bolt is back with a New Pack—In Limbo No More

May 8, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

The gods at GM have taken pity on us and showered us with the gift of a new traction battery, releasing us from our sins.[more]

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To Bolt or Not that is the Question—We Have a Failing Traction Battery

May 2, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

We have been driving electric for more than seven years and haven’t had any problems--until now. We’re currently driving a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV, but we don’t know for how much longer: It has a failing...[more]

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How do You Charge an EV at an RV Park? And Why Would You?

April 17, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

There may be times driving an EV when a charge is needed and there are no commercial stations nearby that’s when charging at an RV park may be necessary. Knowing this can save your bacon—or at least...[more]

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For Peace's Sake Get Off Oil Now

April 7, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

Presentation to the Tehachapi Democratic Club on how best to help Ukraine and fight climate change by driving an electric vehicle today not tomorrow.

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Dribbling Solar into an EV or How Much Solar Needed to Charge an EV

April 4, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

Recently friends in Spain asked a question about EVs that I hadn’t given much thought. The question was in two parts. First could they “dribble” energy from rooftop solar into an EV and second how...[more]

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Do electric vehicles produce more tyre and brake pollution than their petrol and diesel equivalents?

March 31, 2022,   by Euan McTurk

Every so often, it is claimed that electric vehicles (EVs) are somehow dirtier than the petrol and diesel cars that they are replacing. So, in conclusion, electric vehicles already vastly reduce...

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Transition to zero-emission vehicles, energy sources could prevent North Dakota deaths, report finds

March 29, 2022,   by Michelle Griffith

If the United States were to make a widespread transition to electric passenger vehicles by 2035 and electric trucks and buses by 2040, more than 130 premature deaths in North Dakota would be...

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Stick It to Putin--Drive Electric Now

March 21, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

You can—and should--do more to help Ukraine than waving a digital flag on social media. You can stick it to Putin, weaken his war machine, and drive a stake through the heart of oil oligarchs,...[more]

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Range Anxiety--Not Just for Drivers of EVs

March 20, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

Surprise. Surprise. Range anxiety isn’t the sole province of EVs and their drivers. This hadn’t occurred to me before this weekend, but should have. I nearly ran out of gas in the middle of South...[more]

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Feds, province expected to announce $4B battery plant for Windsor

March 18, 2022,   by Dave Waddell

Federal and provincial officials are expected to announce Wednesday that Windsor has been chosen as the site of a major battery plant that will bring billions of dollars in investment and thousands...

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Germany Gets On Board With EU ICE Ban

March 18, 2022,   by Steve Hanley

The European Union is in favor of banning the sale of cars with infernal combustion engines by 2035, but Germany has been reluctant to join in that commitment. Automobile manufacturing is big...

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Has GM Used Over-the-Air Updates on Chevy Bolt Safety Recall?

March 11, 2022,   by Paul Gipe

I was told they did when I took my 2020 Bolt EV in for a diagnostic check of its traction battery. It was a shock to me, particularly after a GM “concierge” staffer told me they didn’t do that when I...[more]

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Charging Forward: A Toolkit for Planning and Funding Rural Electric Mobility Infrastructure

February 10, 2022,  

The Federal Government has set a goal to make half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, and to build a convenient and equitable network of 500,000 chargers to help...

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The Case for Electric School Buses

January 24, 2022,   by Transfinder

Electric school buses require less energy and cost to operate. If you compare an electric school bus’s “gas mileage” to that of a diesel school bus, electric gets the equivalent of 17 miles per...

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Is Switzerland's electric vehicle story a preview for the rest of the globe?

January 23, 2022,   by Iqtidar Ali

For a long time, Norway was the ultimate trendsetter when it came to the future of electric vehicle adoption. Now there's another country worth admiring. Known for exquisite chocolates, fine watches,...

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Electric tundra buggy makes Canadian eco-tourism that much greener

January 19, 2022,   by Jo Borrás

Thousands of eco-tourists travel to the community of Churchill, Manitoba every year to catch a glimpse of the vulnerable polar bears that convene along the shallow waters of Hudson Bay. Perhaps...

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Gas vehicles much more likely to catch fire than EVs, new study shows

January 13, 2022,   by Noah Barnes

While fires in electric vehicles (EVs) have made headlines in recent years, data from the U.S. government and analyzed by AutoinsuranceEZ point out that EVs have a very low fire risk compared to...

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Valais, Switzerland pulls plug on hybrid incentives, should the rest of the world follow?

January 13, 2022,   by Jo Borrás

Citing a report which found hybrid cars offered negligible emissions and fuel consumption advantages when tested on Switzerland’s Alpine roads, one Swiss region has decided to “pull the plug” on...

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January 13, 2022,  

Adopt a Charger, the national nonprofit that provides free electric vehicle (EV) charging at scenic, cultural and civic destinations, today announced that American EV maker Rivian will sponsor dozens...

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Responding To The Washington Post Hatchet Job On Electric Cars & Winter Driving

January 9, 2022,   by Steve Hanley

An editorial writer and columnist for the Washington Post wrote a screed attacking electric cars this week. His heavily slanted piece was filled with misinformation. Here’s the truth about driving an...

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Covid Escape: Our Final (We Thought) Pandemic Excursion—1,700 miles in an EV

December 28, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

At the end of this past summer it looked like the pandemic was finally winding down. In celebration, we planned a two-week excursion to Northern California and Southern Oregon in October to see...[more]

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Winter Range Loss (or Not) Chevy Bolt EV in Bakersfield California

December 25, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Recently I fielded a query from friend seeking comment on a widely circulated article by Recurrent on winter range loss in EVs. The implication of the query was that this somehow implies that EVs are...[more]

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Lying Liars & The Lies They Tell About Electric Cars

December 24, 2021,   by Steve Hanley

The more electric cars come to market, the more the people who stand to be the biggest losers from the EV revolution (that would be the oil companies) are ramping up their attacks on them. The latest...

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Battery Degradation 2020 Bolt Relative to 2017 Bolt EV

December 23, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

With our Pandemic Peregrinations we’ve driven our 2020 Bolt EV far more during its first year of operation than we did our previous 2017 Bolt during its first year. We drove the 2020 Bolt about 50%...[more]

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Taiga Motors makes its first production electric snowmobiles

December 23, 2021,   by Fred Lamber

Like the auto industry, the powersports world is being electrified, and Quebec-based Taiga Motors is one of the companies leading the way for electric snowmobiles and jet skis. Earlier this year,...

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Federal electric vehicle charging infrastructure plan begins to take shape

December 22, 2021,   by Charles Morris

When President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into law in November, EV drivers and fans delivered a well-earned round of applause. However, until now the details were so vague that...

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FACT SHEET: The Biden-⁠Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan

December 13, 2021,  

President Biden has united automakers and autoworkers to drive American leadership forward on clean cars, and he set an ambitious target of 50% of electric vehicle (EV) sale shares in the U.S. by...

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Is the end of fossil-powered vehicles finally in sight?

December 7, 2021,   by Charles Morris

Just four years ago, the end of the Oil Age was considered a crazy dream. Today it is official policy in a growing number of countries, states, cities and corporate boardrooms around the world.

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Tesla factory could make Quebec a global battery hub

December 2, 2021,   by Charles Morris

Speculation continually buzzes around the world about the possible locations of Tesla’s next Gigafactories. Why not Québec? The Canadian province is arguably an ideal location for large-scale battery...

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Rolls Royce proclaims ‘Spirit of Innovation’ e-plane fastest electric vehicle in the world at 387 mph

November 22, 2021,   by Scooter Doll

Rolls-Royce Holdings has publicly claimed it believes its Spirit of Innovation all-electric plane is the fastest electric vehicle in the world, following three new speed records. The flight data has...

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GM rolls out software update limiting Chevy Bolt EV charge to 80%, but removes parking restrictions

November 19, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

GM announced that it is starting to roll out a new software update to Chevy Bolt EVs as part of its recall due to battery fire risks. It will limit the state-of-charge to 80%, but it will remove...

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Covid Escape: Darwin Falls via Ridgecrest and Return via Coso Junction

November 12, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Darwin Falls on the western edge of Death Valley National Park is a 3.5 hour drive from Bakersfield via Ridgecrest, California and the Panamint Valley. This requires one charge stop at Inyokern in a...[more]

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Antihero to zero: VW rises from ‘dieselgate’ to lead charge on electric vehicles

November 10, 2021,   by Joanna Partridge

Volkswagen embraces the future with €35bn investment, including in its Zwickau plant

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Tesla is in talks with Quebec govt amid multi-billion investment into battery production

November 8, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

The local government recently announced plans to invest between $2 and $3 billion ($1.6 to $2.4 billion USD) in production, ranging from the extraction of those metals all the way to the production...

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Tesla Opens New Factory For Battery Manufacturing Equipment In Canada

November 6, 2021,   by Johnna Crider

Tesla has opened a new factory to produce battery manufacturing equipment in Canada, Reuters reports. Frank Scarpitti, the mayor of Markham, Ontario, took to Twitter to share his excitement about...

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Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries?

November 2, 2021,   by Gregory Barber Aarian Marshall

Used electric vehicle batteries could be the Achilles' heel of the transportation revolution—or the gold mine that makes it real.

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Tesla releases look into growing presence in Canada, where it builds ‘machines that build the machine’

November 2, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

In Canada, Tesla has a slowly growing presence that is starting to become quite significant.

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Tesla breaks $1tn valuation barrier after Hertz orders 100,000 vehicles

October 25, 2021,   by Jasper Jolly

Tesla’s market value has broken through the $1tn mark for the first time after the US electric car pioneer received an order for 100,000 of its vehicles from the rental company Hertz.

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Rising gas prices drive switch to electric vehicles in Nova Scotia

October 20, 2021,   by Gareth Hampshire

Fuel costs combined with provincial rebate key reasons for increased interest, according to sellers

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Used EV batteries are storing solar power at grid scale — and making money at it

October 18, 2021,   by Julian Spector

B2U Storage Solutions raises $10M to scale up site that sells solar power stored in Nissan Leaf batteries in California’s wholesale markets.

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CEC DC Fast Charge Sites in California

October 14, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Caltrans has provided a great public service by installing and maintaining these stations. I’ve used them and my experience has all been positive. They work. They are simple to use. They demonstrate...[more]

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GM says Chevy Bolt EV battery production has resumed, defect leading to fire risk is fixed

September 20, 2021,   by Frederic Lambert

GM announced today that LG is resuming production of batteries for Chevy Bolt EV as the manufacturing defect leading to the fire risk has been fixed.

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Over 25 Countries & US States Planning Gas-Powered Car Bans

September 13, 2021,  

Electric cars have surged in popularity over the past decade. Thanks to early efforts by Tesla, GM, and Nissan, battery costs have fallen while electric range has increased. In fact, the earliest...

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How to Find the Free Caltrans DCFC Charge Stations on PlugShare

August 30, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

I was asked by a friend how to locate the free Caltrans DC Fast Charge stations in California. As in all things EV charging, PlugShare is your friend. [more]

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Many Chevy Bolt EV Owners Ignoring Charging Safety Rules amid Recall

August 28, 2021,   by Sebastian Blanco

With fires at risk, Bolt owners awaiting battery replacement have been given guidance on how much to charge the battery and where. Nearly a third are ignoring it, says one study.

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Why You Have Oddities Like A Political EV Event That Excludes Tesla, & Why US Politics Is So Hard

August 5, 2021,   by Zachary Shahan

First of all, it is definitely true that there are strong (and obvious) reasons for why Tesla should be a part of any EV event anywhere in the United States, especially one organized by...

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Can Tesla, GM, Ford, & Others Deliver On Biden’s 50% EV By 2030 goal?

August 5, 2021,   by Michael Barnard

Headlines all over the EV, cleantech, and normie media are highlighting Biden’s new EV plan. The big question becomes: is it feasible? Let’s look at some data and numbers and do a bit of projecting.

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More Charging Troubles at EA’s Coso Junction Station

August 5, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

While we’ve had no problems with Electrify America stations elsewhere, their Coso Junction station continues to give us trouble. Fortunately, there’s now a Caltrans’ station at the rest area nearby...[more]

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Want to install a public EV charging station in SLO County? You could get a big rebate

August 3, 2021,   by Mackenzie Shuman

If you want to install a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station at your business or on your property, the California Energy Commission is offering a program that will cover most of the...

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Isn't it time for all hotels to start including electric vehicle charging stations?

July 23, 2021,   by Matt Pressman

Let's face it, most EV owners would love to charge up overnight (at their hotel) when they're on the road.

