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My specialty is wind energy, but I work with all forms of renewable energy. Over the years I've written about a number of renewable technologies, including solar and geothermal energy. In recent years I've focused on comprehensive renewable energy policies that develop a mix of renewable resources.

The links below lead to articles on renewable energy policy. The links to the left lead to more specific topics.

Renewables International: Der Spiegel and its “4,000 subsidies for renewables”

November 13, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Sometimes, Der Spiegel misconstrues issues so well that even experts have trouble understanding what is meant.

Category: Renewable Energy

Solar Server: Welcome to the Energiewende: An interview with Craig Morris on his new documentary celebrating Germany's Energy Transition

November 12, 2013,   by Christian Roselund

"I wanted to step back and celebrate what has been achieved so far by reminding everyone that Germany is not only switching to renewables and lower consumption, but also to energy democracy -- normal...

Category: Renewable Energy

Wind Energy and Friends of the Earth in Kassel, Germany--Some Observations

October 31, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Over the years I’ve noted more than once the observation that most major environmental groups in Germany give a full-throated endorsement of renewable energy, the energiewende, and wind energy in...[more]

Category: News on Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, News on Community Power, Book Reviews of Books auf Deutsch, Reviews of Wind Books auf Deutsch

Wind Power history blows away Ed Davey's excuse for giving short contracts to renewables

October 30, 2013,   by Dave Toke

Ed Davey's excuse for limiting wind power contracts to 15 years whilst Hinkley C gets a whopping 35 year contract is blown away by some elementary history checking. Lots of wind turbines in Altamont...

Category: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power, News on Large Wind, News on Wind Energy

Hinkley- deal or no deal?

October 26, 2013,   by Dave Elliott

The UK government’s announcement of a preliminary deal with EDF and its financial partners on the Hinkley Point C European Pressurised-water Reactor (EPR) project, was met with a mixed response. ...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

REW: Ontario Kills Coal, But Local Renewables Program Falters

October 15, 2013,   by John Farrell

It was one of the most ambitious renewable energy programs in the world when it launched in 2009, committing the Canadian province to buy power from thousands of new renewable energy systems. It was...

Category: Ontario FIT, Renewable Energy

SmartPlanet: Myth-busting Germany’s energy transition

October 12, 2013,   by Chris Nelder

Major English-language media have been propagating a false narrative about the stunning success of Germany’s transition to renewable energy: the Energiewende. To hear them tell it, the transition has...

Category: Renewable Energy, Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG

Renewables International: German coal in a downward spiral

October 9, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Over the past year, we have heard a lot of charges that Germany is switching to coal. Many of us have noted that this effect is quite temporary. Now, Germany’s most prominent coal field, Garzweiler,...

Category: Renewable Energy

Wind Action Group: NY' State's Unicorn Problem...

October 3, 2013,   by Dave Bradley

Japan's electricity customers are seeing this electricity folded into their rates, and prices ARE rising. Of course, as the saying goes, necessity can be a real mother..... and no electricity, no...

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Action Coalition of Hawaii (REACH) Calls for 100% Renewable Energy in Hawaii

September 27, 2013,   by Erik Kvam

The logic of asking for plans to achieve 100% renewable generation is the certainty that, as imported fuels get scarcer and more expensive, sooner or later these imported fuels will stop flowing to...

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: More evidence of popular support for German Energiewende

September 27, 2013,   by Craig Morris

A survey taken last month and published in the week before Germany's parliamentary elections over the weekend provides even more evidence that the Germans stand behind their energy transition, though...

Category: Renewable Energy

Comments of Paul Gipe to the 100 Percent Champions League, Kassel Germany

September 24, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

I am here today because this past spring we held a small conference in San Francisco. At the conference, Pathways To 100% Renewable Energy,  we heard from Europeans, such as Bertram Fleck from the...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: German elections: best result for renewables

September 23, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Supporters of renewables have reason to rejoice this week, for the FDP has failed to get 5% of the vote, the limit required to enter parliament. It is the first time in the history of the German...

