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We've made great strides in moving the electricity sector toward renewable energy. However, transportation remains a major source of air pollution and global warming gases. If we are to make a transition to renewable energy, we will need to electrify as much of the economy as we can, including transportation. Electrified rail is one means, electric vehicles (EVs) are another. Toward that end I've created this category under renewable energy. The focus is mostly on our experience driving EVs.

Plant that aims to build charging stations for electric vehicles opens in Markham, Ont.

March 23, 2018,  

Gleb Nikiforov, CEO of, a national company that supplies equipment for electric vehicles, says the plant aims to manufacture 40,000 charging stations a year, starting in 2019, and to...

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The biggest electric car test in winter wonderland ever

March 21, 2018,   by Ståle Frydenlund

Five popular BEVs in both rough and scenic Norwegian winter conditions. This was not at all going to be yet another urban test. Not your ideal conditions for driving battery electric vehicles (BEV),...

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Bakersfield to Springbok Solar Plant Cantil, California in a Chevy Bolt

March 19, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

17 March a small group caravanned from Bakersfield to the Desert Tortoise Preserve's new parcel adjacent to the Springbok solar power plant near Cantil, California. The plant is located just north of...[more]

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Trip Report Bakersfield to Palmdale and Return with Chevy Bolt

March 15, 2018,  

12 March I drove our Chevy Bolt to the ChargePoint station at the Palmdale Water District (PWD). I had an interview with the executives there, and, conveniently for me, they had recently installed a...[more]

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Tesla buyers lose access to Ontario’s generous $14,000 electric car incentive

March 10, 2018,   by Fred Lambert

Bad news for Tesla Model S and Model X buyers in Ontario, Canada. The government quietly modified its generous electric car incentive program – removing access to current Tesla buyers.

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Electric Car Myth Buster — Efficiency

March 10, 2018,   by Steve Hanley

We recently heard from CleanTechnica reader Martin Hemdricks, who told us about a scurrilous indictment of electric cars that recently showed up in his email inbox. It charged that electric cars put...

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5 Reasons to Lease — Not Buy — Your Electric Car

March 8, 2018,   by Philip Reed

Leasing, rather than buying a car, isn’t for everyone. But it’s the smart choice if you’re thinking about getting an electric car.

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Jordan to install 10,000 charging stations for electric vehicles

March 8, 2018,   by Dennis Daniel

German company eCharge has signed an agreement with Jordanian authorities to install 10,000 charging stations for electric vehicles.

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New Data Show Electric Vehicles Continue to Get Cleaner

March 8, 2018,   by David Reichmuth

New data from the US EPA on power plant greenhouse gas emissions are in, and electric vehicles (EV) in the US are even cleaner than they were before. The climate change emissions created by driving...

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NS Power installing electric vehicle charging network without ratepayer funding

March 6, 2018,   by Rebecca Lau

Nova Scotia Power is moving ahead with installing electric vehicle fast chargers, even though the province’s energy regulator rejected the utility’s proposal to fund the project through ratepayers.

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Germany is getting 12,000 new electric car charging stations by converting distribution boxes

March 5, 2018,   by Fred Lambert

Telekom, a large European telecommunications company headquartered in Germany, confirmed that they are putting in place a massive plan to more than double the current electric car charging...

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38% Of American Cars Were Electric In 1900

February 25, 2018,   by Jake Richardson

In our modern era, we may assume that electric cars are new technology. The Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and all Tesla vehicles are certainly cutting-edge automobiles, right? But there was a period in...

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Chevy Bolt and EV Trip Planner Estimates Experience To Date

February 23, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

I've taken our Chevy Bolt, a battery electric vehicle (EV), on three road trips in our three months of ownership.[more]

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ChargePoint Sues SemaConnect over VW Settlement Stations

February 22, 2018,   by Justus L. Getty

ChargePoint, Inc., a leading provider of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, appears to have lost a bid to provide charging stations to Electrify America and promptly sued the winning bidder for...

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Trip Report: Bakersfield to Grover Beach in a Bolt--Mileage Estimates Off

February 20, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

On 12 February 2018 we drove our Chevy Bolt to Grover Beach from Bakersfield, California, a distance of nearly 150 miles. I'd been anticipating this drive for several months. It was a first for us to...[more]

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Massachusetts AG proposes to invest Volkswagen settlement in electric vehicles, clean energy

February 20, 2018,   by Robert Walton

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has called for a major initiative to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and other electrified transportation and clean energy, calling this a...

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Electric vehicle advocates looking for signal of support in Canada's federal budget

February 20, 2018,   by Ross Marowits

Electric car advocates are hoping to get a signal in next week’s federal budget that the government is prepared to support sales across the country even as Ontario overtook Quebec for selling the...

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Electric-car group calls for 2,000 fast-charging stations in Quebec

February 18, 2018,  

Association president Simon-Pierre Rioux said the pace of deployment has slowed significantly in the last 12 months because of a lack of private financial partners. He suggested that Quebec could use...

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Range at Constant Speeds

February 18, 2018,   by L. David Roper

Wherein the polymath constructs a formula for estimating the range of the Chevy Bolt EV.

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Tesla Model X all-electric SUV converted into police cruiser by Ontario Police

February 15, 2018,   by Fred Lambert

Tesla vehicles are becoming strangely popular with police departments all over the world and while the Model S has so far been the electric car of choice for police use, the Ontario Provincial Police...

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Trip Report: Bakersfield to LAX in a Bolt

February 9, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

In my first extended trip in our 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, I drove down to the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Marriott for a conference, a one-way distance of 120 miles. Unlike my previous experience driving to...[more]

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February 6, 2018,   by L. David Roper

This is an update for the previous post. After completing that page information became available that the Chevy Bolt EV at constant top speed of 93 mph on the level can travel 160 miles. This does...

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California on path to meet goal of 1.5 million electric cars, but charging stations lag behind

February 4, 2018,   by Steve Scauzillo

That rosy forecast is according to a report released Tuesday by the Silicon Valley-based think tank Next 10 and Beacon Economics in Los Angeles. The joint report, “The Road Ahead for Zero-Emission...

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Another ‘ultra-fast’ electric vehicle charging network is coming to Europe

January 24, 2018,   by Fred Lambert

You can generally get a good idea of how serious a region is about electric vehicle adoption through their effort to deploy EV charging infrastructure. Europe is getting fairly serious with now a...

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Switching to electric cars is key to fixing America's 'critically insufficient' climate policies

January 22, 2018,   by Dana Nuccitelli

In order to meet its share of the carbon pollution cuts needed to achieve the 2°C Paris international climate target, America’s policies are rated as “critically insufficient” by the Climate Action...

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Lessons Learned From a Long Distance Winter Road Trip in a Bolt EV

January 21, 2018,  

I just passed my 1 year anniversary owning my Bolt EV, and during that first year I put over 15,000 emission-free miles on it. Rarely being affected by range anxiety due to the ample 238 mile range,...

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Volkswagen Reportedly to Build Some Electric Cars in United States in 2020

January 16, 2018,   by Rob Stumpf

Volkswagen is serious about being a large competitor in the electric car market. We already know that VW considers Tesla to be its biggest competitor, and has been looking to challenge the domestic...

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Chevy Bolt Self-Sealing Tires Work But More Difficult to Repair

January 15, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

Motoring along at night returning from a meeting and suddenly I hear a thump, thump, thump. Geesh. We only had the car two months and now a flat tire.[more]

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How do electric cars start in the bitter cold? Shockingly well, experts say

January 4, 2018,   by Philip Lee-Shanok

It's a common Canadian winter experience. You turn the car's ignition key and the engine makes a sickly "whirr-whirr" sound, but does little else. It make sense that extreme cold is brutal on...

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Electric car range is affected by extreme cold, but at least the cars can start

January 2, 2018,   by Fred Lambert

Sorry for the snarky headline and the swipe at internal combustion engines, but I have seen so much misinformation spread about electric cars in cold weather lately that I had to clarify something.

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Bolt EV Works after Two Weeks of Idleness

January 1, 2018,   by Paul Gipe

We returned home after a two-week Christmas holiday. We found the Bolt where we left it. Always a good sign here in Bakersfield where cars disappear from the owners' drive way on a regular basis. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Yes, the Grid Can Handle Electric Vehicles Just Fine: Report

December 29, 2017,   by Noah Garcia

First, despite fears that EVs would overwhelm the existing electric grid infrastructure, only a very minor fraction of them—0.19 percent—have actually necessitated distribution system or service line...

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Bulgaria’s electric vehicle charging network to be extended

December 27, 2017,  

Electric mobility in Bulgaria is gaining momentum. Swiss power and automation company ABB recently announced its plan to further extend the charging station network for electric vehicles in Bulgaria,...

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Sask. enthusiasts say electric vehicles are the future — and the future is now

December 22, 2017,   by Kendall Latimer

Currently there are 54 electric cars registered in Saskatchewan. There were just 17 registered in 2013, when Jones first brought electric vehicles to his dealership.

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Vermont Lawmakers Eye New Incentives For Electric Vehicle Purchases

December 20, 2017,   by Peter Hirschfeld

And the Democratic chairman of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources will be offering up a proposal next year that he says could hasten the transition, by waiving the purchase and use tax on...

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At Indianapolis airport, electric shuttles making holiday travel a little cleaner

December 17, 2017,   by Kari Lydersen

At the Indianapolis International Airport, the situation for passengers and the environment has improved with a fleet of electric airport shuttles that officials say will be the nation’s largest — at...

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The Race to Build China’s Ten Million Car Charging Stations

December 16, 2017,   by Zhang Hefei

As of late 2016, there were around 2 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) on the roads around the world. China accounted for about half this total. Yet while sales have been strong, the country’s...

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VW CEO proposes phasing out diesel subsidies to focus on electric vehicles

December 11, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

Volkswagen, which was at the center of the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal that exposed diesel engines as not being as clean as some automakers led regulators to believe, is now suggesting a phase-out of the...

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Home Charge Station--What We Use

December 7, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Because of the increased interest in electric vehicles (EVs) here in Bakersfield--the oil capital of California--I am posting a few photos of our home charge station.[more]

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Our Lease of a Chevy Bolt and What it Cost Us

December 6, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

On 9 November 2017 we leased a Chevy Bolt EV for about the cost of a cell-phone plan. We chose the base model, the LT, with fast-charge option, heated front seats, and heated steering wheel. In our...[more]

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Electric Cars Only: California Bill Would Ban Gas-Powered Cars By 2040

December 6, 2017,   by Summer Meza

Producing and registering gas-powered cars would be illegal in California by 2040 if an upcoming bill is passed by the state legislature. Any vehicle powered by fossil fuels would be banned by the...

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Our Bolt is Back or How a 12-Volt Battery Can Kill an Electric Car

December 5, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

The good news is that our brand-new Chevy Bolt EV is back from the service department. The bad news is that after only eight days in our possession it had to be towed from our house to the Chevy...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Bolt Driver Stranded at DCFC Station in Ontario

December 4, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

My colleague and early Canadian EV adopter Mike Brigham reported 30 November that he spent an unplanned night in North Bay, Ontario when a DCFC station wouldn't charge his Chevy Bolt EV.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ontario has 'zero' chance of meeting 2020 electric vehicle target, analysts say

December 3, 2017,   by Allison Jones

Ontario is envisioning a future in which millions of electric vehicles are on the roads, but analysts predict consumer uptake will remain far off the government target for 2020, despite tens of...

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California's Electric-Car Future

November 27, 2017,  

The rest of the country could learn from the state's push for plug-in cars, buses, tractors, big rigs and the like.

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Cascades launches a transportation electrification program for its employees

November 26, 2017,  

Cascades today launched a pilot transportation electrification project for its employees. To encourage them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by acquiring an electric vehicle, the company has...

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Why We Moved to a Chevy Bolt from a Nissan Leaf

November 24, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

We leased a 2015 Nissan Leaf in late 2014. This was our first electric vehicle (EV). We liked the car, but we returned it to Nissan when the lease expired. We've now leased a Chevy Bolt. Why we did...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

First Year EV Electricity Consumption in an All EV Household

November 18, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

This October we passed the one year mark of driving two electric vehicles (EVs). Now is a good time to take stock of how many miles we drove on electricity in 2016-2017.[more]

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ABB boosts Iceland’s electric vehicle infrastructure with 15 new fast chargers

November 13, 2017,  

Today there are over 1,400 electric vehicles on the road in Iceland. This is partly due to a state-financed incentive program, which supports the purchase of electric vehicles. The tender for fast...

