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Nuclear is not renewable, but it's listed here for organizational reasons. I wasn't really interested in nuclear, didn't think it had any future, and that it was effectively dead. I wasn't writing about it. However, like a vampire, nuclear kept rising from the grave and stalking the land. Talk continued of reviving it one more time. This talk had a real effect on public policy in North America, especially in Ontario, Canada. Thus, I felt it necessary to include nuclear topics and this was the place on my web site where it was easiest to insert.

S. David Freeman: Time has come for California to embrace a nuclear-free future-

June 2, 2012,  

Anyone who says last year's catastrophe at Fukushima was an aberration is literally whistling past the graveyard. The risks are real, and it's time to get rid of these time bombs before they go off....

Category: Nuclear Power

Guardian: Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter

May 22, 2012,  

Germany's long support for wind and solar energy is delivering zero-cost electricity at times. In contrast, the UK's new energy policy seeks to underwrite the rising cost of nuclear. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Ontario nuclear units among the most expensive, least reliable in the world

May 15, 2012,  

The economic performance of Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering nuclear stations is among the worst in the world, says a report prepared for the Ontario Energy Board. Not only is it the most...

Category: Nuclear Power

Angst or Arithmetic? Why Germans are so Skeptical about Nuclear Energy-

May 11, 2012,   by Paul Hockenos

The fact that Germany, in the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, redoubled its efforts to phase out nuclear energy has nothing to do with hysteria or postwar angst. On the contrary, a majority...

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Reuters: UK nuclear build requires taxpayer rescue -Citi

May 8, 2012,  

A report from the Times newspaper on Monday said French nuclear developer EDF had raised the cost of building a nuclear power plant to 7 billion pounds from 4.5 billion pounds last year. "If the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Jonathan Porritt: The eye-watering expense of nuclear power

May 4, 2012,  

The coalition wants us to depend more and more on nuclear power, but quite simply, it is too expensive to be able to deliver . . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Greenpeace: Nuclear Main Source of Increased Electricity Prices in Ontario

May 1, 2012,  

Nuclear advocates have blamed renewable energy for driving up Ontario's electricity rates. A new report by the Ontario Energy Board tells a different story: Nuclear has been responsible for 45% of...

Category: Nuclear Power

UPI: Future of Japan's nuclear energy uncertain

April 16, 2012,  

None of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors will be in operation as of May 6, as the country's last reactor operating is to go offline for maintenance, Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano said. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

UPI: Future of Japan's nuclear energy uncertain

April 16, 2012,  

None of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors will be in operation as of May 6, as the country's last reactor operating is to go offline for maintenance, Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano said. . .

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

The Mainichi: Industry minister Edano aiming to end dependence on nuclear plants

April 13, 2012,  

"I would like to break away from the reliance on nuclear plants and reduce dependence to zero as promptly as possible," Edano told a House of Representative committee, describing that his remark...

Category: Nuclear Power

Pacific Standard: Will Japan Follow Germany’s Path to Green Energy?

April 6, 2012,  

As Japan shuts down the last of its nuclear reactors, Germany shows the way to an energy-efficient future with its rapid timetable for conversion to renewables. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Cut nuclear reliance to zero: Japan minister

April 6, 2012,  

Japan should aspire to phase out nuclear power completely, its Energy Minister said on Friday, even as the government struggles to persuade a wary public that it is safe to restart reactors after the...

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: EDF Says Fires at Penly Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

April 5, 2012,  

Electricite de France SA, the biggest operator of nuclear reactors, said two fires were put out in their early stages at its Penly plant in Normandy. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: EDF Says Fires at Penly Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

April 5, 2012,  

Electricite de France SA, the biggest operator of nuclear reactors, said two fires were put out in their early stages at its Penly plant in Normandy. . .

Category: Nuclear Power

BBC: RWE and E.On halt UK nuclear plans at Wylfa and Oldbury

March 29, 2012,  

Category: Nuclear Power

Is the End of Renewables Nigh as Fukushima Anniversary Nears?

March 8, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

Yes, the Germans Are Cutting Solar PV Tariffs Yes, the Solar PV Tariffs Do Need to Be Cut No, It's Not the End of the World[more]

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power, USA FIT

ACE: A corruption of governance? How Ministers and Parliament were misled [about Nuclear]

February 23, 2012,  

In Chapter 2 we show that, on the basis of the Government’s own evidence, electricity generated by nuclear power is the not the least expensive of all low-carbon technologies. In everyday terms, the...