Category: Renewable Energy

Enemy of Renewable Energy FDP Out of German Bundestag

September 23, 2013,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

With the FDP out, that leaves exactly zero parties in the Bundestag supporting the proposal of replacing the successful feed-in tariff with a renewable portfolio standard, recently floated again by...

Category: Renewable Energy

Reneswables International: What the New York Times does not tell you Poverty an issue for social policy, not energy policy

September 20, 2013,   by Craig Morris

The New York Times published an astonishingly misleading article, depicting Germany as a country in which poor people are suffering from the high cost of renewables. Here's what you need to know.

Category: Renewable Energy

Report Questions Both Ontario’s Nuclear--and Solar Prices

September 10, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

In a report released today, the Pembina Institute and Greenpeace Canada questions Ontario’s commitment to new and refurbished nuclear plants. The groups say that a mix of conservation and renewables...[more]

Category: Ontario FIT, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

The Economic and Political Consequences of the Last 10 Years of Renewable Energy Development

September 6, 2013,   by Jérôme Guillet

But the cat is out of the bag: once renewable energy reaches a critical mass, its impact on power systems is pretty much irreversible and no amount of lobbying by utilities is going to get them their...

Category: Renewable Energy

Lenz Blog: Renewable Reducing Electricity Prices in Germany

September 3, 2013,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

One of the topics in this election season is the price of electricity. There is a lot of confusion around. Many people don’t understand that the renewable revolution caused by the German feed-in...

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: Renewable Energy for Electricity in California in 2012 and its Future Role

August 19, 2013,   by Bernard Chabot

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has published on August 1, 2013 the 2012 data for the whole California power system [1]. This analysis completes the preliminary analysis from the California...

Category: Renewable Energy, Grid Integration

Renew Economy: How wind displaced coal in Spain

August 18, 2013,   by Giles Parkinson

Goldman Sachs says Spain is a good example of how increases in renewable energy production has to be offset by a lower average load among fossil fuel plants. “Rising generation from solar plants in...

Category: Renewable Energy, Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Fossil Fuels

Baseload power is a myth: even intermittent renewables will work

August 10, 2013,   by Mark Diesendorf

In a previous article for The Conversation I reported on the initial results of computer simulations by a research team at the University of New South Wales that busted the myth that renewable energy...

Category: Grid Integration, Renewable Energy

Governance, Innovation and the Transition to a Sustainable Energy System: Perspectives from Economic Theory

July 26, 2013,   by Matthew Lockwood

Moreover, comparative evidence from Europe on non-technology specific quota mechanisms and technology specific feed-in tariffs for wind energy suggests that the former have higher costs, are less...

Category: Renewable Energy

LA Times: Putting more wind power on the grid

July 22, 2013,   by The Times editorial board

Wind turbines tend to be overshadowed by solar power projects, which get most of the attention from the public and policymakers. . . Despite its second-class status, wind is a much bigger producer of...

Category: Grid Integration, Renewable Energy

Excerpts from British Survey of Attitudes Toward Energy Market Reform

July 21, 2013,  

Below are some excerpts from are recent public opinion survey on attitudes toward energy policy. Renewable Energy Among the British public we find a strong preference for a shift to renewable...[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Public prefers reductions in room temperature to nuclear power as an energy solution says key survey

July 20, 2013,   by Dave Toke

A comprehensive survey published by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) of attitudes of the British public has found low support for nuclear power as a solution to the UK's problems compared to...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Why 100% Renewable Energy?

July 17, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is inevitable. It will happen whether we take action or not. Fossil fuels are—by definition--finite. They are a one-time gift to humanity. Long...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy

Graph of the Day: Women prefer solar, old men like nuclear

July 16, 2013,   by Giles Parkinson

Solar and wind are by far the most popular, and wind gained the most support from the previous year, jumping from 59 per cent to 67 per cent. Coal and nuclear were the least popular, with nuclear...