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Adopt An Electric Vehicle Charger To Speed Up EV Adoption

November 11, 2017,   by Nicolas Zart

So, what is Adopt A Charger? Think of chargers a bit more like drinking fountains than vending machines. We need them where we need them. Kitty saw a lack of chargers where they were needed and...

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UPS has a plan to transform diesel trucks into electric vehicles

November 10, 2017,   by Brett Williams

The company has over 108,000 delivery vehicles deployed on routes around the world. More than 770 of those are powered by electric or hybrid motors, and UPS wants to add to that number without...

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Rural N.S. town becoming a leader in Canada’s electric car movement

November 8, 2017,  

The small town of Tatamagouche, N.S., is driving the future forward with its push for electric vehicles. . . "The wind field and electric vehicles go well together. We have renewable energy driving...

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ChargePoint Calculator: How Much Money Could You Save by Driving Electric?

October 24, 2017,  

Have you been considering making the switch to an electric vehicle? Not sure how much money you could save by using electricity for fuel? The average driver in the U.S. will save over $700 each year...

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Oregon Might Promise Electric Vehicle Rebates Before Funding Is Actually Available

October 20, 2017,   by Chris Lehman

Starting in January, Oregonians in the market for a new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle could be offered a significant incentive: a taxpayer-funded rebate of up to $2,500.

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Go Electric Now: There’s never been a better time to drive an electric car--especially in California

October 19, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

With a slew of new electric vehicles (EVs) on the horizon, dealers are trying to move existing electric cars off their lots. One long-range EV, the Chevy Bolt, can be had in California for the price...[more]

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Jesla (Tesla) Mobile Charge Cable Stolen

October 18, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

We returned from a short holiday to find someone had stolen some minor stuff from our Chevy Volt, including 20-year old cloth shopping bags! But they also walked off with our Jesla mobile charge...[more]

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Paris Mayor Plans To Eliminate All Non-Electric Cars By 2030

October 12, 2017,   by Laurel Wamsley

If the mayor of Paris holds sway, gas-powered cars will be gone from her city by 2030. Instead, citizens will get around via public transport, bicycles, and electric cars — and Paris will be on its...

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Here Are Five Major Performance Benefits Of An Electric Car

October 11, 2017,   by David Tracy

Electric motors are coming whether we want them or not. So let’s not pout, but instead celebrate the ways in which electric vehicles actually outperform their conventional internal combustion...

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The Dutch government confirms plan to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2030

October 10, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

Today, the new Dutch government presented its detailed plan for the coming years and it includes making all new cars emission-free by 2030 – virtually banning petrol- and diesel-powered cars in favor...

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Automakers claiming to be ‘all-in on electric cars’ are still lobbying against stricter fuel standards

October 9, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

In a time where a surprising number of major automakers are announcing that they believe electric cars are the future of the auto industry, we are still seeing them complaining about, and in some...

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Utahns love energy efficiency and are buying electric cars at a faster rate than Californians, new report says

October 8, 2017,   by Emma Penrod

Oh — and electric car purchases are now increasing faster in Utah than they are in California.

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Governors of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming sign MOU to plan regional electric vehicle corridor for the west

October 4, 2017,  

The plan spans more than 5,000 miles of highway across east-west Interstates 10, 40, 70, 76, 80, 84, 86, 90 and 94, and north-south Interstates 15 and 25. With more than 20,000 electric vehicles...

Category: Electric Vehicles

China electric-car rules to start in 2019; aggressive totals are world's highest

September 29, 2017,   by John Voelcker

The levels far exceed those required by California, whose zero-emission vehicle rules have just started to ramp up for 2018 after staying steady for six years.

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Quebec ready to discuss greater incentives to purchase electric vehicles

September 27, 2017,  

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has cautiously welcomed a recommendation that his government increase existing financial incentives for those who want to purchase a fully electric vehicle.

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Progression Of The EV Revolution (2017–2030)

September 24, 2017,   by Zachary Shahan

The first truly long-range and semi-affordable electric car models start arriving on the market. Production is ramping up on the somewhat long-range Renault Zoe (introduced in Europe at the end of...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Driving force: are electric cars crowding out traditional engines?

September 15, 2017,   by Adam Vaughan

The summer of love for battery cars prompted newspaper editorials heralding the end of the internal combustion engine. One bank even forecast that all new car sales in Europe would be electric within...

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China is banning traditional auto engines. Its aim: electric car domination

September 12, 2017,   by Russ Mitchell and Jessica Meyers

China will set a deadline for carmakers to stop selling cars that run exclusively on gasoline or diesel fuel. The news was announced over the weekend by Xin Guobin, the country’s industry and...

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Cummins electric semi truck: traditional maker takes on Tesla

September 1, 2017,   by Sean Szymkowski

If not the truck itself, Cummins is confident the powertrain will be ready for production by that time; the company promises 100 miles of range.

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Used Renault electric-car batteries provide DC fast-charging on highway

August 30, 2017,   by Sean Szymkowski

The French brand has worked with UK-based Connected Energy to install two electric-car DC fast-charging stations powered by second-life batteries.

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How Consumer Reports Tests Electric-Vehicle Range

August 22, 2017,   by Patrick Olsen

Recently, Consumer Reports published the results of a test comparing the typical range a consumer might get driving either of two electric cars: the 2016 Tesla Model S 75D and the 2017 Chevrolet...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric charging network for vehicles expanding Nova Scotia wide

August 19, 2017,  

Just Us! coffee roasters has expressed interest in becoming one of 12 fast charging stations across the province. Nova Scotia Power (NSP) plans to install 12 stations as part of a pilot project.

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Reason More Canadians Don't Drive Electric Cars

August 17, 2017,   by Cam Sylvester

Without a national charging system, eco vehicles are just fancy toys

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Danny Glover and Bernie Sanders seek France's help after Nissan union vote

August 12, 2017,   by Mike Elk

After United Auto Workers’ defeat in effort to unionize Mississippi plant, actor and senator turn to government with stake in Nissan-allied Renault

Category: Electric Vehicles

Nissan confirms the sale of its electric car battery business

August 8, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

AESC was co-owned by NEC Corporation, which approved the sale and Nissan accepted to purchase their shares before transferring them to GSR through the deal. The company didn’t disclose the value of...

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Huron County (Canada) To Examine Switching To Electric Vehicles

August 6, 2017,   by Bob Montgomery

Huron County councilors have approved a motion asking staff to prepare a report on the possible advantages to the county in switching over to electric vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Mazda and Toyota to create joint-venture to develop electric vehicles and build US factory

August 4, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

Mazda and Toyota, arguably the two major automakers least invested in electric vehicles, are working on a new joint-venture to develop electric cars.

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Electric vehicles taking over mining industry, and that's good for miners' healthElectric vehicles taking over mining industry, and that's good for miners' health

August 4, 2017,   by Karen McKinley

To meet current demands for cleaner technology and to stay ahead of the innovation curve, Atlas Copco has created an entire suite of battery-powered vehicles, covering the process from bolting,...

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Chevrolet Bolt Sets Consumer Reports' Electric-Vehicle Range Record

August 3, 2017,   by Patrick Olsen

This affordable electric hatchback runs for 250 miles, beating all other models we've tested

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Nova Scotia announces 12 more electric-vehicle charging stations

August 3, 2017,  

Electric utilities in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are moving ahead with plans to install more charging stations along major highways.

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BP aims to plug into electric vehicle market at filling stations

August 2, 2017,   by Karolin Schaps and Ron Bousso

BP is in talks with electric vehicle makers on partnering to offer battery recharging docks at its global network of fuel service stations as it seeks to benefit from the move away from diesel and...

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Analysis: Switch to electric vehicles would add just 10% to UK power demand

July 27, 2017,  

Yet a wholesale move to EVs, in order to meet a ban on petrol and diesel cars, would add just 10% to UK electricity demand, new analysis from consultants Cambridge Econometrics shows. This would also...

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This big carmaker will spend millions to push electric vehicles in Sacramento

July 27, 2017,   by Dale Kasler

Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest producers of gas- and diesel-powered cars, is about to start spending $44 million to persuade Sacramentans to embrace electric vehicles.

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GB Petrol and diesel ban: How will it work?

July 26, 2017,  

All sales of new petrol and diesel cars will cease in the UK by 2040, under plans to tackle air pollution.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

July 25, 2017,   by Anushka Asthana and Matthew Taylor

The commitment, which follows a similar pledge in France, is part of the government’s much-anticipated clean air plan, which has been at the heart of a protracted high court legal battle.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Let Us Bury the Chicken and Egg

July 25, 2017,   by Jeff Allen

You can eat a hot dog without a bun. However, with a bun, you can add onions, mustard, and pickle relish; it’s easier to carry them around; and most people think they taste better that way.

Category: Electric Vehicles

What’s Next for Us as Our 2015 Nissan Leaf Nears the End of its Lease

July 25, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

We’ve chronicled our experience leasing a 2015 Nissan Leaf, a battery electric vehicle (EV), for the past three years. Now we’re nearing the end of the lease and the question is what’s next?[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Reports Posted to

July 24, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Below is a short summary of the EV Trip Reports I’ve posted to They can also be found on my web site under EV Trip Reports. There’s more commentary both on my web...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Volkswagen to assemble electric cars in Rwanda

July 23, 2017,   by Michel Nkurunziza

According to Rwanda Development Board, the car manufacturer has completed a feasibility study to assemble cars with low fuel consumption and gas emissions in Rwanda, including electric cars. It will...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle showcase opens in downtown Portland

July 23, 2017,   by Jeff Zurschmeide

EV advocacy group Forth launches new push for EVs as 2017 Oregon Legislature approves new rebates for buyers

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Feds plan to boost electric car travel with charging stations on Trans-Canada Highway

July 22, 2017,   by Ben Spurr

The $17.3-million project would see a private company called Fast Charge install 34 stations along 3,000 km of road spanning Ontario and Manitoba, and is being supported by an $8-million repayable...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Is General Motors Recreating The Saturn Disaster With The Chevy Bolt?

July 19, 2017,   by Steve Hanley

Meanwhile, the Bolt is in critically short supply in South Korea, Canada, and Norway, to name a few places. Yet dealers in California are offering up to $5,000 rebates to clear the cars off their...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Couche-Tard CEO Talks Electric Cars & Fuels Future

July 18, 2017,   by Melissa Kress

For EV drivers in Norway, the retailer is rolling out more electric chargers at its locations, and Couche-Tard is close to forming a relationship with a consortium of car manufacturers on a charging...

Category: Electric Vehicles

$3 Billion Electric Car Subsidy Bill Working Its Way Through California Legislature

July 18, 2017,   by Will Sabel Courtney

A bill working its way through the California legislature would create a $3 billion fund designed to encourage EV adoption by providing larger rebates to customers than currently available—and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

How the Oregon Rebate for Electric Cars Works

July 14, 2017,   by Josh Goldman

If you’re an Oregonian and thinking about an electric car, you may want to wait a bit as a bill is about to be signed into law that will establish a rebate of up to $2,500 for electric vehicles sold...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Factcheck: How much power will UK electric vehicles need?

July 13, 2017,   by Simon Evans

For example, in February, the Times claimed that the UK would need 20 new nuclear plants to cope with demand from EVs. The article’s claim, repeated by the Mail Online, was later removed with a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Minnesota Officials Consider Electric Vehicle Charging Network

July 11, 2017,   by Eric Roper

Thousands of electric cars could soon be rolling on Minnesota’s roads, spurring discussions about how to keep them all juiced for long hauls from Austin to Alexandria or Blue Earth to Bemidji.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Is a carmaker about to save the planet?

July 10, 2017,   by Zoe Williams

“I think a lot about electric cars,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk famously said at a party at the very end of the 80s. “Do you think a lot about electric cars?” The problem with thinking a lot about electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

NB Power Rolls Out Provincial eCharge Network For Electric Vehicles

July 7, 2017,  

CEO Gaetan Thomas says the eCharge Network includes 15 locations along the busiest highways for drivers to charge their vehicles.