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Study dispels myth that electric cars pollute as much as gas-powered cars due to ‘dirty’ grid

July 21, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

A new study dispels the persistent myth that electric cars pollute just as much as gas-powered cars because they charge on a “dirty” electric grid, and mining for battery materials is polluting.

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Car and Driver’s EV 1000—11 EV models test the state of highway charging in a long-distance race

July 21, 2021,   by Charles Morris

When did the first EV race take place? Shortly after the second EV was built, says conventional wisdom. Since the dawn of modern EVs, a few groups have staged Cannonball Run-style events, and many...

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A Web Site for EV Nerds Especially Bolt Geeks

July 20, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Sean Graham has built a tidy little web site,, with tons of nerdy details on EVs, especially Chevy’s Bolt.[more]

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Covid Escape: Baker Point Lookout and Botanical Area

July 16, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

As part of our Covid-19 inspired exploration of Central California, we headed back into the Greenhorn Mountains of the Sequoia National Forest to reach the Baker Point lookout. The lookout is a...[more]

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Morro Bay: EV Charging Desert on the Pacific

July 10, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

While vacationing in Morro Bay on California’s Central Coast I wanted to charge my Chevy Bolt EV overnight. Several years ago this was possible. Not so today. Morro Bay, despite overlooking the...[more]

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Non-Tesla EV Charging on the East Side of the Sierras along Hwy 395

July 5, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Recently I was asked about charging a non-Tesla EV on the “East Side” of the Sierra Nevada along Hwy 395. It was a good question and I’ve decided to post my response for others who may be interested.[more]

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Innovative Program Quickly Puts Destination Charging Stations in the Field

July 4, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Hotels and motels in North America offer free Wifi, parking, pools, exercise rooms, and now breakfast as enticements to lodge with them. Unfortunately, very few provide EV charging, free or otherwise.[more]

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President Biden surprises GM's Barra by using a Bolt in video gone viral

July 3, 2021,   by Jamie L. LaReau

On Thursday, Biden tweeted a 4-minute video featuring former Michigan governor and now Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and White House Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy riding in a Chevrolet Bolt...

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Europe is planning 38 new battery gigafactories, could become the world’s second-largest cell producer

July 3, 2021,   by Charles Morris

If all 38 gigafactories make it to production, they could be delivering as much as 462 GWh worth of battery cells by 2025, and 1,144 GWh by 2030, enough to power over 90% of expected new vehicle...

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Covid-19 Escapes & Trip Report Updates--Why So Silent

July 2, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

It dawned on me after we’d returned from another 200-mile Covid-19 Escape that I hadn’t written a trip report in some time.[more]

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Covid­-Escape: The Great Greenhorn Fritillary Hunt

June 29, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

This Covid-Escape wasn’t as adventurous as most. It required an hour’s drive east from Bakersfield into the Greenhorn Mountains where we met our friends, experienced amateur botanists, at the Shirley...[more]

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Canada is going to ban new gas-powered car sales by 2035

June 29, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

Canada is the latest country to announce an upcoming ban on new gas-powered car sales. Canada has set the target of 2035 in a move to accelerate electric vehicle adoption.

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Covid-Escape: Chimney Peak Road into the Wilderness

June 28, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Since air travel was prohibited during the pandemic, we took the opportunity to explore our region of central California by car. We dubbed these our pandemic peregrinations and used our Chevy Bolt EV...[more]

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Paul Gipe as "The Traveler" for Project Clean Air's Virtual EV Ride & Drive

June 24, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

My three-minute clip from Project Clean Air's Virtual Ride & Drive video filmed in Tehachapi, California. The sequence titled "The Traveler" was filmed 16 May, 2021 in the town of Tehachapi and on...[more]

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Lithium for EV batteries – the art of mineral extraction

June 23, 2021,   by Robert Llewellyn

As the demand for EV batteries increases, could lithium be the vital element we need for our electric future? British physicist, oceanographer, and TV presenter Helen Czerski heads to Cornwall, which...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle growth is accelerating but its given rise to a new social faux pas

June 23, 2021,   by Charles Morris

Now Floriane Laroche, writing in the Yorkshire Evening Post, has identified a new faux pas: “blagging [bumming] electricity while visiting someone else’s home.” A survey of 2,000 UK drivers conducted...

Category: Electric Vehicles

It’s Official: US Government Says Electric Vehicles Cost 40% Less To Maintain

June 22, 2021,   by Steve Hanley

While we understand intuitively that electric vehicles should be less expensive to maintain, now there’s proof. The US government operates the largest vehicle fleet in the world, so it stands to...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Covid-Escape: Great Western Divide Highway

June 22, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

The Great Western Divide Highway takes you through the heart of Sequoia National Forest and Sequoia National Monument where the big trees are located.[more]

Category: Chevy Bolt, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, EV Trip Reports

Covid-Escape: The Ridge Route

June 22, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

This trip was an adventure that I’d thought about since I moved to California four decades ago. It’s legendary. Mythic even. And I never thought you could still do it until we visited the Ridge Route...[more]

Category: Chevy Bolt, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, EV Trip Reports

The US Electric Vehicle Charging Point Report

June 16, 2021,   by Zutobi

We’ve crunched the numbers and looked at how well the different states are doing, which ones have the infrastructure and how EV take up currently compares to other vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Quebec: 4,500 AC Charging Points Coming To Urban Centers

June 1, 2021,   by Mark Kane

Hydro-Québec's Electric Circuit - the largest public charging network in Québec - announced that in partnership with Québec's municipalities it will be rolling out 4,500 standard AC charging...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric car US tax credit proposed to $12,500, less for Tesla vehicles

May 27, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

It also increases the value of the rebate to up to $12,500, but that’s not for everyone. The $7,500 incentive would stay, but it would be increased to $10,000 for EVs produced in the US and to...

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EV Video Shoot with the

May 19, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

I spent all day Sunday on a video shoot in Tehachapi for Project Clean Air, a local NGO. No, it wasn’t about windmills this time. They wanted to film me driving our bright blue Chevy Bolt.[more]

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What is the Chevy Bolt Trend Indicator?

May 18, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

A local Bolt driver asked me to explain “What is the thin yellow or green line to the left of the estimated mileage?”[more]

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City of Sudbury Purchases Small Fleet of Teslas for Earth Day — for Paramedic Use

April 29, 2021,   by Johnna Crider

In a media release, the city noted that this purchase “makes Greater Sudbury one of the first municipalities in Canada to add electric vehicles to its Paramedic Services fleet in an effort to reduce...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Eroding resale values could bring about the demise of gas cars much sooner than we think

April 28, 2021,   by Charles Morris

The state of Washington just adopted a plan to ban registrations of ICE vehicles after 2030. Other states seem likely to follow. So if you’re buying a new gas-burner today, you have to consider the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

New York State 2035 gas car ban passes through legislature, onto Cuomo

April 27, 2021,   by Jameson Dow

This bill makes New York State the second US state to pass a gas car ban legislatively, behind Washington State, which set a 2030 target. California and Massachusetts have also set 2035 targets for...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Lion Electric to build battery manufacturing plant in Quebec

April 23, 2021,   by Charles Morris

Commercial vehicle OEM Lion Electric has announced plans to build a battery manufacturing plant and innovation center in Quebec. The factory will produce both battery packs and modules, and is...

Category: Electric Vehicles

12 US governors ask Biden for all new vehicle sales to be 100% zero-emission by 2045

April 21, 2021,   by Michelle Lewis

Twelve US governors today issued a letter asking President Joe Biden to put the US on a path to 100% new zero-emission vehicle (ZEVs) sales. Specifically, they asked that all new cars and light-duty...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Cadillac is going electric – every new vehicle will be all-electric starting now

April 21, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

GM’s Cadillac brand is going electric, as the automaker confirmed that every new vehicle will be all-electric starting now.

Category: Electric Vehicles

UC-Berkeley Report Claims Electric Cars Will Save Americans $2.7 Trillion, Create 2 Million Jobs

April 20, 2021,   by Steve Hanley

In summary, the EV revolution will net the US economy 2 million new jobs and allow the nation to reap direct and indirect savings of $4 trillion in the next 30 years.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Sierra Nevada East Side Open More DCFC Stations on US 395

April 16, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Caltrans announced that five new DC Fast Charge stations for electric vehicles have been installed in Inyo and eastern Kern Counties. Currently, charging is free with no time limit. Four of the...[more]

Category: EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Electric Vehicles

Research finds all new car and truck sales can be electric by 2035, saving households trillions

April 15, 2021,   by Josh Goldman

New national report is first to use latest battery and infrastructure costs, shows with the right policy the U.S. can electrify on-road transportation, which would save households $1,000 every year...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Stupid New Talking Point Against EVs: “You Need To Pay For The Roads! (That We Don’t Pay For)” — Part 2

April 7, 2021,   by Michael Barnard

Is it a sin that electric car owners don’t pay gas taxes? No, not at all, but you’d never know it listening to some people squawk. There are anti-electric car types who think this is a huge deal,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW will switch to mass-producing electric vehicles with bidirectional charging next year

April 6, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will switch all of its MEB-based electric vehicles to support bidirectional charging starting next year. It could give a big boost to vehicle-to-grid technologies.

Category: Electric Vehicles

AOC, Elizabeth Warren Introduce Bill to Electrify Public Transportation

March 19, 2021,   by Sharon Zhang

A group of progressive congressional legislators has introduced a new proposal to invest $500 billion into infrastructure over the next 10 years in hopes of modernizing and electrifying the U.S.’s...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Lion Electric Announces Battery Pack Factory In Canada

March 19, 2021,   by Mark Kane

Lion Electric, a Canadian manufacturer of all-electric trucks and buses, has announced a plan of building its own battery manufacturing plant and innovation center in Quebec.

Category: Electric Vehicles

2021 Update on Non-Tesla DC Fast Charging Station Density in North America

March 11, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Oklahoma on Top--Maybe--My, my, how things change. I’ve been tracking non-Tesla DCFC station density for the past three years as a prod for the Golden State to get its act together. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

New survey reveals EV switchers don’t look back

March 8, 2021,   by Jess Shanahan

A new poll of Zap-Map’s community of electric vehicle (EV) drivers has revealed more than 90% of drivers will not be replacing their current EV with a petrol and diesel vehicle.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Pandemic Peregrinations or How We Escaped Lockdown

March 4, 2021,   by Nancy Nies & Paul Gipe

Presentation to the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club by Zoom on 6 March 2021. A visual summary of our nearly 50 weekly escapes from Covid-19 lockdown.

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Pandemic Peregrinations in an EV

March 1, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Since the advent of the first Covid-19 lockdown in California in mid-March 2020, Nancy and I have taken weekly day-trips to explore our region. Fully cognizant of the need to socially distance...[more]

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Batteries vs oil: A comparison of raw material needs

March 1, 2021,   by Sam Hargreaves

The report also shows that on a systemic level Europe’s overreliance on oil imports far outweighs those of battery raw materials, helping Europe to become self-sufficient in batteries.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Consumer Survey Report

February 25, 2021,   by Plug-in America

In 2020, Plug In America conducted the first of our annual survey of electric vehicle (EV) consumers—both drivers and those considering an electric vehicle. We are proud to present the results of...

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Canada Used To Provide A Lot Of World’s Lithium, But Can It Revive That?

February 24, 2021,   by Michael Barnard

There’s a lot of lithium in the world. There’s no particular worries about running short, and many innovators such as E3 are working to make places where it isn’t dirt cheap and easy at least...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Washington state advances bill to ban gas cars by 2030, one-upping California

February 23, 2021,   by Jameson Dow

Washington state’s House Transportation Committee has voted 17-12 to advance a bill requiring all light-duty vehicles of model year 2030 and later registered in the state to be electric. The bill now...

Category: Electric Vehicles

City of Richmond Pushes California to Go 100% ZEV by 2030

February 21, 2021,   by Zachary Shahan

The City of Richmond has just passed a resolution (unanimously) that California should set a 100% Zero-Emissions Vehicle Standard for 2030.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Monthly Myth: EVs don’t work In the cold

February 19, 2021,   by Tim Benford

Weather issues simply don’t warrant avoiding EVs

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Ford plans for all cars sold in Europe to be electric by 2030

February 17, 2021,   by Rupert Neate

US firm to spend $1bn converting plant in Cologne to become its first electric vehicle facility in Europe

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Caltrans’ DCFC Stations on the Sierra Nevada’s East Side Online Soon

February 14, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Caltrans’ District 9, which serves the east side of the Sierra Nevada mostly along the popular north-south tourist route of Highway 395, expects to have its DCFC stations in operation by early March...[more]

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Caltrans' New DCFC Stations: Charging the Way it should be

February 14, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

This is the way fast charging a non-Tesla EV should be. Pull up, plug in, tap a few numbers on an easily readable screen and start charging. Easy peasy. No RFID card, no credit card, no app. Plug in...[more]

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Tesla to get access to $7,000 tax credit on 400,000 more electric cars in the US with new incentive reform

February 11, 2021,   by Fred Lambert

Tesla and GM are set to regain access to tax credit worth $7,000 on 400,000 more electric cars in the US with new proposed reform of the federal EV incentive program.