Category: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

CleanTechnica: New "Breakthroughs" in Anti-Solar Propaganda

July 9, 2013,   by Christian Roselund

Anyway, it’s progress that the enemies of solar like the Breakthrough Institute are now reduced to hoping that other countries will be unable to match Germany’s cost reductions. A couple of years...

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Solar Energy

Renewables International: Renewables and California's heat wave

July 2, 2013,   by Bernard Chabot

Just as power demand is peaking in the area, California is losing its nuclear plants. At the beginning of June, a decision was made not to reopen the troubled San Onofre nuclear plant, and just this...

Category: Renewable Energy, Grid Integration

IGov: The (German) tortoise and the (British) hare

July 1, 2013,   by Matthew Lockwood

Between 1990 and 2000, the UK’s grid carbon factor fell by almost 30%, but in the decade 2000 to 2010, it fell only 3%. By contrast, while Germany’s decarbonisation trend has been slower, is has been...

Category: Renewable Energy

German Association of Rural Women on the Energy Transition and Increasing Energy Efficiency

July 1, 2013,  

Recent translation of the position statement by LandFrauen on the phase out of nuclear power in Germany and the role of rural women in the energy transition and increasing energy efficiency in...

Category: Renewable Energy

CleanTechnica: 100% Renewable Energy And Beyond!

June 26, 2013,   by Thomas Gerke

While many countries still discuss whether or not a 100% renewable energy system – or “just” a 100% renewable electricity supply – is even theoretically possible, Germans seem no longer bothered by...

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: Impact of Germany's Energiewende on the poor

June 25, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Overall, the Left generally speaks out for the poor in Germany. . . Yet, their study entitled "Poverty risks from the Energiewende" is subtitled "myths, lies, and arguments." It addresses 20 claims –...

Category: Renewable Energy

Toronto Star: Doctors urge province to ramp-up renewable energy

June 21, 2013,   by Dr. David Colby Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, and Gideon Forman

Solar and wind generation do not contribute to climate change, respiratory illness, brain damage or cancer.

Category: Renewable Energy, Wind Noise, Health, & Safety India can follow Japan's solar energy harnessing model to end power shortage

June 11, 2013,  

Since the introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff in 2011 in Japan, the demand for Solar PV has risen for industrial and business purposes. . . Countries like India can follow this model to beat the...

Category: Renewable Energy

IMS: Japan Set to Become World’s Largest Solar Revenue Market in 2013 as Installations Boom in Q1

May 30, 2013,   by Sam Wilkinson

A total of 1.5 gigawatts (GW) worth of PV systems were installed in Japan in the first quarter of 2013, up from 0.4 GW during the same time last year, according to a new report entitled “The...

Category: News on Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

OME: Reviewing Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan

May 29, 2013,  

“It’s clear that we’ve made real progress. But the energy sector is constantly evolving, especially as energy consumption habits and economic conditions change. So our Long-Term Energy Plan must also...

Category: Renewable Energy, Ontario FIT

WRF: "There are no technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal" says Martin Faulstich

May 23, 2013,  

"There are no technical barriers for a future without oil, gas or coal", Martin Faulstich, Chair of the German Advisory Council on the Environment, said in his speech for the WRF Energy Conference,...

Category: Renewable Energy

RMI: Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? (Part 1)

May 22, 2013,   by Peter Bronski

Category: Renewable Energy

Penetration of Renewable Energy in Selected Markets

May 15, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Inter-annual Wind Variability Less than that of Hydro--Steady Growth of Non-Hydro Renewable Penetration in European Markets--US Renewable Energy Penetration: Little Progress Since 1983 . . .[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Wind Energy, News on Solar Energy

Renewables International: "No additional coal plants in Germany"

May 14, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Over the past two years, Renewables International has repeatedly argued that there will be no shift to coal power as a result of the nuclear phaseout. So it's nice to see that other independent...

