Feed Laws

Tables of Feed-in Tariffs Worldwide

These tables summarize tariffs for different technologies in different countries, and various states and provinces. The tables may also provide an overview of program details.

These tables are updated as information becomes available or is thought pertinent to the discussion of renewable tariffs. The data contained here changes frequently. Always check for the latest version.

Note: I am no longer updating these tables. The data in these tables is out of date and I have no plans to update them. If anyone would like to assume responsibility for updating these tables, please send me a message.

These tables are not a complete guide to the tariffs in each country, state or province.

Subsidies or "incentives" are not included in these tables. Only renewable tariffs are listed.

The data in these tables is compiled from multiple sources, not all of which are in English. Magazines that periodically summarize renewable tariffs or changes in renewable tariffs are Photon International (English and German versions), Sonne Wind & Wärme (English & German versions), Neue Energie (German), and New Energy (English).

Where possible I use original sources, however, I am fluent only in English. While I make a reasonable attempt to translate the German, French, Spanish, and Italian documents into English and I try to confirm program details with native speakers, I will make mistakes. Moreover, some of the programs, like that in Germany, are very complex.

For details on the programs in specific countries see the country specific information on the the Wind-Works web site or follow the links provided in the table to the original sources.

Note that I work in QuattroPro and the formatting in converted Excel files is minimal. Some readers have detected some problems with downloading current tables. It may be necessary to "clear" your browser's recent memory to download the updated page. Browser's will often substitute an old file previously downloaded for the new file you are trying to download.

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