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Are EVs Bad?

February 5, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

Zoom presentation for eMERGE Guelph, Ontario on the environmental benefits of EVs, what to look for in an EV, and how to charge them.

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Powering change: Principles for businesses and governments in the battery value chain

February 4, 2021,  

This paper lays out the principles that businesses should adopt to avoid causing, contributing to, or being directed linked to human rights abuses and environmental harm along the battery value...

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Electric vehicles close to ‘tipping point’ of mass adoption

January 22, 2021,   by Damian Carrington

Sales increase 43% globally in 2020 as plunging battery costs mean the cars will soon be the cheapest vehicles to buy

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Union greenlights GM’s $800 million deal to build electric vehicles in Canada

January 18, 2021,   by Patty Coller

Unifor, the union for workers at the Ingersoll, Ontario plant, ratified a contract with the automaker

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Denmark, Luxembourg, & Netherlands Lead On Electric Buses In Europe

January 15, 2021,   by Pierre Dornier

Denmark leads the way when it comes to putting zero-emission urban buses on the streets in Europe, with 78% of new vehicles being electric, according to the latest data from green NGO Transport &...

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These Companies Will Make Your Electric Car For You

January 14, 2021,   by Wes Raynal

agna and LG, Geely, and Foxconn are forming joint ventures to build cars and components for other companies.

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Slight Chevy Bolt Traction Battery Degradation after Nearly 30,000 Miles

January 1, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

One of the concerns about battery electric vehicles is the amount of degradation the battery suffers during normal use. We drove a Chevy Bolt for three years, clocking nearly 30,000 miles on the...[more]

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It’s Time to Rethink the Tax Credit on Electric Vehicles

December 30, 2020,   by Ryan Cornell

If you packed 100 policy wonks and environmental scientists into one room and asked about the most effective way to fight climate change, you would likely receive 100 different answers. But it is...

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Are EVs More Expensive--Average New Car Prices November 2020

December 28, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

We drive electric and have for several years now. We encourage our friends to do so as well. However, some have balked, arguing that electric vehicles are too expensive. The question is, are they...[more]

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Japan aims to eliminate gasoline vehicles by mid-2030s, boost green growth

December 24, 2020,  

Japan aims to eliminate gasoline-powered vehicles in the next 15 years, the government said on Friday in a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions and generate nearly $2 trillion a year in green...

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Pete Buttigieg wants to put ‘millions’ of electric cars on US roads

December 22, 2020,   by Michelle Lewis

To meet the climate crisis, we must put millions of new electric vehicles on America’s roads. It's time to build public charging infrastructure powered by clean energy and make it available in all...

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December 17, 2020,  

Spiers New Technologies Inc (SNT) is the leading full-service provider of "4R" services (repair, remanufacturing, refurbishing and repurposing) for advanced battery packs used in hybrid and electric...

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EV Road Trips--the web site for EV Trips

December 5, 2020,  

The web site compiling road trip reports from EV drivers, including data on the trips, experiences, and routes mapped on ABRP trip planner.

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Uptime Wind Energy Podcast with Paul Gipe

December 1, 2020,  

Going to be up on YouTube Tuesday morning 1 December 2020 talking about EVs and wind energy.[more]

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Ford To Convert Cologne Factory For MEB Based EV Production

November 30, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

Unlike General Motors, which withdrew from the European market when it sold its Opel division to PSA Group, Ford continues to do business on the Continent and is looking to the future. Last July,...

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2020 Chevy Bolt EV Battery Capacity Anecdotal Observation

November 29, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

After two months of driving a 2020 Chevy Bolt for some 2,000 miles we've found that the traction battery of our car has a capacity of 64 kWh, not the 66 kWh advertised. More interestingly, the 2020...[more]

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Data Request for 2020 Bolt Battery Capacity Measurements

November 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

I am looking for drivers of 2020 Bolts who have kept records of consumption and State-of-Charge.[more]

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Earth Day Canada and IGA pair up to launch unique EV fast-charging network

November 25, 2020,   by Emma Jarratt

Starting next year, EV drivers in Quebec and New Brunswick will get the chance to plug in and give back using Canada’s first DC fast-charger network run by a national non-profit

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Official Videos

November 23, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

GM's official Bolt EV videos lists 21 separate videos on the Bolt, its features, and how to use it. The most recent is October 2020 titled Chevrolet EV Power Panel on charging, charging networks,...[more]

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GM drops out of Trump’s lawsuit against California’s emission rules in suspiciously opportunistic move

November 23, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

While it is good news, the move does appear opportunistic following President Trump being defeated in the US elections earlier this month and President-elect Joe Biden having confirmed his support...

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Tesla, Lucid, Rivian, and others join forces to create ZETA: a push for electric cars only by 2030

November 17, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

Twenty-eight companies in the electric vehicle industry, including big names like Tesla, Lucid, and Rivian, have joined forces to create a new organization called ZETA, with the goal to push for 100%...

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Starting 2035, Quebec Will Ban Sale Of New Gasoline-Powered Cars

November 17, 2020,   by Jacob Oliva

The move to electric vehicles is inevitable, and for some countries, states, and provinces across the globe, there is a deadline. Quebec is the latest area to announce a total sale ban on new...

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Monthly Myth: EVs are too costly to buy, maintain and repair

November 16, 2020,   by TIM BENFORD

f, in previous Monthly Myth articles, we’ve convinced you that electric vehicles (EVs) have enough range, can be conveniently charged, and don’t cause you to swap the tailpipe for a smokestack,...

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GM recalls 68,667 Chevy Bolt EVs (’17-’19) citing unlikely potential fire risk

November 13, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

GM is announcing today that it is initiating a voluntary recall of 68,667 Chevy Bolt EV electric cars model year 2017 to 2019 over a potential fire risk. There have been 5 reported fires in close to...

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Tesla Inc Statistics & Facts

November 13, 2020,  

Statistics on Tesla's sales growth and production, charging station development, Tesla Solar, market share and more.

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Will Tesla be the catalyst for an electric vehicle revolution?

October 28, 2020,   by Charles Morris

Massive transformations of human society begin with decisions made by individual humans, and particular companies sometimes play outsize roles. A century ago, Henry Ford’s manufacturing innovations...

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Buying or Leasing a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV--What I learned

October 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Oy vey! I just concluded a three month search for what I consider a reasonably priced Chevy Bolt EV. What an experience.[more]

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Inyokern DCFC Station Finally Live--Opens Eastern Kern County to EVs

October 23, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

The long-awaited DCFC station at the Inyokern airport is finally live after years of waiting.[more]

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New Jersey calls for gas-car sales ban by 2035

October 20, 2020,   by Michelle Lewis

New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection called for a ban on gas car sales by 2035 last week. If implemented, that would make the Garden State the second state in the US to enact an ICE...

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Foxconn Unveils EV Platform; FCA To Build EVs In Canada

October 17, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

He indicated the company has spoken to a number of car makers about using its EV platform but declined to name the companies involved. There may be a hint in other electric car news from last week....

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Chevy Bolt EV is under investigation by NHTSA over potential battery fire issue

October 15, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed this week that its Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) is launching an investigation into the Chevy Bolt EV over three instances...

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Battery Fires May Slow The EV Revolution

October 15, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

Not being about Tesla, these latest fires from non-Tesla EVs have caused less of a media frenzy. Still, those who of us who wish for a faster transition to all electric transportation understand that...

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Tips on Leasing a 2020 Bolt LT

October 9, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

What you need to know to lease a Bolt with year-end sales promotions. This presentation was made for friends in Bakersfield considering an EV.[more]

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Leasing an EV--What You Need to Know

October 8, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Leasing a car is like renting one--you're paying for the use of a vehicle that's owned by someone else.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ford announces $1.8 billion investment to produce ‘fully battery electric vehicles’ in Canada

September 28, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

Ford announced today that it is investing $1.8 billion CAD to produce “fully battery electric vehicles” in Canada.

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It’s Official — Consumer Reports Confirms EV Owners Spend Half As Much On Maintenance

September 26, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

Data is king, and when it comes to information on the frequency of repairs on automobiles, Consumer Reports has more data than anyone. For its latest report, it did a deep dive into the data from its...

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All OHV To Go Electric In California By 2035, Including Dirt Bikes

September 25, 2020,   by Sabrina Giacomini

However, the order does have a clause about achieving “100 percent zero-emission from off-road vehicles and equipment operations in the State by 2035.” In case you’re wondering: chances are that it...

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Ford starts construction on new factory for electric F-150 pickup truck

September 25, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

Electrification has disrupted every segment it has touched, and with Ford being the leader in the pickup truck segment with the F-150, it has the most to lose if it doesn’t play a big part in...

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System: What is it and What EV Drivers Need to Know

September 18, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Since 2008 new cars in the US include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The monitoring system includes a sensor in each wheel that sends a wireless signal to the car's computer. The computer...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Shocking News! Plug-In Hybrids Are No Damn Good If You Don’t Plug Them In!

September 18, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

Greenpeace and Transport & Environment have conducted a study of how owners of plug-in hybrid cars use them in real world driving and come to a startling conclusion — plug-in hybrids are no damn...

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Covid-19 Escape: Oak Flat Fire Lookout Tower

September 18, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

That sounds simple enough but 15 of those miles were on an "improved" dirt road. This is a bone rattling trip over a rutted and washed out road that gave both the Bolt and its passengers a good...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Toronto Has The Largest Fleet Of Electric Buses In North America

September 11, 2020,   by Mark Kane

Thanks to the $140 million support from the Government of Canada and the City of Toronto, under the federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF), TTC has now 60 electric buses, produced by three...

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Former Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn to stand dieselgate trial

September 9, 2020,  

The former Volkswagen chief and four others must stand trial over fraud charges for their alleged role in the scandal that has already cost the carmaker more than €30 billion in fines. Winterkorn...

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Covid-19 Escape: First EV to Breckenridge Fire Lookout Tower?

September 4, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Unfortunately, fires and smoke scuppered our most recent plans. So instead we headed east to Breckenridge Mountain where Forest Service web cams indicated the smoke wasn't quite so thick.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

CN To Buy 50 Lion Electric Trucks

September 3, 2020,   by Zachary Shahan

The electric truck revolution marches on. The Lion Electric Co. has had more than its fair share of orders in the early electric truck market, and this week it notched a big one. Large Canadian...

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Dozens Of Shops Are Now Replacing Nissan LEAF Batteries

August 30, 2020,   by Jennifer Sensiba

A growing number of shops and suppliers are getting into the business, with used but good first-generation LEAF batteries now available for as little as $1000. People with an older LEAF can even get...

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Chevy Bolt Goes Up In Smoke: GM To Investigate After Owner Contacts News

August 28, 2020,   by Steven Loveday

Chevrolet Bolt EV owner Hajime Rojas of Fairfax, Virginia says her 2019 electric car started smoking on the 4th of July. She says that smoke grew and she had no idea what might happen next. She also...

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Michigan To Get 36 New Fast Charging Stations

August 15, 2020,   by Mark Kane

With nearly $1.7 million in grants from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Michigan will get 36 new charging stations with a total of 76 individual fast chargers.

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Covd-19 Escape: Botanizing in Horseshoe Meadows at 10,000 Feet

August 14, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

The drive to Horseshoe Meadows is a trip we long for every summer. The drive up Hwy 395 on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada is one of the best road trips you can make in North America. The scenery...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Electrify America EV Charging Payment SNAFU

August 9, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

It's an EV driver's nightmare. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with an Electrify America charging station that wouldn't charge our car.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Bolt EV Consumption and Modelling

August 8, 2020,   by ABRP

For the Bolt EV, the bottom line is, it’s actually a quite efficient vehicle, though its somewhat unaerodynamic shape really hits it at high speeds. That’s pretty good for a boxy little hatchback! ...

Category: Electric Vehicles

How is the Range of an Electric Vehicle Calculated?

August 7, 2020,   by Blane Erwin

Range gets headlines. It earns automakers bragging rights, or gives their competitors mocking rights. Range is what determines whether or not an electric vehicle will fit into someone’s lifestyle....