Category: Renewable Energy, Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG

Boell: The Energiewende - the Result of a Powerful Mass Movement from Below

May 10, 2013,   by Paul Hockenhos

Fifteen years ago, processes were set in motion that would turn Germany’s energy market on its head. The main catalysts: liberalization of the energy market and passage of the Renewable Energy...

Category: Renewable Energy

The implication for climate change and peak fossil fuel of the continuation of the current trend in wind and solar energy production

May 3, 2013,   by Mark Leggett and David Ball

The study finds that the peak fossil fuel risk will start to be critical by 2020. If however the future growth rate of wind and solar energy production follows that already achieved for the world...

Category: Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Energy from the Heavens: Franz Alt on Wind Energy

May 1, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Theologian, popular author, renewables activist, TV personality, Franz Alt is something of a phenomenon in Germany. Unfortunately for us Anglophones, Alt writes only in German. So it was a pleasant...[more]

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Community Power and Wind Energy & the Environment en Francais, Renewable Energy

Renewables International: The "technical maximum" of wind power – in 1995

April 30, 2013,   by Craig Morris

18 years ago, a skeptic of wind power reviewed a German book on the history of wind power in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ). The journalist still publishes for the paper. His comments...

Category: Renewable Energy, Grid Integration

Renewables International: "A spectacular fail by command economists"

April 23, 2013,   by Craig Morris

In English, the current German energy policy debate sounds like no one likes the Energiewende. The Social Democrats and the Greens, who first implemented the Renewable Energy Act, don't like what...

Category: Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG, Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy at Your Fingertips

April 19, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

The Energy Transition is becoming a fashion item! Painted fingernails are a popular adornment for women of all ages. Kirsten Hasberg announced the launch of her crowd-sourced venture...

Category: Renewable Energy

RMI: Germany's Renewables Revolution

April 17, 2013,   by Amory Lovins

Germany has doubled the renewable share of its total electricity consumption in the past six years to 23% in 2012. It forecasts nearly a redoubling by 2025, well ahead of the 50% target for 2030, and...

Category: Renewable Energy

Cost-minimized combinations of wind power, solar power and electrochemical storage, powering the grid up to 99.9% of the time

April 8, 2013,   by Willett Kempton

At 2030 technology costs and with excess electricity displacing natural gas, we find that the electric system can be powered 90%e99.9% of hours entirely on renewable electricity, at costs comparable...

Category: Grid Integration, Renewable Energy

Reuters: Renewables turn utilities into dinosaurs of the energy world

April 8, 2013,   by Geert De Clercq

Every new solar panel installed on European rooftops chips away at power utilities' centralized production model. Unless they reinvent themselves soon, these giants risk becoming the dinosaurs of the...

Category: Renewable Energy

Opportunities Forsaken: The Iraq War and Renewable Energy

April 8, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

For the Amount Spent on the Iraq War the US Could be Generating 40% to 60% of its Electricity with Renewable Energy[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, Other Articles

100 Percent Renewable Vision Building

April 2, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Increasingly countries and regions are leapfrogging timid renewable targets and moving toward full 100% integration of renewables into electricity supply. Some thought leaders, politicians, and...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy

IMF: Energy Subsidy Reform: The Way Forward

March 27, 2013,   by David Lipton

Yet, in absolute terms, the top three subsidizers across the world are the United States (US$ 502 billion), China (US $279 billion) and Russia (US$ 116 billion). . .

Category: Renewable Energy

Sharp decline in 2012 [Danish] CO2 emissions

March 22, 2013,  

Danes are consuming more renewable energy and less fossil fuels and emitting less CO2, 2012 energy statistics show. . .

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels

Write to your MP to demand a decent deal for community renewables!