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Hey, media, get it straight: "electrified" is NOT "electric," and the difference matters

July 7, 2017,   by John Voelcker

"Electric" cars are vehicles that plug into the electric grid to recharge batteries that provide the energy to run them. But "electrified" cars simply have an electric motor somewhere in the...

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First electric vehicle fast-charging station unveiled in N.B

July 6, 2017,   by Brad Perry

NB Power and Irving Oil are teaming up to install seven fast-charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the province. The first station was unveiled Thursday morning at the Irving Big Stop in...

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How Electric Vehicles Will Sweep the World

July 5, 2017,   by Toby Couture

Car sharing platforms like Autolib in Paris and Multicity here in Berlin, and electric scooter-sharing company Emmy, combined with dozens of similar initiatives across the US and Europe are...

Category: Electric Vehicles

What people don’t understand about electric cars

July 3, 2017,   by Craig Morris

People will charge their cars at home, where possible, overnight. Otherwise, they will want to charge wherever they park: on the streets in front of their city apartments, in the parking lot at work,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Porterville Electric Bus Photos

July 3, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Rowell saw the bus, recognized its significance, and took a series of photos. He says the electric bus was on its way back to Porterville after a promotional tour of the Los Angeles area.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

New Report by Équiterre : Accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Canada - The case for a zero-emission vehicle mandate

June 29, 2017,  

“While we applaud the commitment to have a zero emission vehicles strategy in Canada, this strategy must include ambitious national sales target for zero-emission vehicles, supported by legislated...

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California Weighs Making EVs Cheaper Right Off the Lot

June 28, 2017,   by Dana Hull and Ryan Beene

The state, long a champion of electric cars, is considering a bill to provide rebates to EV buyers at the time of purchase, reducing the sale price right as customers drive off the lot by as much as...

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Programs bring electric cars to low-income people

June 20, 2017,   by Sophia Tulp

Electric-car advocates say the program holds the promise of opening the benefits of the emission-free cars up to the masses. They also say prices on electric cars are coming down as more makers have...

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Choosing the Electric Avenue – Unlocking Savings, Emissions Reductions, and Community Benefits of Electric Vehicles

June 7, 2017,   by John Farrell

The U.S. vehicle market will undergo a massive technology disruption from electric vehicles in the coming decades. Many analysts see the potential for surging sales of these efficient vehicles to...

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Why electric vehicles will rule the world

June 6, 2017,   by Michael Brigham

The reasons are pretty simple. EVs are better cars, more simply built with fewer systems to fail. They are very cheap or free to fuel, have dynamic acceleration and handling and a range that is fast...

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Automakers oppose forced sales of electric cars

June 6, 2017,   by Carl Meyer

The Trudeau government is considering a law that would force automakers to sell more electric cars, says the federal Transport Department.

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Porterville changes name to Electricville

June 3, 2017,  

On Friday, June 2nd, 2017, over 200 people attended the ground-breaking ceremony in the city of Porterville CA. GreenPower Motor Company broke ground on a new 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility...

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Nevada prepares for an electric car boom

June 3, 2017,   by Nicole Raz

To prepare for the uptick in the number of electric vehicles, Nevada is expanding charging stations along U.S. Highway 95 and U.S. Highway 93.

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The Impact of an Attack on EV Tax Incentives for Electric Automakers

June 1, 2017,   by Krystyna Lagowski

Although the US administration continues to huff and puff about reviewing CAFE, there have been no definitive steps taken.

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More charging stations for electric vehicles should be priority, industry experts say

May 31, 2017,   by Alicja Siekierska

GM Canada and Nissan Canada presidents agree a challenge in convincing consumers to go electric has been addressing range concerns and fears about recharging options,

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With An Eye On Emissions, Burlington Electric Offers Rebates For Electric Vehicles

May 31, 2017,   by Taylor Dobbs

The Burlington Electric Department is offering to help their customers upgrade to electric vehicles, by contributing $1,200 to the cost of each new car.

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How to Make Electric Cars Go Mainstream

May 31, 2017,   by Aric Jenkins

If you build it, they will come. It's an age-old adage, and in the context of electric vehicles, it doesn't refer to the cars themselves, but rather the charging stations that pump energy into their...

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Driving EV Uptake in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

May 30, 2017,  

Effective implementation of these strategies could help accelerate the uptake of EVs and pave the way to a lower carbon future for the GTHA and beyond.

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Quebec Wants Used Electric Cars

May 30, 2017,   by Justin Hughes

The feisty Canadian province is offering rebates on used electric cars not previously registered in Quebec.

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How Norway’s government made electric cars irresistible

May 29, 2017,  

But Norwegians are turning their backs on fossil fuels and embracing electric cars like nowhere else.

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Provincially funded electric vehicle discovery centre opens in Toronto

May 17, 2017,   by Jessica Smith Cross

A centre where people can learn about electric vehicles and take them for a test drive has opened in Toronto with the help of $1 million from the Ontario government.

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Canadian Loves His Bolt

May 4, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Mike Brigham, the force behind Toronto's SolarShare, loves his Chevy Bolt EV. "The range estimates on the car seem to be incredibly accurate," says Brigham. "The last trips between a charge totaled...[more]

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Electric cars spark interest: Winnipeg exploring ways to fund quick-chargers

May 2, 2017,   by Braeden Jones

Quick chargers would make travel out of Winnipeg or through Manitoba feasible by giving electric vehicles 300-400km of travel during a quick pit-stop.

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EV Electricity Consumption in All EV Gipe-Nies Household

April 27, 2017,  

We’ve leased a 2015 Nissan Leaf since the fall of 2014. In October 2015 we bought a 2013 Chevy Volt off lease, making our household all electric.[more]

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Bakersfield to Tehachapi Trip Report Redux

April 26, 2017,  

For various reasons we haven’t been able to take our Nissan Leaf, a battery electric vehicle (EV), out on the road until this past weekend. I was speaking at the March for Science in Tehachapi 22...[more]

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Dutch Wind Developer Fire Bombed

April 21, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

Sometime around midnight 10-11 April the home of Bob Jans was firebombed in Assen, the Netherlands. Both Jans and his wife were home, asleep at the time.[more]

Category: News on Large Wind, Accidents & Safety, Electric Vehicles, Wind Noise, Health, & Safety

Proposed $800 million VW diesel settlement vexes companies, activists

April 17, 2017,   by Louis Hansen

The settlement is expected to spark the electric vehicle market, a key to the state’s push to achieve ambitious climate change goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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California Boosts Funding For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

April 12, 2017,   by Chris Nichols

Plans to build more electric vehicle charging stations in California received a boost Wednesday in the form of a $15 million grant that state officials hope will grow much larger.

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Quebec hopes to expand its role as Canada's electric car capital

April 8, 2017,   by CTV Montreal

In just a few years, Quebec has established itself as Canada’s electric car capital but the provincial government is taking steps to make the vehicles even more common on the province’s roads.

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Quebec cottage region quietly emerges as electric car capital of Canada

April 5, 2017,  

A small corner of Quebec cottage country has quietly become the electric car capital of Canada, driven in part by the unlikely success of a small-town dealership.

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Minister LeBlanc Announces Electric Vehicle Projects in New Brunswick

April 4, 2017,  

Minister LeBlanc today also announced $335,000 in funding to build 10 new fast-charging stations across New Brunswick, led by NB Power Énergie NB. These projects will give electric vehicle drivers...

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Fewer than half of promised 500 electric car charging stations ready in Ontario

March 31, 2017,   by The Canadian Press

Ontario transportation officials say only about 40 per cent of the 500 electric vehicle charging stations the government said would be up and running by today are actually ready for use. That's...

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The Eco Tour Di Sicilia via 200 Renault ZOE Electric Cars

March 31, 2017,   by Cynthia Shahan

Travel within the profoundly rich cultural realms of Italy sounds entrancing, delicious, and worth the time. How much more desirable to travel in an all-electric Renault ZOE not compromising the...

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Bob Lutz encapsulates the old legacy automaker view on electric cars, takes swipe at Tesla again

March 30, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

In the past, Lutz compared Tesla to socialism even though GM took $11 billion from taxpayers under his reign and last October, right before Tesla released its earnings, Lutz went on a media blitz...

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On electric cars, range anxiety, Canadian identity

March 27, 2017,   by Latham Hunter

Push came to shove: our family of seven finally had to buy a second car. The upside is that it's 100 per cent electric, ergo, totally awesome. After the promotions and incentives and taxes and fees,...

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2017 Is The Year The Electric Car Goes Mainstream

March 23, 2017,  

Sure, these first models had little of the Tesla “cool factor,” but nevertheless were important to give visibility to plug-ins and create economies of scale (the Nissan LEAF has already surpassed...

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Time to get on board with electric vehicles in Manitoba

March 17, 2017,   by Rob Altemeyer

We don’t refine any fossil fuels in Manitoba, so all the gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas we burn is imported. As a result, between $2 billion and $3 billion "leak" out of our economy each year....

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How electric cars take over oil-rich Norway

March 15, 2017,  

With more than 100,000 electric cars already on the road, oil and gas-rich Norway aims to phase out fossil fuel cars altogether by 2025. Can it be done?

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Map of Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO)

March 14, 2017,  

Through the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) grant program, the province is working with 24 public and private sector partners to create a network of electric vehicle stations in cities,...

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U.K. Royal Navy buys electric vans for store transit

March 13, 2017,   by Ryan Maass

The U.K. Royal Navy is set to receive a new fleet of all-electric Nissan e-NV200 vans to support transport operations at Portsmouth Naval Base.

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City Of Porterville (California) Going Fully Electric (For Transit)

March 12, 2017,   by James Ayre

The City of Porterville in California has entered into a sales contract with GreenPower Motor Company for the purchase of 10 EV350 40-foot zero-emission, all-electric, transit buses.

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What fax machines can teach us about electric cars March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017,   by Jonathan Coopersmith

At present, there is not a single standard for plugs to recharge electric vehicles. That means that people who drive electric cars can’t rely on refueling at any of a wide range of nearly ubiquitous...

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Pope Francis Gets A Nissan LEAF

March 2, 2017,   by Zachary Shahan

Pope Francis seems to be a man of action — living by your ideals — and so it comes as no surprise that he has apparently gotten a Nissan LEAF.

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Making it Easier for Electric Vehicle Owners to Charge Up in Peterborough, Ontario

February 24, 2017,  

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca and Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal were at Lansdowne Place Mall today to announce that the Peterborough Utilities Group has installed seven Level 2 charging...

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Why The US Army, Navy, & Military Veterans Love Solar Power & Electric Vehicles

February 18, 2017,   by Steve Hanley

Last year, the Navy broke ground on a 4 megawatt (MW) solar array at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Mississippi and the Army completed a large 30 MW solar array at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Category: Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles

No we don't need any more nuclear power stations to power electric cars

February 15, 2017,   by Dave Toke

Desperate to cover the latest catastrophic meltdown to hit the nuclear industry as Toshiba sinks under the weight of its failures to construct nuclear power plant through its Westinghouse subsidiary,...

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LAX to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

February 15, 2017,  

LAX now has a total of 81 level 2 charging stations, with another eight chargers at the LAX FlyAway bus terminal in Van Nuys.

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VW unveils how it will spend its $2 billion for electric vehicle infrastructure from the Dieselgate settlement

February 8, 2017,   by Fred Lamber

VW says that most of the stations will be DC fast-charging, including some with a power capacity over 150 kW.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Man To Chevy Dealer: “Hey, You Got Any Bolts?”

January 31, 2017,   by Steve Bakker

The promise from GM for quite some time had been that the Bolt would be available in late 2016. It was now very late 2016, and I wanted to get the story directly from the horse’s mouth.

Category: Electric Vehicles

BMW and Nissan partner to build 174 more DC fast-charging stations for their electric vehicles

January 24, 2017,   by Fred Lambert

The companies are announcing today another batch of 174 new DC fast-charging station across 33 states.