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Covid-19 Escape: Bakersfield to Dome Rock in a Bolt EV

July 31, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

As part of our weekly Covid-19 get-a-ways, we headed into the Sierra Nevada above Porterville toward scenic Dome Rock.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Interest in electric cars growing in North Dakota

July 30, 2020,   by Renee Cooper

Believe it or not, interest in alternative fuel is growing in the Peace Garden State. That’s partially thanks to a Volkswagon settlement.

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Another Covid-19 Escape: Chimney Peak Road to Nine Mile Canyon in an EV

July 28, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

We've been taking weekly day trips from sheltering in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. On 17 July we took our most ambitious route yet in the Bolt EV. We made a 220-mile loop through the Kern...[more]

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BlackBerry to Power Autonomy Systems in Canoo's Next Generation Electric Vehicles

July 28, 2020,  

As part of the agreement, BlackBerry will license its BlackBerry QNX technology to Canoo, including its QNX OS for Safety 2.0 to serve as the safe and secure foundation for the autonomous features...

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Nova Scotia falls behind on uptake of electric vehicles

July 26, 2020,   by Steve Gow

According to the report, electric vehicle sales are expected to rise globally by 30 percent in the next decade and 57 percent by 2040. Currently however, global electric vehicles account for 2.6...

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Lithium Can Be Extracted From Groundwater At Geothermal Installations

July 19, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

Scientists at the KIT Energy Center at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology say there is enough lithium dissolved in the groundwater extracted by German geothermal heating and electricity...

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Bolt Backpack Redux 225 Mile Mountain Trip 25 Percent Charge Remaining

July 4, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

And, unlike the earlier adventure, (see Chevy Bolt 225 Mile Roundtrip with 21 Percent Charge Remaining), this trip required us to leave the paved road. The Jackass Peak trailhead was some nine miles...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

GM’s Electrovair Is The Precursor To The Company’s Electric Future

July 4, 2020,   by Michael Gauthier

As the name suggests, the car was based on the Corvair, which itself was pretty interesting as it was rear engined and air-cooled. The Electrovair took things even further as the engine was replaced...

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Shandon Rest Area adds solar electric vehicle charger

July 3, 2020,   by Rachel Showalter

The charging stations are solar-powered, direct current and fast-charging. They were installed in locations in more remote areas to encourage longer travel trips by electric vehicles. Charging is...

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Vigor Chooses ABB Battery Electric Power For New Ferries In Washington

July 2, 2020,   by Steve Hanley

The ferry operator has begun converting three of its Jumbo Mark II ferries to electricity. Those three vessels alone consume 5 million gallons of fuel a year. Each of them will have two of its four...

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Envision’s EV ARC provides solar-powered DC fast charging along rural California corridor

July 1, 2020,   by Charles Morris

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) have partnered to provide Envision’s EV ARC fast charging system at a rest area in...

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From Pickup Trucks to The Bolt EV - We Interview The Vehicle Chief Engineer, Electric Vehicles at GM

June 30, 2020,   by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Jeremy has been working on the Chevrolet Bolt EV for some time, and talks to us about his experiences prior to working on the Bolt EV, explains how a new electric vehicle is developed and tested,...

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Union workers are strong allies for electric vehicles, as Canada’s Unifor demonstrates

June 26, 2020,   by Bradley Berman

Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union, wants the Canadian government to build an aggressive plan to produce and sell more electric vehicles. The union’s proposals come as it prepares to...

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Waterloo upgrades building inspection fleet to electric vehicles

June 24, 2020,   by Ben Eppel

They've announced their entire Build Standards inspection fleet is entirely electric, with the purchase of six new Hyundai Kona Electric SUVs.

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Links to Articles on Charging EVs

June 22, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

These are articles I or others have written about charging EVs. Of course, there's a lot more on line. Each EV model has its own user forum on line with a section on charging: charging etiquette, how...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Why Charge to 80 Percent?

June 20, 2020,  

There are two situations where it's wise to charge your EV only to 80% State-of-Charge (SOC). The first situation is to prolong battery life. The second is as a courtesy to other drivers.[more]

Category: EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Electric Vehicles, Chevy Bolt

Tesla Model 3 Long-Term Ownership Review From Up North

June 17, 2020,   by Steven Loveday

Tesla Canuck has been reporting on his Model 3 for some time. He's had plenty of positive and negative things to say about it, which we appreciate. However, what we appreciate more is that he is a...

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Here Are The Best And Worst Electric Cars In Terms Of Battery Degradation

June 16, 2020,   by Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

To create the lists that answer them, Select Car Leasing used data from Geotab, which has analyzed more than 6,300 electric cars to discover how their battery packs held their capacities. Geotab...

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Electrify Canada Expands Network Of High-Speed EV Chargers To British Columbia

June 15, 2020,   by Tom Moloughney

With the opening of its first British Columbia station in Merritt, B.C, Electrify Canada today announces its official expansion into Western Canada. The high-speed electric vehicle charging network...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Chevy Bolt 225 Mile Roundtrip with 21 Percent Charge Remaining

June 14, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

We're a one-car family and our vehicle is a Chevy Bolt EV. So when friends decided to go backpacking in the Golden Trout Wilderness during the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing required that we...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

A History of Electric Scooters

June 8, 2020,   by John Linden

The history electric scooters began back in 1740 when experimenters like Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Gordon created the very first electric motors. (Contributed by Chloe Wagner's Online Class)

Category: Electric Vehicles

German Public Electric Car Charging Network Grows by 60%: BDEW

June 8, 2020,  

Germany's public network for electric vehicles expanded by 10,000 charging spots, an increase of nearly 60%, in the last year, the country's electricity lobby said on Monday.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Germany boosts EV incentives to ~$10,000, helping Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.3

June 4, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

They are adding €3,000 for electric cars costing less than €40,000 – resulting in a total subsidy of €6,000 from the government and total discount of €9,000 (~$10,000 USD).

Category: Electric Vehicles

Halifax Aims To Add 210 Electric Buses In Next 8 Years

June 3, 2020,   by Zachary Shahan

The Halifax Regional Municipality up in Canada is getting more serious about climate action and stopping air pollution in its borders. The municipality has plans to put $780 million into getting the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen cars won’t overtake electric vehicles because they’re hampered by the laws of science

June 3, 2020,   by Tom Baxter

Hydrogen has long been touted as the future for passenger cars. The hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), which simply runs on pressurised hydrogen from a fuelling station, produces zero carbon...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric cars gain market share in Europe despite Covid-19 crisis

June 2, 2020,   by Jasper Jolly

Electric and hybrid cars gained traction among European buyers in April despite coronavirus lockdowns stalling the market, suggesting carmakers are likely to avoid potential fines potentially worth...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why fleets are (still) making the switch to electric vehicles

June 1, 2020,   by Mark Salisbury

With oil prices at multi-year lows, conventional wisdom suggests an interest in electric vehicles (EVs) will wane. Perhaps surprisingly, the opposite is happening. Whilst registrations for diesel and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Canada's Suncor CEO sees electric vehicles disrupting oil demand as much as coronavirus

June 1, 2020,   by Jeff Lewis

The comments are a stark prediction in an industry that frequently downplays the impact of electrification and points to forecasts of rising global oil demand to justify new investment and pipeline...

Category: Electric Vehicles

France Deploys $8.8 Billion to Rescue Car Industry and Boost Electric Vehicles


France’s government is injecting more than 8 billion euros ($8.8 billion) to save the country’s car industry from huge losses wrought by virus lockdowns, and wants to use the crisis to make France...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Super-charging Oklahoma: Advocate believes state is well-primed for electric vehicles

May 26, 2020,   by Kevin Canfield

David Jankowsky believes Oklahoma is absolutely ready to become the electric vehicle capital of the world.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Record €60bn investment in electric cars and batteries in Europe secured last year

May 25, 2020,   by Eoin Bannon

Europe secured €60 billion in investments to produce electric vehicles and batteries last year - 19 times more than in 2018, new analysis shows. Driven by EU car CO2 targets, industry and governments...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric cars to get a boost in Europe as part of recovery plan, VAT exemption considered

May 19, 2020,   by Fred Lambert

The European Union is considering to help automakers with a stimulus package that would boost electric vehicle sales – leaving diesel and gasoline vehicles behind.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Can electric vehicle batteries be recycled? | Fully Charged

May 5, 2020,  

Before the lockdown, Helen Czerski went to Wendeburg in Germany to see if it really is possible to recycle the materials in vehicle batteries. In this fascinating episode we see how this new and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Nevada’s 'Lithium Valley' could provide a domestic supply of white gold for Tesla

May 1, 2020,   by Charles Morris

No, lithium isn’t going to become “the new oil,” regardless of what the pandering pundits of the popular press say (it’s a raw material, not a fuel, and it’s one of the most abundant elements on...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Michael Moore’s dangerous documentary

April 24, 2020,   by Paul Scott

Anyone interested in saving the planet who watched this poor excuse of a film, would come away thinking solar and wind energy were bad, and electric cars were horrible. I’m not kidding.

Category: News on Solar Energy, Wind Energy & the Environment, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles

Film Review: Forget about PLANET OF THE HUMANS by Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore

April 24, 2020,   by Neal Livingston

Shame on these filmmakers for making a film like this, full of misinformation and disinformation, to intentionally depress audiences, and make them think there are no alternatives.[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Wind Energy & the Environment, News on Solar Energy

Chevy Bolt Expedition: 200-Mile Round Trip on One Charge

April 24, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

With spring wildflowers beckoning and little chance of breaking social distancing orders, we headed to a remote site between Bakersfield and the coast famous for its spectacular blooms.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Consumer Reports electrifies its Annual Auto Issue

April 24, 2020,   by Charles Morris

Consumer Reports recently delivered its annual Auto Issue, and it includes a record amount of material about EVs. Tesla’s Model 3 is on the cover, and both Model 3 and the Toyota Prius made the “Top...

Category: Electric Vehicles

US oil futures crash below $0 for first time in history — how’d that happen?

April 20, 2020,   by Michelle Lewis

Last week, Electrek asked the question: Oil producers make the largest production cut in history — will it matter? Looks like the answer is no. Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to cut oil production by...

Category: Electric Vehicles, Fossil Fuels

As states use less coal for electricity, driving electric vehicles becomes even cleaner

April 13, 2020,   by Michael Sivak

The calculated relative amounts of well-to-wheels emissions of greenhouse gases from eight different energy sources are shown in the table below. (The calculations were based on the data developed by...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Climbing the Elkhorn Grade in a Chevy Bolt EV

April 9, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

With bright sunshine, spring in the air, and a bit of cabin fever, we headed west out of Bakersfield to a remote site on the Carrizo Plains National Monument hunting wild flowers. Social distancing...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Germany Hits Record 9.2% EV Market Share in March, Tesla Model 3 #1

April 4, 2020,   by Dr. Maximilian Holland

Europe’s largest auto market, Germany, hit another all-time record plug-in electric vehicle market share in March, reaching 9.2%. The Tesla Model 3 was the best selling full electric model, with an...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Canada Is 3rd Country With 100 Tesla Superchargers

April 2, 2020,   by Mark Kane

ccording to the latest news, Tesla just powered up its 100th Supercharging station in Canada. The site shows that on March 31 the new V3 station with eight 250 kW stalls (2 MW total)...

Category: Electric Vehicles

BlueIndy electric cars will be repurposed — or crushed

March 31, 2020,   by Tony Markovich

After roughly five years of existence, the BlueIndy electric car-sharing program in Indianapolis had accrued only about 3,000 members. For those keeping track of the balance sheet, that wasn't nearly...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Some Thoughts on Leasing a Chevy Bolt Spring 2020

March 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Short PowerPoint on leasing a Chevy Bolt EV.

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Links to Leasing a Chevy Bolt Spring 2020

March 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Below are some links I created for a group here in Bakersfield that's interested in leasing a Chevy Bolt EV.[more]

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Answers to Questions about Leasing a Chevy Bolt Spring 2020

March 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

The following are short answers to a list of questions raised by a group here in Bakersfield for a Zoom video conference call.[more]

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Bakersfield to Santa Cruz via the San Andreas Fault

March 12, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

And why not? The San Andreas Fault is one of California's defining features and it was on the way, so why not drive a winding portion of it in our sporty Chevy Bolt EV.[more]

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Coal Rolling Diesel Brothers Tampered With Truck Emissions Systems, Fined $851,000

March 11, 2020,   by Johnna Crider

In addition to the $851,451 fine noted above, the Diesel Brothers also have to pay $1.2 million in court fees and, of course, halt their pollution promotion.