Category: Nuclear Power

How Sato Sums Up Japanese Government’s Nuclear Response: Soviet

February 18, 2012,   by Yoree Koh

Category: Nuclear Power

Renewables Helped France Avoid Freezing in the Dark

February 10, 2012,   by Paul Gipe

In a startling development widely reported across Europe in the English-, French-, and German-language press, France imported electricity to meet peak demand during a brutal cold snap February 7,...[more]

Category: France FIT, Germany FIT, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power

Bloomberg: Tepco Idles Unit Cutting Japan Nuclear Capacity to 8.1%

January 24, 2012,   by Tsuyoshi Inajima

Category: Nuclear Power

Yomiuri Online: Public entity eyed for power supply

January 5, 2012,  

Category: Nuclear Power

Fukushima meltdowns set nuclear energy debate on its ear

January 3, 2012,   by KAZUAKI NAGATA

Category: Nuclear Power

Japan’s Nuclear Village Wages War on Renewable Energy and the Feed-in Tariff

December 8, 2011,   by Andrew DeWitt

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Bloomberg: Tepco's ‘Deal With Devil' Signals End to Japan's Postwar Era

October 21, 2011,   by Stuart Biggs

Category: Nuclear Power

Le Figaro: France Exiting Nuclear by 2033 Upsets the Balance

September 29, 2011,   by Fabrice Nodé-Langlois

French Socialist Party candidate for President François Hollande says France could cut its dependence on nuclear to 50% by 2025.

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power

Liberation: French NGO Calls for France to Exit Nuclear by 2033

September 29, 2011,   by LAURE NOUALHAT

negaWatt (nW) "drops a bomb on French energy policy" with detailed plans to substitute conservation and renewables for nuclear power, says the French newspaper.

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power

negaWatt Proposal to Eliminate Nuclear with Conservation and Renewables

September 29, 2011,  

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power

ABC: Thousands join anti-nuclear rally in Japan

September 19, 2011,   by MARK COLVIN

Category: Nuclear Power

Liberation: Siemans Abandons Nuclear Power

September 18, 2011,  

The giant German supplier will no longer build nuclear power plants or its components. The article, in French, appeared in one of France's leading national newspapers. It was Liberation that recently...

Category: Nuclear Power

Candidate for French Presidency Martine Aubry says France must phase out nuclear in her lifetime

September 12, 2011,   by MARTINE AUBRY

and build more wind and solar, increase efficiency, implement reverse block rate structure, and in effect emulate German industrial development. . . However, Aubry has to win her party's nomination,...

Category: Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Japan Times: Ray of light amid the nuclear gloom

August 17, 2011,  

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

BBC: Japan PM Naoto Kan urges nuclear-free future

August 13, 2011,  

Category: Nuclear Power

Yomiuri Shimbun: TEPCO teetering on financial edge

August 11, 2011,   by Chiaki Toyoda and Tadaaki Inoue

Category: Japan FIT, Nuclear Power

Financial Times: Japan’s ‘can-do’ bid for a nuclear-free era

August 10, 2011,   by David Pilling

Category: Nuclear Power

Deutsche Bank: Japan The People's Greener Choice

August 1, 2011,   by Mark Fulton

Category: Nuclear Power

FT: France aims to rebalance its energy mix

July 10, 2011,  

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Guardian: Collusion over nuclear power mirrors the PR disaster of GM crops

July 1, 2011,   by Damian Carrington

Category: Nuclear Power, Great Britain

Japan Times: 38 years of nuke profit up in smoke?

June 29, 2011,  

Category: Nuclear Power

Some French Conservatives Questioning Nuclear Power

June 20, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

One Suggests France Could Become a Renewable Energy Powerhouse[more]

Category: Nuclear Power

CS Monitor: Beginning of the end for nuclear power in Japan?