Category: Electric Vehicles

California’s Clean Fuel Rebate for Electric Vehicles—What a Deal

January 20, 2017,   by Paul Gipe

It’s a deal almost too good to be true: Get paid to drive an electric car. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

PG&E: Clean Fuel Rebate for fueling electric vehicles

January 17, 2017,  

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you're contributing to a cleaner energy future by fueling your vehicle with electricity. PG&E customers with EVs are eligible to receive a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Maker of electric vehicle components sets up in West Sacramento

January 17, 2017,   by Ben van der Meer

A Japanese company that manufactures components for electric vehicles is setting up its U.S. headquarters and first U.S. manufacturing facility in West Sacramento.

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E.P.A. Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Secretly Violating Emissions Standards

January 12, 2017,   by HIROKO TABUCHI

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday accused Fiat Chrysler of installing secret software that allowed more than 100,000 of its diesel vehicles to emit pollutants above legal levels.

Category: Electric Vehicles

How far behind is California on electric cars?

December 2, 2016,   by Foon Rhee

A new study is raising further doubts about whether the state will make its goal of 1.5 million electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2025.

Category: Electric Vehicles

It’s Not Just Clean Air: Electric Cars Can Save the US Billions

November 27, 2016,   by Aarian Marshall

According to a new report from the American Lung Association of California, cars are responsible for $37 billion in health and climate costs each year.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Quebec approves new law to boost sales of zero emission vehicles

November 26, 2016,  

Quebec, the first Canadian province to pass such legislation, joins 10 U.S. states including California that have similar laws designed to grow the supply and sales of plug-in electric vehicles at a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Chattanooga plant a contender to assemble VW electric vehicles

November 23, 2016,   by Mike Pare

Volkswagen on Tuesday unveiled plans to assemble electric vehicles in North America starting in 2021, potentially putting production of battery-powered cars in Chattanooga.

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW shifts focus to electric cars with US expansion plan

November 22, 2016,   by AFP

Volkswagen said it wants to be the world leader in electric cars by 2025 as it unveiled a major shift to clean-energy vehicles in the wake of the dieselgate emissions cheating scandal.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Solar Charging an Electric Vehicle—on the Road

November 17, 2016,  

John Rowell likes to push boundaries. Rowell, the man behind pushed his Nissan Leaf, a mass-market electric vehicle (EV), to the end of Mineral King National Park and had to coast...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, News on Solar Energy, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

New DC Fast Charger in South Bakersfield & Delano

November 15, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

At long last there is another DC Fast Charger (DCFC) in Bakersfield. For many years the only DCFC station in the Bakersfield metropolitan area was at the Nissan Dealer in Gasoline Alley.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The next generation of electric vehicles is on the way

November 15, 2016,   by Peter Slowik

Anyone in the market for a new electric vehicle may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of recent automaker announcements unveiling new consumer options. Proponents of electric vehicles are bound to...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Renault Zoe EV: Cologne to Miehlen on One Charge

November 12, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

On 1 November Thilo Wirth rented a Renault Zoe from Cambio car sharing service for a trip from Cologne to Miehlen, Germany. The Zoe is Renault’s version of the Nissan Leaf, a mass-market electric...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

For decades the future of electric vehicles has seemed a few years away

November 8, 2016,   by MATT BUBBERS

The date of the electric-automobile revolution has been rescheduled, now pencilled in for 2025.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Environmental groups: Use Colorado’s Volkswagen settlement money for electric vehicle charging stations

November 7, 2016,   by Emilie Rusch

Environmental groups urged the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Monday to use the state’s share of the $14.7 billion Volkswagen emissions-cheating settlement to build out a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

China Electric Car Quota Legislation

November 3, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

China wants to introduce a modest quota of 8 percent electrical vehicles from 2018. German car makers are not happy about those plans, since they have been slow to develop hybrids and electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Battery Degradation Two-Year Status Report: 2015 Nissan Leaf

November 1, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

We recently passed the two-year mark on our 2015 Nissan Leaf, a battery electric vehicle (EV). The event was a good time to take stock of how much the Leaf’s traction battery has degraded during that...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Chevy Volt Revisited: A Solid 40-Mile EV with a Range Extender

October 26, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

I have revisited my harsh criticism of the Chevy Volt. In the summer of 2011, I was asked to test drive the car for Automobile Magazine as part of a photo shoot among the wind farms in the Tehachapi...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Express DCFC Stations Over Tejon Pass Driver Alert

October 25, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) over the Tejon Pass on I-5 that plan to use two new DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) should have contingency plans. Depending upon the vehicle they are driving, they may...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electric Cars Could Send Oil Companies Into ‘Death Spiral’: People Who Know About Money

October 18, 2016,   by Michael Ballaban

Economists and reporters have been saying that electric cars could actually kill the oil industry for a little while now, but it hasn’t made a lot of real-world impact so far. But now Fitch, an...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Oil groups ‘threatened’ by electric cars Fitch says investors could sell out of energy companies

October 18, 2016,   by Pilita Clark, Andrew Ward and Neil Hume in London

Oil companies face a “resoundingly negative” threat from a sharp growth of electric cars, one of the leading credit rating agencies has warned....

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are cheaper to fuel in all 50 states, savings between $300 to $1,300 per year

October 12, 2016,   by Fred Lambert

It might sound like an obvious thing to most people, electricity is cheaper than gas, but I find that people are not really aware of the electricity rate discrepancy around the US and the world. It’s...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Nissan Quietly Discontinues 24 kWh Battery Option For Entry-Level Nissan LEAF, 30kWh Pack Now Standard

October 11, 2016,   by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Optional in some markets on higher-end trim models and standard in the U.S. on the Nissan LEAF SL and Nissan LEAF SV trim models, the 30 kWh battery pack has quickly become the standard battery pack...

Category: Electric Vehicles

In 5 Years, China Could Build More EV Chargers Than the Rest of the World Combined

October 11, 2016,   by Jason Deign

China is stepping up electric-vehicle charging station installations amid analyst forecasts that EV penetration could hit 60 percent in major cities by 2030.

Category: Electric Vehicles

No New Gasoline Cars in EU after 2030

October 9, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

SPIEGEL reports that the German Bundesrat has called for phasing out gasoline cars after 2030 all over the EU (report in English by Reuters here).

Category: Electric Vehicles

Eureka California to be part of new ‘Electric Highway’ in 2018

October 6, 2016,   by Natalya Estrada

Eureka is set to be one of the next major sites for more electric vehicles, according to Recargo Inc., a California-based energy services firm.

Category: Electric Vehicles

How the US Election Could Impact Electric Vehicles

October 4, 2016,   by Eric Schaal

Trump noted in his energy speech that the government had no place picking “winners and losers” in the energy economy, and this incentive would definitely be at risk when it maxes out at 200,000...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Will electric cars in Edmonton get a boost?

October 2, 2016,   by Roberta Bell, CBC News

Edmonton wants to steer people toward electric cars but councillors are hearing the city may have to build the infrastructure before more people sign on.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Renault Beats Tesla And GM To The Punch With 250 Mile Range EV 'Available Now'

September 29, 2016,   by Bertel Schmitt

There is one thing Tesla can be proud of: Automakers around the world are getting off their duffs. Today, French carmaker Renault announced at the Paris auto show that its fully electric “ZOE will be...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Toronto Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon wants on-street charging stations for electric cars

September 27, 2016,   by Lisa Naccarato, CBC News

McMahon thinks more motorists would go green if there were more convenient charging stations

Category: Electric Vehicles

How will I charge my electric vehicle? And where? And how much will it cost?

September 26, 2016,   by Charles Fleming

With the impending late-2016 arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the expected late-2017 arrival of the Tesla Model 3, affordable long-range battery electric vehicles are an option for increasing...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Bakersfield to Grover Beach Using Only DCFC

September 21, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

On 8 September we drove our 2015 Nissan Leaf from Bakersfield to Grover Beach, California using only DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electrovaya to supply U.S. firm with batteries for electric vehicles

September 20, 2016,   by Arathy S Nair

Canada's Electrovaya Inc said on Tuesday it signed an agreement to supply lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to an original equipment maker, its second such deal with a NYSE-listed Fortune...

Category: Electric Vehicles

I-5 Over the Tejon Pass with EV Express DC Fast Chargers

September 19, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

The trip was in part to visit a friend and in part to test the performance of two new DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in the Tejon Pass. [more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Many car brands emit more pollution than Volkswagen, report finds

September 19, 2016,   by Zoe Wood

A year on from the “Dieselgate” scandal that engulfed Volkswagen, damning new research reveals that all major diesel car brands, including Fiat, Vauxhall and Suzuki, are selling models that emit far...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Toyota Says Low-Range Electric Cars Are Cheaper To Build Than Hybrids

September 14, 2016,   by Brad Anderson

Toyota's chief engineer says that electric powertrains have developed to the point where it is now cheaper to build low-range electric cars than it is to produced hybrids.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Can the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV really go 200-plus miles with no recharge? We try it

September 13, 2016,   by Charles Fleming

I finished the drive with 240.5 miles on the trip meter, just above the EPA number of 238. But the onboard computer said I could continue driving, perhaps for another 50 miles, bringing my total to...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Calgary planning for more electric vehicles

September 12, 2016,   by Brodie Thomas

Electric cars are very much on the city's radar according to Eric MacNaughton, transportation coordinator for the city's Climate Change Project

Category: Electric Vehicles

Globe & Mail: Why you may be driving an electric car sooner than you think

September 8, 2016,   by Jessica Leeder

In the first quarter of 2016, sales were up 75 per cent over the same time period last year, according to statistics compiled by Fleetcarma, a Waterloo-based telematics company that specializes in EV...

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Network of Fast Chargers in Southern San Joaquin Valley Make EV Travel Easier

September 6, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Completion of the US Green Vehicle Council and Cleantech Institute’s network of CHAdeMO DC fast charging stations will make north-south travel in the Southern San Joaquin Valley easier for...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Economic Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

September 6, 2016,   by Zachary Shahan

Oil imports are only one chapter of the story. The fact is, we spend or lose an insane amount of money, time, productivity, and quality of life from burning oil-based fuels. All of this strikes into...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Some Unusual Locations for EV Charge Stations in Marin County

September 5, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Recently we took a train trip to San Francisco and on to Corte Madera by ferry. For lack of something better to do, we drove to a number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations in the vicinity.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Analysts question impact of electric cars on Nordic power

September 5, 2016,   by Herman Moestue

Nordic power consumption is expected to grow due to the electrification of the transport sector and the phase-out of fossil-fuelled vehicles, but analysts are mixed over how disruptive the impact...

Category: Electric Vehicles

What Do Electric Car Drivers Regret About Leaving Gas Behind? (Humour)

September 4, 2016,   by Michael Barnard

But what do electric car drivers miss about owning and driving gasoline cars? That’s an empty space, a void, a yawning chasm. This article tries to add some words to that side of the scale.

Category: Electric Vehicles

California’s New Climate Legislation: What Does it Mean for Electric Cars?

September 2, 2016,   by David Reichmuth

Senate Bill 32 will require the state to not only continue its programs to switch from petroleum to electricity for our cars, trucks, and buses, but to accelerate the transition.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Quebec climate-change committee considers electric vehicle incentives

August 18, 2016,   by Julianne Hazlewood

Legislative committee hears from Quebec government about success of electric vehicle incentives.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric car charging station companies issue warning over VW settlement

August 9, 2016,   by Rory Carroll

Electric vehicle charging companies are calling for independent oversight of the $2 billion Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) is required to invest in clean car infrastructure, saying VW should not have the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Recargo to Add More Fast Chargers on 101

August 1, 2016,  

Recargo has been awarded more than $1.6 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to help complete key routes of the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH).

Category: Electric Vehicles

Just like desktops, laptops and smartphones, plugs to rapidly charge electric cars are not compatible across brands

August 1, 2016,   by Ariel Wittenberg

While automakers have agreed on uniform plug standards for slower types of charging used at home and work, they have not done so for what’s known as DC fast charging, which can fill a battery in less...