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SDG&E, SCE say California transport electrification plan could freeze investment, jeopardize state EV goals

March 10, 2020,   by Kavya Balaraman

The framework, proposed by the CPUC’s energy division last month, would require utilities to file 10-year plans for investing in EV infrastructure. But the proposal’s limitations on investments that...

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Update on Non-Tesla DC Fast Charging Station Density in North America

March 3, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

In the fall of 2018 I published a surprisingly controversial article ranking states and provinces by their non-Tesla, DC fast-charging station density relative to population. The article, California...[more]

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DCFC Stations for Boron, California

March 3, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

In a region of California with a dearth of DC fast-charging stations, the owner of Love Truck Stops plans to install three 50 kW DCFC stations at a new truck stop in Boron, California. The station on...[more]

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Volta Free Charger Spotted in Santa Cruz

February 26, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

A Volta free Level 2 charge station was spotted at the Capitola Mall by Liz McDannold while on her rounds. Apparently the station has been in operation since the spring of 2017.[more]

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Some Tips for Using a Better Routeplanner

February 20, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

For planning trips in our Chevy Bolt we now use A Better Routeplanner exclusively. We found it more consistently accurate--or nearly so--than any other routeplanner we've tried.[more]

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Canada To Spend $8 Million On 160 DC Chargers In Ontario

February 15, 2020,   by Mark Kane

The latest news is that the Government of Canada will provide an additional $8 million CAD for more fast chargers in Ontario. The plan is to build 160 chargers at 73 locations, which would be...

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A Better Routeplanner Interview

February 13, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Flamboyant Dutch personality Vincent Everts interviews Jason Rapp at the Fully Charged Event in Austin, Texas., Jason is the American side of the duo that developed A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)....[more]

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Environmentalism & The Electric Car

February 12, 2020,   by Robert Dee

Several of those same individuals just bought new gas cars in the last year. That’s the problem! It’s not the climate deniers, however naive they may be — it’s the people who understand the danger at...

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What Is Tesla Planning To Manufacture In Canada?

February 12, 2020,   by Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

Anyway, it is in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that the company is looking for manufacturing specialists, as you can see in the image above and on the Careers page at the Tesla website. There is no word of...

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Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Climate? Yes. Here’s Why

February 11, 2020,   by David Reichmuth

Based on where EVs have been sold, driving the average EV produces global warming pollution equal to a gasoline vehicle that gets 88 miles per gallon (mpg) fuel economy.

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The 2020 Chevy Bolt — GM Changes The Game, Again

February 8, 2020,   by Robert Dee

n late 2016, the Chevy Bolt became the first affordable long range EV (electric vehicle), beating the Tesla Model 3 to market. As of this writing, in February 2020, GM has once again moved the goal...

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Chevy Bolt But Were Afraid To Ask

February 8, 2020,  

Welcome to my information dump / roundup on all things Chevy Bolt related. I have been toying between making this an actual FAQ, but there’s just so much information that I think point form notes...

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Electrify America to Open 400th Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station

February 4, 2020,  

Less than two years later, Electrify America now offers stations so widely available that 96 percent of Americans live within 120 miles of a charger. The company has no plans to slow down anytime...

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Gov. Newsom should invest in clean transportation. It will make California healthier

February 3, 2020,   by Bill Magavern

The state is not on track to meet our 2030 standard for reducing climate-changing pollution, largely because transportation emissions have stayed stubbornly high.

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Hydro Quebec wants kWh pricing, Tesla plugs at its DCFCs, but hurdles remain

February 3, 2020,   by Charles Benoit

Hydro-Québec wants to offer per-kWh pricing, as well as Tesla plugs alongside CCS and Chademo connectors at its hundreds of DCFC stations. So what’s holding them back? Blame Canada (and Tesla,...

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Gipe to Speak at Sierra Club Breakfast Saturday 1 February on Driving Electric: If Not Now, When?

January 28, 2020,  

Electric Vehicle advocate Paul Gipe will speak at the Sierra Club's monthly breakfast Saturday 1 February at Hodels, 5917 Knudsen Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93308. Gipe's presentation on Driving Electric:...[more]

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Why must California invest in electric vehicles? There are billions of reasons

January 28, 2020,   by F. Noel Perry and David Roland-Holst

We found that significantly increased electric car adoption could provide potent stimulus to the California economy. We forecast that more than 350,000 new jobs would be created, and that is a...

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EVSEs or Home EV Charge Stations--What I Recommend

January 28, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

One of the big advantages of driving electric is charging your car--"filling up"--at home instead of going to a gas station. For most people, 90% of their charging is done at home. To charge at home...[more]

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Study finds economic benefit in promoting electric-vehicle sales

January 28, 2020,   by JOHN COX

A new think-tank study says government efforts to promote greater adoption of electric vehicles in California, especially among the poor, would boost the state's economy as consumers find other uses...

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Clean Transportation: An Economic Assessment of More Inclusive Vehicle Electrification in California

January 28, 2020,  

These results indicate that wider and more rapid PEV adoption will benefit most Californians—whether they buy a PEV or not—by stimulating the overall economy and reducing harmful criteria pollution....

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Driving Electric: If Not Now, When?

January 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

Presentation for the Buena Vista Group of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club 1 February 2020 Bakersfield, California. Check against delivery.

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Driving Electric Savings--One Utility's View

January 23, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

While prepping for an upcoming talk to the local chapter of the Sierra Club about electric vehicles I stumbled on our local utility's web site promoting EVs.[more]

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AAA: Owning an Electric Vehicle is the Cure for Most Consumer Concerns

January 22, 2020,  

The study also revealed that the experience of owning an electric vehicle eases one of the biggest fears associated with these cars – range anxiety.

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DOE's Estimated Cost of Fueling an EV--A Comparison

January 20, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

In Top 3 Advantages of EVs, an article on Cleantechnica, Johnna Crider cites DOE's Saving on Fuel and Vehicle Costs web page for some numbers on how it's cheaper to driver an electric car than a...[more]

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New Jersey approves $5,000 EV rebate, charging infrastructure, electric transit

January 20, 2020,   by Bengt Halvorson

The most controversial move within the law may well be how it allocates that rebate. For the first year it’s offered, the amount of the incentive “shall be equal to $25 per mile of EPA-rated...

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Top 3 Advantages of EVs

January 19, 2020,   by Johnna Crider

There are many electric vehicle (EV) advantages, but the top benefit according to EV drivers in survey after survey is the environmental benefit of driving electric. Our friends at Third Row Podcast...

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CalTrans District 9 DCFC Stations Underway on East Side

January 18, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

CalTrans' District 9 has confirmed that construction on the first of four DC Fast Charge station locations has begun. District 9 serves the East Side of California's Sierra Nevada, including Hwy 395...[more]

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Canada Partners With Canadian Tire To Build One of Canada’s Largest EV Charging Networks

January 15, 2020,   by Natural Resources Canada

Member of Parliament Han Dong, on behalf of the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today announced a $2.7-million investment to build 54 electric vehicle (EV) fast...

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EV Charging 101: How Long Does It Take? What Do You Need To Know?

January 14, 2020,   by Steven Loveday

An excellent 21-minute video explaining the how and why of charging an electric vehicle.

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Chevy Bolt EV vs. Alaskan Winter: There's Only One Winner According to this Owner

January 14, 2020,   by Steve Birkett

A Chevy Bolt EV owner in Alaska took to the car's Facebook forum to share his experiences at temperatures of -33°F/-36°C. The outcome provides a counterpoint to the popular criticism of electric...

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The dream of electric-car sharing services died in 2019

December 30, 2019,   by Bradley Berman

The experiment to offer battery-electric vehicles by the day or hour is mostly done. Companies such as BlueIndy, Maven, and ShareNow pulled the plug in 2019. These companies, launched with enthusiasm...

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Petro-Canada Launched Coast-To-Coast Fast Charging Network

December 26, 2019,   by Mark Kane

Petro-Canada, a Suncor business, officially announced on December 17, 2019 the completion of a coast-to-coast network of DC fast chargers in Canada, from Victoria, B.C. to Stewiacke, N.S.

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2020 set to be year of the electric car, say industry analysts

December 25, 2019,   by Jasper Jolly

Europe’s carmakers are gearing up to make 2020 the year of the electric car, according to automotive analysts, with a wave of new models launching as the world’s biggest manufacturers scramble to...

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California bans per-minute billing; Tesla Superchargers will need displays

December 24, 2019,   by Charles Benoit

On December 16, 2019, California’s Office of Administrative Law approved amendments to its Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Specifications. Effective January 1, 2020, these new rules ban operators of...

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Plug in America Used Electric Vehicle Buyers’ Guide

December 23, 2019,  

Looking to buy a used car? Why not consider a used electric vehicle (EV)? With more used battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles permeating the market than ever before, consumers have...

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BlueIndy: Indianapolis electric car-sharing program to shut down

December 20, 2019,   by Holly V. Hays and Kellie Hwang

"We regret to announce that BlueIndy will end its collaboration with the City of Indianapolis, effective May 21st, 2020," the email to BlueIndy members said. "This difficult decision to end the...

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Debunking electric car myths - again

December 17, 2019,   by Charles Morris

The croakers and clickbaiters just keep trotting out the same old “EVs will never work” bugaboos again and again. Fortunately, the scientists and engineers keep producing new studies and new products...

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Chevy Bolt EV Suggests Fixes to Tesla's Supercharger Crowding

December 17, 2019,   by Eric Way

This is the second part of a two-part series discussing the Supercharger backlogs and waits that Tesla owners are facing during holiday travel, even at Tesla’s flagship site in Kettleman City, which...

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Canadian Shop Upgrades 2015 LEAF & Triples Range To More Than 200 Miles

December 17, 2019,   by Jennifer Sensiba

Véhicules Électriques Simon André, a shop in Quebec, recently put the battery pack from a LEAF Plus in an older 2015 LEAF, increasing the range to an indicated 231 miles | 371 kilometers. Originally,...

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Analysis: A Republican pushes to revive Georgia's electric vehicle market

December 17, 2019,   by Jim Galloway

Several years ago, Echols successfully teamed with fellow PSC member Lauren “Bubba” McDonald to persuade Georgia Power, and fellow Republicans, to take solar power seriously. Echols is now on another...

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Chevy Bolt EV Owner's Take on Tesla's Holiday Supercharger Issues

December 14, 2019,   by Eric Way

During the recent Thanksgiving holiday, Tesla's Supercharger Network succumbed to heavy traffic, leaving Tesla owners waiting in long lines just to access a charging stall. Join me as I explain some...

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Chevy Bolt EV Owner's Guide to 50 kW Chargers

December 12, 2019,   by Eric Way

I've done a lot of traveling and charging in my Chevrolet Bolt EV, and I've been able to identify the good and bad about various "50 kW" DC fast chargers. Join me as I explain what Chevy Bolt EV...

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Electric vehicle fees won’t fix the transportation funding gap

December 11, 2019,   by Austin Brown and Dan Sperling

But the root of America’s transportation funding issues long predates and runs much deeper than electric vehicles.

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Why We Drive Electric: They're Quieter

December 11, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

One of the first things you notice about driving an electric vehicle is the absence of engine noise. The cabin is quiet until you're going fast enough to hear road noise or the whoosh of the wind...[more]

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Why We Drive Electric: They're More Fun

December 10, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I've noted in several articles that electric vehicles are simply more fun to drive than conventional vehicles. Once you drive one, you'll understand. [more]

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Why We Drive Electric: Lower Cost to Operate

December 10, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain than conventional cars, in part, because they have fewer moving parts. They are also cheaper to fuel than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles.[more]

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Rise of SUVs 'makes mockery' of electric car push

December 9, 2019,   by Theo Leggett

As a result, overall exhaust emissions from new cars have been increasing, not declining, for the past three years, says the UK Energy Research Centre.

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Are Tesla Charging Stations Only for Tesla?

December 9, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

The simple answer is yes, they are only for Tesla.[more]

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LG Chem and GM to invest $2+B for Ohio battery factory, Cadillac EV on tap

December 5, 2019,   by Charles Benoit

Reuters reports that the location is expected to be in the area of Lordstown, Ohio, where GM (pictured in Detroit) recently sold its factory to an EV startup affiliated with Workhorse. This follows...

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Battery price drops driving EVs to parity by 2024: BNEF

December 5, 2019,   by Peter Maloney

The report, BNEF’s 2019 Battery Price Survey, forecasts that average battery prices will be close to $100 per kilowatt hour (kWh) by 2023, compared with a 2019 price of $156/kWh. The report noted...