June 20, 2011,   by Gavin Blair

Category: Nuclear Power

Japanese reactor makers look to green energy amid nuclear allergy-

June 11, 2011,   by HIROKO NAKATA

Category: Nuclear Power

"We Can Do It" Says German Environment Agency on Nuclear Phase Out

June 7, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

  The Conservative German government has issued a 14-page document outlining how Germany can close all its reactors by 2017 and keep the lights on. The report, Hintergrundpapier zur...[more]

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Nuclear Expensive and Uninsurable Say Studies

June 3, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

New Nuclear Costs as Much as German Solar Today--Up to $0.34/kWh in 2018--Nuclear Insurance Costs More than Electricity Says German Report[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, News on Solar Energy

Craig Morris: Can renewables replace nuclear? More nuclear plants off-line in Spain and Germany

May 24, 2011,   by Craig Morris

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

The Local: German Power grid going increasingly nuclear-free

May 20, 2011,  

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Time: Why Japan's Shift Away from Nuclear Is Good for Business

May 18, 2011,   by Lucy Birmingham

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

PV Magazine: True cost of nuclear insurance examined in new study-

May 11, 2011,   by Sandra Enkhardt/Alan Faulcon

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Craig Morris: German Ethics Commission Calls for End of Nuclear Power by 2021-

May 11, 2011,   by Craig Morris

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

NY Times: Japan's Leader Cancels Plans for New Nuclear Plants

May 10, 2011,   by MARTIN FACKLER

Category: Nuclear Power

East Bay Express: California's Nuclear Future Is in Doubt

April 27, 2011,   by Darwin BondGraham

According to Thomas Wellock, historian for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, "PG&E envisioned many multi-plant sites all situated on the California coast about thirty to fifty miles apart....

Category: Nuclear Power

Fukushima Nuclear Year-to-Year Reliability and German Wind

April 14, 2011,   by Paul Gipe

German Wind more Stable Year-to-Year than Fukushima Reactors[more]

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT, Germany FIT

NPR: Public Anger Against Nuclear Power Mounts In Japan

March 31, 2011,   by Anthony Kuhn

Category: Nuclear Power

WWEA: Wind Power secures Electricity Generation in Japan after earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident

March 25, 2011,   by Chuichi Arakawa

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Heinrich Boell Foundation: Fukushima: Learning from Experience-

March 21, 2011,   by Ralf Fücks

Category: Germany FIT, Nuclear Power

Toronto Star: Is Ontario ready for a nuclear disaster?

March 18, 2011,   by Tyler Hamilton

As Ontario debates the future of renewable energy, questions are raised about the province's reliance on nuclear power. . .

Category: Ontario FIT, Nuclear Power

The “Power Elite” and Environmental-Energy Policy in Japan

January 24, 2011,   by Andrew DeWitt

Category: Nuclear Power, Japan FIT

Some Facts on the Electricity Heating Crisis in France December 2009

December 23, 2009,  

  Two excellent documents have been released by the Association négaWatt in France. These reflect on the electricity crisis in France during the cold spell just prior to Christmas, 2009 caused by...[more]

Category: France FIT, Nuclear Power

"Reliable" Nuclear Unreliable Afterall Even in France

July 19, 2009,   by Paul Gipe

  Anti-wind activists often claim that nuclear is more reliable than wind energy and, therefore, we should just use nuclear and forget wind energy, solar energy, and renewables in...[more]

Category: Debunking Myths about Wind Energy, Nuclear Power

Why wind needs feed-in tariffs (and why it is not the enemy of nuclear)

March 4, 2008,   by Jérôme Guillet

Category: News on Wind Energy, Nuclear Power

Renewables instead of Nuclear

January 2, 2006,   by Rudolf Rechsteiner

On the Improvement of the British Renewable Energy Policy

Category: Great Britain, Nuclear Power

Japan Times: Public reactor hearing rocked by alleged government shill

January 7, 1970,  

The government-sponsored event was the second in a series of nationwide hearings to gauge public opinion on three options for retaining nuclear power in Japan's energy mix in 2030 — 0 percent, 15...

Category: Nuclear Power

Le Monde: Dismantling First Reactor in France to Cost Half a Billion Euros Says Greenpeace

En effet, le démantèlement de la centrale de Brennilis (Finistère), le seul en cours actuellement, est pour l'instant chiffré entre 450 et 500 millions d'euros et l'opération n'est pas encore achevée.

Category: Nuclear Power

George Monbiot is wrong. Nuclear power is not the way to fight climate change-

by Jeremy Leggett

Category: Nuclear Power, Great Britain

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