Category: Electric Vehicles

US Announces $4.5 Billion Available To Support EVs, 350 kW Charging

July 28, 2016,   by Mark Kane

The first big action is to set aside $4.5 billion in loan guarantees, and invite applications to support the commercial-scale deployment of innovative electric vehicle charging facilities throughout...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Red Lodge Montana adds charging stations for electric cars

July 19, 2016,   by Erik Olson

The city of Red Lodge installed in late June two Tesla destination chargers and two Clipper Creek universal chargers at its public restroom site at 305 N. Oakes Ave., opening up the region to drivers...

Category: Electric Vehicles

As Electric Car Movement Gains Strength, Naysayers Continue Anti-EV Attacks

July 14, 2016,   by Brad Berman

But the strong upward trend is undeniable to most—although not to Richard Muller, a professor of physics at UC Berkeley, who argues that EVs are destined for failure. “I predict that the electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Bring electric cars manufacturing to Oshawa, Ontario

July 13, 2016,   by Graeme McNaughton

The Region of Durham has joined the call started by the City of Oshawa – General Motors should produce electric vehicles in Oshawa.

Category: Electric Vehicles

EPA-VW Dieselgate Settlement Will Push EV Fast Charging in USA

July 12, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

The recent settlement between the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Volkswagen (VW) for its diesel engine fraud could more than triple the number of electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Eleven fast-charge stations for electric vehicles in Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent

July 12, 2016,  

The Electric Circuit is delighted to announce the installation of 11 fast-charge stations in the Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions. The stations will be commissioned this summer, allowing...

Category: Electric Vehicles

CARB-VW Settlement Could Revolutionize EV Use in California

July 8, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

The recent settlement between the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Volkswagen (VW) for its diesel engine fraud could transform electric vehicle (EV) charging in the state. As a certain...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Public Participation in Decision on DC Fast Charging Roll-Out of CARB-VW Settlement Critical

July 8, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

EV advocates urge CARB to immediately convene an advisory group for maximizing public input into how the settlement money will be spent in the public interest. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Advocates Push CARB on EV Charging Infrastructure in GHG Scoping Plan

July 8, 2016,   by Guy Hall, Tom Greene, Randal Friedman, Paul Gipe, Tony Williams

California Electric Auto Association members call on CARB to stress EV charging infrastructure in the state's GHG Scoping Plan. EV charging must be front and center in the policy discussion.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric mobility news update

June 29, 2016,   by Craig Morris

Sweden has now opened what is says is the world’s first electric highway. The focus is on trucks, which connect to the overhead power lines much in the way trams – or, indeed, electric buses in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

With planning, grid can handle more electric vehicles

June 29, 2016,   by Karen Uhlenhuth

Much of the nation’s vehicle fleet could be converted to run on electricity with hardly a ripple felt by the power grid, according to recent findings by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen to spend over one billion dollars in California to address illegal emissions caused by cheating devices on its 2.0-liter diesel vehicles

June 28, 2016,  

The Consent Decree also requires Volkswagen to invest $800 million dollars in ZEV infrastructure and access over a 10-year period in California.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen to spend over one billion dollars in California to address illegal emissions caused by cheating devices

June 28, 2016,   by Stanley Young

The money for California includes . . . $800 million in investments to advance California’s nation-leading zero-emissions vehicle programs.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why a universal electric car showroom could succeed where Ontario dealerships failed

June 24, 2016,   by Tyler Hamilton

According to the climate plan, “Ontario will work with Plug’n Drive, a non-profit electric vehicle advocacy organization, to establish and operate a facility to showcase electric vehicles and related...

Category: Electric Vehicles

The world turns to electric vehicles

June 22, 2016,   by Nic Lutsey

It seems the world can’t shift quickly enough to electric vehicles. Within the past few months there has been a steady drumbeat of stories about possible bans on combustion vehicles, prompting calls...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Germany not about to ban non-EVs

June 17, 2016,   by Craig Morris

Translations of recent statements made by top German officials make it sound like the country is about to do the right thing. Reality is a bit messier.

Category: Electric Vehicles

No--Germany Is Not Launching Zero Emission Vehicles Anytime Soon

June 17, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

It’s amusing to watch the blogosphere go wild with certain memes. (We used to call them themes.) The latest is that Germany is going to mandate all cars must be zero emission vehicles by 2030. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Norway not planning ban on gas & diesel car sales

June 7, 2016,   by Craig Morris

So there you have it: Norway is not going to prohibit its citizens from buying new diesel/gasoline cars, but it will implement progressive policies to encourage a transition towards electric...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Quebec introduces bill to require automakers to meet electric-vehicle sales targets

June 2, 2016,   by The Canadian Press

The Quebec government has introduced a bill that would make it the first province in Canada to require automakers to sell or lease a minimum number of zero-emission vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Will Electric Cars Destabilize the World?

May 29, 2016,   by David Koranyi

An accelerated adoption of electric vehicles would hasten the end of the oil era, and could cause significant geopolitical turbulence as producer countries heavily reliant on oil revenues will...

Category: Electric Vehicles

IUPUI Researchers: Don't Bother With An Electric Car Flat Tax -- It Won't Fix Roads

May 27, 2016,   by Brandon Smith

Researchers say a flat fee on electric vehicles won’t help solve declining road funding revenues, like those faced here in the state.

Category: Electric Vehicles

More Than Half of California Drivers Considering Electric Cars, Survey Shows

May 27, 2016,   by Mike Monticello

Fifty-five percent of California drivers “are likely to consider an electric vehicle (EV) in their next vehicle purchase or lease,” according to a new survey conducted by the Union of Concerned...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Comparison of leading electric vehicle policy and deployment in Europe

May 26, 2016,   by Uwe Tietge, Peter Mock, Nic Lutsey, Alex Campestrini

Assesses the design and effectiveness of fiscal and other incentives for electric vehicles in Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Norway, at both national and, through a set of ten case...

Category: Electric Vehicles

DC Fast Charging Station Installed on I-5 in San Joaquin Valley [Updated]

May 25, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

This is the first of—we hope—a series of DC Fast Charging stations to be installed this month under US Green Vehicle Council’s contract with the California Energy Commission.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

This country has hit a major milestone for electric cars—here's how

May 24, 2016,   by KatyBarnato

Electric cars remain a noteworthy sight almost everywhere but Scandinavia, where Norwegians have bucked the trend by buying alternative-fuel vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Ontario Aiming For New-Vehicle Marketshare Of 5% For Electric Vehicles By 2020, 12% By 2025

May 20, 2016,   by James Ayre

The Ontario government is now aiming to grow the new-vehicle market share held by electric vehicles to 5% by the year 2020, and 12% by 2025, according to recent reports.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why the fuss over Ontario's electric vehicle target?

May 17, 2016,   by Jennifer Wells

Given all the squawking over the Ontario government’s climate change action plan, you might think Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray has gone rogue in setting extreme targets for the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Solar surprise, revisited

May 6, 2016,   by Matthew Lockwood

But the solar PV story shows that when tipping points are reached, things can change very quickly. It is not inconceivable that what happened with solar PV will also happen with electric vehicle

Category: News on Solar Energy, Electric Vehicles

Fast-charging corridor for electric cars to go up between Quebec and Ottawa by 2017

May 3, 2016,   by Rose Behar

This means 14 500-volt fast-charging stations will go up along Highways 401, 416, 417 and 17. The proposal also included the commissioning of eight 240-volt Level-2 charging stations to be built...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen & Shell Put The Hit Out On Electric Vehicles In New “Study”

April 29, 2016,   by Jay Cole

We are unsure of when this study was first commissioned, but you can be sure it was well before Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal was in full bloom.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen CEO apologized in person to Obama over scandal

April 28, 2016,   by DAVID McHUGH

Mueller used the company's annual news conference to also sketch out a plan to focus more on electric vehicles and services like car-sharing as it seeks to get past its emissions scandal.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Ont. budgets $20M for 500 electric vehicle charging stations in 2017

April 28, 2016,  

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca says the government will work with 27 private and public sector partners to create a network of charging stations at over 250 different locations.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Samsung SDI Sells Loss-Making Fuel Cell Division, Plows Additional ₩1 Trillion Into Lithium-Ion Battery Development

April 26, 2016,   by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

So when we tell you that Samsung SDI has just sold its fuel cell division because it is simply unprofitable (and presumably has no long-term chance of making a profit), we think the facts speak for...

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Yazaki DC Fast Charging Connectors Big Improvement

April 25, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

The previous version required reading the instructions, watching a video on line, and--if you were smart—a practice session or two before you needed it on a road trip with a line of Nissan Leafs...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Why Electric Cars Ruled The Roads 100 Years Ago

April 24, 2016,   by Alanis King

The U.S. Department of Energy cites electric cars as making up about a third of all vehicles on the road in 1900. In 1911, the New York Times even called existing electric vehicles “ideal.”

Category: Electric Vehicles

First stirrings of call for ban on non-EVs in Germany

April 22, 2016,   by Craig Morris

Don’t add Germany to the list of countries officially considering banning sales of cars running on gasoline or diesel just yet. But several prominent people are pushing the government to take steps...

Category: Electric Vehicles

City of Santa Clara Celebrates 49 EV Charging Stations in Parking Garage Near 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium, Convention Center, Great America Theme Park

April 20, 2016,  

The parking structure, situated near the Santa Clara Convention Center, Levi’s Stadium and the California Great America theme park, features 48 Level 2 chargers and one DC Fast Charger.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Our Nissan Leaf’s Traction Battery Capacity April 2016 Update

April 19, 2016,  

The general observation of other Nissan Leaf owners is true that the more you use the Leaf the better the traction battery capacity appears. Whether this is actual improvement in the traction...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

German automakers who once laughed off Elon Musk are now starting to worry

April 19, 2016,  

The proud makers of the world's top-selling luxury brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche could not fathom how a small-time, loss-making upstart from California could ever compete with the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Austria Considers Prohibiting New Gas and Diesel Autos by 2020

April 13, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Previously, Norway and the Netherlands have also begun discussing whether to limit sales of new gasoline and diesel cars to reduce air pollution.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The Oil Industry Isn't A Passive Observer Concerning Electric Vehicles. Is This A Sign Of Panic?

April 8, 2016,   by Keith Williams

The point to consider is why would an industry body try to stop the inevitable? It hasn't worked out for the coal industry. It didn't work for Kodak.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Use of electric cars ‘must be accelerated’ to meet renewable energy targets

April 7, 2016,   by Conall Ó Fátharta

The roll-out of electric vehicles must be “greatly accelerated” to the point where, within five years, electric cars must account for 20% of all new cars sold in Ireland.

Category: Electric Vehicles

We Need to Electrify As Much Transportation As We Can

April 4, 2016,   by Richard Heinberg

We have to electrify as much of that energy usage as we can, because most of our renewable sources of energy produce electricity. That's true of solar and wind, geothermal and hydro power. So we need...

Category: Electric Vehicles

New law will help improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

March 31, 2016,   by David Schmalz

When Scott Negri’s restaurant project at The Dunes was approved by the Marina Planning Commission Feb. 11, it meant the addition of an amenity to the area that was barely discussed in several public...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Only electric cars should be sold in Netherlands from 2025

March 30, 2016,  

The Dutch parliament has taken the first step in banning petrol and diesel cars from sale in the Netherlands from 2025.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Here’s Why You Might Be an Electric Car Owner a Decade from Now

March 30, 2016,   by Bradley Berman

Those early adopters are paving the way for the mainstream buyer, and the automakers are lining up to greet them. Currently there are 12 battery electric vehicles and 14 plug-in hybrids (which use a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

BMW Quietly Confirms Longer-Range i3 Electric Car Set To Debut in UK This July

March 28, 2016,   by By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Confirmed multiple times in different interviews with BMW executives, the longer-range BMW i3 was promised to arrive by the end of summer, pushing the BMW i3 over the 100-mile range barrier for the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW Scandal's Potential ‘Punishment’ Fits Electric-Car Strategy

March 26, 2016,   by JEANNIE NAUJECK

As part of its punishment for the emissions scandal, the EPA could also require VW to make electric or hybrid vehicles in Tennessee, according to several recent reports in the German press.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Canada will replace government limousines with electric vehicles and invest in EV infrastructure

March 23, 2016,  

In a symbolic gesture, the federal government also plans to replace their limousines with electric vehicles. Are we going to see Justin Trudeau in a Tesla?