March 20, 2013,   by Dave Toke

You can see some arguments in favour of a 'Fixed' Feed-in Tariff on the FOE website,, and a report I wrote for Friends of the Earth on...

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Community Power

Bloomberg: Los Angeles Halts Using Electricity From Coal Plants

March 19, 2013,   by Mark Drajem

The city’s Department of Water and Power, the nation’s largest municipal-owned utility, will phase out the electricity it imports from the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona and Intermountain Power...

Category: Renewable Energy

2012 German Nuclear & Gas-Fired Generation Falls Further While Renewables Grow

March 17, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Apparently my article last October documenting the growth of renewables in Germany while nuclear generation continues to decline got under the skin of pro-nuclear bloggers. So at the request of a...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, Germany FIT

IGov: The New Energy System is Winning the Fight for the Future

March 11, 2013,   by Caroline Mitchell

It is almost common place to hear statements like ‘Germany is in trouble’; or that ‘the energiewende is going to have to be significantly cut back’. This is, however, wishful thinking on the part of...

Category: Renewable Energy

Why German Conservatives Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Renewables

February 27, 2013,   by Paul Hockenos

Category: Renewable Energy

Scurvy and What it Can Tell Us About Opposition to Climate Change & Renewable Energy

February 26, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Just Because a Better Mousetrap is Known Doesn’t Mean it will be Used When There’s a Vested Financial Interest in the Status Quo . . .[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, Wind Noise, Health, & Safety, Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, News on Large Wind

Creating a New Renewable Energy Future for Japan

February 26, 2013,  

Presentations at the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation's International Conference

Category: Renewable Energy

When Euphemisms and Rebranding Obscure the Message

February 25, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Whether it is Climate Change or Feed-in Tariffs for Renewable Energy . . .[more]

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: IWR says coal will shrink in Germany in 2013

February 25, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Overall, the total amount of lignite power production capacity in Germany fell from 19,100 megawatts in 2012 to around 17,800 megawatts at present. The IWR therefore expects power production from...

Category: Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy: Becoming the New Normal?

February 22, 2013,   by Diane Moss

A decade ago, cities, regions, and businesses aiming for 20% renewable energy were on the cutting edge. Few believed that a higher target in a few decades was an achievable goal. Anyone even...

Category: Renewable Energy

Boell: The German Coal Myth

February 21, 2013,   by Christian Roselund

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: Europe's coal renaissance – the end is nigh

February 20, 2013,   by Craig Morris

An unpublished briefing paper drawn up by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) takes a look at charges of a "coal renaissance" in the EU and confirms our recently published findings for Germany,...

Category: Renewable Energy

The Future of Electricity Markets

February 19, 2013,   by Toby D. Couture, IFOK GmbH and Dr. David Jacobs, Institute for Advanced Sustain

As solar and wind energy grow in market share, electricity markets will need to change.

Category: Renewable Energy

12 Insights on Germany’s Energiewende

February 18, 2013,  

Since the long-term targets are in place – the big question remaining to be answered is how to accomplish these goals. Namely, how to manage the transition from a fossil nuclear system to a mainly...

Category: Renewable Energy

Guardian: Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks

February 14, 2013,   by Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

Anonymous billionaires donated $120m to more than 100 anti-climate groups working to discredit climate change science

Category: Renewable Energy

Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan Aims to Triple Wind Power

February 4, 2013,  

The government aims to triple the nation's supply capacity of electricity generated through wind power to 7.5 million kilowatts by developing transmission grids in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, it...

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Large Wind

Renewables International: US to have 100 percent renewable power by 2180

February 1, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Yes, you read that right. At the current rate the US will meet 100% of its electricity demand within 170 years--give or take a few decades. . .