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New report on climate impact of electric car batteries

December 4, 2019,  

That emissions are lower now is mainly due to the fact that battery factories have been scaled up and are running at full capacity, which makes them more efficient per unit produced. We have also...

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GM lays off 800 workers during switchover to electric vehicles at Detroit plant

December 4, 2019,   by Evie Fordham

The workers are not facing layoffs in the true sense of the word, as GM will relocate them as the corporation retools the plant. A source familiar with the situation told FOX Business the...

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Two Broken Records? Cannonball Run and Mileage in 24hrs

November 27, 2019,  

On Thursday 11/21/19, I left Tucumcari, NM at 6am local time. I drove to the Portofino Hotel & Marina, arriving at 4am local time on Friday 11/22/19, then proceeded to the Electrify America Charging...

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Yes, electric vehicles really are better than fossil fuel burners

November 26, 2019,   by William Todts

So if we want to halt global warming we need vehicles that don’t burn stuff. That’s the unique appeal of electric cars, trains and buses. They’re ultra-efficient and have no tailpipe emissions. And...

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Looking At The EV Revolution Through The Eyes Of A GM Executive

November 26, 2019,   by Steve Hanley

Mark Reuss is a dyed-in-the-wool car guy. He lives, eats, and breathes horsepower, torque, and cubic inches. That’s how he rose to be president of General Motors. Those of us ensconced in the...

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GM president tells Americans to hold off buying an EV, should we trust him?

November 25, 2019,   by Charles Benoit

Mark’s messaging on all three barriers to the non-EV owner is, “Just wait, don’t buy an EV yet.”

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All-Electric Vehicles Have the Lowest Estimated Annual Fuel Cost of All Light-Duty Vehicles

November 25, 2019,  

The estimated annual fuel costs for model year (MY) 2019 all-electric light-duty vehicles are the lowest of all the different vehicle technologies, ranging from a low of $500 to a high of $900 per...

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Plug in America's Electric Vehicle State & Federal Incentives Guide

November 21, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Plug in America's Electric Vehicle State & Federal Incentives also includes regional air quality and electric utility subsidies for buying or leasing an EV or installing a home charge station (EVSE).[more]

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California will no longer buy cars made by automakers aligned with Trump against clean air

November 16, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

The California state government has fired back against the Trump administration’s attempt to destroy the state’s emission regulations and those of ZEV states. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration...

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Plans for Tesla Plant Jostle German Car Industry

November 15, 2019,  

Elon Musk has been receiving a lot of mail from Germany lately, with government ministers trying to flatter the tech entrepreneur in an effort to promote their states. Almost as soon as the Tesla CEO...

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Do I Need Heated Seats in an EV?

November 13, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Yes, heated seats in an Electric Vehicle are a must. And a heated steering wheel too, if you can get it. This is particularly true for limited-range EVs like the early Nissan Leaf, but it remains a...[more]

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What we learned on the Electric Road Trip

November 13, 2019,   by David Ferris

After two crazy months, we're done. The reporters of E&E News have completed the Electric Road Trip, an 8,000-mile journey in an electric car and an investigation into how electric transportation...

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VW breaks ground on massive Tennessee EV plant, dubbed a “magic moment” by CEO

November 12, 2019,   by Bradley Berman

Volkswagen breaks ground Wednesday on its Tennessee plant that will produce two battery-powered cars, according to Reuters. Plans for the $800 million investment in the Chattanooga plant were first...

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Problem Free 730-mile Roundtrip in a Chevy Bolt

November 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

We've been driving electric for five years and we've seen tremendous improvement in both the cars and the charging network in that time. This trip was proof of that. Everything worked as expected....[more]

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Clean, Fresh Air Benefits Us All — EV Etiquette Is For Everyone

November 11, 2019,   by Cynthia Shahan

EV etiquette is sometimes a delicate subject, and a serious EV infrastructure issue. EV etiquette needs some attention in some places. Getting the infrastructure in the ground is one thing. Using it...

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Rolling Coal Is A Stupid Stunt — And Dangerous

November 11, 2019,   by Johnna Crider

The driver of this truck was driving very aggressively and intentionally coal rolling the owner of a Tesla while on a highway traveling at high speeds. The owner of the Tesla tries to get away, but...

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Teslas = 77.7% of US Electric Vehicle Sales

November 10, 2019,   by Zachary Shahan

Actually, aside from Tesla’s offerings, I think there are only two fully electric models available at dealers in all 50 states — the Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF.

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Electric cars are changing the cost of driving

November 8, 2019,   by Michael J. Coren

Few have driven a Tesla to the point at which the vehicle really starts to show its age. But Tesloop, a shuttle service in Southern California composed of Teslas, was ticking the odometers of its...

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Electric Vehicles Are Now Outselling Stick Shifts in the US

November 8, 2019,   by Bryan Hood

A new study released by J.D. Power shows that vehicles with fully electric drivetrains outsold those with manual transmissions by nearly two to one over the third quarter in the US, according to...

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The 50 States of Electric Vehicles Q1 2019 Update Report: Nearly Every State Addressed Electric Vehicles During Q1 2019

November 7, 2019,  

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) released its Q3 2018 edition of The 50 States of Electric Vehicles. The quarterly series provides insights on state regulatory and legislative...

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Understanding the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s Range Estimator

November 7, 2019,   by Eric Way

As we head into winter, I’m seeing more Chevy Bolt EV owners call out extreme fluctuations in their projected range. Many of those owners tend to drive slowly – at city speeds, and their projected...

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Pakistan approves first electric vehicles policy

November 6, 2019,   by Sana Jamal

Pakistan’s federal cabinet has approved the first-ever national Electric Vehicles (EV) policy in a bid to tackle effects of climate change and offer affordable transport.

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Electrify America's DCFC Stations Favor CCS Charging Standard

November 5, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Electrify America, a Volkswagen subsidiary, is building hundreds of charging stations across North America as part of its settlements for the Diesel-Gate pollution scandal. Each EA station includes...[more]

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Volkswagen, CHAdeMO, and Charging Equity

November 4, 2019,   by Dave Laur

By now it is obvious that VW has used the punishment by the US Department of Justice for the diesel-gate scandal to benefit the company.[more]

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Electric car lovers are among us, right here in oil city

November 4, 2019,   by ROBERT PRICE

Yet, here he was on Friday, pulling into the Tesla service center in southwest Bakersfield to have a sensor repaired on his wife's 2015 Model S. She loves her white Tesla, he loves his blue one and...

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Boycott these car makers over climate

October 30, 2019,   by Tom Moran

If you are looking for ways to effectively fight the climate catastrophe that is upon us, here’s a fresh suggestion: Boycott General Motors, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler.

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Rapid adoption of electric vehicles could drop Canadian oil demand by 250,000 barrels per day: EY

October 29, 2019,   by JWN Energy

A new study by EY that contrasts the impact of different scenarios for electric vehicles in Canada says the most rapid adoption — with EVs representing 30% of Canada’s vehicle stock in 2030, compared...

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Electric Cars Statistics And Facts To Encourage You To Go Green

October 27, 2019,   by Raj Vardhman

These cars are up to three times as efficient as gasoline-powered cars. This difference in performance is caused by the fact that electric motors are 90% more efficient at converting energy into...

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A Tesla Model 3 At 100,000 Miles — CleanTechnica Interview

October 27, 2019,   by Carolyn Fortuna

The Supercharger Network. This is the game changer. Yes, any car can charge through any outlet with the right adapter, but having the network integrated into the navigation system to take away your...

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Cost of Charging the Chevy Bolt EV on Three Public Fast Charging Networks

October 24, 2019,   by Eric Way

If you ever wondered how much it would cost you to charge a Chevy Bolt EV on the public fast charging networks, I've got you covered. In this story, I'll look at my last twelve charging sessions on...

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What does it Cost per Mile to Drive an Electric Vehicle?

October 24, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Here in California it costs costs a little less than $0.06 per mile for us to charge our Bolt EV at home. Elsewhere in North America it may cost half that to charge at home. The cost to drive on...[more]

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36 Tesla Statistics: Market Share, Revenue, and Sales

October 24, 2019,   by Nikola Djurkovic

From the company’s inception until the end of 2018, Tesla has sold 532,000 electric cars globally. By the end of Q2 2019 that number rose to approximately 720,000.

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London’s world-famous black cabs go green with launch of a fully electric vehicle

October 23, 2019,   by Anmar Frangoul

A fully electric version of London’s iconic black cab was launched Wednesday. The zero-emission vehicle, called the Dynamo Taxi, is based on the Nissan e-NV200 Evalia. It has a range of as much as...

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Rio Tinto studying ways to produce lithium from waste rock at California mine in Kern County

October 21, 2019,   by Ernest Scheyder

“The material being used has already been mined, so this will be a low-energy option for the production of lithium,” Bold Baatar, Rio’s chief executive of energy and minerals, said in a statement to...

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Slovenian Electric Vehicles

October 21, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

While touring Central Europe with a Rick Steve's group I didn't see a single wind turbine (my specialty), but I did come across some electric vehicles--my current passion--and one DC fast charger.[more]

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Minnesota slated to expand electric vehicle charging network

October 19, 2019,   by FRANK JOSSI

Minnesota will spend nearly $1.7 million from its share of the Volkswagen emissions-cheating settlement to expand electric vehicle charging options over the next two years along the state's major...

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Charging at Electrify America

October 18, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

As part of its penance for the diesel-gate pollution scandal, Volkswagen is building a continent-wide network of DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles under the brand of Electrify America. [more]

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What's that Number on PlugShare Mean?

October 18, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Short answer: High number--the station is relatively reliable; Low number--station is unreliable. Drivers want to avoid stations with low numbers.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The oil industry vs. the electric car

October 16, 2019,   by GAVIN BADE

Electric vehicles could make up nearly half the fleet of passenger cars and trucks by 2040. But oil and gas companies are striking back.

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CalTrans' District 9 in Bishop has awarded DCFC Contract

October 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

CalTrans' District 9 office in Bishop, California has finally awarded the contract to build DC fast-charging stations as part of CalTrans' 30-30 program. [more]

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Fees on Electric Cars, Inspired by Koch Network, Are Unfairly Penalizing Drivers, Says Consumer Reports

October 11, 2019,   by Ben Jervey

Drivers of electric cars are being unfairly punished by punitive fees in several states, according to a newly published analysis by Consumer Reports. Legislators in 26 states have enacted or proposed...

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Electrify Canada is going to deploy over 20 EV charging stations at Canadian Tire stores

October 10, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

Electrify Canada, the Canadian division of Electrify America, which in turn is a subsidiary of VW, announced that “it will launch its nation-wide electric vehicle (EV) charging network with over 20...

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Are Teslas Actually Better For The Environment?

October 9, 2019,  

People love to talk about the emissions associated with electric car production, or the materials and disposal of batteries. I'd encourage you to watch these videos before making assumptions.

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Indianapolis Launches The New, Fully-Electric Red Line, Powered By BYD

October 6, 2019,   by Kyle Field

ndyGo in Indianapolis launched the new Red Line this week, adding new transit capability that just happens to utilize a fleet of fully electric buses from none other than BYD. The Red Line was given...

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Ford Survey Finds Most People Have No Idea What An Electric Car Is Or What It Can Do

October 6, 2019,   by Steve Hanley

Part of the reason can be attributed to the actions of Ford and its Detroit based siblings who have been dragging their feet for years. When confronted with the prospect of manufacturing EVs, they...

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Tesla is donating 50 electric car charging stations at Parks Canada locations

October 6, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

Under the program, Tesla deploys both Wall Connectors for its own cars and universal AC chargers for other electric vehicles at locations, like hotels, restaurants, and other popular locations.

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UK car sales fall again but demand for electric vehicles surges

October 5, 2019,  

British car sales dropped by an annual 1.6% in the low-sales month of August as demand for diesel models continued to fall but there was a 377.5% increase in registrations of battery electric...