Category: Electric Vehicles

Will Norway ban gas & diesel cars by 2025?

March 20, 2016,   by Craig Morris

There is no intention to outright ban non-electric vehicles, however they will become very unfavorably taxed, making them a much less interesting alternative than electric cars.

Category: Electric Vehicles

New Rumors in Germany: VW to Build EV Plant & Charging Network in USA

March 18, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Rumors are swirling in Germany that Volkswagen (VW), under pressure to reach a settlement with US and California regulators by March 24th, is considering the creation of two mitigation funds and...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Small-town Indiana Chevy dealer is big on electric cars

March 17, 2016,  

I asked if he had noticed less interest in plug-in cars due to lower gas prices. He immediately said no, adding that those who were on the fence no longer showed strong interest—but that gas prices...

Category: Electric Vehicles

In 2015, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Italy generated 24,676 GWh of electricity, representing 9.1 per cent of Italy’s domestic electricity production and 7.8 per cent of the country’s overall consumption.

March 17, 2016,   by Christine and Sam Simonetta

We took a chance when we bought our Tesla, and it’s paying off because our power comes from the wind. Our residential sized turbine captures wind from Lake Superior in Upper Michigan and fuels our...

Category: Electric Vehicles, Small Wind folder

Electric cars in Canada: 6 good-news events for buyers, drivers

March 9, 2016,   by Matthew Klippenstein

Canadian electric-vehicle policy seems to be enjoying its own annus mirabilis, or "wonderful year," during 2016.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Denver's new building code requires garages to support electric vehicles

March 9, 2016,   by Jon Murray

Although opposed by homebuilders, the electric vehicle readiness requirement says new single-family homes and duplexes built in the city will need to have the right electrical wiring to support...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Return to Bird Springs

March 6, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

We arrived with 55% charge remaining as opposed to last year’s 51%. We returned home with 34% State of Charge, slightly more than the 32% SOC during last year’s trip.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Proterra Demos Bus for Bakersfield’s GET Transit

March 5, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Proterra, the high-tech startup, demonstrated its all-electric bus for Golden Empire Transit (GET) staff today. The company hopes to sell GET, the transit company serving Bakersfield, two electric...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Six New Public Charge Stations at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

March 5, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

There was no signage and parking was at a premium. If nothing is done, these stations will be next to useless. They will be constantly ICEd and no one will be able to get in and charge.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The Electric Car Revolution Is Finally Starting

February 26, 2016,   by Daniel Gross

Because of the pace of incremental change, and because product cycles of cars are slower than they are for cellphones, an innovation revolution in electric cars has always felt distant. And yet we’re...

Category: Electric Vehicles

In Four Charts: The Rise of Electric Vehicles

February 25, 2016,   by Tim McDonnell

A new market forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance paints a rosy picture for the future of electric vehicles, rising from about 1 percent of global annual vehicle sales today to 35 percent by...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars Could Tank Oil Prices Even Further

February 24, 2016,   by Denver Nicks

Call it the revenge of the electric car. Electric vehicles that seemed doomed just a few years ago to languish outside the mainstream are poised to reshape the auto industry in the coming decade,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EPA asks Volkswagen to make electric cars in US – report

February 21, 2016,  

Die Welt am Sonntag is reporting that federal officials ask automaker to make electric vehicles in in Tennessee following emissions scandal.

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Kochs Are Plotting A Multimillion-Dollar Assault On Electric Vehicles

February 18, 2016,   by Peter Stone

A new group that's being cobbled together with fossil fuel backing hopes to spend about $10 million dollars per year to boost petroleum-based transportation fuels and attack government subsidies for...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Notice of Proposed Award: DC Fast Chargers for California’s North - South Corrid ors

February 16, 2016,  

This grant solicitation was an offer to fund projects that will install Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations on Interstate 5 (I-5), State Route 99 (SR 99), and along United States Highway 101...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Our Nissan Leaf’s Traction Battery Capacity

February 12, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

How much has the car's battery capacity declined since we leased it and will it recover when warm weather returns?[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ontario boosts incentives for electric vehicles

February 10, 2016,  

Ontario has announced extra incentives for people who buy or lease electric vehicles that could boost available help to as much as $14,000.

Category: Electric Vehicles

8 Ways Life Has Changed Since Driving An All-Electric Car

February 7, 2016,   by Cynthia Shahan

I started a list of how life has changed since driving an all-electric car — the list grows longer by the day.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Forums--Fonts of Knowledge

February 4, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

We drive 2015 Nissan Leaf, an Electric Vehicle or EV. Both before and after we leased the car, I carefully researched the kinds of EVs available and what would be best for us. I learned a lot from...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Palm Springs

January 30, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Wherein we again learn the importance of avoiding dependence on a GPS, on the value of paper maps, and on driving conservatively.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The right way to charge electric cars

January 27, 2016,   by LA Times Editorial Board

Although the PUC has already said it will reduce the number of charging stations in the original proposals by SCG&E and PG&E, the plans are still troubling in their scale and their financing.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen Creates Battery Powered Division, 20 New Plug-Ins By 2020

January 26, 2016,   by Kyle Field

The creating of a new unit dedicated to “battery-powered vehicles” is a milestone as well — indicating that the auto giant has confidence that battery-powered vehicles are not just a passing fad, a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Obsession Report: “Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want”

January 24, 2016,   by Zachary Shahan

The electric car market has been growing exponentially in the past few years. But it is still a small percentage of the new car market in most places, typically representing less than 1% of new car...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Britain is to get its first “electric service stations” as part of a £40m government fund to encourage drivers to switch to plug-in cars.

January 23, 2016,   by kos

Mercedes is still the best-selling manufacturer when you combine their two vehicles in this class. But it’s clear that Tesla is eating into the traditional automakers with its single offering, and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

‘Electric service stations’ open in boost for plug-in car use

January 23, 2016,   by Daniel Boffey

Britain is to get its first “electric service stations” as part of a £40m government fund to encourage drivers to switch to plug-in cars.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Winter Snow Adventures in a 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV

January 23, 2016,   by Stephen Noctor

This post addresses the following questions: How does my EV handle winter outings in the mountains? How well does it drive in the snow? This post also relates another example for how rapid DC...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Turning over a new leaf: Electric vehicle carbon emissions

January 19, 2016,   by Nic Lutsey

A few times a year, a news story appears about electric vehicles having high carbon emissions, throwing doubt onto electric vehicles' ability to play a major part in any low-carbon transportation...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EVs Cause Cancer Meme

January 18, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

Electric vehicles (EVs) probably don’t cause cancer, but that doesn’t stop some people from saying that they do. I came across a bizarre version of this meme a few months ago at a social gathering...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Couple on a cross-country mission to return Volkswagen

January 17, 2016,   by Ian James,

They also see a larger mission in pressing the German automaker to make a shift toward more electric vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Germany Mulling €2 Billion Incentives For Electric Cars

January 16, 2016,   by Jake Richardson

Germany is considering providing 2 billion euros to subsidize the purchasing of more electric cars. German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is behind the idea, which also includes adding more EV...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Quebec has a long road ahead to reach goal of 100,000 electric cars by 2020

January 15, 2016,   by Kevin Mio

By the end of 2016, the goal is to have 800 charging stations, including 60 rapid chargers, all of which will be placed along Quebec’s major highways.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric cars take centre stage at Montreal Auto Show

January 14, 2016,   by CBC

Electric cars are taking centre stage at the Montreal International Auto Show, thanks in part to the Quebec government's efforts to get them in the hands of consumers.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why Electric Vehicles are a bad idea (Warning: Satire)

January 11, 2016,   by Dave Laur

The drawbacks are many and severe and worse of all; unadvertised!! I will expose the secrets the electric car manufacturers do not want you to know!

Category: Electric Vehicles

Tesla Model S Tops Consumer Reports Survey For Most Satisfying Commuter Car (Again)

January 9, 2016,   by James Ayre

Following closely on the first place position held by the Tesla offering are two of the other top-selling electric vehicles out there — the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and the Nissan LEAF...

Category: Electric Vehicles

What’s the Business Model for Owning Car Batteries?

January 5, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Note also that neither of these models requires that the car manufacturer is a party to the deal. If Tesla does not want to sell their cars without batteries, that does not keep a Tesla owner from...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the long-term solution

January 4, 2016,   by Niels Buus Kristensen, DTU

Niels Buus Kristensen, Head of Department at DTU Transport and a member of the Danish government’s climate advisory committee, finds that electric vehicles hold the key to a transport sector...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric cars not the rage in Tulare County

January 4, 2016,   by RICK ELKINS

Electric vehicles appear to be the cars of the future, but in the present they are not very popular in Tulare County.

Category: Electric Vehicles

All-Electric America

January 4, 2016,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

Of course, if it turns out that this would lose money for the utility under present market conditions, one could think about establishing a feed-in tariff for electricity from car battery storage as...

Category: News on Feed in Tariffs, Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars Don’t Pay Gas Taxes: So What?

December 30, 2015,   by Mike Barnard

Is it a sin that electric car owners don’t pay gas taxes? No, not at all, but you’d never know it listening to some people squawk. There are anti-electric car types who think this is a huge deal,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Fresno Bee Editorial: The age of the all-electric Valley is upon us

December 26, 2015,  

If we finally are to cleanse our Valley air and make this a more healthy place, we must get belching old cars off the streets and start adding electric cars and plug-in hybrids to our garages.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Nissan, BMW Team Up To Make Electric Vehicle Charging More Efficient

December 22, 2015,  

BMW and Nissan Motors have recently joined forces to develop faster DC charging for electric cars, supplying new stations to 19 states. The hope is to make it easier to charge vehicles like the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Solar, Electric Vehicles Could Make Oil And ICE Cars Obsolete - The Era Of Oil Is Almost Over

December 16, 2015,   by Matt Bohlsen

With improved technology and the prices of solar (and wind) energy falling exponentially, along with lithium battery prices falling about 14%-16%, there will be massive disruptions to the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Mayors will create a ‘green wall’ along the West Coast: An ‘electric vehicle highway’ will run through it

December 11, 2015,   by Joel Connelly

They pledged, specifically, to create a West Coast electric vehicle highway, keyed to transforming city-owned vehicle fleets to electric vehicles and making electric vehicle chargers available to the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Leaf Spy--an Essential Tool for Serious Nissan Leaf Drivers

December 8, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Who doesn’t want a metaphorical peak under the hood of their Electric Vehicle (EV)? Leaf Spy, a smart phone app, talks to the computer in Nissan’s Leaf and displays the data it finds there—data...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ontario to invest $20 million in stations to charge up electric cars

December 8, 2015,   by Tyler Hamilton

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said Tuesday that her government is investing $20 million toward hundreds of electric-vehicle charging stations to be installed within and between urban centres.

Category: Electric Vehicles

PlugShare—Where to Charge When You’re on the Road

December 8, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

When you drive an Electric Vehicle (EV), most of the time you charge at home. For those times when you don’t, you need to know where you can charge. The pre-eminent choice among drivers is Plugshare,...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The Washington Post Gets it Wrong on Electric Cars

December 7, 2015,   by Rachael Nealer

It’s unfortunately not uncommon to see skewed and misleading articles about electric vehicles in the popular press. The most recent example, a Washington Post article “Electric cars and the coal...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why Do People Argue Against Electric Cars?

December 6, 2015,   by Mike Barnard

Every day brings another headline about a bad study making false claims about electric cars, another well-known-enough person sneering at them, or another video of someone rolling coal all over an...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Diesels are Dead--Long Live Electric Vehicles

December 5, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Presentation to the Sierra Club's Buena Vista Group, Bakersfield, California 5 December 2015.

Category: Presentations by Paul Gipe, Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Jesla High-Power Mobile Charge Cable (EVSE) for EVs

December 3, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

If you plan to take your Electric Vehicle (EV) on a road trip in North America today, you must take along a portable charge cable. Like a spare tire, a portable charge cable is an essential piece of...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

What Did Driving Our Electric Vehicle Cost Us in the First Year?