Category: Renewable Energy

Doubts About RPS as Renewable Policy Grow

January 31, 2013,   by Paul Gipe

Jordan's recent move toward feed-in tariffs adds to the controversy surrounding the role of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in future energy policy. The respected German Institute of Economics...[more]

Category: Germany FIT, Renewable Energy

Boell: Why California is to Blame for Germany's "Energiewende"

January 31, 2013,   by Paul Hockenos

Germany is currently in the forefront of this transition - their Energiewende - but this was not always the case. Only a few short decades ago, it was the United States who was leading the world away...

Category: Renewable Energy

Ohio solar project hit with setback while Ontario boosts renewable power

January 22, 2013,   by Steve Bennish

Days after Ohio regulators set back the largest proposed solar power installation in the eastern U.S., the Canadian province of Ontario announced that it will shut down its last coal-fired power...

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Solar Energy

An 80% Carbon Reduction: It’s Not Just Business as Usual

January 21, 2013,   by Ralph Torrie

An 80% reduction in Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions is achievable by 2050, according to the Trottier Energy Futures Project (TEFP)’s review of low-carbon scenario research from eight industrialized...

Category: Renewable Energy

Renewables International: A lot of common ground despite criticism

January 16, 2013,   by Craig Morris

Germany likes to sell itself as a leader in environmental protection, but not everyone is convinced. In particular, the Anglo world remains devoted to nuclear power and criticizes Germany for not...

Category: Nuclear Power, Grid Integration, Renewable Energy

Scientific American: Ontario Phases Out Coal-Fired Power

January 11, 2013,   by Christa Marshall

All the provinces coal-burning power plants will be shuttered by 2014, making the Canadian province the first coal-free jurisdiction in North America . . .

Category: Renewable Energy

Pembina reacts as Ontario announces early end to coal power use

January 10, 2013,   by Tim Weis

“In announcing the closure of Lambton and Nanticoke, by the end of this year Ontario will become the first jurisdiction in all of North America to shut down its coal fleet. . .

Category: Renewable Energy

Schleswig-Holstein Will Double Wind Capacity on Land

December 27, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Nearly 2% of Land Area Set Aside for Wind Energy Not 100%, Not 200%, But 300% Renewable Energy by 2020 Says Government   The German state of Schleswig-Holstein recently approved doubling the land...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Large Wind, Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Lenz Blog: BDEW Estimates on German Electricity Generation in 2012

December 19, 2012,   by K. Lenz

BDEW says that renewable energy has now a share of 23%, which would mean around 136 TWh generated over the year, assuming with BDEW a 594 TWh electricity consumption. Solar is up the most, to 28.5...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

BDEW: Renewable Energy in Germany Increased 23% in 2012

December 18, 2012,  

Category: Renewable Energy

Biomass Magazine: What about Biogas in the USA?

November 16, 2012,  

I touch on the fact that Germany, which in 2011 had 7,090 digesters, is the leading country for both the quantity of plants and the amount of installed capacity of 2,394 MW of electricity. Most of it...

Category: Renewable Energy

Paul Gipe Answers WNET's Need To Know Questions about Renewable Energy

October 5, 2012,  

WNET: We want to ask you some questions about alternative energy. Gipe. Whoa. Stop right there. "Alternative energy?" Wind, solar, and biomass haven't been called "alternative energy" for three...[more]

Category: Renewable Energy, News on Large Wind, Nuclear Power, USA FIT

German Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Falls While Renewable Generation Rises

October 3, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Debunking Another Myth about Germany's Electricity Revolution--Solar Energy Now Rivals Hydro Generation--Renewable Generation Now Exceeds Generation from Hard Coal . . .[more]

Category: Germany FIT, Debunking Myths about Germany's EEG, Renewable Energy

Mainichi: Biomass could turn tables around for renewable energy

August 13, 2012,  

Renewable energy sources are commonly believed to be incapable of offering a stable power supply, but biomass, made from wood and animal-based materials such as livestock waste, is a source that has...

Category: Japan FIT, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Guardian: Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter

June 5, 2012,  

Germany's long support for wind and solar energy is delivering zero-cost electricity at times. In contrast, the UK's new energy policy seeks to underwrite the rising cost of nuclear. . .