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Big Oil Faces A Formidable Foe In Fight Against Electric Vehicles

October 2, 2019,   by Charles Morris

Electric utilities are keen on electric vehicles these days — they see them as a future revenue source. Utilities from California to Florida to Michigan are sponsoring the installation of public...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Gov. Cooper wants more electric vehicles in NC. Will NCDOT’s plan make it happen? Read more here:

October 2, 2019,   by Richard Stradling

The plan lays out several strategies for increasing the number of electric vehicles registered in North Carolina from about 6,000 last fall to 80,000 by 2025. Cooper set the goal as part of a broader...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Gov. Walz Seeks California’s Clean Car Standards For Minnesota

September 25, 2019,   by Bill Hudson

The effort would enact California-like strict fuel standards in the state. Under the rules, vehicle manufacturers would be forced to offer more electric vehicles for Minnesota consumers to choose...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen starts own battery cell production for electric cars with pilot line

September 23, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

Volkswagen says that it is already starting its own battery cell production for electric cars with a pilot line in Salzgitter (Lower Saxony), where they will build a full battery factory with...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Transformer Installed at EA's Bakersfield Station

September 16, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Sometime in the past week PG&E has installed the transformer for the Electrify America station in Bakersfield, California. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

CA issued “stop work” orders against Recargo on 22 state-funded charging sites

September 8, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

The California Energy Commission (CEC) issued “stop work” orders earlier this year against Recargo, the parent company of PlugShare, for non-performance on two major DC fast charging installation...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Recargo's DCFC Station Contract on 101 in Central California has expired

September 6, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Recargo's California Energy Commission contract to build eight DC fast-charging stations from Buellton, California to the San Francisco Bay Area on Hwy 101 has "expired."[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Setting a Charging Schedule for the Chevy Bolt EV

September 5, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I was talking to a Chevy Bolt newby and in the course of the conversation I found that they knew another Bolt driver who charged off-peak using a cheap 120-volt timer you can get at any big box store...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Clean, green machines: the truth about electric vehicle emissions

September 5, 2019,   by Jake Whitehead

Despite the overwhelming evidence that electric vehicle technology can deliver significant economic, environmental and health benefits, misinformation continues to muddy the public debate in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

In Sweden, Golden Arches now double as signposts for electric car charging

September 4, 2019,   by ALEXANDRA JARDINE

The fast-feeder is catering to growing number of electric-vehicle drivers in the country.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Indiana police department swaps Dodge Charger for Tesla Model 3

August 31, 2019,   by Jonathon Ramsey

When you hear a news reporter say about the Tesla Model 3, "It's what the Bargersville Police Department believes is the new future for all city and local law enforcement," that's a segment you pay...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Battery Degradation Comparison Chevy Bolt EV and Nissan Leaf

August 31, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

We are approaching the two-year anniversary of leasing a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. This is a good time to take stock of any degradation in the Bolt's traction battery capacity and how that compares with a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Consumer Reports Admits, The Electric Car Age Has Arrived

August 28, 2019,  

The auto industry is still ruled by the internal combustion engine. Cars (and trucks) powered by gasoline and diesel continue to dominate. However, an automotive transition is underway according to a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

When it doesn't go Right--Plan B Charging of a Chevy Bolt EV

August 28, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Experienced EV drivers always have a Plan B for charging on the road, and for good reason. Charging network reliability, especially for non-Tesla EVs, can be spotty at best even in "green"...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is About To Get Messy

August 21, 2019,   by Zachary Shahan

In general, much more of the public will soon find out that you can’t buy a gas car in most classes that can hold a candle to its electric competitors, and automakers still trying to push gasmobiles...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Ørsted Switches to 100% Electric Vehicles

August 14, 2019,  

The world’s largest offshore wind energy developer will operate a 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2025, becoming the first Danish company to join the EV100 initiative.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Flathead hosts Montana’s only electric car loaning program

August 13, 2019,   by Maren Siu

The Flathead Electric Co-Op (FEC) boasts the state’s only electric car loaning program. FEC research analyst Wade Harris says the Co-Op started the program to introduce electric cars to the Flathead...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Is Orkney 'in the fast lane' on electric vehicles?

August 13, 2019,   by Kevin Keane

Orkney is leading the charge on electric vehicles, with one of the highest uptakes in the UK. As BBC Scotland continues its season of special news coverage on the "climate emergency", we look at...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Update on Sierra Nevada East Side Non-Tesla DCFC Stations

August 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

As noted previously, there are no public non-Tesla EV charging stations on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada from Mojave, California to Gardnerville, Nevada on US 395--a distance of more than 300...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

How much does electricity cost on a 2,500 mile road trip in a Tesla?

August 6, 2019,   by Simon Mahan

Based on some personal experience, electricity use for a 2,500 mile road trip can cost zero dollars.

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Geopolitical Challenges Of Electric Vehicles

August 5, 2019,   by Todd Medema

New technologies often require new resources that shift the global balance of power, and EVs are no exception. Their batteries and motors require copper, nickel, lithium, cobalt, graphite and rare...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why solar, wind and EVs will be the death of the petroleum industry

August 5, 2019,   by Giles Parkinson

A stunning new report from French-based global banking group BNP Paribas signals the death toll for the petrol industry – a mixture of solar, wind and electric vehicles can deliver more than six...

Category: Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles


August 4, 2019,   by Mark Lewis

Oil needs long-term break-evens of $10-$20/bbl to remain competitive in mobility. Oil has a massive flow-rate advantage, but this is time limited. Economic and environmental benefits set to make...

Category: Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles

Why Leasing an Electric Car May Be Best

July 31, 2019,  

For most American car shoppers interested in a pure electric vehicle (EV), the technology can present a host of unfamiliar considerations. For that reason, CR believes leasing, rather than buying,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV tax credit fight sparks lobbying frenzy

July 31, 2019,   by Timothy Cam

Automakers are expanding lobbying efforts to extend the federal tax credit for buying electric vehicles, as the oil industry and conservatives push back against further incentives.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Consumer Reports: Car Buyers Want Electric Vehicles. Automakers: No, They Don’t.

July 30, 2019,   by Charles Morris

If there’s one thing the legacy automakers can agree on, it’s that nobody wants to buy electric vehicles. In June, when BMW Director of Development Klaus Frölich said, “There are no customer requests...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Colorado Could See More Electric Vehicles Under Deal With The Auto Industry

July 29, 2019,   by Nathaniel Minor

The Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado Energy Office, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers struck a deal on the state's plan to adopt...

Category: Electric Vehicles

I am Sold: Android Auto & Google Maps are an Essential Tool for the Bolt

July 24, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I am a slow learner, but I've come around to Sean Nelson's view that Android Auto is an indispensable tool for the Chevy Bolt EV. Nelson drives a Bolt in Canada's British Columbia province. And he...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, Other Articles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Kansas adds electric car charging at turnpike service areas

July 22, 2019,  

By: Associated Press items.[0].image.alt TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Electric charging stations have been introduced at the Topeka, Lawrence and Towanda services areas on the Kansas Turnpike. Kansas...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles gaining momentum in North Dakota, but slowly

July 21, 2019,   by AMY R. SISK

While the state ranks near last in the nation for electric vehicle adoption, interest is starting to grow among residents as the cars become more affordable and travel farther on a single charge.

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Survey Shows Strong Support for Electric Vehicles Across Economic Spectrum

July 18, 2019,  

The electric vehicle market may be poised for accelerating growth, according to a new survey of prospective car buyers, and consideration of getting electric vehicles is fairly consistent across...

Category: Electric Vehicles

China's Electric Vehicle Charging Posts Surpassed 1 Million in June

July 15, 2019,   by Donna Fuscaldo

According to the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance as of the end of June, the number of charging posts has surpassed 1 million. According to Xinhua, the official state-run...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Familiarity brings Confidence--300-Mile Day Trip in an EV on a Whim

July 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

My wife Nancy's friend Virginia was visiting. Virginia has a relative she hadn't seen in many years on California's central coast in Arroyo Grande. We have a friend in adjoining Grover Beach. The two...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Assessing Chevy Bolt EV Reliability After Almost 3 Years on the Road

July 10, 2019,   by Steve Birkett

Despite the frequent and unsubstantiated assertion from critics that the battery will be the most troublesome part of any electric vehicle to maintain, long-term owners of the Chevy Volt plug-in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3 LR vs Anti-EV Hit Pieces

July 7, 2019,   by Eric Way

Road trip report in response to a hit piece by the New York Times on EVs.

Category: Electric Vehicles

2,000+ Mile Chevy Bolt EV Road Trip: Pt. 1 - Boston, MA to Vermont's Green Mountains

July 4, 2019,  

Our ambitious 2,000+ mile Bolt EV road trip, from home in Boston to Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, and back again, is underway! It starts here, with this leisurely late afternoon...

Category: Electric Vehicles

How climate change deniers inserted themselves into the EPA’s fuel economy rollback fight

July 3, 2019,   by Phil Dzikiy

Recently released government emails show how these deniers even went so far as to call automakers “the opposition,” according to a new report from the New York Times.

Category: Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles

If you're not shopping for an electric vehicle, maybe you should be

June 30, 2019,   by John Kent

Six months into electric vehicle ownership, I'm running out of reasons to ever buy another car that runs on refined crude. From quietness, acceleration and economy to maintenance, convenience and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Becoming An Important Lodging Guest Amenity

June 28, 2019,   by Loren McDonald

For the lodging industry, the growth of electric vehicles provide both challenges and opportunities to ownership and management. As ownership of EVs increases and the average range of pure electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Who Wants to Kill the Electric Car This Time?

June 28, 2019,   by Ben Jervey

IN FEBRUARY, Senator John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican who chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, introduced a bill to end the federal tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Some Electrify America sites have been going offline due to a cooling system issue

June 28, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

Roughly 30 Electrify America locations have been experiencing a problem with chargers shutting themselves down for CCS charging due to a problem in their liquid-cooled cable system within the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Avoiding Range Anxiety with an EV Road Trip Checklist

June 28, 2019,   by Patricia Valderrama Ada Statler Samuel Garcia Madhur Boloor Jessica Russo

Drivers considering buying electric vehicles (EVs) often mention range anxiety, the perception that EVs cannot be driven long distances reliably, as a source of apprehension. One of the main reasons...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Wash. state has 3rd-highest rate of electric, hybrid vehicles in U.S.

June 27, 2019,  

The only states with a higher percentage of electric or hybrid vehicles are Massachusetts, with 4.5 percent, and California, with 6 percent. The national average is 2.3 percent.

Category: Electric Vehicles

BYD Adds Bus Manufacturing Capacity In North America With New Canadian Plant

June 25, 2019,   by Kyle Field

New energy company BYD is taking another step into the lucrative North American bus market with the announcement of a new bus plant in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The new 45,000-square-foot facility...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Long-range electric vehicles in Washington state’s fleet surpass 1M miles driven

June 24, 2019,  

One million miles driven and counting – that’s the status of the 113 long-range electric vehicles (EVs) in the state fleet managed by the Department of Enterprise Services. It is a milestone reached...

Category: Electric Vehicles

NY Times Screws Up a Simple Road Trip, But Don’t Blame the Chevy Bolt EV or Charge Networks

June 24, 2019,   by Steve Birkett

Attempting a straightforward 550-mile round trip from L.A. to Las Vegas in a 2019 Chevy Bolt EV, this NY Times reporter fails at basic trip planning, passing the buck for his errors to electric cars...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Jump to navigation NRDC Main menu Our Work Our Experts Our Stories Get Involved About Us Donate Search facebook twitter Expert Blog › Ada Statler Madhur Boloor Patricia Valderrama Samuel Garcia Driving (on) Clean Energy: Touring th

June 24, 2019,   by Ada Statler Madhur Boloor Patricia Valderrama Samuel Garcia

The Great American Road Trip has assumed many forms: desert voyages inspired by the writings of Edward Abbey, courageous Jim Crow-era journeys by Black drivers like Victor Hugo Green, expeditions...

Category: Electric Vehicles

B.C. slashes electric vehicle incentives to $3K, $1.5K

June 22, 2019,  

The province has "topped up" its incentive program for drivers who buy a clean-energy vehicle, but the rebate for each consumer will be less than before.

Category: Electric Vehicles

NYTimes Spreads Misinformation About EVs — Let’s Clean Up The Mess Twitter LinkedIn Facebook June 22nd, 2019 by Dr. Maximilian Holland In an article by Ivan Penn published this weekend, the New York Times has stretched the truth beyond brea

June 22, 2019,   by Dr. Maximilian Holland

In an article by Ivan Penn published this weekend, the New York Times has stretched the truth beyond breaking point to suggest that EVs cannot make the LA–Las Vegas–LA round trip without needing over...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Bay Area’s Electric Car Sales Have Nearly Doubled Thanks To Tesla Model 3

June 21, 2019,   by Matt Pressman

Electric vehicle sales have nearly doubled in the Bay Area. The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “Partly because of the arrival of the Model 3, electric car sales locally have surged. In 2018,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

In Our View: Better late than never with electric vehicles

June 20, 2019,  

With C-Tran purchasing new buses and with Gov. Jay Inslee tooling around Tacoma, Washington is increasingly going electric.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Joint China and Japan ChaoJi project works towards “CHAdeMO 3.0”

June 19, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

Good progress is being reported on the joint effort by the predominantly Japanese CHAdeMO Association and China’s State Grid utility operator on their new common connector plug design for future...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Another Deceptive Letter Bashing the Electric Car Tax Credit Circulating Congress, Courtesy of FreedomWorks

June 16, 2019,   by Ben Jervey

A West Virginia Republican is gathering signatures from fellow members of Congress for a letter opposing any extension to the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit. Representative Alex Mooney is getting...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why electric vehicle owners are urging Ford government to fund charging stations

June 15, 2019,   by Lisa Xing

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers revving up for a road trip won't find any charging stations at OnRoute stops in Ontario this summer. According to drivers and experts in the industry, it's partly...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Charging advances make electric cars more enticing

June 14, 2019,   by Larry Magid

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, you owe it to yourself and every other living thing on the planet to at least consider going electric. I bought a fully electric car six months ago and have no...