November 21, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

In October of 2014 we leased a 2015 Nissan Leaf, a battery-powered Electric Vehicle or EV. After one year of operation we can tally what it has cost us.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Our EVs Consumption and Fuel Cost: Year-End Report

November 21, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Toward the end of October we passed the one-year mark with our 2015 Nissan Leaf, a battery-powered Electric Vehicle (EV). It was time to tally it’s operating cost.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicle Cross-Country Driver Visits Los Alamos Nature Center

November 18, 2015,   by Chris Clark

Kent's cross-country trip is now at 17,310.5 miles, and his next stop will be Albuquerque, then the Grand Canyon. In between cities, he charges at KOA campgrounds, using an adaptor that allows him...

Category: Electric Vehicles

#Dieseldämmerung: Reveal of industry-wide diesel cheating impending, sources claim

November 16, 2015,   by Bertel Schmitt

Dailykanban received information that in one or two weeks, a number of other automakers will be exposed as diesel cheaters. A Volkswagen problem will turn into an industry-wide systemic problem, and...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicles

November 15, 2015,   by Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

This life cycle assessment aims to compare four types of similar-sized passenger vehicles in the New Zealand context, namely conventional petrol and diesel engine vehicles, and two types of PEVs...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why We Drive Electric: Much Fewer Overall Emissions

November 14, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are simply cleaner than driving cars powered by fossil fuels, regardless of whether they use gasoline or diesel fuel.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Why We Drive Electric: No Tail-Pipe Emissions

November 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicles (EVs) use electricity stored in traction batteries to drive the wheels. There is no Internal Combustion Engine that burns gasoline or diesel. There is no tail pipe in an EV and,...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Why We Drive Electric: They’re More Efficient

November 13, 2015,  

EVs are more efficient in their use of fuel than cars powered by what insiders know as an Internal Combustion Engine or ICE. Because they are more efficient, EVs use fewer natural resources over...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

How Clean is Your Electric Vehicle?

November 12, 2015,  

Electric cars tend to produce less carbon pollution than gas-powered ones—but just how much less? Enter your ZIP code below to see how different types of vehicles stack up in your area. Entering a...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Gasoline vs Electric—Who Wins on Lifetime Global Warming Emissions?

November 12, 2015,   by Rachael Nealer

We found that battery electric cars generate half the emissions of the average comparable gasoline car, even when pollution from battery manufacturing is accounted for.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Bakersfield to Paso Robles Raises Questions on Energy Estimates

November 10, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

In late October we tried a new route from Bakersfield to Grover Beach where we visit a family friend. . . The new route pushed the boundaries of what our 2015 Nissan Leaf is capable of—and our...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Getting It Wrong About Electric Cars and Coal Power

November 6, 2015,   by Bruce Mirken

The miners want you to know that if you own a Tesla, you are driving a vehicle that is likely powered by Wyoming coal.” Small problem: If you live in California, that’s flat wrong.

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Auto Service--Boy That was Easy

November 5, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’ve driven the car 7,300 miles without any service whatsoever and when we took it to the dealer there was no charge for it’s annual inspection.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Plug'n Drive advocates for electrification of transportation as a key plank of Ontario's climate change action strategy

October 26, 2015,  

With the Government of Ontario looking to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 37% below 1990 levels by 2030, and with transportation being the largest emitting sector in Ontario, it is clear...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen Knowingly Adapted “Cheat Switch” For Four Different Engines Over Seven Years, Claim Insiders

October 19, 2015,   by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

The German automaker not only installed the illegal emissions control software in its EA189 engines but then modified it for use in a total of four different engine types, indicating that the ...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW Is A Symptom Of Widespread Automotive Disruption

October 17, 2015,   by Mike Barnard

The VW emissions scandal isn’t an outlier, but a symptom of the reality that internal combustion cars, whether gas or diesel, have reached the limits of effective compromises that will satisfy...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW looks to cutbacks and electric cars to overcome scandal

October 14, 2015,   by Andreas Cremer and Jan Schwartz

Volkswagen will cut investment plans at its biggest division by 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) a year and step up development of electric vehicles, it said on Tuesday, as it battles to cope with the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen is pegging its fate to a major bet on electric cars

October 14, 2015,  

Volkswagen, confronting a daunting threat to its size and prestige, is making a dramatic pivot to electric vehicles. The move has seemed a likely one since mid-September, when the German company was...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen to cut costs by $1.5B, focus on electric cars

October 14, 2015,  

Volkswagen AG says it would cut investment by €1 billion ($1.5 billion Cdn) within the year and step up development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Category: Electric Vehicles

France Expands Electric-Car Bonus To Scrap 10-Year-Old Diesel Cars

October 12, 2015,   by Stephen Edelstein

French Minister of Ecology and Energy Segolene Royal says there are plans to extend the bonus to 10-year-old diesel cars, according to Life in France.

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW Demanded Subsidies for its "Clean" Diesel

October 12, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

In what amounts to one of the auto industry’s greatest displays of Chutzpah, VW demanded the same subsidies for its diesel engines as was being offered to Electric Vehicles (EVs).[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

In California, Electric Cars Outpace Plugs, and Sparks Fly

October 10, 2015,   by MATT RICHTEL

Electric-vehicle owners are unplugging one another’s cars, trading insults, and creating black markets and side deals to trade spots in corporate parking lots.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row

October 9, 2015,   by Damian Carrington

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi have joined the growing list of manufacturers whose diesel cars are known to emit significantly more pollution on the road than in regulatory tests,...

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW: $50 Million In Tax Credits, Wanted Electric-Car Credits For Diesels Too

October 8, 2015,   by John Voelcker

But as it turns out, Volkswagen had pushed aggressively from 2009 to 2011 for its so-called "clean diesel" vehicles to receive the same tax credits as those granted to plug-in electric cars.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Charging Time: Nissan Leaf on Level 2

October 7, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

I've posted two charts of two charging sessions. Both report similar findings. The car charges at its maximum capacity--6 kW to the traction battery--for 2.5 hours before it begins tapering the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Volkswagen Sought a Green Seal for Its Diesel Cars

October 6, 2015,   by AARON M. KESSLER

But Volkswagen lobbied hard before the announcement, demanding that its diesel engines receive special fuel economy credits for their environmental friendliness, just as zero-emission electric cars...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Diesels are Dead--Long Live Electric Cars

October 2, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Environmentalists should insist that regulators force VW--willingly or unwillingly--to abandon the internal-combustion engine and switch to EVs now for our sake as well as for the future of VW. It’s...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Back From the Dead: The Rise of EVs

October 2, 2015,   by Griffin Carpenter

Could communities soon be generating their own renewable energy, charging their cars and controlling home appliances remotely?

Category: Electric Vehicles

Roma--EV Charging in Rome

September 30, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

EVs are making rapid progress if you don't have to search out charge stations in major cities around the world and instead just come across them in the urban fabric.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

AutoBleue--Electric Vehicle Car Sharing in Nice, France

September 29, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

While Nancy and I were guided around Nice, France by our colleague and good friend Bernard Chabot last week, we stumbled across this Peugeot Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electric Cars… of the 1890s and Early 1900s

September 28, 2015,   by Dick Eastman

What goes around comes around. Are you dreaming of purchasing a Tesla or some other all-electric automobile? Your great-great-grandfather might approve of your following in his footsteps.

Category: Electric Vehicles

VW kills the diesel engine, and opens path for electric vehicles

September 28, 2015,   by Giles Parkinson

As one analyst wrote: “For Volkswagen (and the auto industry), the dream of inexpensive clean diesel might be dead. Even if carmakers could deliver on VW’s false technological claims, the standard by...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why the days of gas-powered cars are numbered

September 25, 2015,   by Peter Cheney

The trashcan of history is filled with machines that once seemed as if they would last forever. Remember the typewriter? The rotary-dial telephone? Cameras that used film?

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Volkswagen scandal: say goodbye to the internal combustion engine!

September 22, 2015,   by Ugo Bardi

But, if it is true that we cannot win against thermodynamics, it is also true that we don't need to fight against it. A battle against the combustion engine was lost in the 1970s, but the war can...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EVs Could Cut Global Gasoline Use By 2040

September 6, 2015,   by Mike Barnard

A tipping point has been reached in the last two years for electric cars. Almost half of all fully or partially electric vehicles sold in the past decade were sold in 2014. In addition to the...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Planned CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers in Southern San Joaquin Valley

August 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

The California Energy Commission (CEC) issued a document July 27, 2015 that called for proposals to complete California's portion of the West Coast Electric Highway.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Star-Crossed Trip: Bakersfield to LAX & Return

August 22, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Wherein I learn some important lessons: Don’t get overconfident with an EV; Don’t believe LA valets about their knowledge of EVs; The value of quick charging; Plan carefully; and—as always—allow...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Stats on a Star-Crossed Trip: Bakersfield to LAX & Return

August 22, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

I've pulled the statistics out of the article Star-Crossed Trip: Bakersfield to LAX & Return and put them here.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Load Shifting With Electric Vehicles Is A Great Match To Wind In Many Areas

August 21, 2015,   by Clayton Handleman

EVs are poised to play an important dual role of both reducing carbon from transportation and enabling higher penetration of renewable energy. The pieces are falling into place for a disruptive...

Category: Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles

BlueIndy electric car-share service to debut Sept. 2

August 20, 2015,   by Justin L. Mack

BlueIndy officials announced Thursday that the stalled electric car-share service will open to the public early next month.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Delco-Remy’s DRIVE I Preceded GM’s EV1 to Same Fate

August 11, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Fourteen years before General Motors (GM) introduced its EV1 and a quarter-century before it recalled and eventually destroyed nearly all of them, a GM division built an electric car only to see it...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Bakersfield First Urban Public Charge Station Nearing Completion

July 28, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Bakersfield's first urban public charge stations are nearing completion. The four stations at Bakersfield Community College's Weill Institute are located in downtown. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

My unlucky electric car journey

July 26, 2015,   by Gavin Shoebridge

In this episode: the electric car gets a 'major service', I drive to Vienna in Austria, I learn that most charging system providers really suck, I almost run out of electricity, and I put on a suit...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Good Neighbors Make Plugshare Work

July 24, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’ve been contacted by EV drivers a few times about charging at our home here in Bakersfield, but none have showed up. That is, until John Rowell from Exeter called.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

How to Use the PlugShare EV Charging Station Tool

July 23, 2015,   by Brad Berman

PlugShare is a powerful mobile application and online tool that allows electric car owners to locate and optimize the use of EV charging stations.

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Grover Beach Revisited & Summary

June 28, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

As we’ve become more experienced, we’ve become bolder. On this trip we used our new Jesla EVSE—a portable charge cable—to charge quicker, and we took some shortcuts we avoided on the first trip. We...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Visalia

June 26, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We planned another excursion in our 2015 Nisssan Leaf, an Electric Vehicle (EV). This time we planned to join friends for dinner in Visalia to the north of Bakersfield in the heart to the San Joaquin...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Grapevine (I-5) Summary of Actual Consumption in kWh of a Nissan Leaf

June 26, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We've now made four trips from Bakersfield over the Tejon Pass via the Grapevine and back. This is enough trips to account for variations in the weather and some variations in driving style. As noted...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ventura to Grover Beach Summary of Actual Consumption in kWh

June 26, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We've now made several trips from Bakersfield over Tejon Pass and two trips to the coast and back. There's now enough data to summarize how many kWh are needed to drive a Nissan Leaf on these various...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports

Bakersfield & South Valley EV Owners Breakfast

June 20, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We had a good time and it was great to talk shop with such an experienced crew. Gary, Tom, Jason and his wife, Dori drove up in Gary's new Tesla. They joined Mike Bornstein, his son, Stefanie, and...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Kernville Revisited

June 18, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Our friends had organized a morning visit to the Ardis Walker house and museum of western history in Kernville. Walker was a prominent and colorful local figure in Kern County from the 1960s until...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Ridgecrest via Mountain Mesa

June 17, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We wanted to drive our 2015 Nissan Leaf to Ridgecrest and have dinner with our niece before her assignment at the Naval base was completed.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Nissan Leaf Range Calcs from Tony Williams Tabular Estimator

June 17, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

This tabular estimator is based on Tony Williams Nissan Leaf Range Chart. This simple spreadsheet uses Williams' estimates of how much electricity a Nissan Leaf consumes in level, steady-state...[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Terminology & Recomendations for EV Charging Infrastructure