Category: Nuclear Power, Germany FIT, Renewable Energy

Renewables Helped France Avoid Freezing in the Dark

February 10, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

In a startling development widely reported across Europe in the English-, French-, and German-language press, France imported electricity to meet peak demand during a brutal cold snap February 7,...[more]

Category: France FIT, Germany FIT, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

Craig Morris: Renewables under fire in US

November 17, 2011,   by Craig Morris

Category: USA FIT, Renewable Energy, Germany FIT

Candidate for French Presidency Martine Aubry says France must phase out nuclear in her lifetime

September 12, 2011,   by MARTINE AUBRY

and build more wind and solar, increase efficiency, implement reverse block rate structure, and in effect emulate German industrial development. . . However, Aubry has to win her party's nomination,...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

FT: France aims to rebalance its energy mix

July 10, 2011,  

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Coal's Assault on Human Health

December 9, 2009,  

Physicians for Social Responsibility has released a groundbreaking medical report, “Coal’s Assault on Human Health,” which takes a new look at the devastating impacts of coal on the human body. Coal...

Category: Renewable Energy

EU Template for National Renewable Energy Action Plans under Directive 2009/28/EC-

June 30, 2009,  

France will have to submit a detailed plan by June 2010 for how it plans to meet its EU renewable targets.

Category: France FIT, Renewable Energy

European Union Directive on Renewable Energy 23 April 2009

April 23, 2009,  

The Directive binds EU members to renewable energy targets. The target for France is 23% of final energy consumption, that is, heat, electricity, and liquid fuels, by 2020.

Category: Renewable Energy

Imported Lies: Debunking the Spanish Green Jobs Smear

April 16, 2009,   by Pete Altman

Our good friends at Media Matters jumped right on the case yesterday when Fox News cited a Spanish "study" about how green jobs somehow destroy other jobs. . .

Category: Job Effects from Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy

Craig Morris: RE = 2.2 jobs lost

April 16, 2009,   by Craig Morris

A brilliant and scathing critique of the so-called Spanish "study" on renewable energy and jobs

Category: Job Effects from Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy

Beating Swords into Wind Turbines–or Solar Panels if You Like

December 29, 2007,   by Paul Gipe

The United States could now be generating from 1% to 15% of its electricity supply if the direct costs of the Iraq war had been invested instead in wind or solar energy.[more]

Category: Other Articles, Renewable Energy

Energy Switch: Proven Solutions for a Renewable Future by Craig Morris--A Review

July 28, 2006,   by Paul Gipe

How North America Can Learn From Renewable Energy Success Stories in Europe[more]

Category: book Reviews, Books on Feed-in Tariffs, Renewable Energy

The Development of Renewable Electricity Policy in Ontario: Progress and Prospects

June 1, 2006,   by Ian H. Rowlands

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, Toronto, ON, 1 June 2006.

Category: Ontario FIT, Renewable Energy

Envisaging feed-in tariffs for solar photovoltaic electricity: European lessons for Canada

January 21, 2004,   by Ian H. Rowlands

The purpose of this article is to reflect upon this European experience with feed-in tariffs, to stimulate discussions regarding what promise they might hold for the development of solar photovoltaic...

Category: Ontario FIT, Renewable Energy, News on Solar Energy

Sustainable Future Beckons Renewable Rich New Zealand

May 22, 2001,  

New Zealand could become the world's first nation with a sustainable energy system based on renewable resources.[more]

Category: Other Articles, Renewable Energy

Believing Cassandra: An Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World

January 1, 1999,   by Paul Gipe

Having been disparaged as a "Cassandra," I was reluctant to read a book on the topic, especially one with a subtile about optimism. "Oh no," I thought, "another enviro bashing book catering to...[more]

Category: Other Articles, Renewable Energy, book Reviews

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