Category: Electric Vehicles

City Replaces 37 Gasoline Powered Cars with Fleet of 38 New Electric Vehicles

June 10, 2019,   by ANDY VITALICIO

The City of Pasadena has a new fleet of 38 electric Chevrolet Bolts recently acquired for use by various City departments.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Chemical plant explosion in California leaves hydrogen car drivers without fuel

June 6, 2019,   by Angie Bergenson

An explosion at an Air Products facility resulted in hydrogen supply vehicles being pulled off roads.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Tesla Short Seller: Protect America! Ban Electric Cars!!

May 31, 2019,   by Steve Hanley

Is there something in the water? Has some virus invaded the bodies of otherwise rational people and turned them into complete babbling idiots? There is clearly some dynamic afoot which has inverted...

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Poll Shows Widespread Bipartisan Interest in Electric Cars

May 29, 2019,   by Ben Jervey

The poll, conducted in partnership with Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, finds that 77 percent of...

Category: Electric Vehicles

10 Ludicrous Electric Car Myths (& Can You Drive An Electric Car In The Rain?)

May 29, 2019,   by Charles Morris

We all know there’s a lot of misinformation about electric vehicles out there, but this is ridiculous. A recent survey found that 12% of UK motorists believe that electric cars cannot be driven in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

GOP bill would fund electric vehicle charging stations with VW settlement money

May 29, 2019,   by CHRIS HUBBUCH

A Republican-backed effort to fund electric vehicle charging stations in Wisconsin is shaking up traditional political allegiances.

Category: Electric Vehicles

EVs in the Hoosier Heartland

May 29, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

As a former Hoosier and as an Electric Vehicle advocate I keep an eye on EV development in the state of Indiana. Yes, Indiana is the home of the arch-conservative vice president and former governor...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Chevron lobbyist pushes secretive campaign against electric cars in Arizona

May 28, 2019,   by Phil Dzikiy

Oil and gas company Chevron recently announced that it’s bringing electric vehicle chargers to its gas stations — meanwhile, one of its lobbyists is spurring a fight against EV infrastructure in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Where Are The GM Electric Vehicles?

May 26, 2019,   by William Clavey

Yet, here we are, 18 months and 14 days since that presentation, and the GM electric vehicle portfolio has yet to expand, with the Bolt EV being the only electric car available in the lineup....

Category: Electric Vehicles

Voters are bullish on electric vehicles, but there's a partisan gap

May 23, 2019,   by Ben Geman

44% of voters plan to go electric when they replace their wheels in the next 5 years, including over half of Democrats.

Category: Electric Vehicles

CalTrans' DCFC Stations on the East Side Not Yet Out to Bid--EA's Under Construction

May 21, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

While funding for CalTrans' District 9 DC Fast Charge stations under the state's 30-30 program has been approved, the stations have yet to go out for bid. Bids likely will be released in July 2019...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Denny's Tehachapi ChargePoint DCFC Activity--Finally

May 21, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Denny's on Hwy 58 in Tehachapi has been slated for a ChargePoint DCFC station for some time. As of two weeks ago there was no sign of activity. Today there was a chain-link fence closing off a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

New P.E.I. group charged up about electric vehicles

May 21, 2019,  

The P.E.I. Electric Vehicle Association had its first meeting in April with about a half-dozen people, said founding member Brent Chaisson. About 10 attended the second meeting in May, and Chaisson...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars Don't Pose a Risk for Radiation

May 21, 2019,   by Bob Schildgen

Various authorities ranging from bioengineers to Consumer Reports affirm that there is no risk of unhealthy radiation exposure from electric vehicles. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Who’s Behind The War On Electric Cars?

May 17, 2019,   by Steve Hanley

The attack on electric cars is two-pronged. One part is focused on eliminating all federal EV incentives. Once that assault is successful, then the emphasis will shift to the states. That’s where...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Federal government rolls out grants for electric vehicles, while more charging stations coming in Sask.

May 16, 2019,  

The latest federal budget introduced a grant for people to buy vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen fuel, but Saskatchewan is a "wasteland" still in terms of infrastructure for these...

Category: Electric Vehicles

French grid operator able to handle sharp electric vehicle rise

May 15, 2019,  

France’s electricity grid will be able to cope with a sharp increase in demand from electric vehicles by 2035, its operator RTE said on Wednesday.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Iceland moving away from ICE as capital Reykjavík aims to reduce gas stations by half by 2025

May 13, 2019,   by Phil Dzikiy

The city council of Reykjavík, Iceland recently approved a plan to reduce the number of gas stations by half in Iceland’s capital by 2025, as one of the city’s environmental initiatives.

Category: Electric Vehicles

How to Use Android Auto on the Chevy Bolt

May 10, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I haven't had trouble using Android Auto, but others have. Here are some simple instructions that seem to work for me.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Toronto $1,000 Used Electric Vehicle Incentive

May 7, 2019,  

Get $1,000 Off Your Used EV Purchase Brought to you by Plug’n Drive and Clean Air Partnership.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Workhorse posts declining sales; expects full production of electric vehicle by fourth quarter

May 7, 2019,   by Brian Straight

The company reported sales of $364,000, down from $560,000 in the first quarter of 2018. Expenses also decreased in several areas, including in research and development, which saw a 42 percent...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electrify America shows new mobile app, reveals new pricing plans

May 6, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

Electrify America says that a new mobile app will become available later this month along with a new pricing strategy that will drop basic prices by about 20 percent. A new discounted subscription...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electrify America rolls out charger software update

April 29, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

After having spent a year installing over 140 DC charging sites, Electrify America is now in the process of rolling out updated software and services for users of its expanding nationwide network....

Category: Electric Vehicles

Calgary gives electric car drivers a boost, adds 42 downtown charging stations

April 26, 2019,   by Stephen Hunt

The city announced Friday that three of its parkades have added the charging stations at no cost to the city, thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant.

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Pages Added on Frequently Asked Questions about EVs

April 14, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I've added a series of new pages answering frequently asked questions about EVs. These can be found under the Electric Vehicles section of this web site. The pages are listed under Frequently Asked...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Paris fights smog with biggest ever EU electric bus purchase, 800 e-buses to replace diesel

April 9, 2019,   by Phil Dzikiy

RATP said three separate firms won the tender to supply the buses — Heuliez Bus, Bollore and Alstom. The deals are worth “up to 400 million euros” ($450 million). It’s the biggest bus purchase of its...

Category: Electric Vehicles

BYD Produced Its 300th Electric Bus In Lancaster, California

April 5, 2019,   by Mark Kane

Chinese BYD (Build Your Dreams) opened its electric bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California in 2013 and delivered its first vehicle in 2014. Now, after six years, the company produced its...

Category: Electric Vehicles

ChargePoint shuts down some 50 kW chargers due to “quality and safety” issue

April 4, 2019,   by Jeff Nisewanger

The chargers, branded as the ChargePoint Express 200, are made by Tritium of Australia which itself brands them as the Veefil-RT. They have been made since 2013 and support CHAdeMO and CCS with dual...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Heinrich Introduces Legislation To Extend Electric Vehicles Tax Credit

April 4, 2019,  

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, introduced the Electric Cars Act of 2019, bicameral legislation to fully extend the electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Country Where Electric Cars Outsell Petrol Cars

April 3, 2019,   by Tsvetana Paraskova

For the first time ever, EV sales in Norway in March outstripped sales of gasoline and diesel cars combined, confirming the Nordic country’s undisputed global leadership in EV market share and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

For the first time ever, EV sales in Norway in March outstripped sales of gasoline and diesel cars combined, confirming the Nordic country’s undisputed global leadership in EV market share and setting it on the road to achieve its national goal to have all

April 1, 2019,   by Naomi Jagoda

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) said Monday that he's planning to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to expand the electric vehicle tax credit and link it to domestic manufacturing, calling the bill...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Fact-Checking President Trump’s Assessment of Wind Power and Electric Vehicles

March 29, 2019,   by Eric Wesoff

U.S. President Donald Trump mocked renewable energy at yesterday's campaign rally in Michigan. Implicating Hillary Clinton as part of Big Wind, Trump said, "If Hillary got'd be doing wind....

Category: News on Large Wind, Electric Vehicles

Canada announces new $5,000 incentive for electric cars, Tesla vehicles excluded

March 19, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

As part of its new budget, the Canadian federal government has announced a new $5,000 incentive for electric cars that cost less than $45,000, however, it excludes Tesla vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Is "A Better Routeplanner" Better? A Review for the Bolt

March 16, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

There are four route planners I've used for planning trips in our Chevy Bolt. I've reported on my experience with EV Trip Planner, Green Race, and Chevy's own Energy Assist App. The first two are...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

EV Trip Planners and Trip Summaries with Chevy Bolt

March 15, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

I previously reported on my experience using three different EV trip planners. See Energy Consumption Estimators, Trip Planners, and the Chevy Bolt EV. Since then I've been experimenting with A...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Bakersfield to Death Valley and Return--500-mile Round Trip in a Chevy Bolt

March 13, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

We recently completed a round trip from Bakersfield to Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park in our Chevy Bolt. We've done this trip many times in a gasoline-powered car, but this was the first...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Bakersfield to Ridgecrest and Return Trip Summary

March 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

We've now made the trip a few times in both the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt. As with our trips to Kernville, actual consumption has varied for each trip and has varied with the results of four...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Bakersfield to Kernville and Return Trip Summaries

March 12, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

We've now done the trip several times and we can look at the variability in consumption relative to estimates by EV Trip Planner, Chevy's Energy Assist app, and A Better RoutePlanner (ABRP). [more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

Tesla Model 3 helps electric car sales surge in California

March 6, 2019,   by Fred Lambert

EV sales went from 51,176 units in 2017 to 92,447 cars in 2018. The bulk of the increase can be attributed to Tesla introducing Model 3 in the US.

Category: Electric Vehicles

All about that bass: carmakers seek electric car sounds for post-petrol era

March 4, 2019,   by Edward Taylor

“Performance models need to have a more assertive sound, with more bass. It cannot be a high pitched din, like a sewing machine. It has to be futuristic,” he said, adding that SUVs will have a deeper...

Category: Electric Vehicles

A look into Big Oil's fight against electric cars

March 4, 2019,   by Maxine Joselow

Representatives of the oil industry — including those from Marathon Petroleum Corp., the nation's largest refiner — spoke out against the tax credit, according to people in the room. The attendees...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study

February 12, 2019,   by Damian Carrington

The study examined the purchase, fuel and tax costs of Europe’s bestselling car, the VW golf, in its battery electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel versions. Over four years, the pure electric version...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Here's What Happens to Your Electric Car in a Bitter Canadian Winter

February 11, 2019,   by William Clavey

To find out, I ventured out on a very Canadian quest behind the wheel of a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV in the middle of January. Turns out, if you’re going to commit to daily driving an electric car in a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Mud, Rocks, EV Capacity, and Flexibility

February 7, 2019,   by Paul Gipe

Our family car--our only car--is a Chevy Bolt. When we want to drive somewhere, we drive the Bolt. The Bolt is a battery-electric vehicle (EV). It runs on electricity. You can't just pull up to a gas...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe, Chevy Bolt

8% Plug-In Electric Vehicle Market Share In China!

February 3, 2019,   by Jose Pontes

China registered over 180,000 PEVs in December, making it the 4th record month in a row and achieving 70% year-over-year (YoY) growth. That meant that 2018 sales ended north of the 1 million units...

Category: Electric Vehicles

California Plug-In Electric Vehicles: Universal Charging Access Guidelines and Best Practices (Disabled Parking)


These guidelines are intended to supersede and expand upon the current DSA “Interim Disabled Access Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 97-03”, dated 5 June 1997. While 97-03 is a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

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