June 9, 2015,   by Michael Bornstein

In order to understand Electric Car Charging and the infrastructure needed, we first have to understand the terminology. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Tehachapi Revisited

June 3, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

My meeting to discuss Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Kern County was canceled, leaving my day free. So I turned to Nancy and suggested we drive our 2015 Nissan Leaf to Tehachapi for lunch....[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Tehachapi L2 EV Charging Station Operational

June 3, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

The City of Tehachapi has completed installation of its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. The two, Level 2 EVSEs are located in the parking lot adjacent to City Hall. The station, part of the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Charge Up Rebate

June 2, 2015,  

SJVAPCD is now accepting applications for the Charge UP! Electric Vehicle Charger program.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Gary Giddings--Early EV Pioneer--Coming to June 20th Bakersfield Brunch

June 1, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Gary Giddings, creator of an early State of Charge meter for the Nissan Leaf will join the Electric Vehicle Owners of Bakersfield and the Southern San Joaquin Valley at the Golden Corral for brunch...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Los Angeles & Return

May 27, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

On Friday 22 May we embarked on our Electric Vehicle (EV) adventure to Los Angeles via the “Grapevine” to take in a concert of the LA Philharmonic and visit friends.[more]

Category: EV Trip Reports, Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Kernville

May 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

As part of our continuing exploration of the Nissan Leaf’s range, we took a one-day get-a-way and drove up to scenic Kernville deep in the heart of the southern Sierra Nevada.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

What is an Electric Car Event at the Beale Library

May 12, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We had about a dozen cars, so there's a dozen drivers there. Leafs, MiEV, two BMWi3s, a Ford, Rav 4, and a Tesla. There was quite a line up of vehicles--the Tesla attracting the most attention...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Updated Locations for DCFC in Southern San Joaquin

May 7, 2015,  

The California Energy Commission has updated the locations of DC Fast Chargers in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Plug-in Hybrid to the Rescue

May 2, 2015,   by Kevin Mershon

How the traction battery of a plug-in hybrid may have saved a life.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Event at Beale Library Hosted by Electric Vehicle Owners of Bakersfield and the Southern San Joaquin Valley

April 27, 2015,  

Ollie Danner has organized quite an event at the Beale Library. See the event flyer for details on the raffle prizes. All proceeds go to the Beale Library.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Test drive of a petrol car (humour)

April 22, 2015,   by Tibor Blomhäll

Having heard so much good about petrol cars, we decided to test drive one. They are said to combine cheap price with long range and fast charging. A winning formula on paper – but how are they in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Mojave Superchargers Go Live: East Side Now Wired for Tesla—Still No Fast Chargers for Consumer EVs on the East Side

April 14, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Meanwhile, there are no DC Fast Chargers in Mojave, or anywhere on the east side of the Sierra for drivers of consumer-oriented EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf. The nearest fast charger to Mojave is in...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

LBNL: Quantifying EV battery end-of-life through analysis of travel needs with vehicle powertrain models

April 8, 2015,   by Samveg Saxena

Our findings show that defining battery retirement at 70–80% remaining capacity is inaccurate. Battery retirement should instead be governed by when batteries no longer satisfy daily travel needs of...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Opinion: Why Electric Car Charging Networks Need Impartial, Third-Party Regulation Or Face Collapse

April 1, 2015,   by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

But while more electric car charging stations is a great thing for encouraging more people behind the wheel of a plug-in car, there’s a global endemic threatening the operation of charging stations...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Solar-Powered Commute | 2015 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid

March 27, 2015,   by Craig Topfer

When Craig installed solar panels on his home, he had no idea how it could benefit his commute. See how he powers his Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Oh Where Oh Where Has Washington Gone?

March 22, 2015,   by Dave Laur

The first stations started going in early in 2012 and there was a lot of excitement that many more would be coming soon. But the hype has not lived up to even the most modest of expectations. Fast...

Category: Electric Vehicles

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Grover Beach and SLO--550 Miles in a Nissan Leaf

March 16, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

On 5 March Nancy and I undertook our first true road trip in our 2015 Nissan Leaf. Our destination was Grover Beach and ultimately San Luis Obispo.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electric Auto Association's Comments on DC Fast Charger Installations for West Coast Electric Highway

March 16, 2015,  

The Electric Auto Association (EAA) submitted comments 16 March 2015 to the California Energy Commission on DC Fast Charger installations for the build out of the West Coast Electric Highway. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Two DC Fast Chargers Coming This Summer to I-5 Grapevine Corridor

March 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

EV owners who’ve tackled the Grapevine on I-5 with today’s consumer-oriented EVs know how difficult the route is, necessitating long layovers in Lebec and again in Valencia. That is about to change. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

500 Miles in an EV—Some Observations

March 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We recently completed a 550-mile trip to Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo from Bakersfield in our Nissan Leaf, an electric vehicle (EV). It’s not as far as many have driven, but it’s far more than...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

CEC DCFC Corridor Gaps Southern San Joaquin & Mojave Desert; Grapevine, Valencia, Tehachapi

March 11, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

There’s an urgent need by owners of consumer-oriented EVs for a DCFC station either at the base of the Grapevine or at Lebec. Similarly, there’s an urgent need for a companion station in Valencia. [more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Tom P. Green's Comments to the CEC on DC Fast Chargers for EVs

March 3, 2015,   by Tom P. Greene

The following are Tom P. Green’s comments to the California Energy Commission Advisory Committee 12 February 2015 on the need for the rapid deployment of DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in California.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Our Nissan Leaf's Electricity Consumption Early 2015

March 2, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

When we got our recent bill from Pacific Gas & Electric Co., I thought I’d take a look at hour our Electric Vehicle (EV) was affecting our consumption.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Lebec and the Grapevine

March 2, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

For those of us who live in the San Joaquin Valley, getting to and from Los Angeles in an Electric Vehicle (EV) is a challenge. Southbound, the last charging stations are in Bakersfield. Then it’s a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

DC Fast Charging for EVs along California Transportation Corridors

March 1, 2015,   by T.P. Greene

The CEC document CEC-600-2014-002 reveals some locations of the planned DCFCs along I-5 and Highway 99. The US Green Vehicle Council and Cleantech Institute have proposed the build-out of a complete...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Petition the California Energy Commission to install a network of DC fast chargers to enable long-distance EV travel in California this year

February 26, 2015,   by T.P. Greene

Deploying a network of DC fast charging (DCFC) stations along long-distance transportation corridors will enable long-distance EV travel in California. . . This network is also needed to make EVs...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Level 2 Charge Station Coming to Tehachapi this Summer

February 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

The City of Tehachapi plans to install a Level 2 commercial charge station near City Hall sometime this summer, says Chris Kirk, assistant city manager. When installed, the station will double the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Glenville

February 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

It was a beautiful day and there was a report of abundant wildflowers on the road to Woody. Glenville is beyond Woody and we thought we’d test our Leaf’s range once again in the foothills east of...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

EV Trip Report: Bakersfield to Tehachapi

February 18, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

On Sunday Nancy & I drove our car to Tehachapi from Bakersfield, California. That in itself isn’t significant. Thousands of cars and trucks climb the 4,000 feet from the San Joaquin Valley to the...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Charging an EV at Tehachapi’s Mountain Valley RV Park

February 17, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks with NEMA 14-50 receptacles are popular with drivers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) where no EV-specific chargers exist—as is the case between Bakersfield and Mojave,...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

First Quick Charge--Wow That Was Fast

February 13, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’d have to agree with JP White in Nashville after his first quick charge: Awesome.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags

February 12, 2015,   by Ollie Danner

The first ever Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags. Great for busy charging locations. Reusable. Clear coating allows for multiple uses with dry erase marker.

Category: Electric Vehicles

Buying an Electric Vehicle Mail Order: Or Why we bought our Leaf from Petaluma and Not Bakersfield

January 23, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

Ok, it wasn’t quite mail order. Most of the transaction was done over the phone and via email, but we bought a car, an Electric Vehicle (EV), in a very untraditional manner.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Trip to Bird Springs Road in a Nissan Leaf

January 6, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

We’ve been driving our 2015 Nissan Leaf for two months now and it was time to take it on a road trip—a short one, mind you, but one long enough to test our range anxiety. We set out Monday morning to...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Trip Reports, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations or EVSEs

December 30, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are different from the cars we’re accustomed to. They use electricity stored in the traction batteries to power the vehicle. They don’t use gasoline or diesel fuel. As a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

The BMW i3 (a personal impression)

December 30, 2014,   by Bob Jans

Bob’s a techy and a serious car guy. He knows cars and likes to drive them fast--very fast.[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Plug Share

December 20, 2014,   by John Loveless

The members of the PlugShare community are an amazing group of people. Since the future charging infrastructure is not coming soon enough, (especially in oil-junkie, fossil-fuel hooked Utah),...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Why We Went Electric

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

We’d been planning to buy a plug-in hybrid for some time. Just seemed to make so much sense on so many levels. They emit less air pollutants by being so much more efficient than conventional...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Why We Chose a Nissan Leaf for Our EV

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

It was fairly simple really. Tesla was out. Too much money. At more than 100,000 the Tesla is well out of reach for most middle-class families--certainly for us. That narrowed the choices down...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Photos of Our 2015 Nissan Leaf

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Our 2015 Nissan Leaf S (the base model) with the Quick Charge option was delivered to Bakersfield by tractor trailer on October 20, 2014. The Leaf is an all electric, four-door hatchback. It's an...

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Photos of Our EVSE (Charge Station)

December 17, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

We installed two types of "charge station" or more correctly two types of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) at our home. The first is ClipperCreek's 40-amp EVSE with J1772 EV charge connector...

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

Ollie’s Electric Car Pledge and Our Move to an EV

November 25, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

It worked. Ollie Danner’s Electric Car Pledge and his organizational skills are the reason we’re now driving an EV or Electric Vehicle. It wasn’t a direct route of course. And just signing his...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles, EV Articles by Paul Gipe

US Air Force Unveils World’s Largest Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Fleet

November 14, 2014,   by Elisa Wood

The Los Angeles Air Force Base in California (LAAFB) has acquired 42 plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), the most the military has ever assembled in one place. The cars, trucks, vans and a bus will be...

Category: Electric Vehicles

The Economic Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption in Ontario

September 23, 2014,   by Brent Kopperson

Not only do Electric Vehicles provide many environmental, health, energy, and cost saving advantages... EVs also have the potential to provide many economic, technological, and labour market gains in...

Category: Electric Vehicles

NYT: Coal Fades, So Electrics Get Cleaner

September 19, 2014,   by PAUL STENQUIST

The group says that the average battery-powered E.V. sold over the past year used 0.33 kilowatt-hours per mile, a 5 percent improvement over the 2011 data that was basis for the original report. Some...

Category: Electric Vehicles

How do EVs Compare with Gas-Powered Vehicles? Better Every Year….

September 16, 2014,   by Don Anair

No matter where you live in the U.S., an EV has lower global warming emissions than the average new compact car, which gets approximately 28 miles per gallon. Emission from EVs are poised for even...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Canadian Take on Owning a Nissan Leaf

September 2, 2014,   by Steve Lapp

I watched the used car ads for about a year and followed the Canadian Leaf Facebook group and eventually this past spring found a slightly used Leaf for just over $20k. The car was in almost new...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Notes: Update on Leaf Ownership after a 6-Week Absence

August 28, 2014,   by Ben Zuckerman

My wife and I recently rented a standard (manual) shift car to drive around Ireland for a week. For decades I drove and was a fan of standard shift cars. I was saddened to leave these when nearly 11...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

Energy Insight: Electric Car Pledge - Making A Difference

August 28, 2014,   by Ollie Danne

All we can do is work to improve the quality of living for people, not only here but everywhere, and be willing to help future generations. We're not going to change the world, but if everybody just...

Category: Electric Vehicles

Oasis in a Charging Desert—Independence, California

August 7, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

The Owens Valley is a desert. A beautiful desert at the base of the rugged Sierra Nevada, but a desert nonetheless. There are few towns, few people, and even fewer services. So it was more than a...[more]

Category: Electric Vehicles

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